Cash And Reparations


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This is just my opinion folks. Not Adosian gospel or guidance.

“We feel strongly that direct payments must be a major component… the preponderance of the funds must go to individual recipients. And they must go in such a way that we, in fact, eliminate the racial wealth gap.”

Dr. William A. Darity Jr.

Doesn’t that quote from Dr. Darity feel good?

I have heard a lot of very small, inadequate, and inappropriate numbers, ideas,
proposals, strategies, and programs, and this, and that and all of that, about what
reparations should look like. Let’s get one thing money straight folks. Now. The American Descendants Of Slavery type people are owed at this time, I believe, a non-negotiable $100,000,000,000,000 [100 trillion bucks] in minimum money, set-asides, income tax exemptions, and considerations done over seven generations. If you really think about it – this is a deal. With a seventeen trillion dollar down payment to immediately close the wealth gap. Starting from now.

No politics here.

This post was written prior to the ADOS schism.

Harper’s Magazine – a reputable white folks publication, estimated that the total of
reparations due was about 97 trillion DOLLARS. Based on some 222,505,049 hours of forced slave labor between 1619 and 1865, compounded at 6% interest through 1993. Now that’s just for slavery. Just for slavery.

But, what about the compounded trillions in painful losses accrued from the post-slavery period? What about compensative damages potentially expended for maximum visceral and mental pain, lynching, economic destruction, domestic spoliation, and continuous full-scale suffering? Post-slavery till now?

What about the time and effort and resources and lives lost trying to secure, practice, and enjoy ALL OF the benefits and protection of the rights that the Constitution stated that we already had or were supposed to have as citizens?

Post-slavery till now?

What about the monetary repairs needed, as a result of the special and precise unconstitutional laws and policies that were enacted and enforced against us? In every state, county, and municipality. Post-slavery till now?

Those were all unnecessary costs that were heavily imposed and dearly paid. But aside from that – this Harper’s Magazine calculation shows that white folks in general are well aware of the true history. And them, logically concluding from that awareness – fully cognizant of what this country owes us in substance and justice. That something is owed. Reparations is not deep or complicated. Real Simple.

You took something. You need to return that something. Plus interest. Plus
protection. Plus set-asides. Plus motherfucking plus. Simple. If you hear any opposition to reparations, whether that speaker is white liberal, American Black, avowed racist, Black immigrant, or otherwise. Understand that all – I don’t care:

ALL anti-reparations statements are anti-justice statements.

Cash payments as part of a reparations program is in no-brainer territory. How do you do reparations without it? Do you see all those zeroes? That’s what real
Reparations look like in an overall reparative sense. The carefully researched and respectfully calculated conclusion of twelve to seventeen trillion dollars as an initiating baseline is beautiful. That’s a start. Forty Acres and a fucking Mule was nowhere near enough compensation in 1865 if you think about it. THEN.

For 400 years of 1619 overall slavery on the American continent? For 246 years of 1776 direct legal slavery under and within the United States Of America construct? Forty acres and a mule? Understand Family, that wasn’t enough then or now. Let us do a full, DONE and justified reparations package. Today.

100 Trillion Dollars – Seven Generations.

And part of it has to be – Actual Cash Payments. You know – CUT AND DISTRIBUTED CHECKS. You Know. Money. Right? Money. Distributed quarterly (7 generations overall to the group). Money. Reparations would not feel like reparations without cash being distributed. Money. You know. Money.

Every-Body-Else worldwide that was properly reparated got CASH as all or part of their reparations package. Cash works for the originally abused American Indians and their descendants. Cash worked so well for American Indians, they were able to use cash to build successful gambling casinos. Cash worked for the formerly interned Japanese Americans and their descendants. Cash distributions are still working internationally for Jewish Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and the descendants of those that did not survive.

Cash distributions is the foundation of all reparations.

But some folks say we shouldn’t get cash.

When our great-great-great-grandparents were sold and shipped for international
commerce purposes. And our great-great-grandparents were enslaved and boxed-in for domestic free labor purposes. And our great-grandparents were Jim Crowed and strung-up for existing and breathing. And our grandparents were head-kicked and barbecued for being commercially competitive and academically curious. And our parents were professionally redirected and financially circumscribed to no end – everyfuckingbody else made CASH off that. You know. Money.

Folks sold tickets to lynchings. Hustlers sold sandwiches and drinks at those events. You had slave auctions. Slave brokerages. Slave-breaking specialists. Slave insurance companies. Slave finance companies. Slave logistics. Slave contracting and outsourcing. Slave brothels. State enforced peonage. “Might-as-well-be-slavery” type sharecropping. That shit. “Sharecropping.” Stuff was “cropped” – but never “shared.” Our grandparents were federally fucked.

How ’bout some MONEY?

Let’s do some convict leasing. Slave breeding farms. Slave catching contracts signed with American Indians. Kidnapping agreements, slave trading co-ops, slave shipping partnerships, and raiding contracts signed with the royalty of certain African tribes. Inhuman medical experimentation. Business burn-downs. Farm burn-downs. Town burn-downs. Systemic property devaluation. Racially differentiated purchase restrictions of all kinds. High finance charges and fees that were charged to Blacks only. OK? Blacks, not “People Of Color.”


How about some redlining? Let’s stick in some land robbery? Predatory land contracts? Everybody cool with slavery and post-slavery invention and intellectual property theft? Or segregated, substandard health care? Or NO health care? Would you like a serving of unacknowledged and uncompensated culture appropriation? Or how ’bout some federal, state, and municipal agency policies – cheating Black people out of rightfully earned and entitled Social Security and GI Bill benefits?


Let’s do some predatory management contracts for Black entertainers and professional athletes. Let’s add-in a few racial covenants. Black men being drafted into the military to fight for foreigners rights OVER THERE. At the same time, receiving no citizen’s rights OVER HERE. Let’s do that. And let us suffer those niggers 100% taxation for zero percent representation. For zero percent justice under the law. For zero percent protection under the law. For zero percent anything under the law. Let’s do some unequal pay for more than equal work. Codified by the government. Enforced by a free and vicious white society. Enthusiastically practiced by business. And let’s do some slick Machiavellian housing policies at every stinking governmental level. How about that?

Every-Body-Else made money.

But somehow. We. Their progeny, their rightful inheritors, should NOT be entitled to cash? Is that so? Well – that’s what certain Black legislators in Washington are saying. Presidential candidates. Degreed-up Black professors. Intellectually assured Black journalists. Think tank Black conservatives. Certain white and Jewish liberals. All white and Jewish conservatives. NAARC and N’COBRA folks.

Look at Julianne Malveaux (a standing member of NAARC) – she knows best because she has a fucking Ph.D in economics:

“ I don’t care about a personal check being made out to Julianne Malveaux or anybody
else. But how about we fully fund our Historically Black Colleges and Universities…”

Julianne Malveaux

Fully funding HBCU’s will suffice as reparations. That’s what Julianne Malveaux of NAARC thinks. She got that degree. So she knows best. Then you got paid Black clergymen. Anti-Black, anti-reparations, banana boatistas – of all kinds, colors, tribes, and ethnicities saying shit. And that’s the shit they’re saying. And when they do talk in numbers, a lot of them are stuck on a 500 billion dollar tip as reparations.

That “politically feasible” bullshit. You Know…

This is a paternalistic incredibility, and each one of those well-spoken people should use their well-educated paternalism for purposes that are constructive for a change. That’s what I’m saying. We are not their wards, and they are not our guardians. Understand people – there should not be, and cannot properly be Any Exceptions to this cash stuff when it comes to ADOS. That beautiful entitlement. THE MONEY – belongs to and needs to be equally expended to us as well.

Gotta Have It. You Know – green, crisp, lovable, spendable, saveable, holdable, stashed- in-the-bra-able, kissable, trickable, foldable, CASH. No civil rights leader-type “symbolic” stuff. No food stamp-ish “substitutions for” cash. No “programs” paternalistically doling benefits out. And no condescending “Baby Bonds” shit.

HR40? Toilet paper.


Slavery, Jim Crow, and post-Crow systematics was all about THE MONEY. Reparations HAS to be about the money and ALL of its associated extensions. Cash Baby, that’s what I understand. Now let’s do some real Reparations.


I want to direct a word to the butter-biscuited paternalists that are “worried” about what individual ADOS will do with their reparations checks. Let me make this simple: “None of your fucking business!”

Yes, some ADOS will trick their money off. OK? Guy buys himself 7000 pairs of
Jordans, woman purchases a semi-trailerload of weave for personal use, brothas
making it rain, and rain, and rain at the strip club, the bar, the hoehouse. OK? And that’s their business. OK? They are gonna DO IT. That’s for sure. Every race on this planet have certain members of their various tribes that will trick off money. We ADOS have our share as well. Each family has as least one.

At the same time – we also have a substantial percentage of ADOS that will:

Pay off their mortgages, purchase homes, improve their homes, finance their businesses, start businesses, make investments, pay off long standing debts, improve their credit, get more education, purchase certain medical procedures, donate to certain constructive causes, travel the world, do something different with their lives, etc. Same shit white folks do. You see?

So we do not need “overseers” to make sure that we handle OUR money to their
liking(s). The same folks that will presume to know what to do with our money better than us – would tell any person that attempted to do the same to them to:


Why is it that many well educated Black persons of note like Julianne Malveaux, that will speak affirmatively on reparations, always say conversely, that they don’t want money, or this is “more than just a check?” When slavery, Jim Crow, and racist systematics was ALL about white folks, American Indians, Arabs, Jews, and Black African elites making money. Making money LITERALLY off our grandparents backs. And none of that made money being inherited to us. What IS THIS??? Have they taken leave of their logic? Do they have any sense of Black group gainfulness? Any sense of justified inheritance?

Do they understand that slavery and post-slavery racist systematics was all about the Money? Do they get that – AT ALL? Why is the question of money always taken off the table by these Christianized – “We Shall Overcome” type folks? And its acceptance said to be “Beneath Us”? And that cutting checks is “Racially Divisive?” And we “Gotta Include Everybody”? And “Social Justice”?

And other anti-cash bullshit. 

The main people, the Foundational Black Americans that are the most recognized, most Black-leaderized, most listened to, most broadcasted, and allegedly most capable in potentially voicing our right to access. Access to OUR money and resources that are embedded within the economic essence of this country – doing this. These Confusing People. Openly, intentionally, making appeasing cases, while racism-white supremacy watches and listens.

To suggestively push away the very money and resources that is legitimately owed to us? Whom are they trying to appease? Amazing.

How do they not see that all others – both foreign and domestically domiciled that have been reparated at any level are getting some motherfucking direct payments? But they never say that others should not get direct payments. Just Us. I personally have never heard them regarding cash payments in the negative when it comes to others. American Indians, Japanese, Jews – Nobody. 

At the same time, the Foundational Black American descendants of today, whose uncompensated grandparents indisputably built this country – should not get the direct payments due that are provided by their right to rightful inheritance? This country sure did get their direct labor. Better fucking believe that.

Why should we be the exception to the best reparations has to offer?

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