Reconciliation And Reparations

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I was assisted in posting this rant by a bottle of Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. A Colchagua Valley Chile Dry Red. Elegant. Full bodied. Blackberries, currants, dark cherries, spice, chocolate. Smooth but mild tannins. Crisp finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

“Justice requires not only the ceasing and desisting of injustice but also requires either punishment or reparation for injuries and damages inflicted for prior wrongdoing. The essence of justice is the redistribution of gains earned through the perpetuation of injustice. If restitution is not made and reparations not instituted to compensate for prior injustices, those injustices are in fact rewarded. And the benefits such rewards conferred on the perpetrators of injustice will continue to ‘draw interest,’ to be reinvested, and to be passed on to their children, who will use their inherited advantages to continue to exploit the children of the victims of the injustices of their ancestors. Consequently, injustice and inequality will be maintained across the generations as will their deleterious social, economic, and political outcomes.”

Dr. Amos Wilson

This is a me talking to myself in the mirror rant. Look – I already told you guys that I have mental issues on the “About” page in this blog. I needed to let this one out in print. Yeah, I’m a little all over the place. But fuck the nitpickers and armchair editors and critics. That’s what rants are for.

Apology And Reconciliation

I understand the legal necessity for an official apology. I get it. And we should get it. When I say: “No apologies needed.” I’m talking about that dry-handed, uneasy-feeling, wide-smiled, back-slapping, insincere – you know, Joe Biden type shit. The government doesn’t want to do it anyway – so don’t force it. But we still need that legal apology on paper. OK? No monuments needed. No handshakes needed. No kumbaya moments needed. No singing “We Shall Overcome” needed. None. No “friendship breakfasts” needed. No hand holding needed. Ain’t no friendship.

Just pay the debt…

No “Truth And Reconciliation Commission” needed. That’s church shit, and this ain’t church. This is BUSINESS. White people will turn upside down and redo any truth expended by Black people anyway. That’s what they do. A waste of time. As far as I can see, there is not any “conciliation” available to be re-upped. All of our reparational demands should be expended with NO CONSIDERATIONS as to how others outside of the Freedmen community feel. “Feel” what? How did lynching “feel” motherfucker? OK? Dogs. Fire hoses. Nightsticks. Tell me about that shit.

There is a clear trajectory from actual slavery then – to actual slavery now.

Everybody that has studiously studied this issue knows that $100 trillion, or more is the right number. No more “studies” or “conferences.” It’s check time. Let us get this deal over with. Music. I’m listening to Public Enemy while I write this.

Akatas And Divisiveness

Reparations has nothing to do with addressing racism, or “healing.” Or eliminating any form of racial animus. Or being concerned about any potential divisiveness. OK? We did have a certain “unity” at one time. When they had our carcasses tied to a plantation with them for 400 years. When they were whipping us with a real whip every afternoon. When they put their whole foot up our asses on a daily basis. When they were raping Black women in the slave quarters on a nightly basis.

After our so-called emancipation – a great enclosing wall was built that stopped our forward movement and mitigated life-quality at every angle. The North wall was “segregation” – the South wall was “redlining.” “Jim Crow” was at the East wall – and “lynching” was hung on the West wall (no pun intended). They forced that powerful construction. And we couldn’t get out. Isn’t it stunning that the same discriminating collective that built that wall, and perfected the deep science of segregation, is now voicing “concern” regarding “divisiveness” issues at check time? Feasibility questions? “Who” questions? We getting some whiteness now?

Get the fuck outta here.

As an aside – if you have ever closely studied lynching photography, did you see any inkling of “unity” between the lynchers and the lynched? Nope. Divisiveness was OK then. Lynching was one accomplishment of a supreme American good.

Africans and Caribbeans were not here when they were putting fire hoses and dogs on our “Akata” grandparents. They did not have to face the fucking Ku Klux Klan. Never saw no evidence of Nigerian sharecroppers. Never heard of any Haitians being lynched in America. That was just us “Akatas” putting in that resistance, that fight, that work. A deliberate Black counterpoint to racism-white supremacy.

We did not run from our country. Like the way all immigrants Black, white, Asian, and brown ran from theirs. We are not the immigrants. We stood our ground and fought as the racial epicenter of this dirty American bitch. Right Here. Our Money. You have “Akata” Booker T. Washington stopping the “African Exclusion Measure of 1915.” For Africans. You have “Akatas”, in 1965 coming forward and advocating for positive Caribbean immigration reforms. For Caribbeans. You have “Akatas” absorbing all the abuse and death from merciless white resistance. So that ALL the Black Diaspora may enter THIS America, walk equally in THIS country, as upright human beings. Notice: “Akatas” are beautifully fair-minded people.

“Akatas” did all this shit for YOU motherfuckers. And YOU now come here to tow that evil color line – to speak on behalf of racism-white supremacy? To insult our faces like WE ain’t shit? To undermine our justice? To push American Freedmen aside and assume rights to American reparational entitlements based on melanin? A specific domestic deprivation equals worldwide Pan African compensation?

Thank You Brothers and Sisters…

Example of an “Akata” at work:

“The African Exclusion Measure: The completion of the Panama Canal in November of
1914 provoked a measure injected into the large Immigration Bill of 1915. The United States would systematically exclude any and all persons of the “African or Black race” from the United States hereafter and place them in the same category as criminals and undesirables attempting to gain entry into the country.

Ironically enough, although named the “African Exclusion Measure.” The language in the
bill was designed to target the African/ Black population immigrating from the Caribbean, Central, and South America, not the continent of Africa per se. Having used African/Black laborers to complete the Panama Canal, the United States intended to send a clear message on the issue of immigration.

By this time, in the last year of his life; Booker T. Washington was in full political bloom and the combination of his Pan African consciousness, his aggressive campaign in the Black Press and his effective use of the Tuskegee Machine; allowed for defeat of the measure within a week. Washington’s intervention in this case of the African Exclusion Measure had a direct impact on policies targeting the African /Black population and the demographic composition of the African population within the United States forever.”

Excerpt from the Booker T. Washington And Africa Website

After all that work: “Akata?”

Now that we have clarified ourselves, the “informed” Diaspora is spitting in our faces. Those motherfuckers are dirtier than shit. Drawing appeasatory political lines through greasy criticisms. Doing global social media disparagement. Asking stupid feasability questions. Expending obstrustionist talking points. Propagating off-subject Pan-African fantasytalk. And openly concurring with racism-white supremacy against our demand. They claim to be worried about “divisiveness” issues regarding a relationship that has never been unified in the first place?

No African ever sent an escape ship. No Diasporan ever sent us a quarter. No Caribbean ever sent so much as a motherfucking coconut. Do you understand Family? We then have a grift-enabling NAARC in this bitch – a Dr. Ron Daniels, insisting that the unexpended dividends accrued from the mean, isolated – encapsulated pain. HERE.  Unrelentingly suffered through our 400-year-long American lineage HERE is somehow “owed” to Africans and Caribbeans?

Explain that shit to me.

How does a domestic ass-whupping transmute into international recompense?

Explain THAT SHIT to me.

Justice And Friendship

Let me make this clear. Reparations are not a solution to the racial divide in America. That is not the purpose for reparations and cannot BE the purpose. Just like insurance companies are not the solution to traffic accidents. The conditions that cause accidents have to be addressed within disciplines that have nothing to do with insurance. This is coon diversionism. Do you understand?

Insurance is there to monetarily compensate victims as far as possible, FOR the damage and suffering created FROM accidents. That’s It. Reparations AND racial reconciliation are two separate things. To be discussed in two separate rooms. At two separate times. Let’s keep it a clean, clear and straightforward argument.

Do the money first – motherfuckers.

The purpose of reparations is to rightfully address in substance plus interest, the well known effects of centuries of government established, promoted, and abetted criminal abuse and deprivation of Black people in this country. As far as monetarily possible. NOT to improve any race relations. This is about dollars. This is about economics. This is about a major financial reset. Not friendship. Race relations? Not the time or place to change the subject. Not the time to absorb outside opinions.

We can do coffee later.

Reparations demands are totally independent of how Blacks and whites “feel” about each other. Anyone that tries to make that “divide” stuff part of the conversation is full of shit. If reparations do happen, the white folks that hate us now will hate us more. Believe that. And the white liberals that don’t overtly reveal any racial animus at present, will start showing some teeth. That is just a fact.

Don’t forget the bullets.

They were mad when we demanded our voting rights. Correct? They were angry when the law enforced open seating on public transportation. Correct? They were irate when the law allowed us to take a piss in any public toilet we wanted. Is That Correct? They were inflamed when slavery legally ended. Correct?

Northerners AND Southerners.

So why shouldn’t they be furious about some niggers rightfully receiving in justice, in rightful repair, a few extra dollars from an indisputably guilty and hypocritical government? Expect it. That only makes sense. Understand that 97.9% of white people do not want racism-white supremacy to end. Especially white liberals. No justice for niggers. And when we do get reparations, they only want us to get those reparational resources on THEIR terms. Expended with THEIR oversight. Making sure that we get as little as possible. And to do as little constructive with whatever we get as possible. Especially white liberals. Understand that. We also have those that are afraid white folks might start shooting if we get reparations? OK.

Ahh – they’re shooting now aren’t they? I mean look. If you’re gonna take a cap in the ass anyway – wouldn’t it be easier to take with money, than without it? Ouch! But with money – can’t we buy some guns and some training? Just Asking…

Symbolism And Shit

Nobody should be insulting us with any “symbolism” talk. NONE. And we need to keep a sharp eye on paid Black preachers. I believe that Christianity itself is a part of the racism-white supremacy power structure (that’s another conversation). OK? Black preachers (not all), are generally opposed to true Black empowerment. They prefer us to keep our eyes up, cloud-watching for Jesus. Black empowerment in any realm is not profitable to the Black church. Observe. Look at how some Black preachers will speak affirmatively on reparations. But will always move to take the cash payments aspect off the table. OR – speak on including others in our claim.


At the same time – if it is effectively pushed – those same fucking preachers will simultaneously suggest ways to institutionalize any potential cash expenditures. You Know? So they can “officially” run it. So they can unofficially pocket it. (A new jet for reparations “work” Pastor?) This is the same sneaky-assed shit that NAARC and N’COBRA is trying to pull with their “National Reparations Trust Authority” bullshit. “Institutionalization” enables “officials” and “experts” to steal legally right in front of you with salaries, commissions, expenses, and contracts given to friends, Caribbeans, Green Carders, politicians, and others that “play ball.”

Then they give you a “report.”

You Know – the same shit NAARC and N’COBRA is trying to pull.

The Biblically approved and regulated slavery atrocity itself, the slave trade, Jim Crow, lynching, discriminatory practices, racist systematics, and all deprivative tricknologies exacted against us – those were not “symbolic” at all. OK? Therefore, a reparations act should be completely real, substantial, cash-able, touch-able, feel-able, and see-able. Every “apology” from the government, white-run institutions, or any individual guilt-filled white person should have a check attached to it. I mean every fucking “apology” Man. We can set up a “National Apology Fund” – tonight. Website – bank account – staff – we got the people. Let’s do it.

One of the “assignments” from the power structure for Black preachers to accomplish is to “transcendentalize” any serious stuff (like reparations) that we are trying to get or do. They know niggers are susceptible to this kind of metaphysical bullshit. They do this, instead of helping us to keep our eyes straight ahead and our feet on the ground. You know. So we can effectively secure what’s owed, and do the business needed to be done. Those motherfuckers take us up – up – up.

To Jesus!

They always take us “Higher.”

At that point, the conversation changes from transitional justice to Jesus. From Jesus to symbolism. From symbolism to no money. Is an “AMEN” appropriate here? “Spirituality” ain’t needed. This is Business. The question of reparation demands that we not allow racism-white supremacy or its tools to take our minds off of accomplishing our concrete and on-the-ground business goals through their heaven-assigned proxies – also known as the Black clergy.

Substantive settlements at the local and state levels could provide some redress for law enforcement abetted pogroms like Tulsa, Rosewood, Elaine, etc. But these local-based settlements are secondary in importance to federal-level reparations. To be clear in your own minds – locally expended settlements and expanded equity fairness in cities and states is not reparations. Nor should they be labelled as such.

Reparations could provide some historic redress nationwide for the legally abetted heterosexual and homosexual rape by white predators on free and enslaved Blacks. Reparations could also provide some overdue historic redress for the beatings, executions, murders, labor extractions, sexual molestations, and rapes of free and enslaved Black children by sexually entitled white men. We will see.

What About Isms

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


Even if Native Black Americans did well economically after slavery – without reparations. Even if the descendants of American Freedmen were the most prosperous minority group in America right now – without reparations. That in no way would invalidate or mitigate the rightness or validity of any claims for reparations. In-group economic and/or net-worth disaggregations are not appropriate here. The legal demand for reparations is totally independent of our singular and/or collective economic conditions in the present. At the same time – as a people, our general economic conditions in the present are in their current deplorable state, partly because we never received reparations.

“Black And Latino?” Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?


The uniquely precise demand for Native Black American reparations is also totally independent of the various discussions, complaints, and compensatory demands of other ethnic and racial groups that have been wronged. No other group should be part of OUR “conversation.” The needed conversation between us Foundational Black Americans – and our fucking government. Understand? Our case is unique and separate. Unique and separate. Unique and SEPARATE.

We are not in any way could be, should be, or will be “linked” to anybody else’s shit. Nobody. Where did they get the nerve to offer this disrespectful idea? I know, but we won’t go into that now. It is important for all serious Native Black American reparationists to UNPACK and destroy diversity in their faces, where they stand, wherever they piss. That’s Right. Don’t even let those motherfuckers piss in peace.

Get the fuck outta here.

Whenever and wherever inconsiderate bitches attempt to place a Native Black American reparations dialogue into a what-about-ism “melting pot” – Stop There. Understand? Ask this to the bitches: “Do I look like a pot to you? We ain’t cooking here. What About – My Ass!” OK? The “melting pot” ain’t our conversation. And this especially includes the motherfucking Pan-Africans. Always including African and Caribbean aliens in our shit. OK? Putting us Native Black Americans into an international “Black Pot.” OK? I don’t care how “Black” those motherfuckers are “supposed” to be. Now, to be fair, those niggers don’t mix us in with the Latinx’s or American Indians. (But they might in the future. Who knows?) Give credit where credit is due. OK? Even those bastards deserve credit.

But those fuckers will attempt to transmute a wholly American in-house effected Native Black American enslavement, injury, and deprivation into an undifferentiated worldwide Diasporan reparations distribution. Unbelievable.

Flame all the motherfuckers.

When was the last time you seen Native Black American type people impositively inserting themselves between somebody else’s shit and the or their government? Never. And that is because we actually RESPECT others. We respect their rights and sovereignties as grown people to negotiate their own problems and contentions with the or their government, without any unwelcome and unsolicited inputs or impositions from others. Right?

Everybody that ain’t us is suddenly “suggesting” shit. Saying what they “think” shit should and shouldn’t “look like.” Or offering “educated” pontifications on what others should or shouldn’t get. Scholarly papers written by doctorate holders saying: “No To Niggers.” Unsolicited Arrogance – regarding an issue that ain’t got a motherfucking thing to do with THEM. These are incredible people.

I do wish others had the same basic respect for us and our business.

“Concerned” sonofabitches really need to back the fuck off.

We will always understand that Jewish, American Indian, and Japanese American reparations issues with the government are none of our fucking business. NOT. And if we attempted to enter the rooms where others are discussing their business with the government. They would be well within their rights to tell us to: “Get the fuck outta here motherfucker – find some business!” SLAM!!! You See?

That’s why you have never heard any American Freedman break breath, raise a hand, or mobilize a pen to opine yay or nay in those “none-of-your-fucking-business” type conversations. Right? We Leave. We respectfully leave others to their own business. And we stay out. At the same time, supporting the rights of others to make and agitate their own demands. As grown people should.

I implore other groups to have the same respect for us and our contentions with the government that we always extend to them. Others? Lend your support for our justice claims. Like we do with others. And with multi-ethnic support – I would hope others that do support will respectfully allow us to shape our own arguments and demands. Express our own pains. And express in our own way. Without opinionated interruptions. Like we respectfully do in support with others.

OH – Stop placing us with American Indians. They Used To Own Us. Google it…

This is a word to all “diversity” minded folks. Foundational Black American people will not be caught up THIS TIME in any ignorant, obfuscating, deflectivist, and inappropriately inclusive “what-about-isms.” Or any other time wasting conversations regarding any of the destructive things that white folks and the government have done to other groups. OK? All other groups must “hold their own nuts,” so to speak. All those other groups are composed of grown people. It is not the responsibility of Native Black Americans to tend to other folks business. They business is they business. Our business is our business. And don’t lay they shit on us. We will not do the heavy lifting for others.

Pan-Africans Can Fuck Off

All Black Nationalists and Pan-African motherfuckers can stay away from me if they are not thinking past their well-educated ignorance and articulating reparations to me in the proper Native Black American way. OK? If you are not gonna be honest about the role of Africans in the slave trade. Fuck off. If you are not going to admit that our cultural and psychological connection to Africa was commercially severed 400 years ago by the dealings of African royalty and African slave traders with their European and Arab clients. Fuck off.

Miss Me with that “kidnapping” shit. That’s “blackwashing” history.

If you are not gonna stop that “brother and sister” bullshit in reference to us and Africans – because we are not brothers and sisters. Fuck off. We don’t need any Pan-African whatsoever re-connections or libation pouring. I assure you. It ain’t happening here. Save your liquor. It ain’t happening between Africans over there. It ain’t happening between Caribbeans down there. It ain’t happening between Diasporans out there. How the fuck is it gonna happen – over here? “Unity?”

Ain’t no “unity.”

How in the fuck you gonna put responsibility for Diasporan unification on me?

Niggers. Always trying to take our minds off our American business and directing our Black attentions towards Egypt. “Egypt?” Fuck you. A totally unproductive distraction. Hotep Motherfuckers always trying to tell me to change my name: “That’s a slave name Man.” Damned right it is. I ain’t changing shit. Our NAMES – Johnson, Robinson, Washington, Smith, etc. are the walking, talking, generation to generation existing, night and day reminders of an unfulfilled wealth gap.

Here We Are!!!

Yes motherfuckers. Those names are markers. The obvious historic remains of systemic deprivation. Loudly indicative of the owed but undistributed dividends created from a four-hundred-year-long forced investment. So loud, that some white folks don’t like being around us. I don’t blame the motherfuckers. We too loud.

Yes Loud. Can’t help that. Can’t stop that. Can’t turn that down Man. Our NAMES
autonomically function with and simultaneously precede our bodies. Radiating within all the spaces and times we enter, as aggregated past due notices. When we leave those spaces and times – the guilt remains. There it is. Notices that are collectively attached to an astronomically expensive invoice. Due! And those that need to act upon satisfying that overdue notice demand, understand what the fuck they are looking at. Those folks see every-fucking-body.

And they know every-fucking-body.

There’s One. There’s Another One. And That One Over There. All those past-due bills and the calls, and the letters, and the subpoenas that come with them are irritating as fuck. I know. But the interest on that demand is exponentializing quickly. Those that know are reminded decade after decade, that they need to act quickly and affirmatively. It’s HOT. Oh – and They WILL stop blowing this shit off. Call MY name motherfucker. I ain’t changing shit. Time to pay.

Look Pan-Africans. Native Black American people will never assent to your Afro-fantasytalk or Diasporan fetishism. Ain’t gonna be no psychological, cultural, or political redirection from America. Not this time. The daishikis have been sent to Goodwill. Gone. Our memberships in NAARC and N’COBRA have been cancelled. We don’t need or want Diasporan validation. American Freedmen-ism equals validating ourselves. Our minds and energy will not be re-projected across the Atlantic to nowhere. To confusion. To nothing.

Not this time motherfuckers.

We are asserting our shared ownership of America. Reclaiming our profound and expansive “American-ness.” Right here. We are demanding our share of the return on that American investment. Here. If YOU want to “return” to Africa – Go. I’ll see you off. It is because of the prodigious involuntary expenditures we’ve made here that I assert “First Among Equals” ownership status RIGHT HERE in America.

Can’t do that in Africa.

I am not voluntarily leaving my portion of generationally produced profits and a 1619 initially forced investment compounding further into the pockets and estates of twenty-first century white folks. Why should I? Why should you? And Brother – I am not sharing one motherfucking dime of American Descendants Of Chattel Slavery reparations resources with African and Caribbean chiselers. Fuck That.

Repatriation? I ain’t left shit in Africa but a headache.

Reparations Politics

Even though reparations must be accomplished through politics. Reparations in itself is not politics folks. Reparations is a non-negotiable economic infrastructure demand that is justified, was promised, but never put in place. Plus interest. This is BUSINESS people. And we don’t have to be nice about it. Getting it? Legislators are either for us or against us. We know what to do with motherfuckers against us.

We don’t need preachers offering up moral mumblings or Biblical invocations or “divine guidance” to do this. Family. This is Business. Not Church.

Now – there are some things regarding government that ARE political, and some things that are not. Like our water and highway systems. The building and maintenance of those infrastructural necessities are the responsibility of the government. But the question itself of getting those systems planned, built, and running is not a political one. They HAVE TO get done. The politics, if any, is about figuring out HOW to get those things done. But WHOM is going to be put in place to do it? That’s the politics. It is the same case with reparations. We have to become politically motivated, strategic, educated, and wise at the same time. Now!

Reparations is NOT Politics. Reparations is NOT Race Relations. Reparations is definitely NOT regarding Reconciliation. Reparations is the justified, demanded, and justified recompense from a taken Economic Infrastructure. Accomplished.

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  1. I absolutely love this rant. You’re the conscious of the ADOS movement—everything that all of us wants to say, but just can’t get it out. Not because we’re cowards but, more so, we just can’t put it ALL together in one big “splosh” like you.

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