I was assisted in writing this About page by a bottle of Gerard Bertrand Minervois (Syrah – Carignan) 2017. This is a Languedoc – Roussillon dry red. High tannins. Shadows of oak, cocoa, and coffee bean. Peppery finish.  

Minervois (Syrah - Carignan)

This blog displays the uncut, unrestrained thoughts of myself, American Freedmen Reparationist Arthur Ward. A literal space dealing intelligently with politics, race, economics, and philosophy in regards to reparations. To those that don’t know – I uncompromisingly run with the USADOF or “United Sons And Daughters Of Freedmen.” 

My thoughts as expended on this blog on reparations in particular and politics in general are in seamless agreement with – but at the same time are totally independent of Dr. William (Sandy) A. Darity Jr. So don’t come to this blog with any nigger-think, stupid-speak, or any strategically divisive bullshit in mind to conflate, associate, or compare anything I say with anything they say.

Take that shit somewhere else.

If you are easily offended it is better for you to read no further. If you are a politically-correct-minded nice person, it is better for you to read no further. If you are an African or Caribbean immigrant, you may be offended. If you are a NAARC, CARICOM, or N’COBRA official, you will definitely be offended. If you are an anti-reparations type person, or an American descendant of slavery not self-interested in your self-interests, maybe you could learn something.

Keep reading.

The multiplicity of things that are moving around in my head once aggregated, organized, composed, and ultimately put on a blog post are at times hot, straight, uncompromising, mostly emotionless, occasionally emotional, and necessarily not considerate of others feelings, thoughts, political orientations, non-political orientations, beliefs, what-about-isms, stupid anti-reparations logic, or educated counter-opinions. I can’t do “moderated” tea-time-nigger-communication that does not hurt other’s feelings. Nope. Especially when those “others” are lineaged from lynchers. This blog is editorially self-contained, clearly thought through according to my own high self-referencing standards, and intellectually firewalled regarding reparations politics, economics, and implementation.

I don’t give a damn what you think.

Reparations cannot be taken off the table nor is open for compromise. I am a “Reparations Absolutist”. I don’t have much time for those that oppose justice. None. I have no forgiveness for certain reformed racists or rehabilitated supremacists. Because I know with certain individuals – no rehabilitation or reform has taken place. The only thing that has taken place is bad white politics. The bullets are still flying. I tried (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), again (Trayvon Martin), again (Philando Castile), again (Breonna Taylor), and again (George Floyd). They won’t stop. I have finally run out of gas. No more forgiveness, subordinated coalitioning, or multi-ethnic kumbaya.

Time for positive American Freedmen politics.

I am not xenophobic or racially biased. Ask my white, East Indian, and Jewish friends that I hang out with (only the ones that like good wine). I am just careful with my associations. They know and love me as I am.

I will only occasionally use references and/or citations created by other minds. Most of the things I write come from my own assessments, reflections, feelings, and logic. On this blog I am the Alpha, the Omega, the complete reference, the ultimate credential, the single and unmovable authority. The One.

The only person whose views I will even consider are those of Executive Secretary of “Freedmen Descendants Of Chicago” – the beautiful Cynthia McDonald. My co-host on “The Thirteen Percent” podcast and writer of her own blog: “Freedmen Health And Wellness.” A Sweetie.

For those lexicographic nit-pickers – I will continue to use the terms “Black First,” “On Code,” “Descendants Of American Slavery,” “Native Black Americans,” “Black,” “African American,” “Foundational Black Americans,” “American Freedmen,” and other expanded acronyms in any proper non-political and non-contentious context that is descriptionally appropriate to me.

I will capitalize the word “Black” and sometimes the word “Nigger”.

I will admit to a degree of mental illness. But that’s okay…

Leave a comment or question if you like. Good comments and questions will be respectfully responded to in a full and considered post – even if those comments and questions are in opposition to my positions. On certain days I can be “fair and balanced” – but don’t look for that. Bad comments and questions will be responded to appropriately according to their nature, content, and ignorance quotient.

There is a deliberate and overt identity bias here. Let us call it: “Freedmen-centrism”. When it comes to reparations, unrestrained double-standards and Foundational Black American favoritism will be exercised. At the same time, my double-standards have a degree of fluidity. There is no subject regarding or about Black people that is off-limits or can be taken off the table. Including Christianity.

Pro-reparations people – white, Black, and otherwise will consistently be favored over anti-reparations people. Arguments both pro and con regarding reparations from American Freedmen people will be given more weight and consideration than the same arguments from non-NBA people. Pan-African infected reparations arguments will be dismantled, intellectually and factually corrected, then dismissed. Anti-reparations minded white, Latinx, Native American, Black immigrant, and Asian people arguing here will be severely counterpointed, roasted, then dismissed.

To make it easier. Non-NBA people and groups. All of you. That expend always unwanted opinions or opprobriums regarding Foundational Black American reparations and affirmatives should mind your own business. That makes it convenient for everybody.

“BIPOC” arguments and assertions will be doused with gasoline. Then flamed.

The orthodox understander. The creator of the reparations expertise to which I defer is Duke University Economist Dr. William A. Darity Jr. The Scripture I ground myself in is: “From Here To Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century.” A New Reparations Testament and Guidance written by Dr. Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen.

I’m an Atheist. The most thorough blasphemer you will ever encounter. My friends call me “The Pope Of Atheism.” An embracer of the spiritual void. An enthusiastic rejecter of Jesus. I run on causality, empiricism, objectivity, and logic. Philosophy inspires me. Science teaches me. Technology fascinates me. In my home – religion goes into the fireplace. So you may see some of that naked Atheism here and there in my posts at times.  It is what I am. When I mention liquor – I am only referring to high-quality dry red wines from all over, French cognacs, imported beers (mostly Polish, British, and Mexican), and Belvedere Vodka.

Insults are welcome.

I will not apologize for, modify, or retract anything I publish. Don’t ask, finesse, or demand. It won’t happen. Keep reading if you like. You have been warned.

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