The Akata Vote

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I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon (815) 2017. A solid California Cabernet. Balanced. Cherry, cocoa, tobacco, plums, pepper. Moderate tannins. Smoky nose. Vanilla background. Peppery finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon (815)

Thoughts after watching a flowing melange of several videos regarding Kamala Harris, immigrant reparations oppositionists, and the 2020 election on YouTube.

Thoughts to keep in. Thoughts to act on.


Walking down an end-of-summer Chicago street. Downtown. You see a lively group of happy, well-dressed brothers coming towards you in the opposite direction. You give an acknowledging nod. They flash at you unanimously with a dry, silent countenance. They turn back in returning smiles towards each other to continue their discussion in an indiscernible African patois. There – the normally and continued American soil discourse between the Diaspora and the Natives.

Pan Africanism? Repatriation? OK.

Every day. African and Caribbean immigrants can barely give American Descendants Of Slavery a passing “good morning” in daytime spaces. And. Can disparage us between themselves all night. Then. Can call us “Akata” twenty-four seven on social media. Okay. But somehow, these same folks arrogantly feel they should emerge from their sweet white neighborhoods, and inappropriately insert themselves into OUR reparations issue with OUR government.

Who They???

You know – they are those phenotypically fraudulent, tribalistic butter-biscuiters that authoritatively coon in eloquent two-face. Armed with the expert guidance of their white handlers, they will open their totally-out-of-line intentions. To tell our government and the public, through guided talking points. Via national media and political forums. What THEY think should be done about ADOS. I do patiently listen to all kinds of injudicious flagrancies regarding ADOS folks just flowing from their unembarrassed Black mouths. Amazing to hear and process.

We are never part of, nor are ever asked to be, included in anyone else’s discussions, contentions, organizations, or institutions. Never. Especially those discussions and organizations belonging to immigrant Africans and Caribbeans. They don’t even break bread with us. They MAY do it in Africa. Depends. With the exception of our Diasporan allies – generally, they don’t do it here. And have no reason to. The Pan-Africanists don’t seem to have figured that out yet.

Did I hear someone say “Akata?” OK. I don’t care what the carefully curated etymology of the word “Akata” is. As explained by well-educated West African immigrant apologists over media platforms. And as explained by Pan-Africans who have a tendency to “blackwash” (my word) African history and culture. The actual “on-the-street.” Everyday. “Just-between-us-Africans” usage of “Akata” IS a synonym for “Nigger.” Universally applied as a descriptor BY THEM, in that way – towards Foundational Black Americans. Everywhere. Remember that folks.

Watch out for other “Akata” type words like “Cocolo” and “Morenito” expended by other motherfuckers in the African Diaspora towards us as well Family.

HEY! My African Brothers and Sisters! Why is it nearly impossible for most Foundational Black American folks; The “Akatas.” To gain dual citizenship in nearly all West African countries? Intentional policies by African governments? No “Right Of Return” Anywhere? No? Somewhere? No? Any good explanations?

Guess we could talk about that later?

But when we do talk – we could start off with what the

  • Yorubas
  • the Kongos
  • the Akans
  • the Mbundus
  • the Ashantes
  • the Fons

and the Igbos owe to Foundational Black American people. Since our enslavement and sale was the main source of foreign exchange at one time for these tribes and kingdoms – along with others not mentioned here. And the wealth that was created through that exchange, is still residing, and popping, and exponentializing within the present net worths of quite a few of the descendants of the original enslaving African elites and merchants. Those descendants are now the West African private jet class. In the United States. Money? They just flying. And got plenty of gas.

Just Saying.

Asides And Beer

Now, putting asides, aside. At the rate the Black media heads, Black politicians, civil rights luncheoneers, paid pastors, NAARC, N’COBRA, tricky white liberals, and the Black intelligentsia are going. Reparations, if left in their hands only, once done, will be boiled down to a handshake and a beer. Coffee Please…

Kamala Harris

Senator Harris? Well, I guess I should be grateful that the other former presidential candidates are not as deep-throated and sincere regarding an intent to keep us Black people in the nasty and continuously deprived state we’re in. Watching with full interest online. As Her Greasiness – that Jamaican-Indian person, also known as Senator Kamala Harris is. Quote: “SO – I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m gonna do something that’s only gonna benefit Black people. NO!!!” Unquote. Really Sweetheart? WOW. The Counterfeit Negress has spoken. At least she told HER truth (as the ladies say). You can’t say she didn’t let us niggers know. Right?

The others have certainly let us know:

Bernie Sanders: “NO!!!”

Elizabeth Warren: “A check for WHAT?!”

Cory Booker: “Baby Bonds!!!”

I say “Counterfeit Negress” because Ms. Harris – Ahh… She walks in one room, she’s Black. Then she goes to another room, she’s Indian. She goes into another room, she’s Black again. All the while signalling white. Flash. Her husband. This lady is hard to keep up with. ADOS is not worth talking to. But her campaign says Cardi B(!) is worth talking to? Okay. Maybe she needs some tips. Cardi B would be the right one to call. Right? Kamala upholds “Black Girl Magic” – but appoints an Indian-American to press secretary and a Sri Lankan as a senior advisor.

Where’s the “Magic” ladies?

The Sisters are being played.

Then. The educated butter-biscuiters are afraid to demand from the government, the astronomically correct amount of money, assets, and considerations that is definitively owed to us. Why? In their minds (it seems), the laws, policies, affirming arguments, and practices of inheritance – which white people damn near die over to protect and implement are good enough for only white people to access. But not appropriate enough for us to do the same? Senator Harris agrees with this.

For some reason, the equal application of inheritance principles and policies in their entirety, should be withheld specifically from us. Money and assets are good enough for the abusing Caucasian collective to extract continuously and bequeath exponentially for centuries. But not good enough for the foundationally abused and their direct-line descendants to access even once. For two damned minutes?

But Kamala has a “Lift Act.” OK…

Voting And Voting Right

Black people. The buck has to stop somewhere at sometime. Your vote is a supremely valuable currency. Votes don’t exist just to put certain folks in office that market good words and present good optics (Obama). There must be a guaranteed and specific benefit TO YOU agreed upon and then accomplished in exchange for that vote. Why do you think white people have always devised all kinds of dirty quasi-legal schemes, threatened groups, murdered individuals, and executed all kinds of nefarious actions to stop us from exercising our voting rights?

Exercising “Voting Rights” is not just the act of “voting.” Follow me here. There is an intentional “front end” – and a satisfactional “back end” to a vote. The “back end” from a vote must be the specific resources demanded, that are purchased through the currency power of a vote. And delivered to you by your candidate. That is the proper operational intent. The proper cause and effect of a vote. Use Intelligence. Never follow or assent to that: “Vote Blue No Matter Who” bullshit. Doing mindless crap when it comes to our politics is what got us standing between a rock and a hard place in the first place. Think Family.

“Voter Suppression?” What’s That? At this point, the main source of “voter suppression” in general, is us intentionally not being registered. Black people not showing up intentionally. We must show up to the polls impressively. But to vote and choose strategically – differently – disruptively. If we must vote downballot – then that’s what we will have to do. Understand that WE determine the results in all major elections. WE – the Foundational Black Americans of these United States – are 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment Federal Supercitizens (from Ted Hayes).

With supercitizenship we have a responsibility to ourselves.

From now on people. Decide: No vote without reparations and considerations that are specified by us on the table. We need to develop a self-decided, self-generated, and uncompromisingly demanded Black agenda. And not accepting Black optics.

That agenda: It being presented and demanded to execution by us, to all incumbents and candidates. If your voting reasons differ from making certain demands and insisting on certain conditions then why are you voting? If none of any candidates are willing to execute OUR agenda NO VOTE FOR THEM. Understand people, that collective agenda includes YOUR individual needs. If no candidate is willing to roll with us – then none of US should hand over our vote to ANY of them. Democrat or Republican. Trump. Or no Trump.


Fear-based voting days for us are over. This stupid-assed – “We got to get rid of Trump” alarmism. OK? Don’t fall for that rush-job. If we lived through all the other overtly racist presidents. And twelve of them were actual slaveholders? And Woodrow Wilson. And Andrew Johnson. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Yes – lying bitch Franklin Democrat Roosevelt, who, post-election, declined to sign an anti-lynching bill. After agreeing to do so. Who LIED to Mary McLeod Bethune with promissory sweetness and back-stabbing smiles. “We need to get Negroes to the polls Mary!” Who referred to her privately as one of “Eleanor’s Niggers.” The anti-lynching bill stayed unsigned. And “Southern Strategy” Nixon. And “Willie Horton” Bush. Continued.

We could strategically live through this one as well. By way of “transforming the swamp by the power of downballot” to accomplish a substantive long-term goal. Didn’t that motherfucker Biden say: “If you don’t vote for me – you ain’t Black?” No Dude. It goes: “If we don’t vote for you – you ain’t elected motherfucker.”

Yes – I’m a recent graduate of the Samuel L. Jackson College Of…



Stop giving your vote away to certain parties and/or candidates for nothing in return but “hope” and “optics.” Let the White House chips fall as they may.

Quid Pro Quo. From Now On.

Downballot Baby. The main objective is to NOT give the motherfucking Democrats
ANYTHING. Especially Kamala Harris. Hell No. Even if she promises a bucket of chicken for your vote. NO. But take the chicken. Now – we can accomplish this in one of three ways: 1. Leave both presidential spaces blank or write “ADOS” in those spaces. 2. Vote for a third party candidate like one with the Green Party or Socialist Party or something. Or, 3. If you MUST for somebody at the top – vote for Trump.

Fuck Biden.

Preparation For Liberation

I would hope that all ADOS at this time, prepare themselves to the best of their individual abilities, through learning business, finance, economics, politics, law, marketing, logistics, mathematics, high English language proficiency, philosophy, information technology, urban planning, statistics, engineering, psychology, project management, and civics. Doing that in either formal, informal, and independent ways. We all do need to have SOME pre-reparations knowledge and direction.

Otherwise – we will end up empowering others with our empowerment.

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