The Failure Of The CBC

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Malbec (Celestial Blue Label) 2017. This bad boy is a deep California
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Diamond Collection Malbec (Celestial Blue Label)

It is time to get seriously self- interested in our self-interests Family.

This post was written prior to the ADOS schism.

“This is going to be a propaganda war. The grifters [NAARC and N’COBRA] want to universalize reparations and use not requesting direct payments as a beard. That way, they can set themselves up and slice off the top…”

Dawn Paige – Triangle ADOS North Carolina

The fact that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (a Jamaican) is the lead sponsor of
HR40 is not her fault. I cannot blame anyone for grabbing an opportunity to assist their people (other Caribbeans) in making a come-up at ADOS expense. Especially if we allow it. This is a failure of a group of lax, not on their jobs motherfuckers that are only there to collect a paycheck for themselves. Their duty as representatives is to not represent the Black collective. What collective do I mean? I mean the ADOS collective. The “representative” group I am referring to is also known as the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). The same group that represents the DACA collective. And the Kamala collective. And the “people of color” collective.

Every collective but the collective that voted them into office. The fucked conversation regarding whom will assume responsibility for that old and moribund HR40 reparations bill probably went like this:

“OH – let Sheila have it. That shit ain’t going nowhere anyway…”

This is our representation. Now that the climate for passing reparations has finally arrived, we ADOS are finding ourselves in a potentially fucked position. Put there by the CBC. What is that fucked position? I’ll spell out a few aspects for now:

Jamaican Jemima

What the fuck? We have a child of Jamaican immigrants principally handling the most consequential Act specifying American Descendants Of Slavery since the Emancipation Proclamation. I don’t care what the Pan-African delusionists from N’COBRA will preach to us ADOS about “we are one African family.” We ain’t. And never will be. Africa itself is nowhere near “Pan-African.” Africa is internally “anti-Pan-African.” That is the operating truth. Go to Africa and see. I did.

Most members of the Diaspora outside of ADOS, naturally have a hardened “my tribe first” mentality that Native Black Americans culturally don’t have, historically never retained, and mostly have no desire to establish and cultivate. You see?

And those disaggregated Diasporan mentalities will never include us nowhere or anywhere. Especially when it comes to money and resources. The Diaspora has no heart for ADOS. You had better understand this. The Diaspora is not about any melding of cultures and resources. No possibilities of “de-tribalization” with any of those motherfuckers. If anything, “tribalism” is now hardening in Africa and across the Diaspora. That is clear. I keep up with Diasporan politics and happenings on the Continent. Understand. They are about business and assets and anything they can get for their families and tribes. Not about you. They will take what they can from this country. And they will take what they can from you. Our attitude as ADOS has always been: “You Black – You Us.” To keep believing that nonsense will be our ultimate downfall. Death. We need to tighten up on OUR business.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was born in the United States – but she is Jamaican first. So why is she on OUR stuff? Why are we allowing this? She is not a Shirley Chisholm. OK? I’m taking to YOU Congressional Black Caucus.

“Long Standing Reparations Organizations”

Yup. “Long Standing” in shit.

These organizations – NAARC and N’COBRA, are front operations for Caribbean and African reparations grifters. Dirty to the core. I cannot stress this enough. Both of these organizations at this point are the go-to advisors for strategically-minded politicians across the country for expedient and reparationsless reparations advice. In actuality, they are cynically messing-up the one-shot deal of reparations. And they don’t give nowhere near a fuck. They are coming up with all kinds of weird, expedient back-door ways (like “local” reparations), and other strategies to get resources that should be for ADOS into the pockets of Caribbeans and Africans. And Dr. Ron Daniels of NAARC needs a fabulous retirement.

This is an example. I’m gonna beat this quotable excerpt to death until its urgency is firmly in the minds of all ADOS organizers:

“She added she heard talk about excluding Black people who have a Caribbean heritage
from reparations in Evanston. She said, ‘Those families have had the same negative impact that African Americans have had. There’s no intention of excluding any Black person from our programming based specifically on where their ancestry has come from. We have all come from the continent of Africa. We all have ancestors that were kidnapped and enslaved… We’re not going to be differentiating between Black people in Evanston.”

That was Robin Rue Simmons speaking. Alderman of the 5th Ward in Evanston Illinois. Speaking her usual “flat Black” griftolicious bullshit. The excerpt is from the 06/17/2020 issue of the “Evanston RoundTable” online newspaper. She was advised from start to finish in crafting her “local reparations” bill by N’COBRA. This is part of a long-term, piece-by-piece effort by N’COBRA and NAARC to shift our potential reparations resources from the local, all the way up to federal levels into the pockets of Caribbeans and Africans. Caribbeans expeditiously accessing our history in fighting racism-white supremacy to callously collect reparational benefits they had no pain, no blood, no time investment in. Free, painless money. Local is the first step. State is the next step. Federal is the closing step.

They are on it.

Pan-Africanist conceptualizations have no place in crafting anything legal or legislative anywhere in these United States regarding reparations. Why? Because philosophically Pan-African organizations like NAARC and N’COBRA have and do and will always prioritize Caribbeans and Africans over Native Black Americans in all conversations. Your own good sense should tell you that these are not the proper organizations to craft reparations policy for American descendants of slavery. Understand?

I cannot stress enough that “anything is legislatively possible.” Did you know that DACA motherfuckers that are not even citizens can vote locally and legally in Chicago and San Francisco? While ADOS citizens with a felony cannot? Anything crafted locally can be lifted and expanded nationally. Remember “Obamacare”? You do know that the federal government-run universal healthcare program operating now was first done in the State of Massachusetts. Right? All Obama did was lift that program from there, and with a few tweaks expanded it nationally.

That’s it.

This is not how you want a reparations program to be handled. Reparations is FEDERAL only. But it can be handled that way if we don’t wake-up and move. Reparations nonsense is already happening on the local level. The nonsense can go national. If we do not get on this, instead of reparations resources going into the pockets of you and your children, checks will be flying from the United States Treasury into pockets in Trinidad and Haiti through remittances and contracts.

In Evanston Illinois they are already planning to use “local reparations” resources to assist Caribbeans in purchasing homes. Who is to say that they can’t expand that shit to the national level? To make a convincing case for that? They gonna be partying hard on our shit Family. They will be dancing on our grandparent’s backs. Anything is legislatively possible. Get accustomed to a $3.64 reparations check.

If you can close a “wealth gap” with that – have at it. But this is what WILL happen if we sit on our hands. NAARC and N’COBRA are working on our asses. The CBC must step up and do their jobs. Or be replaced. Downballot and Out. At this point in our history – shoulda, woulda, and coulda is not an option. Those are our resources that are about to get fucked over. The historic outcome is in our hands.

Reparations is a one-shot deal Family.

They already have our collective pants down to our ankles. Pan-African organizations like NAARC and N’COBRA are too cheap to buy Vaseline. Don’t let them close the deal. Because they are RIGHT THERE.

Reparational Theft

Ultimately, this is the shit that Jamaican Princess Lee will be enabling in the long run. The shit that we need to be seriously serious about that we don’t want. The NAARC scheme includes the prospect of an all-powerful central reparations arbiter that will inherently invite corruption once established. A grift system that NAARC and N’COBRA want to set up that will result in a “reparationless reparations” situation for us. Our money will be going someplace else. Fast. Caribbeans and Africans will be doing exceptionally well. Legally. We shall overcome?

This bullshit is quoted from the NAARC website:

“Therefore, we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the
repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.

This Authority would be comprised of a cross-section of credible representatives of
reparations, civil rights, human rights, labor, faith, education, civil and fraternal
organizations and institutions. It would be empowered to establish subsidiary Trust Funds to administer projects and initiatives in the areas of culture, economic development, education, health and other fields as deemed appropriate based on the demands in the Reparations program.

Accordingly, independent Black controlled structures like the Reparations Finance
Authority recommended in NAARCs’ 10-point Reparations Program are imperative to
receive various forms of resources to be allocated as community benefits to support social, economic, cultural and educational programs, projects and initiatives that enhance Black communities as a whole.”

And no direct payments…

Family. Understand what you are reading. This is a grift statement – beautifully laid out and pushed directly into your face. Now imagine this: If their proposed “Finance Authority” pops off, NAARC and N’COBRA will be controlling trillions of dollars in our reparational resources. Just them. Controlling it. All of it. And you as an American descendant of slavery won’t see a fucking dime. Ever. Reparations will be their personal reserve. Their plaything. That money will be richly expended to their well-educated Caribbean and African allies through “contracts,” and “studies,” and highly-compensated administrative positions running those proposed “projects” and “initiatives” and further “studies.”

MONEY – going to hand-picked Black immigrant organizations and individuals. Expect kickbacks from those same organizations (if a federal audit happens) going mostly to the top officials of NAARC and N’COBRA eventually being exposed if reparations goes down NAARC style (don’t forget that some of their officials are ex-felons). You will see a whole lot of reparations cash going through a whole lot of disaggregated and possibly unaudited hands. Those hands won’t be yours Family. Reparations money in the millions being wired to individuals and organizations in Africa and the Caribbean. Martini Anyone? Expect to see a lot of “conferences” and “retreats” done in expensive and far away places.

There it goes.

We looking at “Subsidiary Trust Funds?” OR “Vanishing Cash Funds?”

Native Black Americans will see very little of those resources. If any. If they have their NAARC and N’COBRA way. The exceptions will be those Boule ADOS collaborators and certain tricknologist white folks who “play ball.” Understand that the priority of NAARC and N’COBRA is to enrich themselves, Caribbeans, and Africans. The priority. Get it in your heads that Native Black Americans and their elected representatives are just expedient tools adeptly utilized to effect that end.

Anytime a motherfucker tells you that a “Trust Authority” will be run by a “cross-section of credible representatives” – he is letting you know ahead of time that nobody involved in the “Trust” enterprise is or will be credible. “Authority” can mean that a rightful motherfucker can’t tell that “Trust Authority” anything. Any Oversight? No Suggestions? A Ron Daniels dictatorship? This shit will be better than Madoff’s get over. Madoff stole in the billions. NAARC can potentially steal in the trillions. Your mother will catch your ass face down dead in an alley somewhere after fucking with these people. She won’t find your wallet either.

Understand that NAARC and N’COBRA’s “reparations” scheme will also serve racism-white supremacy beautifully, because it is not designed to close the racial wealth gap. You know how racism-white supremacy is always devising ways to keep money and resources away from YOU? Well – a “Trust Authority” is a Pan-African method of keeping money and resources away from YOU. They want no direct payments to eligible individuals. You know – YOU. With them we would still be in the same deprived condition post-reparations. And their scheme will also unjustly enrich the Caribbean and African immigrant buffer classes.

Call or e-mail, or Twitter, or snail mail, and Facebook your CBC members at both the state and federal levels (especially Karen Bass federally) to express your profound indignation at the direction reparations is taking. The Dr. Darity HR40 edits must be put in. And grift-enabler Princess Lee must be put out. You can do all of this from home. COVID is going on. We all need something to do.

Pour up a glass. Roll up a…

Well, whatever you do. And type away. Again, we must demand that Sheila Jackson Lee be taken off our one-shot reparations issue NOW.

Really? What the fuck is a Shiela Jackson Lee (a Jamaican) doing on top of our stuff like this? I don’t care if she was born here. We might as well have an American-born Mexican handling HR40 (damn – a Mexican might do a better job). Same difference. We as a people have to be more hard-core about our shit regarding our lineage. We have a network to develop. Being more serious about our business. Like Now.

If we don’t, we will lose all our business. Our money. And then wonder what happened. This is partly our fault. Jewish and American Indian groups would never allow this kind of open mis-handling of their affairs. How lost are we Family?

Can you imagine a Chinese motherfucker going into the negotiating room to handle Cherokee tribal affairs? And they’d be OK with that? Haitians sure as fuck don’t handle Trinidadian affairs. Dominicans don’t handle Japanese business. Now – is that believable to any ADOS at any level that this makes a difference?

Jamaicans native or foreign born should not be handling ADOS business.

Do we have a fucking American Congressional Black Caucus – or not?

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One thought on “The Failure Of The CBC

  1. White pols aren’t clueless. “Keep your enemies closer than your friends” is the definition of maintaining power. It’s a global game everyone is in on except most ADOS. Outside our small but growing circle, future so-called Black leadership still fills itself with pride because an East/West Indian woman who attended Howard U. is a VP pick, and because all fashionable political discourse is limited to getting Trump out. No policy. The Left has policy but it’s non-specific to ADOS, and the Right is of course off the table entirely. We require the same specificity as any other, with an exclusive claim not BLM.

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