Blacklining And Intrification

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Bindi Sergardi I Colli Classico
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I Colli Chianti Classico Riserva

“Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

Booker T. Washington

Motherfuckers are always saying crazy nigger stuff to me like: “Give me my reparations in land Man.” Another motherfucker tells me he wants his shit in gold. Please. Like the average Black person knows what to do with “land” once they receive it. I may be wrong, but I think that most folks Black or white wouldn’t know what to do with “land.” Correct me if I’m wrong folks. When it comes to property acquisition and management through reparations, I think I may have a better general idea. I call it “Blacklining.” Read before you judge. 

My explanation of that is below.

Call me names and/or roast me AFTER you’ve read the motherfucking post please. OK? This ain’t gospel. It’s just a fucking suggestion.

This post was written prior to the ADOS schism.

What is “Blacklining?”

Right now, a suggestion. Let me start with suggesting the fair transference of certain government owned lands and residential properties (city, suburban, and rural ADOS Homesteads), to satisfy “land” niggers. OK? And the prioritized granting of unencumbered permissions and licensing in specified commercial areas (like gambling or cannabis endeavors for example) to ADOS individuals and/or ADOS owned business entities that are qualified. Federal and state media licenses, bandwidth, and spectrum set-asides for qualified ADOS and ADOS owned entities should be sold at 75% lower than the current market price.

Certain urban neighborhoods should be “Blacklined” (my word). Meaning certain
protected and prioritized districts within certain cities (we’re segregated anyway – with the proper handling, that could be a good thing), reserved exclusively for the commercial and residential use of ADOS and (registered population percentage limited to 12%) non-ADOS Blacks. Property taxes will be subject to pre-established limits. If there are any revenue shortfalls to local governments due to capped property taxes in “Blacklined” areas – those shortfalls will be covered and/or subsidized by local, state, and federal government entities.

Government representation for these areas will be ADOS only.

These areas will be prioritized to receive federal and state expended urban improvement grants, Tax Increment Financing, and various business development grants. Residential and other properties can only be transferred between ADOS and non-ADOS Blacks. Businesses cannot be established without community approval and falling within the guidelines. Businesses that have some non-Black ownership in these areas must be at least 75% owned and controlled by ADOS residing in that same community. This is the community keeping ownership tight and controlled.

Multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial properties that are currently owned by whites and other non-ADOS entities and individuals in “Blacklined” areas will be sold (by law) at assessed value to ACIT’s (ADOS Community Investment Trusts) established and operated by that ADOS community.

Any other community approved companies (like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Walgreen’s, etc.) – their equity shares [stock] must be publicly listed and traded. So that they may be potentially owned by ADOS on the back end, via direct stock market purchases or indirectly via mutual funds and ETF’s with those purchases transacted and owned by ADOS individuals, ADOS owned businesses, and ADOS Community Investment Trusts. Locking in investment from both ends.

And those aggregated franchised entities (single stores like a McDonald’s) within those districts must be at minimum 75% owned by ADOS in that community. Those (publicly listed corporate) single stores (like Walgreen’s, Starbucks, etc.) must be housed in commercial facilities that have been built-to-suit and leased from ADOS individuals, ADOS business entities, or ADOS Community Investment Trusts that own those facilities. No exceptions. No workarounds.

No white, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American originated business entities that are 100% privately owned by non-ADOS (franchise or otherwise) should be allowed in these areas. We should have teams of checkers deployed to verify the ownership and capitalization sources of entities intending to open in Blacklined areas.

These areas should have an emphasis on “Intrification” (my word). Meaning that all private improvements to these areas will be ADOS initiated, financed, executed, and owned by those that live in those areas. This done – along with government infrastructure improvement funding for public areas. Also, local policing in these districts should be done by ADOS and non-ADOS Black officers that live in the district they police. With an emphasis on foot patrols and engaging residents.

“Blacklining” would also serve as a “firewall” against any potentially encroaching “gentrification” – meaning gradual white takeover through the investment of and “moving into” by whites into certain properties and areas. There should not be any outside private investment by law. Outsiders that try will be prosecuted.

Why “Blacklining?” Well, with reparations, our asset picture will be vastly improved. That could mean community ownership and improvement where we already live. More opportunities to exploit profit where WE live. Most white people – conservative, indifferent, and liberal, don’t want to live next door to Black people anyway. And that’s fine, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t like living next to white people anyway. Most of the time, those Black folks with some means, will move into predominantly white areas for better living conditions and amenities. Not necessarily because they want to live next to white people, or are particularly interested in “diversity.” For some Blacks, living near white people has resulted in many unpleasant encounters. “Blacklining” can stop this.

“Diversity” has always been a money losing proposition for Blacks. Plantations were “diverse”, if you really think about it. Understand? “Diversity” always means that others (white women, Asians, Jews, Latinx’s, some Black immigrants) record the ideas, fully appropriate and reconstitute those ideas, undercompensate any Black labor involved, and coldly take those extracted assets home. They will then package and monetize those assets. Then partition ADOS Black folks away from the profits. Sometimes those assets are disproportionately extracted by other groups through “good management” and “fair contracts” and “better deals.” That’s how “diversity” actually works. Every time. So, NO “diversity” in “Blacklined” areas.

A people with backbone and self-interested purpose does not need “diversity.”

We must “manage” and “inside-network” our own business, talents, and creativity.

We could make the living conditions in “Blacklined” areas as good as or better than
predominantly white areas in all respects. WE could create the ultimate in upper middle class living, for ourselves. No more white folks calling police for breathing, eating, or walking while Black – where you live. No more crappy attitude from the white cashier at the corner store – where you live. No more contemptuous looks from the Korean at the local beauty supply – where you live. No more abusive loudmouthing from the Arab motherfucker at the nearby liquor emporium – where you live. You don’t wanna kill a sonofabitch in the name of Allah? Right?


No more Japanese waitresses rushing you out of the Japanese restaurant before you’ve finished eating. And Japanese motherfuckers do that shit all the time, where you live. Putting the fucking check on the table in the middle of your meal. Rushing niggers out. No more Vietnamese bitches handing out ass-whoopings at the nail salon, where you live. No more imported caste system nonsense from the East Indian at the Dunkin Donuts by the bus stop, where you live. No more stinky-faced – got nothing else to do “Karens” fucking with you because they feel like it.

Also, these abuses can rightly be looked upon as business opportunities to be noted and then exploited by us in “Blacklined” areas. For example – Black people have been exposed to cuisines from all over the world. At the same time, people of other ethnicities (Greek, Asian, Ethiopian, etc.) really don’t like Black people patronizing their establishments. They don’t. They just tolerate our patronage, so they don’t run afoul of discrimination laws. Like being “tolerated?” I don’t. You shouldn’t either.

Black folks could open restaurants that feature different international cuisines. But, prepared, presented, and sold by Black people. We can learn and sell any cuisine we want, but then, these cuisines could be enjoyably consumed and beautifully socialized over without any imported discriminatory bullshit. For a change. Right? Even African immigrant owned restaurants prefer white patronage over African American patronage (that’s why most African restaurants are located in white neighborhoods). Sushi, Korean barbeque, tempura, Greek cuisine, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, French cuisine, Moroccan cuisine. Chinese cuisine. We can do – AND SELL – AND SERVE all those cuisines OURSELVES. Fuck Em.

Again – we could learn and do any cuisine we like BETTER than the originators.

The other thing that can be done in “Blacklined” areas is the recapture of the multi-billion DOLLAR Black beauty supply business. The liquor store business. The gas station business. The nail business. ALL “trade” type businesses. Plumber. Tailor. Electrician. HVAC. Landscaping. Diesel Mechanic. Roofing. Web Design. Masonry. Remodeling. Welding. Top to bottom. All of this motherfucking shit. All of it.

Reset and Patronize YOUR community network Family.

No more isolating indifferences, “good-morning-less-ness,” and superiorist arrogance from your white neighbors – where you live. No more isolating indifferences, “good-morning-less-ness,” and superiorist arrogance from your immigrant neighbors – where you live. More community. More networking. More family. More tranquility. And, if we can get the fratricidal Mr. Pookie in practice, and the Rap music industry in spirit, to stop assisting the police and the racists in trying to gun down all Black people from the face of the earth. More humanity.

The “Blacklining” concept is not to say you cannot live anywhere else you choose. You can, and you should, if that is what you’d like to do. We paid for it. But, it would be nice to have exclusively Black urban “homelands” to retreat to, that are relaxed, beautiful, welcoming, clean, crime free, chaos free, tension free, racism free, Confederate flag free, bullshit free, and devoid of white, Asian, and Hispanic people (except those others that are visiting through and spending good money in Black owned businesses, then leaving).

And no “Karens.”

Lastly, “Blacklined” areas should be federally protected by law and in fact. We can’t have another Rosewood or Tulsa conflagration anywhere. White folks get upset at autonomous Black success. Black happiness offends whites. Racists and others (including other Black people) that seek to do, or actually accomplish assault of persons, theft, robbery, or destruction of property, criminality in any of these areas, should receive harsh federal penalties. Including the death penalty, if appropriate. No “gang” activities will be tolerated in Blacklined areas. None. And Period. And people, don’t forget: the stand your ground interpretation of defensive rights bestowed by the Second Amendment would be available to you as well. Fuck the bullshit.

Aim – Click – POW!!!

Now Family, could this be a better idea? I am open to suggestions.

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6 thoughts on “Blacklining And Intrification

  1. I like this idea except BLACK IMMIGRANTS are trying to become the new whites right after Hispanics. I’m not interested in living with them or advocating that they live among us or benefit from any program or community we create. NO! ABSOLUTELY MF NOT! “

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  2. Love it Art. It’s not a new concept, well only to most of us. We did have that type of structure before but it wasn’t allowed to prosper. The great (Exodus) migration was the start of ADOS abandoning our areas because of violence projected on us by another group. No other groups provide to us the services we should provide or at least profit for our people! Great blog.

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  3. I was ready for this back in the 60’s but my people were talking about integration, something I was never in agreement with. My apprehension was due to growing up in the ghetto watching my mom work two jobs, community money parties to help families pay rent, a counselor in H.S. telling me I would never be college material, blah, blah, blah. Your suggestion is not only a good idea, but a must if we are to remain in this shit-hole country and yet flourish as we once did. The remaining remnant has a lot of work to do. I was ready at the age of 5, and I know that living black, while black as black is the only way to survive. Only thing I would add that didn’t stick out is Black Politics. This was a great article. Thanks

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