Three Answers To An Unrepentant Pan-Africanist

I was assisted in writing this post by a sturdy bottle of Duckhorn Three Palms Vineyard Merlot 2016. Yes motherfuckers, this shit is $95.00 a hit. I made a little extra money that week so fuck it. An ass-kicking Napa Valley masterpiece. Oak, vanilla, chocolate foreground. A strong background of spice, sweet cherries, blackberries, caramel,Continue reading “Three Answers To An Unrepentant Pan-Africanist”

Nigger Hypocrisy And Gay Distractions

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Catina Malbec 2017. A MendozaArgentina Red. Bold, black cherry, chocolate, expresso, almonds, tobacco leaf. Light tannins. A smooth finish – just a shadow of vanilla. It took me a minute. But I had to say something about this bullshit. OK? This post was writtenContinue reading “Nigger Hypocrisy And Gay Distractions”