Freedmen – Read Your Bibles Part One

I was assisted in this part one reposting and expansion by a bottle of Pine Ridge Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. A blast of blackberries and plums on the front end. Long sustain on the palate. A middle of vanilla, expresso, and oak. Moderate tannins. Cherries and licorice on the back end. Bold but smooth finish.

“I prayed for freedom for twenty years – but received no answer until I prayed with my feet.”

Frederick Douglass

NOTE: This post in three parts is a transcription of a recording. This is me – Arthur, talking – raw and uncut – not writing. Myself and four other guys were at my house having a discussion that was fueled by hot wings (for them), vegan chili (for me), cognac, and beer. That is why the narrative is kinda “jerky,” inconsistent, profane, and in some places redundant. You will also see improper sentence structure in some places – like sentences ending in propositions.

Here Family, this is a repeat of an unregulated conversational exchange – not focused and structured writing. But – I am giving you the whole conversation. Questions were being asked, and some of those questions, responses, and rebutting statements are worked into the transcription to make it flow somewhat better. Most of the New International Version [NIV] and King James Version [KJV] biblical citations and other attributions were added later for clarity. Freedmen Family – you are getting the whole conversation. Read and reflect.

Why post this? Some folks have asked me if my Atheism informs my politics, I must respond “yes.” Beliefs inform all actions, and I think that religions, beliefs, and life philosophies are “operating systems” that shape one’s politics. That shape how one reacts (or not) to all things. That shape one’s outlook and proactivity. I am a full reparations activist – I am also the most complete and committed Atheist on the planet. This post is an opportunity for my Freedmen Family to know me better.

Full disclosure.

The other reason that I posted this here is because the politics in the Black [Freedmen] community is very much – too much, tied up in and with religion – churches – and preachers. Next to being released from legal slavery, and then being emancipated from the most onerous aspects of Jim Crow – reparations is the most important issue (yes) for us Freedmen in the here, and going forward until it is accomplished in the now. We have to do a mental reset in all aspects and at every level – that includes “belief systems.” My personal belief is that Christianity, the church, and the mindsets those constructs generate, has blunted our efforts to attain full citizenship and to obtain our reparational due – despite the fact that the Black church was quite prominent and instrumental in our previous freedom efforts.

In that respect – honors are due.

But!!! From the end of the “Civil Rights Era” going forward into the now – we have been fucked-over by the preacher-politician complex – that is just a fact. The dirty Democratic Party is the coordinator and beneficiary. Our Black preachers have always gotten in the way of good policy for Freedmen. For clergy – politics is just another income and influence stream, and churches serve as political indoctrination facilities – in addition to dispensing “hope” and “belief” bullshit. This post is not an assault on believers themselves. This is an assault on bad ideas, bad people, and what I perceive as bad beliefs. Bad beliefs always produce bad politics Family.


This post serves as a possible inducement for Freedmen to aggressively re-examine our individual, family, and group “operating systems,” and to evaluate whether they are politically and economically serving us in the here and now.

Not in heaven.


Politics Is Life. – Politics Equals Resources. – Therefore:

I want all my Freedmen Family to understand the process by which I transitioned from believer to Atheist, by which I switched my allegiance from God – to an allegiance to Native Black American humanity and our reparations (other people are grown folks – and can take care of their own issues). My core of being (can we say “spirit?”) is now concretely foundationalized into the accomplishment of Black interests over that of white appeasement. I have snatched my focus away from heaven and the possibility of an ephemeral – unrealized salvation. No more God.

No more Jesus. No more Pastors. No more Church. I have refocused that same beautiful, reaching, transcendental, devotional energy towards the reparational ground I stand on – and the unliberated people in front of me.

Replacing the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with the earthly triumvirate operationality of Business, Politics, and Economics. I can get on with the American practicality of creating a heaven in the here – and now, on THIS sacred ground.


I look at Black clergymen as walking stacks of shit.

Many Black clergymen from then and now in the now are against reparations.

Never forget that religion did not, would not, and could not stop the exploitation of Black bodies. Never. Ever. The traditional African beliefs and practices did not stop them from practicing (even today) the inter-tribal trading and taking (in conflicts) for the purposes of enslavement – Black bodies. That unrelenting Black on Black enslavement done centuries before – and then feeding the Trans-Atlantic enterprise. Islamic piety certainly did not stop the African to Muslim slave trade (A trade that continues profitably till today?……… Oh Allah?).

The Catholic Church enthusiastically blessed the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Colonial Christianity was slavery’s main philosophical support in America. Right?

Native American tribal beliefs certainly did not stop the American Indian from participating in the entire slavery enterprise from top to bottom. White Evangelical Christianity was one of the most powerful forces in countering Civil Rights efforts. Violently and politically. And the third Secretary Of State for the Confederacy was Jewish – Judah P. Benjamin. All bullshit. Whatever good that religion was able to do in releasing us from slavery and securing citizen’s rights for us – is miniscule in comparison to the exhaustive amount of damage it abetted, and continues to exact.

And With That.

It should be an embarrassment that the Black church is the strongest institution in our community. That institution equals continued failure. We will never move forward as a people as long as the church remains our strongest institution. Our earthly existence is fed by politics and capitalism. Spirituality and metaphysics is not going to cut it. Because Jesus is Not Power. Jesus is The Game being played on us. And that church is the biggest player – on us. That Church is literally pushing us into the grave. Turning the other cheek to the bullets of white supremacy means death. Ours. I don’t care about the history – I don’t care about the tradition. I am speaking on a dark and parasitic institution that sustains our bleak condition and is partly responsible for our troublesome trajectory right now – going forward.

We cannot afford “Hope” anymore.


“Through these [words] he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”

2 Peter 1:4 NIV

I am what you might call a “Bible Atheist.” My first verbal eruption recognizing that there was something profoundly wrong in the racialized politics, normalized white supremacy, and Negro codes of Christian America, occurred in the summer of August 1966. I was eleven years old at the time, and the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior was campaigning in Chicago (my town) for open housing and the desegregation of all neighborhoods in the city. On the fifth of August, a march was staged through an all-white neighborhood in the city.

Reverend King and his group was met with the usual (at the time, and still practiced today) race-fueled hostility. Flying bricks, bottles, rocks. Supremacist calls of “Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!” etc. Reverend King was blasted in the head with a nice fat rock. That nice fat rock knocked him dead on his ass. The proceedings were televised on local television. And we were intently watching on our home set. Reverend King said: “I have seen many demonstrations in the South, but I have never seen anything so hostile and so hateful as I have seen today.” Wow…

To me – Reverend King embodied our intersection of religion and politics.

From things that I have seen and heard in church and mosque. Things that I have seen and experienced in society. Independently turning over in my mind what I received from certain sermons in my grandmothers church. Revisiting what I heard from certain lectures at my parent’s masjid (Temple No. 2 – Nation Of Islam). I had been developing all kinds of doubts about Christianity, Islam, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah. God. God. God!!! – Salvation, segregation, and lynching – With Taxes? OK. A Christian country? OK. Jesus loves you? OK. Can be a Christian AND A NIGGER – at the same motherfucking time? Damn. Let me check my watch.

Even at that age – I could clearly see that something was not adding up. I had been harboring those doubts for at least a year. But I never said anything.

After the Reverend King made his statement, I turned to my grandmother and said: “Granma, why does God only help white people?” She said: “What? Ahh – Baby, I know that’s what it looks like, but God has a reward for folks that keep the faith! What you looking at is the Devil, not God – OK Baby?” She then put her hand on my head, and started “speaking in tongues.” In order to “keep the peace,” I just said: “OK” – and kept it moving by changing the subject. You know?

That following Sunday, after services, one of the “elder ladies” of the church pulled me to the side and began to question me about my doubts. She asked: “Have you been praying for understanding?” I said: “No.” She said: “No wonder!!! You haven’t been reading your Bible, have you?” I had to admit, I had not read it at all. Like everybody, I just went by what the preacher said. She retorted: “Well, you should read it. It will straighten you out!” I said, “OK I will.” I don’t think she realized that I would actually do it. But I’m glad she asked, because reading the Bible in its entirety is what made me a hard-core Atheist. It took me twenty months, because I was not just reading it; I was studying and cross-referencing, and compiling notes on it. I religiously (Ha!) used a concordance and Bible dictionary.


One must remember that this was done before the internet, personal computing, Post-Its, and Hi-Lighters. By the time I finished with Book 66(!) of the King James Version (Revelation). I was done with Christianity, God, AND Jesus. FINISHED.

When I started from Page 1 (Genesis). Till the day I closed the book after the very last turn. Page 1834 (Revelation). Listen. I newly encountered a dismal world of incomparable weirdness. Reading onward, I never found much that was useful there. It wasn’t entirely bad. A few pieces here and there of actual wisdom. There was some great poetry – beautiful stuff. And I found some stand-alone gems regarding goodwill and human relations that are actually more useful taken out of context. Yep – out of context. The divine prohibitions against eating pork in the Books of Isaiah, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy are good to follow if you’d like to maintain good health. At the same time – at the time – it did not seem that you could be considered a good Christian in Black America if you did not eat pork.

When I was a child in the early 1960’s, you could come under a “Negro” cultural watch and suspicion if you turned down Mama’s pork chops: “You sure you don’t want chops Baby?” True Black Christians happily lived with their pork-induced diabetes, renal failure, and high blood pressure as they walked with Jesus.

Pork-shunning Black Muslims at the time were cultural outliers.

In that Bible (and later, Quran) – I also found a lot of stuff that simply was not true or logical. Whole chapters, and entire sections that are simply not usable in this modern world. Hundreds of strong statements established. And then hundreds of strong statements clearly made that directly contradict those that were previously established, being done with no clarifying or qualifying explanations. Those solid – but contradictory statements are just made and placed. They sit there with no clear and definitive repeals or nullifications of the statements they contradict. You follow this one OR you follow that one. The “which one” to follow seems to be dependent upon denominational and/or individual tastes.

There are no actual – I mean no literal workable connections or bridges between those contradictions to make a whole, sensible, and coherent unity of “The Word” as an entirety. If this “Word” is meant for “all mankind” – we are seriously talking about a necessary but missing universal applicability issue here folks. That’s a problem. “The Word Of God” containing contradictory statements? At all?

That’s an astonishing problem.

Seeing this is when I began to understand why – and why there can be, so many denominations and sects of Christianity. Denominations are created between the spaces of the contradictions – along with a mix of egoism, money, and politics.

I also made long and troubling notes on the fact that a lot of important existential stuff was missing. Like the correct explanations for gravity, water, light, quantum physics, organic chemistry, weak force, strong force, electromagnetism, and DNA. Those are “creation essentials” Dude. And with This God allegedly being “The Originating Scientist” – the fucking “Creator” – OK? And with us human beings having the full capability to understand the proper information, that stuff needs to be in there. The divine explanations AND the holy equations. All in there.

Nothing There.

Why did mankind have to wait thousands of years for an Albert Einstein to come onto the scene of reality (late) and explain E Equals mc Squared wrapped into the expansively apparent nature of space-time? OK? Which would have been necessary descriptive pieces to explain in any correct explanation of creation? OK? The speed of light? Dark Matter? Dark Energy? Yes. “The Creator” should have covered all of this. In this book. OK? How did my geology textbook from grammar school not mention anything about “The Great Flood?” Is it because that alleged event cannot be verified scientifically? Is it because we can’t find ANY corroborating geological evidence anywhere? Why not? Christians? This DID happen? Right? What is a star? Well, the Bible says that they can fall from the sky. Really Dude? Well – that’s what it “scientifically” says in Revelation 8:10 NIV. All fucking day Man.

Did the Bible writers even understand what a star is?

Disease is caused by demons – Matthew 10:1 NIV?

The world is flat with four corners – Revelation 7:1 NIV. Is it?

A lot of stuff is there that outrages any sense of operational morality; a lot of stuff that if put into practice would be dangerously uncivilized. And – a lot of stuff is there that is so opposite to any concept of a quality life, that it is understandable why most Christians of today ignore many if not all of the most unworkable and unreasonable parts of the Bible. Like: “Do not wear clothes of wool and linen [or any two fibers] woven together.” That’s Deuteronomy 22:11 NIV.

“Silk and wool suit Pastor?” OK.

The problem is that there are no repealing statements anywhere in that Holy Bible for not doing the most heinous or nonsensical stuff anymore (like slavery, stoning, misogyny, or killing gays). The Holy Bible is so open-ended, contradictory, and disjointed that anyone with a plan or agenda can merely “interpret” into existence any kind of doctrinal (or political) set up that he wants. And could actually back it up with good biblical justification if anyone decides to call him on his bullshit. As of like – right now – tonight. There are 41,626 different sects and denominations of Christianity that have all allegedly been “revealed” into existence just in America.

Confusion. These denominations and sects. Devoted to, I will presume, the ONE God. OK? But – if you notice, every other sect, and/or denomination, will point at every other sect and/or denomination, and say that those followers, that belong to every other sect and/or denomination are going to hell. Because God said so.


This Holy Bible. The Word Of God Himself. The Gospels. Literally leaves us all denominationally hanging. And thusly, scripturally directionless, with not one definitive passage, or verse(s) that would lead any of us to join the one “right” church (if there is one). So here we have Dude, 41,625 chances (and more) to go to hell. If we choose to congregate at “this church,” rather than “that church,” or “that church.” Or “that church.” Or “MY CHURCH” – because it’s the right one.

“The Lord” needs to do a conference call…

“Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.”

1 Corinthians 1:10 KJV

Alright Cool. But at which church should or would this “perfect joining” take place? What denomination is scripturally appropriate to facilitate our being there appropriately? Denominationally? Specifically? “In the same mind and in the same judgment?” Especially when that translates to our righteous justice demand?

“Come on Paul. What’s the address?” Where? As a Reparationist – I see Christian denominationalism translating in many instances into ugly political divisionism. Positive Black American political momentums will sometimes die in churches.

And, the Bible is not time-specific at all – nor is it intended to be. Possibly. It is just chronologically open. For example, The New Testament gives us this:

“For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, not one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

Matthew 5:18 KJV

OK? How long will that “all be” take? The Bible says we are in the “Last Days.”

What day is that “last day” indicated in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 KJV? – “Hello?”

Not much room for interpretation either:

“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation.”

2 Peter 1:20 KJV

No “private interpretation” – huh?

So what is that pastor or priest talking about? Isn’t he “interpreting” in that pulpit? Giving HIS “take” on scripture? How HE feels? Dude, this verse means in plain English: “NO interpretation of the scripture. And if someone is doing it – hey, don’t fucking listen to him.” Right? All he is supposed to do, if anything, is to read any verse aloud, and shut the fuck up. I own twelve Bibles. I read them all to myself, and I keep my mouth shut (as far as interpreting anything). Why would I need to listen to him? A clergyman? Do you really need to go to church for that? Wasting time? Giving money? Listening to bullshit? Can you speak that to yourself?

Is the Bible “God’s Word” – or the pastors?

“The Sabbath” is another good example of what I mean by “unworkable and unreasonable.” How many Christians are out there that work on “The Sabbath,” and that know other Christians that work on “The Sabbath?” What about the restaurants many Christians go to after services? Well – according to the Bible, the penalty for the waiters and the cooks is death. That would be Numbers 15:32-36 KJV. Right? Are you flagging that waiter to take your donut order? Really Dude? According to the Bible, you are supposed to be executing that waiter – not giving him your order. That would be Exodus 31:15 KJV.

Aren’t You?

Well – Yeah Dude. The Holy Bible has no exceptions for restaurant personnel working on the Sabbath. It ain’t in there. How in the minds of Christians does it process that the people that work in the restaurants they go to after Sunday church services are somehow exempted from those Sabbath prohibitions and penalties?

So – where are these good Christians biblically? Huh? With them being the willing enablers of sin by patronizing these fine establishments. According to the Bible – “The Sabbath” is serious business. First established and made holy by God himself in Genesis 2:2-3 KJV, as part of the (first) Genesis creation narrative. And we read that “keeping the Sabbath” is the fourth commandment out of the ten dictated. Allegedly given to Moses on Mount Sinai in Deuteronomy 5:6-21 KJV.

“The Sabbath,” at least biblically, is something important. Something never, not to be messed with. That is Exodus 31:15 KJV. Remember – Jehovah, God commanded that a guy should be put to death, just for picking up sticks on this day. Numbers 15:32-36 KJV. Sticks equaling death? Damn. What a difference a stick can make.

And “Grace” doesn’t apply here.

On a more practical level, I don’t see why good wait staff would want to work in any restaurant that has a large percentage of Black Christians that loudly arrive after Sunday services. They don’t tip anyway – so why mess with that? No biblical exceptions for the football players in Sunday NFL games, or the folks that work at the power company (your lights on?). No Dude. Nope. Not even the folks at the gas station. How about the Fire Department? Dial 911!!! Voice mail kicks in: “Keep the Sabbath holy… If your house is on fire, please call us back on Monday morning. May God bless…” Would “The Sabbath” as authoritatively rendered in Exodus 20:8-11 KJV work for you in this instance? No Sunday overtime Man.


Then, to add to the confusion, as far as non-Christians outside of this – and them looking at the strong variances and denominational colors within the Christian landscape; the Christians themselves don’t seem to be in any agreement as to whether the actual “Sabbath” should be Sunday or Saturday. Present-day examples of “Saturday Sabbath-Keepers” specifically include: The Seventh-Day Adventists, The Seventh-Day Baptists, The Seventh-Day Evangelist Church, The Christ’s Assembly, The International Church Of God, and a whole bunch more. Along with all churches worldwide claiming biblical support for Sunday OR Saturday holy days. All churches authoritatively make this claim with the warning that doing sabbatistic devotionals on the wrong day is a hot ticket to hell. Is it?

Well – the Catholic Church, meeting at the “Council Of Laodicea” (363-364 AD), transferred “Sabbath” devotionals from Saturday to Sunday, with no divine consultation whatsoever. None. They didn’t ask God shit. Possibly, permission to make that switch wasn’t needed. The switch order came from Mr. Constantine. OK? I have always believed that Christianity is owned by white people anyway. And they can do whatever they want with it. That’s why white-assed Ku Klux Klan-type motherfuckers could blow up and burn down Black churches with impunity. No prosecution. No punishment. And ol’ Jesus did NOT stop shit.


We all know that God is white. “The Savior” Jesus is certainly white. I’m just going by the pictures. The Catholic priesthood has always claimed that they should have “authority” over motherfuckers: Maybe – they and the ruling powers should and do have “authority” over “God’s Word” as well? Who knows? But Christianity itself belongs entirely to white supremacy and niggers should understand that.

White Catholic priests certainly like having “authority” over little boy’s booty-holes (Oops!) – but hey Dude, that’s another discussion.

So. Every denomination, it looks like, seems to “stake-out” their own sweet day, according to their own taste preference of Saturday or Sunday. Is that what’s happening? I was thinking about throwing a wrench into all this by starting my own church and claiming that the real “Sabbath” is actually on Tuesday (I need money), and that God himself revealed this to me: “Right after eating a great bowl of Cocoa Puffs. A bright light appeared. And the Holy Spirit came upon me (get out of the gutter please) – and commanded me to establish this church!” Right?

I could preach this shit – and I know I would be able to get away with it.

Well, preachers do this stuff all the time.

Now, I had mostly kept my Atheism to myself (with the exception of immediate and extended family) for years. I did not open my mouth to the public about my position until immediately after 09/11/2001. That was when another “Party Of God” decided to make a strong political and religious statement by flying planes into buildings. Understand? A good friend (Seima Aoyama) was on American Airlines Flight 11. Blasted. Angry. Homicidal. Stop. I had never read a book written by any Atheist up till that time. I had my own good reasons for not believing. So I had no real need (so I thought) to seek other viewpoints. When I did start reading Atheist literature, one of the things that struck me – and still does, is the tremendous knowledge of the Bible that many Atheists possess.

Dude. I’m telling you, Atheists KNOW the fucking Bible. Not just direct and encyclopedically accurate knowledge of the literal text. But – Biblical History, Bible Criticism, Christian Apologetics, Biblical Exegesis, Free Will Theodicy, Aramaic Theory, New Testament Synoptics, Christian Ontology, Christian Epistemology, Divine Law Theonomy, Christian History, Christian Presuppositionalism, Christian Mythology, Effective Concordance Practice, Christian Hermeneutics, et cetera.

Most Atheists that I have read and interacted with seem to have a better grasp of the Bible and of the many diverse Christian doctrines, along with general Christian philosophy, doctrinal history, and theology than professional religionists or clergy. My personal observations reveal that: The greater the amount of clear, detailed knowledge one has about the Bible, the greater the likelihood that one may become Atheist, or may already be one. Yep. That is why I strongly believe – if I do believe anything. That 97% of full-time clergy (especially those with advanced degrees), professional apologists, and well-educated politicians are privately Atheist.

But those fuckers will never publicly admit the fact because of social, political, strategic, and economic reasons. A bunch of pragmatic wimps and liars.

Is the Pope still standing on that “infallibility” bullshit?

It is a solid fact that many people become Atheists as a result of going to college classes in theology or biblical studies – there are a LOT of those. People that have been formally educated in some of the world’s best divinity schools (like – Oxford, Princeton, Harvard, etc.), are presently some of the biggest and most passionate advocates for Atheism (like the late religion author Dr. Hector Avalos – Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University). Why do these sorts of people become hard non-believers? I think it is because Atheists truly care about whether their “operating system” is true or not. Is falsifiable or not. Is beneficial or not.

And the reason that YOU need to figure out whether your “operating system” is true or not is because as far as we know, we only have one lifetime. No one has proven otherwise. And there is a higher probability of that lifetime being a quality lifetime if we all at minimum have the clearest and most accurate understanding of reality to reference from. The Bible must be opened up to this type of evaluative scrutiny in fact – not in faith, because the Bible makes such strong, authoritative statements regarding reality. Dude – Christianity IS an “operating system.” OK?

Therefore, any scripture, religion, or life philosophy should and must be open to the closest examination. The hardest scrutiny. The most critical dismantlement of every single point presented. Evaluated in fact. Not in faith. That religion or life philosophy should be able to stand up to – and to then clearly remain operable at all levels under that kind of evaluative pressure. This established – before it should be adopted as a reference guide for your life. And that includes the Bible.

Does that make sense?

That research and scrutinization should always be done by and for YOU. That – “this is how I grew up” – OR – “that’s what my momma believed” – OR – “cuz that’s the tradition in my family” type bullshit. Those reasons ain’t nowhere near good enough to be “believing” anything. No Man. This is nothing but niggerized intellectual laziness. And motherfuckers allowing themselves to be trapped in the worlds of the “comfortable” and the “familiar.” We got these otherwise “smart” motherfuckers believing shit. “You Guys are fucking grown-assed men. OK?” Grown motherfuckers should not be “believing” anything. Can we stick the “Tooth Fairy” and “Santa Claus” in there too? Fuck that. How about some facts Man? How about an admission if you don’t know? Operative wisdom lies in understanding that truth, proof, and reason trumps tradition, hope, and faith every time.

Faith Equals Death. “Faith” is the excuse making move, when you insist on believing things that have no logical basis or evidence to back up the move.

Understand. This Bible makes bold claims and assertions about the nature of reality, the course of earth history, and the course of cosmic development. “The Book Of Revelation” for example, takes a predictive position on the actual “end of the world.” But it reads like the reflection of a crazy bitch on a bad acid trip – for example. This Bible trespasses, emptily, upon all areas that have been correctly explained over time through the scientific method. And clarified through historical, cultural, and archaeological research. Ongoing. Nothing verifiable Man. How the universe came about, how life developed, the causes of disease, and so forth.

History. What verifiable realities actually happened? The Bible in fact (not faith) comes up woefully short, fully eclipsed by scholarship, experiment, research, and verifiable experience. When it comes to clear explaining of anything historically, culturally, morally, or scientifically. Historically – it does not do any better than begat, begat, begat. And no dates. No Dates Anywhere. This is why the Bible has to be constantly be “defended,” in order to remain usable, because most assertions and claims put forth in that ancient book cannot be demonstrated. Atheists have rightly gone beyond “defending” anything. Fuck That. Think Dude. Evidence and reason are the only things that count with anything dealing with reality.

So Guys – everything, including “God’s Word” is open to question. Everything. Ask The Question: “Is a, or any claim observable, transferable, and testable? Or is it not? And if it’s not, why not motherfucker?” Same shit you’d ask a hoe. Right?

So Fellas. OK. Can any “defended” biblical explanation, for any stated phenomena, claim, revelation, or occurrence, be rendered here-on-the-ground touchable, logical, and coherent – without us at any point resorting to metaphysics, spirituality shit, or transcendence to complete that explanation? I don’t know of any. But we do have many good folks in our midst who claim as their anointing to “Defend The Word.”

Dudes. If any biblical assertion regarding this reality is truly true, that truth would only need to be stated, demonstrated, and explained – and NOT “defended.” Any “Truth,” if it is true, does not require “faith” nor “belief,” or “defense.” Truth – in itself, is its own defense. Only accused people, liars, bullshit, nonsense, and truth claims, asserted without evidence or corroboration have a need to be “defended.”

That’s what lawyers are for.

On that note – it is irritating as fuck to talk to most Christians about certain passages in their scripture, because they don’t know what the hell you are talking about: “That’s not in my Bible!!!” At that point – you have to grab THEIR Bible away from them, turn to the appropriate passage, cite it, watch the cognitive dissonance kick-in, and then allow yourself to be entertained with the apologetic dance they always do when they encounter something in the Bible that THEY recognize to be literally heinous, literally untrue, literally contradictory, or literally stupid. It is important to keep a straight face. Hold it till you get home.

I recognized those things in the Bible when I was a mere teenager, so I know that astute religionists and the clergy see those things also. And if any one of them says anything about those things to the contrary of what I am saying RIGHT HERE – know that you are looking at a lying motherfucker. The average, run-of-the-mill believer needs to read and see those things as well – so that believer may formulate a pure, un-assisted (being un-assisted is important), but informed judgment.

For instance, a critical read reveals that the Bible is horribly edited. For example; there are TWO creation stories, with TWO different versions (Oops!) of the order in which God created things (No. 1 – Genesis 1:1 through 2:3 AND = No. 2 – Genesis 2:4-24). Just so you CAN SEE what I am talking about. Here it is:


Genesis 1:25-27 KJV (Humans were created AFTER the animals):

“(25) And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after theirs, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw it was good.

(26) And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

(27) So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he him; male and female created he them.”

Genesis 1:27 KJV (Man and woman were created at the SAME TIME):

“(27) So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he him; male and female created he them.”


Genesis 2:18-19 KJV (Humans were created BEFORE the animals):

“(18) And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

(19) And out of the ground the Lord formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.”

Genesis 2:18-22 KJV (A man [male] was created FIRST, then the ANIMALS, then the WOMAN [female] from the man’s RIB):

“(18) And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

(19) And out of the ground the Lord formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

(20) And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him.

(21) And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;

(22) And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.”

“Oh Shit – which one? Make up your mind Yahweh!!!”

I am citing these famous passages in this way so you Guys can clearly see that I am not bullshitting about this bullshit. A major editorial fuckup. Latter-day apologists try to interpretively clean up this mess when it is pointed out. Retorting to those that notice this scriptural wreck with an utterance that allegedly came from Jesus:

“But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.”

Mark 10:6 KJV

They use this “Christ-generated” marker to interpretively point your allegiance to the first creation account in Genesis 1:1-2:3 KJV. This is nothing but an outlier verse being authoritatively utilized as a strategic scriptural “workaround.” Looking close – this “statement” gives you no details, nor toeholds, nor directions to work with regarding clarifying this creation issue. Neither in nor out of context.


But Hey – I will say this: “The next time you good religious hustlers come out with a new scripture, or ‘revelation,’ or any such nonsense that you guys will claim was given to you (only) from ‘on high’ – please invest in some good editors, typists, and proofreaders, so that you may avoid these kinds of fuckups. You would not want any compositional, spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors for folks to notice. That notice – unnecessarily raising doubts, skepticism, close examinations, second-guessing, fact-checking, background checking, and very inconvenient questions.”

Questions that might fuck up that hustle. You Know?

And then there is the problem of the tremendous inconsistencies of the “Four Gospels” in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Between the four, the Gospels have got to be some of the worst reporting on a single story, about a single guy (Jesus) in the history of reporting anything. Understand Guys: If you had employees that botched a very important business report, and had fucked it up to the same exalted level of ineptitude that is reflected in the Gospels – you would not have just fired the bastards, you would also have those employees blacklisted from ever being employed in the same industry that you may be a part of, anywhere in the motherfucking world. As a matter of professional protection.

The Gospels are put together that badly.

And I am supposed to base my life on a fuckup? Ahh… No.

Compositional errors abound here, and many Gospel accounts are not in any useful way complementary between the four on important details. For example: My own studies as a teenager counted 57 separate and overlapping points that don’t totally square, or don’t square at all. Points that are here, but not there, and accounts that may be told of the same occurrence – but the telling(s) themselves are in themselves totally different stories. Or, the occurrence is missing entirely, and something else replaces it within the same time frame in another Gospel, or two.

Did y’all get that?

Matthew says there was an earthquake when Mary Magdalene and the other Mary(?) came to visit Jesus’ tomb in Matthew 28:1-10 KJV. How did Mark, Luke, and John miss that event in their disaggregated recounting(s)? I mean seriously Man. How in the fuck do you miss an earthquake? Three guys out of four?


Look for yourself, the other three Gospels make no mention of this event at all. It is like all of this was independently made up and then thrown together. As a fact of scripture – each one of the four Gospels has a totally different resurrection story regarding the first visitors to Jesus’ tomb. We have four totally different accounts regarding the same, single, unique occurrence. NOPE. This is unacceptable. It is not like these particular books are separated or dispersed into different locations within the New Testament. Or, that they have no relation to or with each other. “Hell No Buddy!!!” These are the First Four books of the New Testament: Matthew – Mark – Luke – John. In that order, together, like a set.

These “Gospels” – supposedly, being the most important – the central part of the Bible for all Christians, should be the tightest, most profound, most timely, most usable, and most unimpeachable part(s) of scripture. But they are literally not!

There are also problems recounting Jesus’ genealogy; specifically laid-out by Luke and Matthew. But before we go into this – I want to point out that the fact that there is any “genealogy” regarding Jesus in the Bible, is just one example of the kind of confused reasoning that abounds throughout the Bible: How could Jesus, being “The Son Of God,” even have a “lineage?’ OK? Look Close: Having no “earthly” father, or genetically related “mother” on the one end – and him not “begetting” any children of his own on the other end. What possible “lineage” could Jesus have or produce? This is not an unreasonable question. Right motherfuckers?


According to some Bible scholars, Luke’s account (Luke 3:23-28 KJV), follows the lineage of Mary. Really? Now watch this: Wasn’t that booty supernaturally hijacked by the Holy Spirit for a minute? That’s what I heard. And the Bible itself makes absolutely no note at all of Jesus having any possible genetic connection to Mary.

This “Blessed – Immaculately Conceived Virgin.” Mary, basically functioned as a “total surrogate.” No egg was donated, no sperm was introduced. Watch This: That was a “spirit-injected” – THEN transitioning into “flesh” type operation. OK?

God just USED her ass.

Show me where she got paid.

Matthew 1:1-17 KJV follows the lineage of Joseph. How is this? We know that scripturally, Joseph didn’t get as much as a handjob. That’s some dry-assed shit. OK? Sounds like Joseph needs to make that appointment with Maury. Right?

We have the envelope: “In the case of Jesus Christ – Joseph – You Are Not The Father!” Right? So, I must ask: “For what purpose is an earth-sourced lineage’ in there?” We have always been taught that Jesus is “The Son Of God.” Is that correct? So with this earthly “lineage” piece in place, what does “Son Of God” mean?


Anyway. Both Gospels sweetly begin, showing that Jesus was supernaturally implanted. Not sired by Joseph. Mary was done divinely by God himself (through the “Holy Spirit?!”). Now, I don’t wanna sound blasphemous to any zealots in here. Cool? But I’m sure that some ladies out there may feel that the holy idea of getting “done” by the Holy Spirit is pretty fucking hot… Then, after a sweaty, heavy, and eventful pregnancy, we have Jesus The Christ himself, “The Savior” – wet – and white – popping up and out of Mary’s sweet, immaculate, virgin (whoa)!!!

How can niggers believe this goofy shit?

“Here’s a towel Baby!!!”

Now Guys: The lists are consistent between Abraham and David – but after that, everything goes waaay off track. Biblical scholars for centuries have tried to explain why the lists are so different. Experts putting forth various hypotheses, and to this day have not come to any good theory-level consensus. Centuries! Past Abe and Dave, ain’t nothing there matching up nowhere. The Bible itself presents no logical distinctions, nor gives up any kind of explanations for these discrepancies. The output from Bible scholars for hundreds of years regarding this issue amount to guessing. But the latest formal scholarship now regards these genealogies as pure inventions. So – either way, us laymen don’t know what we’re looking at.

Right Here. The core teaching. The message of the “Good News.” The witness of the itinerant ministry of Jesus. The ultimate sacrifice of his flesh for the sake of mankind. And – the great promise of his future return after “The End Of Days” should have been solidly and accurately recounted Here. FINE… But! Instead of the Gospels being the most finely-tuned and organized example of revelatory literature on the planet (after all, it was “divinely-inspired” and motivated). We have a holy mishmash so haphazardly compiled and nonsensically messaged that it should raise serious doubts in the mind of any THINKING person about its historic accuracy, the veracity of any claims made, and most importantly, the existence of any divine influences in its creation.

Before I read the Gospels, I had already had doubts about Jesus’ divinity. “The Son Of God,” all that stuff. You know? At that point I did not have any doubts about Jesus’ possible existence. But after I thoroughly read, exhaustively analyzed, and reflected for a long time upon the Gospels – I came to this logical place:

Until someone comes my way with solid, accessible, and verifiable EVIDENCE; not referencing somebody’s strongly-held belief – EVIDENCE; not what someone may sincerely feel in their heart – EVIDENCE; not clergyfied bullshit – EVIDENCE; not apologetically slick exegeses – EVIDENCE; not passionate recitations of scripture passages – EVIDENCE; not unverifiable emotional appeals – EVIDENCE; not creative interpretational constructs – EVIDENCE. And until I get that EVIDENCE – I will remain solid in certainty that the biblically presented Jesus never existed.


Now. We won’t go into any detailed discussion tonight, regarding some of the stupid nonsense that allegedly came out of Jesus’ mouth during his “ministry.” Those will be subject matter(s) for future discussions. But for the moment, let’s put it this way: Some of the stuff he said – I would have crucified his ass too.

Understand this Guys: Just Think Now… There is a full, international Gospel sub-industry that spends its working time trying to reconcile (to fix) these four distinct accounts of Jesus’ birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection into forms that are “digestible” and reasonably coherent to the believing public. And also, easily usable by clergy. There is a lot of creative energy being expended on this part of the Bible (along with problematic areas in the Old Testament). There are organizations, professional apologists, hundreds of books, articles, and thousands of internet pages addressing this single problem. One term used to describe this challenge is the “Synoptic Problem.” Check Google and Amazon for materials and websites that offer comprehensive and detailed scholarship regarding this.

Biblical scholars have been working their holy asses off to resolve this completely un-resolvable issue since the middle of the 18th Century. What is this – the fucking 21st? And they still haven’t been able to put this shit in sync? “Get the fuck…”

Ask yourself – Good Christian: “If ‘The Gospel’ was ‘divinely inspired by a Perfect God,’ then why would ‘The Word Of God’ need to be further researched – THEN – apologetically and hermeneutically processed to no end – and then for that ‘Word’ to necessarily be ‘fixed’ after that ‘divine inspiration’ – By Man?” OK…

The Gospels are an editorial mess. This is not good work.

As an aside – my grandmother belonged to what is called a “Full Gospel Church.” Now – there are lots of them in Black neighborhoods. As a kid, I actually thought (for real) that “Full Gospel” was probably something you graduated to. I never expressed anything regarding that. But I harbored the notion that there must be “Half Gospel,” and maybe “Quarter Gospel” churches in existence somewhere. Otherwise, why would it be necessary to mark a church as “Full Gospel” when the prime concentration of any church is supposed to be “The Gospels” anyway?

Still with me? Move on to Part Two.

Freedmen – Read Your Bibles Part Two

I was assisted in this part two reposting and expansion by a bottle of Silverado Vineyards – Oakville Station Cabernet Sauvignon 2014. A Napa Valley killer that is on the top tier of California vintages. Smooth expresso on the front end. The middle pops with its strong and sustained blueberry, and cherry notes. A dark weaving-in of vanilla and chocolate on the back end. Quiet tannins. Silky finish.

Silverado Vineyards Oakville Station Cabernet Sauvignon

“If the concept of God has any validity or use, it can only be to make us larger, freer, and more loving. If God cannot do this, then it is time we got rid of him.”

James Baldwin


Let us get this Part Two started with the proper mood.

“Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. For it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of God. But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you [still] endure it, this is commendable before God. To this you were called, because Christ suffered [on the Cross] for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.”

1 Peter 2:18-21 NIV

Now – let’s talk slavery.

Black Christians hate for the slavery parts of the Bible to be brought up because that embarrassing slavery issue hits so very close to that home and ancestry thing. Right? And because any divinely permitted slavery calls into obvious question the actual quality of biblically sourced “morality,” seeing as how slavery in itself is morally indefensible in any context. In any way. Do you understand?

“That’s right Black Christians:” If SLAVERY is Permissible:

Then rape, murder, battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, forced labor, and robbery is Righteously Permissible. Since those seven criminal components are the principal aggregates of slavery. So, with that: I’m speaking to all of those “moral barometer” type niggers out there, that need to ask: “Where was God’s ‘moral barometer’ poppin’ with This Shit?” Before any of them – standing tall in their righteous religious arrogance, ask anyfuckingbody else: “Where is yours?” If the same God that all those indoctrinated, Black, Christian expletives believe in – can sanctify, regulate, and permission, this kind of immoral, inexcusable, bullshit.

Was that offensive? Oh Jeez – I’m sorry.

The slavery directives from the mouth of God kinda destroys the “all men are equal in the eyes of the Lord” argument. And likewise, the tired-assed Black preacher bromide: “We are all God’s children…” Are we? All of us? That bromide is so fucked. So Black folks – how does God permit some of his “children” to enslave some of his other “children” if we are all “equal in the eyes of the Lord?” Especially if many or all of those enslaved “children” have most certainly done nothing obvious within this lifetime to deserve to be so onerously circumscribed – within this lifetime. Abortion opponents consistently tell us that every single soul is created at the moment of conception. Well – are they? And if they are, by what process are some “equally-seen” souls designated for enslavement – or not?

Understand Guys:

The Bible is literally a sickening slave-o-holic orgy of God-given morality in action. Some parts, like in Old Testament Leviticus, spell out directly from the Lord God’s mouth – rules, regulations, designations, and standards. Like: “You can enslave Those motherfuckers – just don’t enslave These motherfuckers.” That’s Leviticus 25:45-46 KJV. And: “You can beat the motherfucking shit out of your slave – just don’t beat ALL of the shit out of him. OK?” That’s Exodus 21:20-21 KJV.

Other parts on slavery found in the New Testament read like a manual of slave etiquette. Sweet, pretty stuff like: “Slaves, no matter how big an asshole your slave master might be, do not hate him. But continue to serve him well because he belongs to the congregation of believers. Oh, and don’t forget to teach other slaves this shit.” That’s 1 Timothy 6:2 KJV. Read it – read that Bible, and understand gentlemen; that Holy Bible is always on the side of the slaveholder – not the slave.

The Bible also says: “Slaves, no matter how far your slave master may have his foot up your ass, or how badly he may abuse you – it is your duty as a good and faithful slave to maintain your devotion to your master, as well as your nigger-assed respectfulness towards him.” That’s 1 Peter 2:18 KJV. And in order to make sure that a slave stayed in working order. Jesus HEALS A SICK SLAVE, and afterwards, he graciously takes the time to praise the honorable slavemaster holding this man, for his strong fucking faith. Y’all Black Right? That’s Luke 7:2-10 KJV.

You’ll notice – Jesus doesn’t do FREEDOM.

And no Christian could rightly bring to me the convoluted and meaningless equality statement expounded in Ephesians 6:5-9 KJV, nor the excretable lie of “no favoritism” rendered as Galatians 2:6 NIV. These verses (and others) are used a lot by spiritual hustlers to “wallpaper” over other biblical verses regarding slavery that are clearly not acceptable to the generally enlightened moral sensibilities of most 21st Century Americans. Guys, open your Bibles please and read these beautifully rendered verses directly for yourselves. Then think carefully about my reaction to them: “No matter how adeptly clergymen and spiritual hustlers may work their interpretive magic on these verses, there is not, nor ever will there be equality between former master and former slave.” None. Never. Do you understand?


That is why I like to bring slavery up when us Black folks are talking Bible stuff among ourselves. Because Man, when I do bring it up, one or more Christian zealots will lose their minds. And then they start kicking-up dust and sputtering aggressively about “misinterpreting” and “twisting the word,” and I laugh my ass off because all that defensive shit is pure entertainment to me. “But Christians, it is too damned bad somebody a long time ago didn’t have the foresight to edit that slave shit out of there – but they didn’t. And it is too late to take those slave verses out. We all know they are difficult to explain away. And too many folks in the world have seen those words. They have to stay in there, for everybody else and more to see. If you took them out now – somebody will look like they are:

FULL OF SHIT.” (“somebody pour me a shot”)

Now. Black Atheists get particularly peeved when a faith-addled Black person will say this shit: “The slavery in the Bible was different than the slavery we had here!” Niggers! Even if slavery were “different,” given our history, why would any sane African American type person be cool with slavery on any level, in whatever flavor – whether the permission to do slavery came from heaven or earth? Talk about “operational stupidity?” Every society mentioned in the Bible, from Babylon to Egypt, was a fucking slave regime. If anything, slavery could have been more brutal during biblical times than the nasty American version. Maybe.

Why? How? Because slavery in those times was culturally ingrained, judicially punitive, contractually compensative via indenture, militarily strategic, politically expedient, and unorganized. Whereas the (400 plus year) American version was done purely from an organized business intent. The most important part of an international agricultural-industrial-finance complex. A great example of misregulated capitalism fully intentioned and worked to its logical limits.

So, there was a necessary “corporate” interest in keeping slaves in the best working condition as possible, and as under control on every level as possible. No “corporate interest” – no need to keep slaves from learning how to read. Understand? The “corporate interest” is why organized American slavery did not want slaves to learn how to read – and would execute or isolate those slaves that had or acquired even the slightest degree of literacy. Slave literacy in the United States was bad for business. But conversely – in many instances, unorganized ancient slavery utilized literate and/or skilled slaves as teachers and tutors.

The only advantage that ancient slaves seemed to have over American slaves was some autonomy of thought, and some basic freedom of expression. But it was still slavery – and as such, is still totally indefensible.

Guys, remember that the centerpiece of the narrative in “The Epistle To Philemon” (this Book is in the New Testament) was regarding a runaway slave by the name of Onesimus. “Slavery was different?” OK – does “different” mean “better?” OK. Then why is the Bible talking about a runaway slave, if slavery was so “different” – and maybe “better” in biblical times? What the fuck was Onesimus running from? Decor in the slave quarters wasn’t fashionably up to par? Cheap champagne? Not enough days off? What? The text alludes that Onesimus stole money from Philemon. OK. Why did he have to steal? But Hey Guys! Isn’t the brutal American history of slavery heavily shot through with accounts of runaways? And doesn’t the motherfucking Bible permit the beating of slaves? Via Exodus 21:20-21 KJV?

Fuck Outta Here…

Come On: Is it possible in biblical times they also had an “Underground Railroad” too of sorts, that we don’t know about? If there was, could it be that it was set up for the same reasons as the American one? Who knows? Maybe, if there were runaways in biblical times, then maybe, it was about the same slave shit we had in America? Christian slaves running away from Christian slaveholders?

For the same reasons?

And Guys – may I remind you. Slavery is SLAVERY motherfuckers!!!

Is that really so hard for Black people to understand? There is no possible justification for biblically-approved slavery Guys. NONE. Why is that no-brainer concept so hard for niggers to wrap their fucking minds around? No Slavery Man!!! NO. NONE. OK? And fuck a “Ten Commandments.” That’s Right – FUCK that commandment shit Man!!! Look Dude – if someone “owns” you, any morals that your “masters,” or that God himself may demand that you exercise, simply would not, should not, and cannot apply to you. Never. For example: If you are a slave, it is perfectly moral for you to kill your master AND his family. Yep.

That’s right – KILL that motherfucker. Keep a lock around his neck until the lights go out. Other Possibilities: Stabbing. Shooting. Bludgeoning. Hanging. Poisoning. Buried While Alive. Just pick your flavor. Done. Over. Relief. “Now didn’t that feel good?” That would not be murder. That would be a justified act of liberation. New book title: “Switchblade To Freedom.” Ya think? It would be perfectly moral for you to run away – righteously stealing yourself back from somebody that stole you.

Shouldn’t you own yourself? I think so. Don’t feel some kind of way about this Man. Don’t let your “moral sensibilities” fuck you up. Because if white people were similarly situated – this is exactly what they would do and worse. This is one of the few times in which it is a good and honorable thing to emulate white people.

It would be perfectly moral, for you to look to the sky, and tell God: Fuck You!” for divinely abetting this bullshit. Why? According to the Bible, God and Jesus are unreservedly OK with slavery. Christians remind us everyday that: “God’s In Control.” Right? Now Guys: If God IS IN CONTROL – that would mean this slavery shit too. No exceptions. OK? Niggers will say: “Ah – God didn’t approve of slavery. He was just trying to make slavery more humane. You have to understand the kind of barbarism they had then as well.” Now, let’s remember Guys: “God’s In Control.” That means: He also created the barbarism they had then as well.


And if he IS “all-powerful,” how would the “times” or any culture of/or at any time, discussed at any time, make any difference to him? How?

Have you ever noticed in the Bible, that whenever “The Lord” really wants things to happen or change – he proactively makes that shit go down RIGHT AWAY?


1. Creates a whole universe in six days. Genesis 1:1-2:3 KJV

2. When Adam and Eve fucked up, heaven quickly issued the world’s first eviction notice: “Get OUT NOW!” Didn’t even have time to pack. – Genesis 3:22-24 KJV

3. When God’s “chosen people” were getting the hell out of Dodge [also known as Egypt] – no fucking time wasted – no hesitation – Dude parted the Red Sea in seven seconds flat. Exodus 13:17-14:29 KJV

4. The Tower Of Babel? NOT happening people – squashed that shit in three seconds. Genesis 11:1-9 KJV

5. Releasing American Christian Niggers out of Christian slavery? Ahh – Hold On! Let’s – Ahh, lemme think about this. In the meantime – I can put you niggers on this 400 year waiting list. OK? – No Scripture For This Shit 00:00 KJV

Hmm… Let’s see: First Black captives landed in the Americas in 1562 on the good ship “Jesus.” Then later, Abraham Lincoln did us with a fucking “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863. That’s 301 years. OK? Then, let us add in another 130 years of legal post-slavery bullshit. Christian country? Now from that, we can clearly see that this merciful God keeps the well-being of Black people securely in mind as an urgent priority. You can see that – Right? Mere seconds or days in response or proaction for everything and everyone else. But several hundred years before the most pious, faithful, enthusiastic Christians on earth, us Native Black Americans, could even receive anything resembling partial relief for our suffering? Niggers are still waiting for the rest of the package. From an “all-powerful” God. Even if God were conclusively proven to exist – that would be all the more reason for me to look up, and give him a solid “FUCK YOU.” Then – I could finish my ice cream…

You See?

Doesn’t God remind you of the Democratic Party?

Look Man. This is slavery. Somebody else OWNING you. A fuckjob just short of murder, solidly approved, starting with Genesis 9:25-27 KJV in the Old Testament. Till the closing Book of the New Testament – ending with Revelation 18:13 KJV.

This. Clearly articulated – with no repeal:

“Exhort servants [slaves] to be obedient unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things(?); not answering again [talking back]; Not purloining [stealing] but shewing [showing] all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things.”

Titus 2:9-10 KJV

That is the New Testament. There are sixty-six books in the King James Bible.

Titus is Book number fifty-six Guys! Jesus himself used slaves and slavery in several parables to illustrate certain points. But he never, nowhere repudiated the practice itself. And with that, niggers will still say: “Ahh – slavery was different then…” I am overwhelmingly glad that Black people can’t justifiably apply that kind of then/now excuse-making or logic easily to other things: “Murder IS bad, but you see, murder then was different than the way they kill motherfuckers today.” OR “That’s not correct: Ass-whoopings then were different than the way they pound motherfuckers today.” OR “Naw MAN: Rape 2000 years ago was different than the way they take pussy today.” And on, and on, and on…

You see how stupid that relativistic shit sounds?

It blows me how mostly unlearned (in Biblical studies) Black Christians always attempt to amateurishly sanitize huge piles of theistic bullshit. And then expect everyone else to respect their pious-assed, unlettered nonsense, just because it is arrogantly and authoritatively asserted as religious and biblical.

They may be able to do that with others – but not me.

And Christians…

When you critically read your Bible, don’t allow part-time apologist Christians to persuade you to believe those “nice” words rendered as “servant” or “bondman” (in some translations) to mean something other than “slave.” Some translations render that word [slave] in a “softer” way so you can ignorantly skip-over the ugly brutality of what that nasty word communicates. “Servant” or “bondman” means the SLAVE position interchangeably within any context in any Bible, along with all the conditional bullshit that comes with it. I own and reference from twelve fucking different Bible versions. I KNOW what I am talking about.

Now – some amateur apologists will say that this “Holy Bible” is really talking about an “employment situation” (seriously?!), or that most instances of slavery were actually contractual agreements:

“Both thy bondmen [male slaves], and thy bondmaids [female slaves], which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen [non-Israelites] that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.”

Leviticus 25:44 KJV

Does that sound like a “contractual agreement” to you?

Doesn’t “buy” mean “purchase?” Like acquiring property?

How about this killer:

“Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land; and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen forever: but over your brethren [tribe] the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigor.”

Leviticus 25:45-46 KJV

Seriously? So, if you “hire” a slave you get to keep his kids too? Forever? So, this is some kind of “employment?” How do niggers blow past this shit?

What would an “application for slavery” look like?

Matthew, in “The Nine Beatitudes” – Matthew 5:1-12 KJV – got plenty of stuff to help you keep your mental self-enslavement game up to par. Dumb shit like:

Verse 3 – Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Verse 4 – Blessed are those that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Verse 5 – Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Verse 8 – Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Verse 9 – Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Verse 11 – Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Verse 12 – Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

This is all passive – slave shit. The owners of Christianity (white people) don’t do any of this shit. “Reward in heaven?” “Meek motherfuckers inheriting the earth?” “Peacemakers?” Really? My history books show me that the ass-kickers, bombers, and shooters are the ones that take AND inherit the motherfucking earth.

Where are the “meek” inheriting anything?

The last thing that one should be on the lookout for, as you are reading your Bible without assistance; is the tired, Old Testament versus New Testament smokescreen when the issue of slavery is being discussed. Again, there is no repeal of the practice in either Testament. And there are more positive references to slavery in the New Testament as opposed to the Old Testament (read your Bible and see).

And did not Jesus state:

“Think not that I am come to destroy [revoke] the Law or the Prophets [of the Old Testament]. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.”

Matthew 5:17 KJV

Meaning: “Don’t think I came to change things. I am here to make sure that all of this Old Testament shit will keep going Down. Down. Down. And that includes SLAVERY motherfuckers!” Well. that’s Jesus for you. So Guys, if you make light of this, don’t fold when being accused of “misinterpreting;” or “twisting the word;” or of “not having enough faith;” or for “taking things out of context;” or for “not being covered in the Blood;” or, for you not over or under-standing some “deeper meaning.” Nope. This is all, off-tracking, change the fucking direction of the conversation bullshit. If you allow yourself to be influenced by this nonsense? Please. The Bible has no more “deeper meaning” than a roll of toilet paper.

Stop listening to the pious knuckleheads – and get yourself a beer.

Made it this far? You Good? Might as well finish this off with Part Three.

Freedmen – Read Your Bibles Part Three

I was assisted in this part three reposting and expansion by a bottle of Cade Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 2017 – Napa Valley. And yes – this shit is $100.00 a hit. But!!! The value is commensurate with the cost. This baby leads in with rich notes of wood, vanilla, and chocolate. The middle transforms and sustains into blackberries and plums. Soft tannins. Easy but earthy finish.

Cade Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain

“Show me a population that is deeply religious and I will show you a servile population, content with whips and chains… content to eat the bread of sorrow and drink the waters of affliction.”

Hubert Harrison


“For I am going to raise up a shepherd over the land who will not care for the lost, or seek the young, or heal the injured, or feed the healthy, but will eat the meat of the choice sheep, tearing off their hooves.”

Zechariah 11:16 NIV

Now. For “The Word Of God…”

Before we go further into “The Word Of God” – an important thing I want you Guys to peep from amateur apologists is what I call “The Oldest Diversion:” This shit is usually pulled out by astute but semi-educated believers that know enough about the Bible to recognize that there are a lot of things within that book that are straight-up indefensible. So, if you are doing a reasonably good job of pointing out the bullshit, they will attempt to change the focus by saying: “In order to get the true meaning of God’s word – you’ve got to get the oldest manuscripts from the Dead Sea, and read them in the original languages.” Really Man?

OK. Let’s, let’s process this… “So, OK. In order for me to get the ‘true meaning of God’s Word’ – because Hey, according to you, even though we DO have a Bible, it apparently ain’t in the Bible. So we gotta do this shit. Right?”

OK. So… I have to:

  • Learn to read dead languages.
  • Update my passport.
  • Get a visa.
  • Purchase a travel package.
  • Purchase a bulletproof vest (That is the Middle East, you know).
  • Learn to swim (I’m not good at it).

And once I do ALL THIS…

Ding!!! – “I GOT IT!” Is that how it works?

This tricknology is usually effective against potential unbelievers that are not well-versed in the literal Bible or don’t know much about Bible history, composition, and construction. But there is one thing that should be obvious about these “Deadseamen.” If you ask, you will find that none of THEM have done any of these things. Every one of those good “Dead Sea” apologists have in their possession, and are referencing from the same Bible that THEY say that the “true meaning” contained therein is somehow compromised. And that YOU will never understand that Bible properly because YOU are not reading it in the “original languages.” If that is the case – why do THEY even own one single Bible in the English language, if it is not literally leading them to the truth?

Just a question.

Now. Check this shit: Those are the same motherfuckers that can barely define a word in English that has seven or more letters in it properly. So now, those people are trying to tell YOU to read something, not only in another language, but in a dead language at that. (take a good hit off your blunt at this point…) Really? (now exhale…) When they expend this bullshit; notice when motherfuckers say the word “oldest” – they always hang on that long “O” sound. “The OOOldest.” Now, it is quite true that many niggers are enamored with ancient sounding shit. You know? Right? Especially those “Hotep” type motherfuckers. Them kinda dudes. Every third word out their mouths is; “ancient this,” “ancient that.” And that “O” sound – sounds “mystic,” and “spiritual,” and “back-in-the-day-ish.” You know? So they hang onto that long “O” sound like somebody is trying to stick a (fill in the blank).

So Guys: Let’s process. What do we do with the Bibles that we have in hand if this “oldest” shit is correct? If the Bibles we have are so faulty, that we have to take a geographical, literary, and linguistic trip back in time to get the “true meaning.” So – I would like to ask the “Dead Sea” folks: “What is the pastor at the church that you attend referencing from? What? And if he does have the same awareness of the ‘true meaning’ theory that you do – what the fuck is he doing?”

“Don’t get upset motherfucker. I’m just asking a question.”

Never mind. I have the answer: “It is because of the fact that he [the pastor] has been ‘called to preach’ that has infused him with the God-given ability to avoid the spiritual pitfalls, and to righteously fill-in the gaps!!!” Really? Fellas: A Christian (stripper lady) ACTUALLY told me this. Now Guys – let us take a minute…

Did you get that beer yet? OK.

NOTE THIS: Some “Deadseamen” are also the exact types of people that tend to overtly distance themselves from the Bible and formally organized Christianity for various reasons (well face it – if you are perceived to be otherwise intelligent – and then also admitting a belief in Christianity? that is fucking embarrassing). When you engage with these folks, you’ll find that they have this creatively pieced-together personal philosophy-religion to go with the distance. Those folks are essentially and actually a denomination unto themselves. They are. They just need three more people to subscribe to their particular spiritual mixtape – and Voila!!!

Another church has been established.

They will state that they are “spiritual, not religious.” Which to me, is the same as somebody saying: “I’m a person, not a human being.” That sounds like the type of vaporous non-statement that would release from the mouth of a great politician. Where, on the surface, the statement “sounds good” – profound even. But on close examination, both ends of this beautiful statement actually cancel each other out. Gone. Nothing but a sophisticated wave of organized sounds so astoundingly meaningless – that anyone allowing such an expulsion to issue from their lips, once done; cannot seriously be taken seriously.

“Spiritual, but not religious,” is one of those “enlightenment is like the sound of one hand clapping” type statements (that “one hand clapping” shit is an effective sense-bending “spiritual” hustle worked by Asian “guru” types on rich white people). This shit is pure nonsense served with scrambled eggs and toast. But that particular zero is usually rendered so beautifully, and expended so sincerely, that in response, it deserves the best you can give in mocking and ridicule.

Now. Preachers do what I call “spotlighting.” – highlighting Bible passages that will promote what the pastor wants you to walk away with. And minimizing or skipping-over those passages that are problematic, or are too difficult to “interpret” convincingly, or may cause one to think (can’t have that). In my experience over the many years of listening to sermons, I have found consistently that a maximum of only twelve percent of a sermon is expounded directly from the Bible.

That’s it.

Verse-hopping does not count (“turn to the book of… and read verse… and now turn…”). Verse-hopping is a diversionary and time-consuming exercise in page-turning that only makes the pastor look like he’s “doing something.” Guys, understand that “verse-hopping” is one of several preaching techniques that are utilized to smoothly convey the pastor to the points within the service in which he asks for the money. Which is of course, the bottom line of any sermon. The rest (the other 88 percent) of the sermon comes from seven main extra-biblical sources.

And the seven are: (Envelope Please)

  1. Mailed-out bullshit from that denomination’s central office.
  2. Stock prepared passages purchased from a sermon supply house.
  3. Concepts and principles lifted from non-Christian self-help books.
  4. Off-track shit supporting that pastor’s personal agenda.
  5. Political agendas that a legislator or party want asserted.
  6. Empty philosophical twist-ups mixed with dubiousities appropriated from other religious hustlers.

And last, but not least…

SEVEN – Assorted nonsensicalities that the pastor pulled out his ass.

There you go.

The Christianity that today’s Christians practice, is not a reflection of the literal word of the Bible. It is a scripture-abbreviated, strategically-directed, and politically-accreted dis-construction. This Christianity generally is a mix of the doctrinal peculiarities of the denomination you may belong to. The biblical passages your church decides to highlight. The biblical passages your church decides to ignore or mis-state. Its biblical re-interpretational latitude. Political agendas that church supports and promotes. And the pastor’s personal agenda.

In other words – MARKETING Dude… A Christian from the 1st Century would not in any way recognize today’s Christian practices at all. That believer would actually be more scripturally literal and devotionally direct.

If they are able to read.

Dude. All of the Bible must be literally considered. Every word must be weighed evenly across the board. Why? In its literalness the Bible is rightly, or should be considered to literally be “The Word Of God” as it is – before interpretational processing. No all-wise being would intentionally make such an important message to those that he supposedly “loves” so incredibly difficult to get at or open. No part of that message would be esoterically locked-up, or would explain anything “metaphorically.” Or would have any need for third parties like clergy to explain anything to anybody for him, or for any statements FROM HIM to be intentionally open to potentially dishonest man-made interpretive processes.

No, he wouldn’t. Shit, you wouldn’t.

Therefore, there is not, or shouldn’t be one verse or passage in the Holy Bible that can be legitimately ignored, overlooked, modified, interpreted, re-interpreted, relativised, historically contexed, or subjected to hermeneutical or apologetical processing. Do you understand?

Question: If this Bible IS “The Word” of an unchanging, eternal, all-powerful, and all-wise “Creator Of The Universe;” Guys, follow me here: How can we humans have even one human motherfucker on this planet; that can open his human mouth, and righteously state, OK? That he has, or knows, or follows the “correct interpretation” of “The Word Of God?” Follow me: Any HUMAN claim of “correct interpretation” automatically de-legitimizes as “The Word Of God” – whatever comes out of anybody’s mouth, that may be presented as “The Word Of God.” Do you get the logic? And if you get the logic – then you will understand why clergy type motherfuckers always want you to replace your intellect with their “faith.”

“Faith” is a useful tool to promote fucked-up political agendas as well.

That’s right Guys. Those motherfuckers want You to get ahold of your Head – and voluntarily turn your discernment and judgmental capacities down to ZERO. And don’t forget to leave a hatch open, because they have something “better” to stick in there. The sheer degree of pimpin’ arrogance that it takes to even think about DOING this – should be completely unacceptable to any thinking Christian.

Do you understand me?

Guys think – THINK…

Understand that the motherfucker preaching is a clergyfied sonofabitch; whose total wisdom and understanding is an exponential infinity of magnitudes LESS than the source that he or she is supposedly interpreting from. So look, how is a motherfucker able to do this? I mean, to take “The Word Of God,” and reprocess this eternal, unlimited shit within their own limited, HUMAN heads; OK? And then, to hand this reconstituted bullshit over to you to “Believe In?” Huh? “A message from God?” Redone and stated by this motherfucker? Really?

Do niggers ever ask good questions?

Look: The only legitimate reading of “The Word Of God” is direct and literal. The fraudulent disciplines of apologetics and hermeneutics is part of a worldwide suckers game to get you to follow the marketing. And to keep your critical eyes and critical understanding away from the literal text and literal message of the Bible. Professionally trained religionists learn these tricknologies in divinity schools.

Think Fellas – if “The Word Of God” was not itself literally problematic in terms of history, basic science, logic, good sense, universally operational morality, and in its ultimate applicability to everyday life – there would be no need for “The Word” to be subjected to any kind of hermeneutical or apologetic “adjustments” by anybody. There would only be “The Fucking Word” – As it is – Straight – No chaser.

This theological “study” is nothing but organized, formalized, legitimized, officially approved, academically accredited, philosophical fuckery. That’s all this shit is. There you have it: “A Doctorate Degree for Bishop Cheatumwell.” OK?


Astonishing. They really give motherfuckers college degrees for this shit. A “theology degree” or a “doctorate in ministry.” Really? A fucking joke. Dude – the same universities that are handing out those “Doctorates In Theology” might as well be handing out doctorates in crystal ballery and palm reading as well (I’d better check – they might be). The fucked-up thing about this is that it is not just fly-by-night diploma mills that are doing this shit. But top “taken seriously” universities like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. Why?

I don’t know. All three of those bitches have “Divinity Schools.” (!?) How do you “school” divinity? OK? And all three of those ivy league motherfuckers have solid departments of biology, physics and chemistry as well. Serious subjects. OK? Now Guys – I understand that schools like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale started out as seminaries. But there comes a time when you have to respect updated knowledge, and get rid of useless disciplines. To make an institutional commitment through a respect of knowledge, to de-legitimize and reject otherworldly fantasy, ephemeral spiritualities, and unprovable metaphysics. These are fucking universities Man.


Now check this: The disciplines of biology, physics, and chemistry are all grounded in solid things that the dumbest motherfucker you can pluck out of the gutter can demonstrably show to exist. Sonofabitch couldn’t make it to third grade – but even his dumb ass can show you; living things exist, gravity exists, and the chemical we call water exists. “Theology” is the only discipline offered at top universities that the very existence of the central object of study itself [God] – can seriously be called into question by anybody. And that before we can even go into WHAT details and derivatives we are going to study about it. Whether the Christian God exists or not is a question that is so ephemerally based – a proper response couldn’t even rise to the level of a weak hypothesis. Guys – please think about how crazy that shit is.

Choose any random student out of the three disciplines of biology, physics, and chemistry. Ask about their shit – and to a man, they can give a solid, consistent, and coherent explanation regarding the central details of their course of study. Ask any theology student on their shit: “Existence of God? Um – lemme call my mom…”

I find that to be a problem. Don’t you?

Problem: That the existence of the central object can be seriously questioned by the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics as well – but HEY, not vice-versa is a problem. Do you understand me? Don’t you think that we need to find out whether the main OBJECT of study is even PRESENT? I mean – actually processed through the severity of the Scientific Method. And if it (or he, or she) does exist, that doubt-filled question of existence can easily be transformed into the certainty of universal scientific consensus. That is what needs to be done before we proceed to study its details and derivatives. Because, if we don’t, then what the fuck are we studying?

Guys – it is this kind of unproven, unverified bullshit existing within this particular field of study that I can call all theological disciplines out as fraudulent nonsense. This is a kind of normalized academic insanity by consensus. This is shit that’s no different than us normalizing serious conversations with the floor. The graduates: Those well-educated motherfuckers will give you anything BUT “The Word.”

It is all a hustle. A big fuck.

This shit would be quite funny if those “hermeneutic honchos” did not affect our crippled Black community so negatively with their poisonous interpretations and preachings. Those same motherfuckers will tell you that Atheism is “for white people” – not for “us.” And that our ancestors were “spiritual” – and that we are a “spiritual” people. You know – preacher shit. They will say that people like me “are not really Black” – because I speak about critical thinking to niggers.

ALERT!!! – I am a non-believing NIGGER. I do all the things that niggers are supposed to do. Believe me. I eat collard greens, talk shit in barbershops, flirt with dark-skinned women with big booties, play spades, drink cheap beer, wear sunglasses at night, listen to jazz, et cetera. But no pork. And no Jesus. And still Black. So motherfuckers – don’t come to me with that “not Black” shit.


If the Bible is “The Word Of God” – then we should read it as “The Word Of God.” It is necessary to become a “Biblicist” or a person who reads the Bible literally. You don’t need to listen to any spiritual interpositor or any ordained intermediary that will reconstruct and/or reconstitute “The Word Of God” for you. Being “called to preach” is in reality, an official license to lie, fuck, and pickpocket.

Guys get smart – don’t let those “called” motherfuckers slick-maneuver you into their interpretational and hermeneutical traps. Listen. Black clergymen are so full of shit that many of them can’t digest their own nonsense (some get caught). To be a real clergyman – a single word – a double meaning – and a triple life is necessary to keep functioning profitably. Do you understand?

Clergymen absolutely cannot be trusted. Nigger clergymen will even accept money from professional racists to exterminate you for the political appeasement of white people. Never forget that most Black clergymen were AGAINST the liberation activities of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Check out this old letter excerpt:

“The ministers work is also important and also he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

That was Margaret Sanger (of Planned Parenthood), writing to Dr. C. J. Gamble. This was dated 12/10/1939. This is some evil shit – isn’t it? The Black clergyman as a tool of racism-white supremacy. And those motherfuckers are worthy of us?

Have y’all ever noticed that every once in a while – the same motherfuckers that rail in their pulpits loudly every Sunday about “The Gay Agenda” and the sinfulness of homosexuality; are always busy with “extra-clerical activities?” Somebody will catch one of those motherfuckers in the back of a piss-assed gas station, on some remote highway – sucking a dick. Y’all know I can’t make that up. It’s in the newspaper. The shit is all over social media (“Pastor Who?!?!”).

“He’s on TV with his wife apologizing and blaming “The Devil” and…….”

I personally have nothing against people that like to suck dicks. I mean, if that is what you want to do – then do it. Has nothing to do with me. “At the same time ‘Pastor’ – hypocrisy is not cool.” There are so many down-low pastors out there sucking dicks on the regular – that I suspect – that there may be theology schools out there that offer as an elective, classes on how to catch a nut and “The Holy Ghost” at the same time. I think that course is called “Practical Hypocrisy 101.”

Or something like that.

OK Guys. Before I move on. Do you guys get the logic that if this book – “The Bible” is truly “The Word of the eternal and unchanging God” then, it deserves nothing less than a strict, literal reading? Because it is “The Word Of God.” Do you understand? NO Man – none of that: “Well, it was different back in biblical times.” OR – “That’s the Old Testament,” type bullshit. OR – “you must do a nuanced reading,” type bullshit. If “The eternal, unchanging, Word Of God” says you were supposed to stone gays to death then – you are supposed to stone gays to death now. If that “Word” says it was cool to have slaves then – it is cool to have slaves now. Why in the fuck would an infinite, unchanging God change up the meaning of all his eternally laid-down shit, just because your Black ass is on the scene now?

That makes NO SENSE.

Think about this Guys: Why would an all-powerful, omnipresent, eternal God – a motherfucker that is absolutely running the entire universe, have a need to change his all-wise mind – and his all-wise word, based upon our mere human timeframes and culture evolutions? With that “universal” word being referenced from only ONE planet out of his entire universal creation? There would be no reason for him to do so. He IS all-powerful GOD eternal. No line or period between then and now. And if that is the case, there can be no differentiated “Biblical Times.” Or any changes to the way “The Word” is presented, based partly or entirely on time.


Any “Biblical Times” would always be in the present moment, then – and now. So that trick line; “back in Biblical Times” really doesn’t mean anything. You see? So, once you step away from literalness – which would include “now-ness,” what the FUCK are you or anyone else talking about?

There is not one line in the entire Bible that establishes any then or now time differentiations Man. Look – Jesus himself simultaneously bridges and eliminates all “time” demarcations with a statement in Matthew 5:18 KJV – paraphrasing; “till heaven and earth pass.” Which is a long fucking time. OK? Keep paraphrasing: “Not one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from the law [of the prophets], till all be fulfilled.” So, covenentially – no past, present, or future changes – until the “fulfillment” (whenever that is) comes. And it looks like that hasn’t happened yet.

So: “Where is that preacher getting his ‘nuances’ from?”

We have thousands of clergy and professional religionists that will tell you that: “You need to do a more sophisticated reading of scripture.” OR: “That verse is more nuanced than the literal reading that you are adhering to.” OR: “That’s not the traditional way this church views that scripture.” That is nonsense. Anyone that tells you that is full of shit. Really Guys – it takes a dumb motherfucker to always accept this kind of hermeneutical bullshit without push-back or good questioning.

Now look Guys. Think about this shit: If you are reading a particular biblical passage – what it SAYS literally. But the clergy interpretively flips it – and tells you: “That passage doesn’t SAY what it SAYS.” OK? (bullshit) “Then what does it SAY motherfucker?” And if that passage does SAY something else, like they say it does – wouldn’t it have been more efficient for it [the Bible] to SAY what it is “supposed” to SAY literally? Written DOWN in the Bible in the first place? Instead of wasting time through getting on the “deeper meaning” theological merry-go-round with some purple suit wearing pastor?

Dude. Why would you need to rely on another HUMAN BEING to assist you in understanding what you read? An “anointed” motherfucker that has no more or better comprehension skills than you do. “You do know how to read motherfucker? Right?” Remember how his clergyfied ass mispronounced everything at your relative’s funeral? Remember that? Sonofabitch can’t handle what’s in his face – but he can tell you what an infinite mind is thinking?

Get The Fuck Outta Here…

If that isn’t some insulting remedial bullshit – I don’t know what is.

Black people need to wake up and stop letting religious motherfuckers lay all of this stupid interpretational bullshit on them. What those bastards are saying is this: “What you are looking at is not what you see.” And: “What a verse says, is not what it means.” And: “The literal definition of THAT word – is not the true meaning of THAT word.” You see? That is an update of some of the same flipped out shit that Paul (allegedly) laid on motherfuckers. Like this little mind fuck:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1 KJV

“The evidence of things not seen?” Did they have blunts when Paul was around?

Look: Interpretational bullshit is like when a loudmouth sonofabitch tells you to: “Kiss My Ass.” Consequently, of course – you understandably get ticked off at the fuck that shot that bullet in your direction. Right? But then, some third party – some “interpretarian” type motherfucker, interposes himself between you and him. And tells you that that expression does not actually convey any kind of vitriol or contempt. No Dude. YOU are “misinterpreting” the whole thing.

And the reason YOU are “misinterpreting” his statement is “because YOU are not covered in the Blood Man.” If YOU are not “covered in the Blood” – YOU will take the whole thing “out of context.” YOU don’t get it Man. “Kiss My Ass” is actually an expression of love. That’s why the word “kiss” is there. “Kiss My Ass!?” That’s love… YOU are not “covered” Man. That’s why YOU are missing the “deeper meaning.” A correct interpretation will tell YOU why the word “ass” is there. It’s there so YOU can confidently go in deep – and feel the love. Amen!!! “I say ‘Kiss My Ass’ to my wife EVERY morning brother. YOU can’t be so naive as to not take those words as anything but an expression of love.” Wasn’t that sophisticated?

I would seriously say to all Christians – take the responsibility for your own literal understanding. The things that Atheists say about the Bible in particular and Christianity in general is not smoke, nor intentional ungodliness, nor disrespect, nor anger at God, nor an excuse to fuck. It is part of a sincere quest for truth. But in seeking truth, we must have the logical courage to point out what is not true, or moral, or civilized. Discernment starts with being clear-minded, critical, honest, and admitting in a straightforward manner what is literally there.

The Holy Bible is internally inconsistent, externally incongruent, a-historical, non-scientific, unclear in a lot of areas, and stupid in a WHOLE LOT of areas. In the areas that are the most explicit, commanded, and fully intended to be taken literally – those cannot be put into practice. Because anyone that does, will end-up insane, or incarcerated, or dead. That is what I have found. In order to see for yourself, all you have to do is read it – uninterpreted, unassisted, and in its entirety.

Now – it may sound strange to the average Christian. But the great, international Christian Marketing Machine is well-organized and hard set to discourage direct and critical reading of the Bible by laymen. Actually knowing the Bible, and the history of its compilation, works against the marketing. That is why there is a diverse, international brotherhood of expert marketers (also known as clergymen). To tell you exactly what they want you to focus on (like denominational faith, tithing, and obedience), and what to blindly ignore (like biblical misogyny, tribal supremacy, and slavery), the way they want you to. Control? Oh fucking Yeah.

At some points and places in Christian medieval Europe – it was actually illegal for a Christian layman to own a Bible in his own language (oh yes – that’s true). The penalty at that time for possession of a Bible was burning at the stake. That’s right! True Christians would light your faithful ass up – for owning a Bible.

Serious business.

Students of the Bible, not long after the “First Council of Constantinople” (381 AD), already began to uncover historical, constructive, and philosophical problems within the partial biblical canon then available (the Bible we presently know had not been fully developed and compiled yet) – even in that pre-scientific era. The ecclesiastical powers in place at the time, began to put together and solidify the basic marketing and indoctrinational infrastructure for that period.

The Bible itself was not discussed at the Council. But – how the Christ, The Holy Spirit, and the newly created (at the time) Trinity concept, which is not found in the Bible at all – were to be marketed. Guys, understand the obvious: This whole “Trinity” concept is just another great example of clerically created and sponsored “spiritual thuggery.” Bold-assed nonsense that can be laid on the believing public. Because they [the public] generally have little knowledge of the Bible’s contents, and little knowledge of the history of the Bible. “The Holy Trinity” get-over is a way for spiritual hustlers to “reveal” something that does not exist ($$$). And that cannot be coherently explained, except “in mystery” by the motherfucking clergy.

“Mystery” is a word in Christianity that really means: “Something to believe in. But not to know empirically. Or to make a common sense of.” Understand? OK…


“The Trinity = Three beings in one entity – while existing separately at the same time – while existing as one at the same time – while existing upside-down at the same time – while existing right-side-up at the same time – while existing in at the same time – while existing out at the same time – while simultaneously existing and not existing at the same time – with no practical reason to exist – at the same time – on time – just to see how far motherfuckers can be hustled.” Cubed…

Christian marketing at its best.

Now. That great ecumenical consolidation and marketing discussion that started long ago with “The First Council Of Nicaea” (325 AD) never ended. This is an ongoing thing Guys. We got to keep talking and get this story right. Because:

“Jesus is THE PRODUCT!!!” Says mega-pastor T.D. Jakes.

And the Bishop is correct.

Jesus IS the product.

So Guys – if Jesus is THE PRODUCT, the question in your mind should be:

“Who is selling THE PRODUCT, and towards whom is the target market for THE PRODUCT? Is THE PRODUCT a good PRODUCT, and if I were to purchase THE PRODUCT, what positive and demonstrable BENEFIT would I get from utilizing THE PRODUCT, and would THE PRODUCT benefit me, the buyer, to the same obvious and generous degree as THE SELLERS?” Right?

Yeah – I would want to know how much of THE PRODUCT would I need to use, and for what duration would I have to use THE PRODUCT, before THE PRODUCT enables ME as well, to fly around in private jets, drive ultra-expensive cars, wear tailor-made suits, get extra pussy, and live in multiple mansions too.

That’s a “consumer information” request Guys. OK?

As you watch the (YouTube) video, notice how Bishop Jakes calmly describes Jesus Christ in commercial – not religious terms. Like he is marketing a can of soup. That should tell all motherfuckers SOMETHING right there.

“Salvation?” That’s a joke passed around in the clerical locker room.

No Church will ever make a serious entreaty for parishioners to read their Bibles. When they “say” you should – that is just part of the preaching stagecraft. Folks actually reading their Bibles? That would not be good for the clergy class in the long run. The great Christian Marketing Machine knows that literally the Bible is a drag (it is really hard to read, and boring). They know that most people won’t do it – and that is perfectly fine with them. That is why it is such an accomplishment for those that really do it. The Bible is the world’s bestselling book that people don’t read. For many church-going Christians – the Bible is a Sunday fashion accessory.

To show. Not to know (“Yes Ma’am – matching colors are available”).

But the potential downside for the great, Christian Marketing Machine, is that out of those folks that finally (or will) do it, there is a certain significant percentage that will appropriately start asking questions. Good questions for a change.

And the main thing your good pastor does not want you to do is ask intelligent questions, or to possibly think for yourself, or to attempt any independent research, or to do anything proactive that may potentially increase your non-sectarian, “non-clergyfied” knowledge of the Bible. Without that pastor “overseeing” you in some kind of way. Your pastor (or one of his “helpers”) prefer to be the one(s) to provide the proper “interpretational guidance” – thereby keeping your inquisitive ass from developing any “devilish notions” that may prompt you to ask “good questions.”

Research + Skepticism x Good Questions = Fucking with church revenues.

Black people empty-mindedly hand over hard-earned cash (money) at the rate of $300,000,000 per week to churches. That is 15.6 Billion dollars per year, just from us. Now Guys: “Have YOU seen any improvement in our fucking communities that is commensurate with a 15.6 Billion dollar figure?” I’m not talking about “charity” and “programs” and nigger preachers handing out turkeys to the poor on holidays (I don’t accept turkeys from preachers – guess why). OK? And this is not counting the untold billions that we wastefully spend on “inspirational” literature, gospel music, movies, shows, retreats, Bibles we don’t read, and events.

Serious business. Imagine what the Black community would be like if we were actually self-funding Black-owned businesses, banks, think tanks, Black political interests, housing, culture, facilities and faculty that actually teach us things that we can profitably use in the here and now. And folks also providing (horrors!!!) community college pools for the education of our children at that same rate. But – fuck that. Paying for the pastor’s Bentley, private jet, and extra pussy, is more important than economic self-sufficiency and advanced education for our children.


At the same time – all other ethnic groups (meeting on Wednesday nights) are diligently planning and strategizing for the purpose of “taking hold,” if you will, of every present and potential business market in the Black community that can be made profitable. You see their businesses opening at a fast clip. While our preacher-leaders (at the Wednesday night “Bible Study”) are exhorting us to:

“Keep your heads to the sky!”

“Put it in God’s hands!”

“Let Go! Let God!”

“Seek the Lord!”

“Let Jesus work it out!”

“God will provide!”

“Smoke Hope! Not Dope!”

No wonder we ain’t got nothing.


The “Good Question” problem is mostly nullified by all of the fine extra-biblical literature that is available. But the average Christian does not understand that all of this stuff is diversional. It is really slick the way the Christian Marketing Machine does this. This literature is one of the many ways available to keep our eyes off the entire biblical text (because you may start thinking). And to keep you [the layman] focused on those passages that serve the purposes of the church. Those ex-texts are usually much more readable, much more anecdotal, much more interesting, and much more entertaining than the Bible itself (that’s the intent).

But!!! You must understand that all of those extra-biblical texts are nothing but interpretational nonsense. Stupid, off-track shit, only produced for marketing and indoctrinational purposes (your salvation is not on the menu). If you read this bullshit, and really take it to heart, you are allowing apologetic hustlers – those “Called By The Lord” con-men (and con-women) to do your thinking for you. Those motherfuckers have no more insight into the “Mind Of God,” or “what God wants you to know” – or do, than you do.


Any time that those ex-texts deal with any questionable or clearly immoral biblical passages – they will take you for a long-assed walk around the world. And then drop you off – intoxicated and confused, somewhere in the middle of a Chinese desert. When you open your eyes – some bitch will be standing there, attempting to catch your order for egg rolls and fried rice. Most of the people that write these texts would make excellent criminal defense attorneys. They would. Black clergy and their professional apologist colleagues, are some of the most superb conjurers, storytellers, and liars on the planet. Some of those motherfuckers can PREACH!

The Christian Marketing Machine knows (and has done research on this), that if large numbers of people actually started reading the Bible critically – that will be the sure and immanent death of Christianity. For Sure. They don’t want you to read it. Not critically, and definitely not entirely.

So Guys: “Read Your Bibles!!!”

Have you ever noticed that in all the areas of the world that are primarily Christian – the strongest enclaves where “The Faith” is concerned, are always located in the poorest, most fucked-up, and least literate areas? You know – where motherfuckers ain’t gonna read shit. Where education is for “the nerds” or those who “act white.” The low-literacy faithful are just fucking, watching sports, having a bunch of brat babies out of wedlock, stealing Jordans, peddling drugs, gangbanging, baby mama beefing, and shooting each other. You know – the typical Christian neighborhood.

In order for Christianity to continue to prosper in the Black community, limited literacy and a limited intellect in a layman is far more desirable to the church than having a layman that is unreservedly astute, well-educated (formally or otherwise), and inclined to be philosophically curious.

Understand Guys – that Christianity does not prosper as a faith in high-literacy, high-income areas. None of them. Notice how hard it is to find churches in any of the neighborhoods where mega-pastors live – or in ANY really nice neighborhood. Conversely, the worse the neighborhood – the more churches you will find. You do not find a lot of high-income, high-literacy, scientifically-aware, and business savvy white people spending a lot of valuable time IN CHURCH. Whenever you see any of the white one-percenters in church – there is a special non-religious event, a wedding, or some kind of memorial service going on. That’s it.

You don’t find the Bill Gates or Elon Musks of this world claiming a particular church, or identifying anybody as “their pastor.” No Buddy – you ain’t gonna see those guys “going to church.” Even President Obama – during the wild 2008 presidential campaign, had to divest himself of an identifiable church and pastoral relationship, after having to endure the bullshit antics of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. If you notice – the former President has not identified with any particular church or pastor since. Churchless…

I do want to make it clear that Christianity in one-percentish type – high-income neighborhoods DOES necessarily prosper as a STRATEGY piece for the kind of control, political, and economic purposes that targets and damages the Black community worldwide. Not as a FAITH. Please understand this Guys: One of the main reasons why the Black community is such an overall failure both politically and economically is precisely because Black clergymen have such disproportionate leadership, influence, and power in our life-affairs, general political direction, and our political mindsets. And the Black clergy is in good partnership with the powers of white supremacy. Fuck those motherfuckers. I don’t care how things “look.”

Back To The Show

In the Black community, you’ll find that at least 45 percent of all storefronts or other kinds of facilities that were formally used for commercial purposes that niggers get their hands on are habitually turned into churches. Building churches is a kind of “fetish” that we Black people possess and nurture. This is almost sexual – maybe that’s why so much fucking goes on in churches. (Ohhh Jesus…) I have no idea where it comes from, and as you can plainly see – that “fetish” is both chronic and ubiquitous: A real, but unavoidable insanity. In many parts of the country, churches are exempt from paying property taxes, water fees, and sewer taxes. This erodes the tax base (property taxes in Chicago are used for public education), and strangles resources that local school entities need to educate our children.

The more churches there are in an area, the smaller the tax base. In Black communities nationwide, there is a much larger proportion of our local tax base(s) being ate-up by churches when you compare us to other communities. In addition to a larger portion of our local taxes being used to subsidize those churches for their sewer and water usage. So that means that believers not only have to subsidize the shit that comes out the pastor’s mouth – through tithing, offerings, and donations. But they also have to subsidize the shit that comes out the building, where he’s talking shit, through the church being exempt from local taxes and fees.

That’s some shit – ain’t it?

In my town of Chicago Illinois, within upper middle-class and wealthy white neighborhoods, churches are actually being torn down (because of low or non use), and replaced with housing and/or commercial facilities. One was replaced with a tee-shirt printing factory. Some were replaced with Starbucks, et cetera. Those outstanding church buildings that retained some architectural appeal and/or utility were re-purposed into condominiums, stores, offices, and recording studios (to cite some recent examples). Thereby, returning them to the tax rolls.

In 2012, in a Chicago community known as Portage Park (I used to live there), local merchants there angrily protested against a local congregation purchasing an old movie theater for the purpose of turning it into a church (the merchants won). Several of those merchants said that the church would erode the tax base, and limit the kinds of businesses that could open within 1000 feet of the church. Let’s say, restaurants that serve liquor, for example. Nope. The merchants were not having it.

Now Guys – notice, how between the races, the very different priorities that are in place when it comes to how a structure should be utilized: What square footage should look like. Whites turn churches into stores. Blacks turn stores into churches.

Did somebody mention a “food desert?” OK.

Sundays are networking and strategy time for the one-percenters, and their Wednesday nights are actual working time. My Black folks are at Sunday services, or Wednesday night Bible study. Wasting time that is precious and unrecoverable on “faith” activities. Activities that have never moved us forward in the “here and now.” Notice the negative priorities of the typical Black pastor (there are exceptions – but rare): Not the mitigation of Black on Black crime. Not the increase of Black entrepreneurship. Not the Black ownership of the Black community. Not the securing of reparations (There are many Black clergymen out there that oppose reparations – I personally know two. And some, like Minister William L. Banks, have written entire books opposing reparations.). No. Our biggest community problem is gay marriage, according to Black preachers. Gay Marriage. Ahh… GAY MARRIAGE? (Ahem…) See how relevant those distractive motherfuckers are?

Guys – that nigger pastor is solidly on team white supremacy. Here. Helping our deep helplessness along. They [preachers] are nothing but polished, evil, lowlife proxies within our communities keeping an “oversight” on us and within us for the white enemy. Checking. And making sure white supremacy always wins.

Let me make my position to you guys as clear as possible.

I am against:

Any Black motherfucker that expounds Christianity, or Islam (The Nation Of Islam is a special exception in this regard, because they actually preach and do Black empowerment in their special way), or some such assorted brand of “Israelite-ism,” as his profession, whether consciously or unconsciously with him being solidly on the white man’s team. Believe that shit motherfuckers.

Any sonofabitch “of color” that condescends to tell YOU that “change” can come from YOU prayerfully putting your hands together and speaking to non-existent entities is psychologically “closing” you up, psychologically locking you up, and psychologically handcuffing you, thereby immobilizing your thinking mind.

Any nigger motherfucker that has YOU – a human being, falling humbly to your knees. Or bowing your head. Or closing your eyes. And thus, subconsciously training yourself to become blind, lowly, humble, subservient, and vulnerable.

Any ordained fuck “that happens to be Black” – that has YOU looking and aspiring UP. Not ahead and around, but UP. And talking to clouds. With YOU voluntarily allowing yourself to be fucked and suckered into intellectual and deterministic nothingness. “Dis-grounding” self away from empirical reality.

Any motherfucker that does this shit is a liar, a thief, and an ultimate traitor to the Black community. Black clergymen are the internal set-up and maintenance guys for the white power-structure. Politically abetted community disruptors. And the Bible is their silent, but loudly authoritarian “help meet,” wielded like a cudgel to assist him in making and keeping all us Blacks, politically inert, unquestioning, disorganized, dependent, obedient, and confused. This – always assuring that you and me are perpetually locked-down under the power-structure’s control.

Watch Your Wallet.

The pastors always have some stupid “midnight basketball” (which is a cynical joke) for our Black children. Not mathematics, business, or politics. Will “midnight basketball” help your son feed his family when he’s forty? Now, if it can, then shit, dribble on… But guess what would happen if some non-Black pastor suggested “midnight basketball” for white, Jewish, or Asian children. OK? And we wonder why we as a people don’t own serious assets (hey – we can do a little better in this regard even without reparations – we did it before), or can’t move forward with our politics, or are not able to produce and capitalize on our own marketable values to the same prosperous degree as others have. Must we leave everything to Jesus?

It is understandable though, why clergy are excited and motivated when it comes to building churches. Churches are excellent cash generators for clergy. They provide an extremely high return on investment. For instance: The congregation itself does not only function as the primary revenue source, but they also serve as a built-in, no-cost, word-of-mouth marketing force (the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a good example of this). You also have amateur, semi-professional, and professional musicians, either duped or contracted into providing wonderful “inspirational music” for free, or near free, under the persuasive flimflammery that they are a, or doing, “a ministry” – and they are expending their good time and talents “To Serve God.” The actual material benefits (in the here and now) that are produced from all this time, effort, and talent, goes straight into the pockets of the preacher.

The people that do the real work are paid in “salvation.”

Maybe that’s a good deal? Who knows? In the Black community, not only is the church a great way to make money, but for the pastor and deacons, the church also serves as an inexhaustible source of fresh pussy (or fresh dick, in some cases).

What about learning “The Bible?” Well – the last Wednesday night “Bible Study” I attended was, in reality, a dirty joke played by the pastor on his congregation:

That “study” was run by an obese female (see, I didn’t call her a fat bitch), with a bad attitude, an extreme stuttering problem, and a pink-blond weave that looked like it needed some attention. (I prayed before I went in) That sweetheart also could have used a good recommendation for a stronger brand of deodorant. Not only did she stutter mightily through the class (I wanted to choke her ass). But she did not know what the fuck she was talking about period – and our actual “study” was reduced to reading some bullshit “class” materials generated by the central office of that church’s denomination. No actual biblical discussion was encouraged, and all hard questions were brushed-off, or wiped-away with: “You need more faith!”

Is That So?

Now – for Black folks: Mainly, the presentation, the impressiveness of the church venue, the quality of the music, the preaching STYLE, and the attractiveness of the pastor (charisma), is much more important than the actual veracity and content of what is preached, or that whether what is being preached is moving us forward in the here and now. You really don’t have to understand shit – FAITH is the most important thing. And as far as faith-reinforcing literature produced by the church or denomination they may belong to, Black folks never bother (or are afraid) to ask motherfuckers: “How did the writers of this literature get their information?” Especially when those materials assert that they can tell you “what is intended by God.” Beyond what is in the biblical text itself. Ahh… “OK – we can see what’s WRITTEN in the Bible – but how and where did you get those divine footnotes Man?” Zero inquiry from us. And, quite incredibly, Black folks wonder why we are so behind on everything. Well – this is the biblical shit we are running on.

One day we’ll get it.

If you Guys do decide to do independent research, be sure to use clear scholarly materials that are produced by universities and biblical experts that have no denominational bent or sponsorship. And use the Bible itself as the core reference – but ignore any footnotes within (the footnotes are sometimes sectarian). The King James Version (KJV) and the New International Version (NIV) are best used as co-references. You will need a concordance. I personally use “Strong’s Concordance.” But the “Castle Books – Bible Dictionary & Concordance” is much easier to use and more accessible to folks not previously versed in the Bible at a scholarly level.

Use only secular-sourced reference books. The bullshit stuff that is produced by mega-pastors, evangelists, unhinged zealots, professional apologists, spiritual hustlers, denominations (like Jehovah’s Witnesses), “transcendentalists,” and palm-readers, are nothing but slick marketing and psychological manipulation. You definitely will not learn anything – and you will waste a lot of money.

Guys – when you buy a book “written” by a mega-church pastor, you are not purchasing anything that will help you spiritually or in any other way. All you are doing is paying for jet fuel. That’s it. Think about it. The only book that a mega-pastor could possibly write; that could “bless” you to the same degree that “God” is “blessing” him – is for him to write an honest book titled: “How To Become A Mega-Church Pastor.” Shit, I’ll read THAT book… Have you seen it? No? And you won’t. Critically reading your Bible, and doing your own thinking is the first step you can take to stop being a willing bitch for your pastor, taking it up the ass for the Christian Marketing Machine – and finally becoming your own, intellectually clear, politically motivated, and independently thinking person.

Happy Reading!!!

My Twelve Bibles:

  1. King James Version (KJV)
  2. New International Version (NIV)
  3. New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
  4. English Standard Version (ESV)
  5. Reina Valera 1960 – Parallel English/Spanish Version (RVR)
  6. New World Translation – Jehovah’s Witness Bible (NWT)
  7. Douay-Rheims Bible – Catholic Bible (DRB)
  8. Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (RSV)
  9. Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
  10. Common English Bible (CEB)
  11. The Message Bible (MSG)
  12. New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Here’s a favorite scripture of Southern segregationists:

3 – And say thou unto them, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel; Cursed be the man that obeyeth not [that integrates with Negroes] the words of this covenant,

4 – Which I commanded your fathers in the day that I brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, from the iron furnace, saying, Obey my voice, and do them [disobey desegregation rulings], according to all which I command you: so shall ye be my people [white segregationists], and I will be your God:

5 – That I may perform the oath which I have sworn unto your fathers, to give them a land flowing with milk and honey [a white segregated America], as it is this day. Then answered I, and said, So be it O Lord.

6 – Then the Lord said unto me, Proclaim all these words in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem [the segregated South], saying, Hear ye the words of this covenant [disobey desegregation rulings], and do them.

Jeremiah 11:3-6 KJV

Hey Christians – Please don’t pray for me. Don’t put that weak – punk-assed bullshit on me. Call Me the Devil. But the real Devils are the motherfuckers that laid this dehumanizing, emasculating shit on us. And having us believing that we have some kind of “spiritual” power(!?) Not Economic power. Not Political power. But the possession of “Spiritual Power” in the Ghetto? OK. This believing that “if we are good and humble” – we will be living in some fucking mansion in the sky after transition. Remaining “long suffering” in the here as the white Christians are richly blessed in the now. And them going ham – I mean real ass-whoopings on our beings to No End? Jesus checked out on our Black asses a long time ago.

You haven’t noticed that? No?

Black people are still being lynched. And Niggers are still forgiving the lynchers. But lynching is what white Christians do. And forgiving is what we do. If God does exist – the white man needs to thank that motherfucker every goddamned day. Every Day. Because the various white collectives on this planet are the only motherfuckers on this bitch that can claim and get divine back up. For Real. ‘Cause it sho ain’t us. That’s for motherfucking sure. Jesus NEVER shows up for us. Slavery? Jim Crow? Then you get a free turkey from the pastor on the holidays? You homeless? How long are you gonna look up to that motherfucker?

Made it to the finish line? Congratulations.

An Open Letter To American Freedmen

I was assisted in the transcription and commentary of this open letter by a solid bottle of Cooper & Thief Red Blend (Aged in Bourbon Barrels) 2019 – Lodi California. A blend of Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel, Petit Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Leading in with spiced vanilla, caramel, and bourbon. Inky and rich. A sustain of black cherry, figs, and plums. Medium tannins. Moderate acidity. Ending with maple, vanilla, and sweet spice. Clean but medium finish.

“You are growing into consciousness and my wish for you is that you feel no need to constrict yourself to make other people comfortable.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates

“When we say that people [American Freedmen] are poor, we’re not talking about people just lacking money. We’re talking about people who are living under particular conditions that destroy values, minds, outlooks, spirits, and continue to perpetuate poverty through the types of [downtrodden] psychology that is ultimately inculcated within those people.”

Dr. Amos Wilson

Gentlemen of the Pure Reparations Movement – in this post I want to highlight the real fact of the Sister Soldiers in our movement. This powerful letter was penned by powerful Sister Morgan Malachi of the Tubman House Center For Reparative Justice (a link to their website is at the bottom of this post).

Her Twitter handle is: @Moreaga1865 – follow her.

One of the things that struck me about this letter is that it – in concrete writer-ship is showing me that the simple message and the complex implications of reparations is becoming the mentality of young American Freedmen. Right Now. At the same time – THE SISTERS have been absolutely breathtaking in their understanding, their up-front advocacy, and their steadfastness. I could find no lies in this letter. Between the lines though – that Black mama, sister, auntie, type protectiveness – Y’all know what I mean. That love. That unconditional trust. Came through.

The other reason I reposted this letter is because I was getting a little worn-out from the “advocational grind.” You Know? And getting tired of being unjustly attacked by some of the less enlightened advocates simply because I was born in 1956 (the Sisters protected me against that too – shot my opposition down). This letter (along with Sister Morgan) re-inspired and reinvigorated me to continue the work despite all the despites I could use to excuse myself from reparations justice activities.

Here It Is:

An Open Letter to American Freedmen (Otherwise Known as Black Americans) On the Issue of Lineage Based Reparations

By Tubman House Center For Reparative Justice

The growing grassroots push for reparations has been tainted by an erroneous narrative questioning who the descendants of US chattel slavery are and how this Black population can possibly be distinguished from the current Black immigrant population. This ahistorical narrative is extremely dismissive and rooted in the inherent disrespect of American Freedmen. We write this as members of the grassroots American Freedmen reparations community.

A so-called ‘legacy’ organization, the “National African American Reparations Commission” (NAARC), spoke out against lineage-based reparations in a recent press release, stating that this is the “second time” they’re addressing who qualifies for American Freedmen reparations. Did we not hear about it the first time because NAARC is only interested in maintaining their position as gatekeepers in the [reparations activist] community?

Who gave NAARC, and the affiliated organizations mentioned in the press release permission to assert themselves as the leaders in this movement? Affiliates like the “National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America” (N’COBRA), Black Lives Matter (BLM), Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), the NAACP, National Urban League, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, National Congress of Black Women, National Council of Negro Women, and the National Action Network (NAN)?

Did NAARC present their perspective to the masses of American Freedmen to obtain any consensus? No perspective given that we’ve seen. In truth, NAARC’s letter is rife with common misconceptions and obtuse questions used to muddle the righteous justice claim of American Freedmen. [See 1]

Queen Mother Moore was a leading figure in the reparations struggle of the twentieth century, she authored a pamphlet titled: “Why Reparations?” in 1963. The pamphlet is an extensive account of atrocities American Freedmen endured during slavery throughout the Reconstruction era. She also writes a timeline on direct reparation payments throughout history. Queen Mother Moore’s language and specificity of the people harmed and their descendants who demand repair was very clear. Here is a powerful passage from “Why Reparations?:” [See 2]

“Relative to members of the Black Race who boast of one white parent, and wish
to identify themselves with that parent rather than identify themselves with the
Black Race, the Committee follows the custom [as] established by the United
States Government and rules,’ …an individual with one drop of ‘Negro’ blood in
his or her veins is considered a Negro.’ However, the Committee declares that those individuals who do not wish to share in the just and fair Reparations, are
not obligated to do so. They are however, obligated not to join the enemies
[whites and Negro reparations oppositionists] of the American citizens of African
descent to campaign against the payment of Reparations.”

N’COBRA, NAARC, and IBW are acting as reparation oppositionists; they are obligated to remember their elders’ words and not act as the enemy of reparations for the American Freedmen. Queen Mother Moore was not talking about Africans, Caribbeans, or Black Latinos. She was discussing American Freedmen that can trace their lineage to United States chattel slavery exclusively.

NAARC is an organization that has not been relevant to American Freedmen in thirty years. This organization is in total opposition to the current political moment. IBW is also in association with a known federal informant – Ronald Karenga, a convicted torturer of Black women. These are the organizations supposedly appointed to the American Freedmen struggle for reparations? This is a complete farce. The purpose of reparations is to address a specific historical “LINEAGE” that is – descendants of chattel slavery in the United States. [Insertions of] Atlantic world slavery and imperialism are out of place in this discussion. [See 3 and 4]

The “confusion” being presented by anti-lineage based organizations such as N’COBRA, NAARC, and the IBW is abhorrent. The eligibility assertion made by NAARC that the opposing organizations are promoting “genetic based lineage” is false. Lineage-based reparations is solely based on identifying American Freedmen – whom are well documented on US census records. [See 5]

The United States government has accurately documented both our enslaved ancestors as well as Black people who immigrated to the United States. Enslaved American Freedmen and their descendants will not be located on any immigration documentation. The tactics used to disrupt lineage based reparations are not going unnoticed, and will continue to be fiercely refuted. Let there be no mistake, the American Freedmen population may not [yet] have a census designation – but we know exactly who we are. We are a distinct ethnic group that will not be collapsed under a false notion of universal Blackness.

Like American Freedmen lineage, the records of formerly enslaved American Freedmen (and their descendants) demanding the United States government pay reparations is another subject well documented in US History. On March 11, 1867 H.R. 29 was introduced. This bill outlined land confiscation within the “Confederate States of America” to be distributed to former slaves. [See 6]

Our ancestor Callie House was imprisoned in 1918 for daring to fight for the type of legislation being delayed by derisive notions that enslaved American Freedmen descendants are a mystical group of hard to designate people in America. American Freedmen and their ancestors who built America deserve better. We, the descendants of the formerly enslaved American Freedmen, will be as vigilant as our ancestors in ensuring the protection of our inheritance. We will confront disrespect and demand accountability from parties convoluting our full repair. We will confront those who seek to devalue our lineage with attempts to revise the history of the American Freedmen’s reparation movements.

We are here to say you will handle our people with the utmost respect within this sacred work of repairing our ancestral harms. Do not tell us it is difficult to know whom has been fully harmed as Black people living in America. We have no qualms directing you to American cemeteries throughout the country where our ancestors have been laid to rest for hundreds of years. Some of those cemeteries have been discovered underneath American colonial city buildings. American Freedmen lineage is abundantly clear to the people and the government (because there is extensive and comprehensive documentation available). Any confused parties are implored to research the history of American Freedmen. [See 7, 8, 9]

American Freedmen created a culture in the United States which is inextricably linked to our experience as enslaved people [in America]. We ask NAARC this: “Can someone simply move to Nigeria and become a Yoruba?” Can someone just move to Ghana and become an Asante? Why are American Freedmen expected to subsume and repair the entire Diaspora? If everyone otherwise lineaged and/or recently landed here can be an American Freedman – then who are we?

In the era before the 1965 Immigration Bill the numbers of Black immigrants were minuscule compared to our current era. Today these groups are here in larger numbers and have created their own separate ethnic based communities. This is why you have places such as “Little Liberia” and “Little Haiti.” What do these communities have to do with American Freedmen culture? Kwame Ture and Shirley Chisholm worked within established American Freedmen movements for liberation (as true allies and freedom fighters). They did not make the same ethnic distinctions current Black immigrants have made.

It is outrageous that NAARC would even mention Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Colin Powell in this conversation; they are obstructionists directly involved with American Freedmen oppression. During the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois, American Freedmen Republican Alan Keyes had this to say about Obama:

“Well, frankly, I think that because of my race, race is no longer on the table.
As a matter of fact, I think it’s kind of strange – it’s one of those things that shows
that sometimes people don’t think things through. Barack Obama and I have the
same race – that is, physical characteristics. We are not from the same heritage.
And it’s about time people started to realize that there’s something racist about
not looking at the specific heritage of individuals, but only looking at their skin

“My ancestors toiled in slavery in this country. They were people who were
directly a part of the oppression of slavery in this country. My consciousness, who
I am as a person, has been deeply shaped by my struggle – deeply emotional and deeply painful – with the reality of that heritage and what it says about humanity, what it says about conscience, what it says about the terrible possibilities of human wickedness and injustice.”

“And that’s why, I believe, the slaughter of innocent life and the young is a direct
challenge to me, because of my heritage – not to do, with respect to that innocent
life in the womb, what others did with respect to my ancestors. That’s a burden I
bear. It’s also a great challenge that I feel.”

Obama remarked:

“Well, you know, I guess Mr. Keyes started off making a point that, somehow, he
is more authentically African American than I am. You know, I obviously find that
offensive, but moving forward, I thought this was a question about race.”

NAARC, N’COBRA, and the IBW continue to negate Obama’s ethnicity by pushing him into this discussion. American Freedmen are an ethnic group that Barack Obama – the 44th President of the United States is simply not a part of. The ethnicity of a formerly enslaved population should be respected and protected.

Obama also clashed with American Freedmen politicians in 2015 during Baltimore’s Freddie Gray uprisings. While addressing the growing clash between American Freedmen youth in Baltimore and the Baltimore Police Department – Obama referred to our young people as a “Handful of criminals and thugs who tore up the place.” In reaction to Obama’s comment, Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes said:

“You might as well just call them [N-words] if you’re going to call the city’s youth
thugs. We don’t have to call them names such as that.”

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield had this to say on Obama’s comment:

”These are children, high school students, you know, and I would not want to
classify them as thugs. […] Certainly they are lawbreakers, but they’re still
children. […] These are youth, these are teenagers who are misguided, who
don’t have the same maturity that adults have, and I would not venture to call
them thugs.”

Obama, Powell, and Harris have actively worked against Black liberation in America. They are also descendants of [Black] immigrants. How ironic is it that the people previously named were put in positions that American Freedmen still have not been able to access. [See 10 through 16]

NAARC mentions the murder of Amadou Diallo. Here is a perfect example of Black immigrants making distinctions based on ethnicity in America. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the late great Johnnie Cochran mobilized behind Kadiatou Diallo (Amadou Diallo’s mother). Al Sharpton was instrumental in the building of the Amadou Diallo Foundation. In return for the diligence American Freedmen activism provided, Kadi Diallo fired Johnnie Cochran and hired a white lawyer. Alton Maddox Jr., an Al Sharpton ally, was quoted saying in an op-ed article for The New York Amsterdam News:

”Make no mistake about it, […] the mother of Amadou Diallo …is no Rosa Parks. While Parks retained and stuck with an attorney of African ancestry, […] Kadiatou Diallo has suspiciously chosen to replace attorney Johnnie Cochran with a Wall Street law firm which has no history of rocking the boat or threatening the status quo.”

Alton Maddox Jr. goes on to say:

”All that the African community has done for Diallo, […] she announced
(through her recently retained white attorney) …that it was time for the city to
heal from the racial strife caused by the marches and demonstrations in the
aftermath of her son’s death. She is either an opportunist or a fool or both. Civil disobedience did not cause this city’s racial strife.”

Kadiatou Diallo chose to side with the system of white supremacy instead of resisting it. Therefore breaking the social contract between American Freedmen and Black immigrants. Kadiatou Diallo was also able to petition the US government for repair. The descendants of US chattel slavery deserve the same redress. Diallo’s mother Kadiatou Diallo is quoted talking about the ways she’s putting the settlement money she was awarded towards her specific ethnic advocacy:

“The foundation will be working on bringing the Amadou Diallo scholarship that has been proposed to help [immigrant] students, because, you know, my son came to America for a reason. He wanted to gain higher education in an American college”

American Freedmen should have the same opportunity. [See 17, 18]

Like Amadou Diallo, the murder of Eric Garner was a tragedy. The harm his immediate family suffered in the aftermath is the type of injustice American Freedmen can never see repaired. Erica Garner (Eric’s daughter) passed away at the age of 27. Her mother Esaw Snipes was quoted as saying:

“The only thing I can say is that she was a warrior […] She fought the good fight.
This is just the first fight in 27 years she lost. I warned her every day, you have to
slow down, you have to relax and slow down.”

Erica Garner herself was quoted saying:

“That’s the most annoying question I get. People ask: ‘When will you stop
marching? What do you want from marching?’ He was my father, […] I will always march.”

The direct result of generational harms can not be denied in the Garner family case. Even though families dealing with police violence have access to monetary redress, the lasting epigenetic effects on American Freedmen families will never compare to any other ethnicity in the US. [See 19, 20]

The wealth of America, without a shadow of a doubt, was built on the centuries of free labor from American Freedmen. Any organization representing the American Freedmen community that denies this simple fact is illegitimate. Slave labor definitively established this country as a global economic power.

Throughout history the harms of America were inflicted in overwhelming numbers to the descendants of US chattel slavery, not Black immigrants. Additionally, the decision – the choice to enter a well-known racialized society was not afforded to American Freedmen. US racism is a system of oppression. Systemic oppression was organized as a necessary mechanism of US chattel slavery, and American Freedmen were the targets of every form of racialized discrimination that was created after emancipation. Below is just a small selection of historic events. Let’s look at how many Black immigrants would have actually been affected. [See 21, 22]

The Homestead Act May 20 1862:
White people were given land by the American government, leaving behind American Freedmen. The 1860 US census documents 526 African immigrants and 7,353 immigrants from the West Indies. The American Freedmen population was not documented on the US census until 1870 at which time our numbers exceeded 4 million. The outrage and injustice of 4 million people is being conflated with the experiences of a miniscule number of Black immigrants. [See 23]

Redlining 1933:
In 1933, the US government started a program to segregate America’s housing market. The 1930 US census documents zero African immigrants and 23,512 West Indian immigrants. In contrast, 1.7 million Italians were the highest immigrant population at the time. The 1930 US census documents 11.9 million American Freedmen impacted by Redlining. [See 24]

War On Drugs June 1971:
President Nixon declared a “War on Drugs” in 1971. The 1970 US census records 61,463 Black African immigrants (once again at 1,008,533 – Italians were the highest immigrant population). The US Census shows in 1970, 22.6 million American Freedmen were about to be impacted by this war. [See 25]

Lineage based reparations is an indisputable reparative justice issue. From 1619 through the present day – American Freedmen have yet to be approached in this conversation with the honor that has been earned. These “legacy” organizations – N’COBRA, NAARC, and IBW absolutely do not speak for the American Freedmen justice claim. These organizations do not and will never have the right to obscure our struggle for reparations with shameless ethnicity erasure tactics. N’COBRA, NAARC, IBW, and all other agent provocateurs want to give American Freedmen inheritance away to ALL Black people in America. This will not happen and we are here to ensure the success of lineage based reparations. [See 26]

For truth, solidarity, and our ancestors we implore every American Freedman to make their disapproval and righteous anger known. Respectability politics will never prevent organizations like these from bastardizing our reparations claim. We will not allow respectability politics to influence the way we address N’COBRA, NAARC, IBW, and other irrelevant community leeches. We ask that the real grassroots reparations movement embody the strength of every ancestor that built America to ensure these Black gatekeepers understand fully that their time is up!


As you have read – this letter serves as an enlightenment and a warning.

There is no more important issue for American Freedmen to pursue at this time than reparations. Full Stop. This movement has no room for ambiguity or side conversations. No room for Black gatekeepers operating as proxies for white supremacy. It is time for the intelligent deployment of our anger and indignation into securing our withheld inheritance. This letter embodies that intelligence.


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Reparations Defined by Attorney Dr. Robert L. Brock

I was assisted in writing this post by a wonderful bottle of Chateau Chante Alouette – Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2018. A serious red Bordeaux. I caught this one by chance. This lady usually sells for $60.00. I think the store inadvertently mispriced it (no sale was in progress – and it wasn’t on clearance). It was the only one on the shelf. So I quickly grabbed it – paid the $24.99 on the price tag and got out the store. A medium but complex body. Strong tannins, plums, ripe cherries, wood. A sweet end game of cinnamon and vanilla. Smooth – clean finish.

“No Self stands alone. Behind it stretches an immense chain of physical and – as a special class within the whole – mental events, to which it belongs as a reacting member and which it carries on. Through the condition at any moment of its somatic, especially its cerebral system, and through education, and tradition, by word, by writing, by monument, by manners, by a way of life, by a newly shaped environment… by so much that a thousand words would not exhaust it, by all that, I say, the Self is not so much linked with what happened to its ancestors, it is not so much the product, and merely the product, of all that, but rather, in the strictest sense of the word, the SAME THING as all that:

The strict, direct continuation of it, just as the Self aged fifty is the continuation of the Self aged forty.”

Erwin Schrodinger

“When we connect with our ancestors and put their wisdom into action, we are evolving our collective consciousness. We are transporting the ancient truths of our collective past and birthing them into our future. What we create out of those truths extends the wisdom of all those who have gone before us, and it provides a guide for all those who will follow.”

Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset

Before becoming an active participant in the reparations movement – I never, ever heard of Dr. Robert L. Brock. If he is still alive, as of this writing, he would be 98 years old (I could find no recent information about him on the net). I first heard his name uttered disparagingly at an N’COBRA gathering by (the now deceased) Dr. Conrad Worrill. I processed what I heard the same way I process disparaging language regarding a Black person from white people. If he/she is doing and/or saying something they don’t like – that Black person must be doing something good. Well – I decided to find out more about this guy.

So here we are.

Dr. Robert L. Brock – even though most of us have never heard of him, is quite consequential in the reparations movement. Based in Los Angeles – he regards reparations as something that is long overdue. He first became interested in reparations while attending Southwestern University School of Law during the early 1950’s. He was propelled to action after reading President Andrew Johnson’s veto of post-Civil War legislation that would have given American Freedmen 40 acres and a mule. In 1956 he and others founded the “Self-Determination Committee.” For decades he spoke on this issue in churches, community centers, and colleges. An unrelenting and sharp activist. Within the old-school reparations movement he was/is regarded as a kind of elder statesman.

He has done some activist work with the late Queen Mother Audley Moore of Los Angeles and the late Ray Jenkins (aka “Reparations Ray”) of Detroit. Dr. Brock worked with the late attorney Johnnie L. Cochran on a slavery reparations lawsuit against the United States. He also worked with Randall Robinson – author of “The Debt.” Dr. Brock filed a reparations class action suit in 1956 that went to the Supreme Court. Dr. Brock states, “The wealth of America is our legal property. But we must make our legal claims to get money.” Dr. Brock projected years ago that the price for Native Black American reparations would be quite huge, somewhere in the trillions, by his estimate. But the money, he said, can and must be found.

He felt that it was too soon to worry about the cost.

Before being limited by health problems – Dr. Brock was holding meetings across the country in support of the late Congressman John Conyers’ HR40 Bill. For almost two decades, Dr. Brock spoke at forums with Conyers endorsing the idea of a study of reparations for American Freedmen. Over time, Dr. Brock felt that Congressman Conyers was perpetrating a 25-year political charade when he asserted that he was submitting reparations legislation every year, but he “couldn’t get it out of committee.” Even though the Bill was originally introduced in 1989 and Congressman Conyers also became the House Judiciary Committee chair in 1989. Dr. Brock saw this as a yearly political “ritual” with no practical end. Amazingly, before he died, Conyers said that reparations are “too controversial to pursue at this time.” (Is that so?) Conversely – Dr. Brock forcefully retorted: “The time is ripe to move the reparations movement to the top of the American agenda.”

So – HR40 was created in bad faith? For Show? WOW…

My understanding as far as the disdain the late Dr. Conrad Worrill had for Dr. Brock was that he broke with any associations with N’COBRA because of a difference in reparations distribution philosophy. Dr. Brock was a hard-core-ist regarding distributing cash payments to individuals. N’COBRA uncompromisingly wanted control of all reparations policy, resources, and distributions through a “reparations trust authority.” Dr. Brock couldn’t accept the N’COBRA position. He eventually cut them off. And there has been bad blood between them ever since.

The undated memo below was written between 1963 – 1965.

This work was never under copyright protection. Works in the public domain may be used freely without the permission of the former owner.

Here It Is:


From the Desk of Attorney Dr. Robert L. Brock on Reparations:

Reparations is the value in payment for slave labor that Black People never received for 400 years of slave labor that should have accrued to the present U.S. Slaves Descendants as their inheritance. Reparations is also the “40 acres and a mule” that Black People of [American] slave and slave descent never received. Reparations is Money (gold), Goods and Services due Slave Descendants. Reparations is an Economic Emancipation that is long overdue Black People. The Indians received Reparations from the United States and the Jews received Reparations from Germany and presently the United States is paying damages to the Japanese (see note below), not Reparations. Reparations is payment made outside of the law. The Japanese are citizens and their legal Constitutional rights were violated.

Germany paid Reparations as a war demand to the Allied Powers. This is the kind of Reparations should be paid to U.S. Slaves and Slaves’ Descendants since U.S. Negroes do not come under U.S. Constitutional provisions but come under a DEMAND FOR REPARATION for Enslavement in an Act of War (undeclared) until a treaty or Article 73 a,b,c,d,e of The Charter of the United Nations as Non‐Self‐Governing People. The Japanese were interned in concentration camps with armed guards for 5 years (under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066), whereas, the Black American slaves and their descendants are in slavery and captivity for 400 years without any pay for labor and the fruits of their labor.

It is the slave labor of Negroes, and not the free labor of Whites and it is the uncompensated slave labor plundered by White People for more than 300 years that have made the United States the richest nation in the world, and we Black People are now in the process of demanding the value of our ancestors and antecedents before them’s [sic] plundered labor back and its value in money as our inheritance which is in the Trillions of dollars, money, goods, services and land.

Wars are fought for the taking of resources such as land, oil, gold, raw materials, violation of duty or rights, etc., but the war against Africans by the White Europeans was a war for the capture of the body and its use ONLY, and through the slave and triangular slave “trade” was as acts of enslavement continued for 300 years, and as long as the Africans (now called negro, black, American, colored, etc.) are in captivity, the war of enslavement continues, even to the present date hereof.

By warrant, authority and declaration in the year 1562, of Queen Elizabeth, a White English woman, war and African (negro) enslavement as acts of war began, an undeclared war without provocation or aggression by the Africans when Sir John Hawkins, who was the first Englishman, invaded the Continent of Africa and committed acts of war against African persons‐women‐men‐children after which, through plunder and pillage, the physical bodies of Africans were captured as enslavement as acts of war, as distinguished from the bodies of soldiers are captured as acts of war but not as acts of enslavement as war.

Reconstruction historians have generally agreed that one of the great tragedies of emancipation and Reconstruction was the failure of the United States and the Congress to provide economic security for the former chattel slaves principally by failing to provide them, over 4 million of them, with land. This was a deliberate act to deny Negro slaves any land for the purpose of forcing them to stay on the same plantation, and this fact is proven when one sees that cotton production reached the same level as when the Negroes were chattels. To this add Jim Crow, the Black Codes, lynching, etc.

Negro slave laborers (not the Industrial Revolution) provided the muscle, labor and scientific innovations without pay for three centuries, clearing the wilderness in the United States and making the land productive (the Whites and Indians did not do it). Who got the three hundred years of slave labor, money, goods, profits from scientific inventions, and services that Black People created from slave labor?

It is the Government of the United States and individual White men, White women and White children and others of the free structure and their heirs following in interest in a consecutive, successive succession of [the possession of] the Negro slaves’ labor and value to the present.


WOW —– some of our elders were killers. Don’t you agree Family? The only solid ought that I personally have with Dr. Brock’s overall reparations philosophy is his taste for repatriation to Africa. Not focused on that. At the same time – even though Dr. Brock seems to be a Pan African leaning repatriationist, he speaks in specificity regarding the historic injuries and potential compensations to American Freedmen. I also like his vociferously uncompromising position on cash payments.

Dr. Brock said to a Los Angeles Times reporter in 1990: “This is my life.” Dr. Brock was a former seaman in the merchant marine who never married, has no children, and he sustained(s) himself through lecture honorariums and donations to him and his organization. Dr. Brock contends that groups like the NAACP won’t deal with the issue of reparations because they are afraid of offending politically moderate Blacks and supporters in the white community. Dr. Brock remarked: “I don’t know if I’ll live to see reparations for Black people… but I’ve been laying the foundation. Sooner or later we are going to get what this country owes us.”

We must learn more about our 20th Century Reparationist elders.

A Note On Japanese Reparations: Most of us at this writing are only familiar with reparations paid to formerly interned Japanese Americans and their descendants via the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, which was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. What he is referring to is the Japanese-American Claims Act of 1948. This allowed Japanese Americans to apply for compensation for property losses. By the time the Act was passed, the Internal Revenue Service had destroyed most of the internees 1939 – 1942 tax records. It was difficult for claimants to establish that their claims were valid. Under the Act – Japanese American families filed 26,568 claims totaling $148 million in requests. Only $37 million was approved and disbursed.

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My Remarks at the AB3121 Task Force Meeting 03/29/2022

Don’t Judge – Don’t Judge. Yeah. I was drinking wine early in the morning in the place of coffee. Yes. Those NAARC and N’COBRA people get on my damned nerves. Wine is the cure. Anyway!!! I was assisted in making those remarks by a bottle of Chateau Buena Vista Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2018. Leading with oak and ripe fruit. Full bodied structure – soft acidity. A medium sustain of blackberries, plums, and vanilla. Ending with raspberries. Long – complex finish.

“My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and kiss my ass.”

Christopher Hitchens

“Hypocrites get offended by the truth.”

Jess C. Scott – Bad Romance: Seven Deadly Sins Anthology

Here It Is:

Good Morning Task Force:

I’ll make this QUICK.

I get tired of others, including our Black elected representatives always pushing hard to make the descendants of American slaves the “MULES” for all other groups. Including Black immigrants. This is ridiculous. My lineage does all the work – absorbs all the pain – suffers through all the deprivation. But when it comes to some kind of justice – some kind of recompense. We are supposed to step to the back of the line and allow Caribbeans and Africans to be prioritized?

Taking this long to decide on something that should not be a question in the first place is an insult.

Now that I see how Pan Africanism works – I am against Pan Africanism.

If a correction is for the descendants of American slaves – why does it always have to be “Inclusive?” Correction is too good for just Native Black Americans. Right? Even though the slavery and abuse and Reconstructional failure was Exclusively targeted to us. Not targeted to Black folks that landed here voluntarily after the smoke cleared. Tired of this. Gotta include Eskimos, Martians, bluebirds, and any African that just flew in yesterday and got his feelings hurt by a random policeman.


And he then somehow deserves slavery reparations HERE? No he doesn’t. Anyone that thinks that he does is WRONG. Everyone on this panel understands that a race-based bill at this point is morally, legally, and constitutionally improper.

If this were a Jewish American issue – there would be no question as to eligibility. There would not be this level of open disrespect. Everybody would respect the legalities and sensitivities involved. Everybody on this panel would stay on subject. As the special and designated group of people that BUILT this country – WE exclusively deserve that special respect. AND we should not have to demand this.

This time – I hope that this panel will stay on subject – do the proper thing – and vote in favor of lineage-based reparations. – Hey NAARC and N’COBRA! – The people are not having your overscholarized nonsense.


This statement is self-explanatory. Share. Comment…

The Mascotting of Queen Mother Audley Moore

I was assisted in writing this post by a grand bottle of Luigi Bosca Terroir Los Miradores Malbec 2018. An Argentinian (Tunuyan Region) standout carefully aged for twelve months in French oak barrels. Fine structure. Leading in with plums, ripe orange, vanilla, and oak. Complex tannins. A sustain and ending of chocolate, expresso, and black cherries. Balanced acidity. Long – clean finish.

Luigi Bosca Terroir Los Miradores Malbec

“Those who seek temporary security rather than basic liberty deserve neither… We began to talk about wanting to be first class citizens. We didn’t want to be second class citizens. You would have sworn that second class was in the Constitution. Also that citizens have to fight for rights. Imagine a citizen having to fight for civil rights! The very thought of it is repulsive. And I resent it and I reject this citizenship that was imposed on me. From the bottom of my heart I reject it. This is the thing that motivates me and keeps me going.”

“It’s past due. The United States will never be able to pay us all they owe us. They don’t have the money. But they’ll owe it.”

Audley (Queen Mother) Moore

After four years of looking, searching, phone calls, and starting over three times over again – I finally found something monumental. Something that was written in Queen Mother Audley Moore’s own hand. A very rare twelve page pamphlet entitled: “Why Reparations? Money For Negroes.” A revealing publication that should [really] be supremely interesting to soldiers working out here in these reparationist streets. Especially those soldiers that are hard core about the correct answer to the clear question of recipient specificity. The CORRECT answer.

Yep. There is no question that Queen Mother Moore is the Pan African’s – Pan African. So much so that she, along with Callie House has been turned into a Pan African mascot. Good Pan African marketing, with nothing revealed regarding her actual philosophy regarding reparations. The well-educated – well-informed NAARC (National African-American Reparations Commission) has a whole page on their website regarding Queen Mother Moore. But this pamphlet is strangely not included, even though this work exclusively focuses on reparations.

AND – even though this well-educated – well-informed commission [NAARC] is sharply aware of its existence. Sharply. After reading this work, now I see (you will too) why The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis never speaks on the substance of the true nature of Queen Mother Moore’s reparations energy and position.

Ahh… When it comes to reparations. Understand? At this point, read this post for yourself and judge on how much her well-reasoned position matches The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis’ non-specific Black universalist reparations position.

I will have further thoughts at the end of this post.

This work was never under copyright protection. Works in the public domain may be used freely without the permission of the former owner. I have reproduced all twelve pages (typos corrected) in their entirety so that you may see for yourself.

Here It Is:


REPARATIONS: For African Americans

Why Reparations?





Mrs. Audley A. Moore



PRICE $1.00



This work is dedicated to the HERALD-DISPATCH newspaper and the REPARATIONS COMMITTEE Inc., for their unselfish, uncompromising determination to contribute toward peaceful solution of the Reparations problem, which will undoubtedly become a social battle cry, in the immediate future, the likes of which this country has never heard heretofore.

Audley M. Moore


1431 West Jefferson Boulevard

Los Angeles 7, California


Why Reparations?

After 244 years of free slave labor and the most inhuman, sinister, and barbaric atrocities which pass in magnitude any savagery perpetrated against human beings in the history of the planet earth, and an additional one hundred years of so-called freedom accompanied by terror, the Committee seeking Reparations for the descendants of America’s Slaves, concludes that the payment of Reparations is an absolute necessity if the Government of the United States is ever to wipe the slate clean, redeem herself, and pay for the damages she has inflicted upon more than 25 million American citizens, who are members of the Black Race. The payment of Reparations is the only position America can take in the interest of justice and make an effort to restore the dignity to 13.1 percent of her citizenry.

THEREFORE, WE, The Committee For The Securing of Reparations For The Descendants of men and women brought from the continent of Africa, and enslaved in the United States of America for more than 244 years, and are now commonly referred to as “Negroes,” do now make formal request of the Government of the United States, for fair and just compensation for the loss of the property rights in the labor of our foreparents. For which no payment of any kind has ever been made. The loss of so great a value in labor and skills, by which means [certain] citizens of this nation, whom as a class called themselves “slave owners,” over a period of 244 years became unjustly enriched, thereby making possible the development of so many of the vast and numberless fortunes [possessed by them] – which even today accounts for a very considerable portion of this nation’s wealth, is now due and payable to us as victims of this loss.

WHEREAS, the original drafters of the Constitution of this nation recognized the property rights in a man’s labor, they recognized [the] members of the Black Race only as chattels or animals. Consequently, Black people were never thought of as attaining the status of [white] men and women, and thus no consideration had to be given to their labor and skills, nor [were] any rights extended whatsoever to them, either legal or human.

The signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, belatedly bestowed the legal rights of ex-slaves, and provided that they be “classified” as human beings, [as] men and women. The Proclamation also made it unlawful to continue to force ex-slaves to contribute their labor and skills without “fair” compensation.


The Supreme Court of the United States has now established that members of the Black Race in America, no matter how they came, nor the circumstances of their existence, are now, and retroactively have been human beings. And as human beings, these men and women, members of the Black Race, are logically and legally entitled to all of the rights and benefits accorded to Caucasian men and women, including the right of inheritance and property rights, which are also retroactive.

Many years ago the Courts of the United States ruled that a man or woman has a property right in labor and skills, and that such [a] right is subject to [all] the laws governing inheritance. Hence, under the Inheritance Law, [American] members of the Black Race, as human beings and citizens, despite national (or regional) customs and practices, should be governed and protected [equally].

The fact, that no consideration was ever accorded members of the Black Race, who as a class were called “slaves” and whose descendants, as a class, are now called “Negroes” has compounded the original injury to those now called “Negroes.” This injury ranges all the way from chronic and extensive poverty – [this] causing suffering and emotional distress resulting from:

a – Lynching
b – Jim Crow – Segregation
c – Disfranchisement
d – Raping
e – Denial of the Right to Vote in Southern States
f – Police Brutality
g – Use of Dogs and Water Hoses
h – Use of Electric Cattle Prods
i – Use of Horses and Billy Clubs

And, the widespread contempt and disdain which we receive from our fellow citizens, [that are themselves] not relegated to such [a low] class. Being subject to [white] mental mayhem, a condition that will inevitably culminate into Genocide, unless stopped.

We – in the name of humanity created by God to seek a full life while in this earthly domain; for the cause of justice for which mankind craves; for the sake of dignity which all men strive; we,


the people of African origin enclosed [and formerly enslaved] within the boundaries of the United States of America do declare that:

We do not now, nor have we ever had equal protection under the laws of this country which by various customs are not enforced, when we are involved.

We have, since 1863 been the victims of mob violence, lynching and systematized atrocities, to a far greater extent than any other citizens, or residents of this country.

We charge that: our language, culture and original heritage were [over time] methodically and deliberately destroyed.

Our names and geographical identity were systematically obliterated.

We are denied the legal right to shelter by discrimination, custom, overt de jure segregation, and subtle de facto segregation.

The Reparations Committee, is seeking relief in money damages for the victims of these injustices with which to begin a program of rehabilitation. It is, further, the desire of this Committee that every well-meaning and patriotic American, whatever his position in life, do his utmost by word as well as deed, to help this long overdue and just effort to erase the blot and stigma from the unfortunate past of America’s history – by public and official expiration for the wrongs heaped in multiplicity upon a large mass of [formerly enslaved] American Citizens whom have contributed so richly to America’s culture, welfare, and safety.


(s) S. Alexander, Chairman of Board of Directors
(s) Audley A. Moore, President and Founder
(s) Charles H. Davis, National Chairman
(s) Berta Forrest, National Recording Secretary
(s) Stacey Adams, State Chairman, California


Poverty, The Results of Chattel Slavery

The contents of this booklet are addressed not only to our people in particular, whom are [the] victims of oppression, but also to the white people of the United States who need this great opportunity to cleanse themselves of wrongs done to our people by their cruel ancestors.

By way of preface there is little to say since the character of this work is embodied in this booklet, which is the fruit of untiring effort, research and investigation into the phenomenon of our special oppression. [From] which [certain] effects stem from the anti-social nature of the slave system in this country, with its reprehensible acts of barbarism, which violated all natural laws of human aspirations and justice. The atrocious deeds done to our ancestors by the legions of white fiends rise before us in new and irresistible horror. It is intended to meet the need of bringing to the people of this country a great principal of restitution by those of us who desire to raise our people from the degradation of national poverty resulting from the effects of chattel slavery, which has left us without [access to] national resources.

The fact that Reparations has not yet been included along with the integrationist leaders’ demands is because they underestimated the depth and the bitterness of our suffering and the intelligence of our people. In spite of our indomitable will to die for our rights like men and women on our feet rather than live on our knees. This was demonstrated by our unquenchable revolutionary fervor at the United Nations when the Honorable Patrice Lumumba of The Congo, Africa was murdered, and on the picket lines and demonstrations throughout this country. Where our people in their massive efforts to become citizens endured the foul onslaught of tear gas, fire hoses, police dogs, police brutality, and arrest to secure those rights denied us by the oppressive villains.

Without Reparations our people can never be on equal terms with the white sons of our former slavemasters who continue to reap the abundant benefits of the wealth created by our foreparents through their centuries of unrequited labor. The unpaid labor of African slaves [chattelized in America] laid the foundation for the accumulation of the wealth that ultimately made the U.S.A. the richest country in the world. During the period of slavery millions of our people died while being transported under conditions of indescribable horror while crossing the “middle passage.” Our roots and culture were


ruthlessly destroyed. We were deprived of human status, with families broken and fragmented and family ties eliminated, our women were raped and abused, our men were placed in chains. Bred like animals our children were taken from us and given over to owners and slavemasters to be sold on the auction block. Today our [Black] youth are taught false history, theories and principles to prevent race pride.

The Reparations Committee will present the evidence of the lawless vendors in human flesh in all its sickening and horrible details.

Through the signing of Emancipation Proclamation we were ostensibly granted freedom and full citizenship, [along] with the ensuing amendments to the Constitution – but these [citizenship rights] were then, and continue to be, withheld from us. Therefore, our suit demanding payment of a debt long overdue is justified. Although no amount of Reparations could adequately repay us for the cruelty we suffered. Still, there must be a recognition of the crimes committed against us and a just settlement before the issue can be considered closed.

The two major political parties of our oppressors (Democrats and Republicans) have consistently tried to keep this issue of slavery and Reparations hidden, but [the act of] suppressing it has caused one of the greatest socio-economic problems of this age. This [reparations] issue is clear. No civilized human society would contest, and no democratic state would neglect, or in this case shun its [ultimate] responsibility to adequately recompense those from whom such sacrifices were extracted. Besides our unrequited labor we have given genius to America – the genius of Benjamin Banneker, Harriet Tubman, Crispus Attucks, and Dorie Miller. African-Americans have given their very lives to preserve the American Dream, [of] which they have not [as yet] shared in.

The 100th year since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation which was to free our people from chattel slavery, finds us suffering economic and political oppression in the U.S.A. Therefore, the question of the continued subjugation of an entire people, landless and disenfranchised, deprived of equal status with the rest of the general populace, deprived of recognition of our contribution to the culture and enrichment of the [United States] economy – remains.


Therefore, considering our present intolerable status here [in the United States] – the future, if there is to be one, rests on the solution presented. The demand for Reparations must become the first goal of every African American.

History substantiates the justness of our claim. However, of all the people who have received Reparations for wrongs committed against them, none of their claims are as historically or morally compelling as the demand for Reparations for the descendants of American Slaves.

In view of the foregoing, we the descendants of those Africans, uprooted from our [original] homeland, transported to this alien land, and once here – forcibly made to labor without pay for centuries, through the sponsorship of the U.S.A. – do hereby set forth the following claims and demands, as embodied herein.

Claim for Reparations Filed

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, which became effective January 1, 1863, The Reparations Committee for United States Slaves Descendants Inc., a non-profit corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of California, filed a claim for Reparations and money damages with the United States Government on December 20, 1962 – for more than 25 million American [slave descendant] Citizens.

Members of the Black Race.

THE FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION as filed, sets forth, and proceeds, and sues on behalf of and for the benefit of a class consisting of approximately 25 million Americans of African descent, whose antecedents and ancestors before them, until 1863, were held in cruel and inhuman slavery. The claimants [justifiably] ask for Reparations in the form of money damages, for the loss of their ancestors’ fair share of property which accrued by reason of their skills and labors to the use and benefit of those persons, citizens of the United States of America, whom as a class, called themselves “slaveowners,” and who did, with the sanction, approval and protection of the United States Government, became unjustly enriched by the use of such forced human labor.


THE SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION calls attention to “THE UNJUST ENRICHMENT of and to said ‘OWNERS’ by such wrongful claims of the ownership of human beings as property, and by the wrongful use of such forced human labor, which continued for a period of more than two hundred years, until 1863. Those of the class for whose benefit complaint sues herein, and by such wrongful taking without their consent.”

THE THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION calls attention to the fact that the United States of America and all free nations and societies, whereby [white] individuals enjoy property ownership and its attendant benefits, such as inheritance and descent. The descendants of America’s slaves were denied this right.

This brilliantly prepared Claim calls attention to the fact that Slaves and their descendants have contributed to the wealth of the United States and at the same time remained impoverished economically, weakened culturally, and demeaned socially. Referring to the fact that the United States is a signatory to the International Organization of the United Nations, whose charter and conventions prohibit the cruel and oppressive treatment of any racial or ethnic group. The Claim sets forth that various states within the domain and under the central power control of the United States Government, since the Emancipation Proclamation, have violated and continue to violate the express provisions of the Federal Constitution and supreme laws of the land including the charter of the United Nations which is otherwise known and recognized as the crime of “GENOCIDE.”

Under the provisions of the aforementioned Constitution of the United States of America, the Claim states, as explicitly enunciated by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in its now legendary school desegregation decision, and in subsequent decisions, unqualified recognition is accorded to the constitutional guarantees and limitations concerning Human Rights.

Article XI Offers Precedents. It states:

“Strong and compelling as may be the merits of this Claim for Reparations on its face alone, it is not without apt precedents in the field of law of nations. Particular references here are made in regards to the payment of Reparations by West Germany, under a Treaty


signed in 1952, to the new nation of Israel and, quite significantly, to a separate private body known as the ‘Conference of Jewish Organizations on behalf of Jews.’ Details will be developed subsequently in legal proceedings.” Other and similar precedents on Reparation payments by the United States Government are as follows:

The Definition of Reparations:

  • Amends or compensation for loss or damage.
  • The action of repairing or keeping in a repaired state – Webster’s Dictionary.

The Precedents:

A. Germany paid reparations to the allies under the [1919] Versailles Treaty of World War I. Germany was considered the aggressor nation [in this case].

B. Finland paid [substantial] reparations to Russia – Concluding its last payment on September 18, 1944.

C. United States paid and continues to pay reparations to American Indians, for the denial of citizenship rights and the loss of personal property. And, at the end of almost five centuries, the United States is still negotiating with American Indians regarding the payment for the recent seizure of property to the tune of 29 million dollars.

D. United States paid reparations to the Philippines in September, 1962 – for damages to that country and the use of that nation during World War I.

E. United States paid reparations to Japanese Americans – for the denial of rights, the seizure of property, and confinement in concentration camps during World War II. Reparations were paid to individual Nisei and was deemed tax free (see note below).

F. Germany, under a Treaty signed in 1952 – paid reparations to the Jews and to Israel.


Finland Reference: World Today – Page 307 – July, 1952. The Finland Treaty was signed on February, 1947.


On September 18, 1944 Finland paid its last installment on Reparations resulting from the Russo-Finnish Armistice of 1944 and an amendment to the agreement of December, 1944-45 – in the amount of 300 million dollars:

R. F. Harrod – said in an article on German Reparations: “…we lack experience of what civilized white men will do under the lash. Well now we have some experience, and it may be an edifying story.”

German Reparations to Israel: The 1952 Treaty and its effects.

German Reparations to Israel Reference: International World Today – Vol. 10 – June, 1954 – Page 258.

Relative to members of the Black Race who boast of one white parent, and wish to identify themselves with that parent rather than identify themselves with the Black Race, the Committee follows the custom [as] established by the United States Government and rules, ” …an individual with one drop of ‘Negro’ blood in his or her veins is considered a Negro.” However, the Committee declares that those individuals who do not wish to share in the just and fair Reparations, are not obligated to do so. They are however, obligated not to join the enemies [whites and Negro reparations oppositionists] of the American citizens of African descent to campaign against the payment of Reparations.

The Committee views seriously the fact that the United States Government gives, [that which is] extracted from all citizens including American citizens of African descent, and without our consent, billions of dollars to India to fight China, spends more than one million dollars daily in Laos, and sends millions to South Vietnam.

Under our present law the Internal Revenue Service each year makes a large cash contribution to Israel’s welfare, despite the fact that Israel is a sovereign state. Furthermore, more than 200 million dollars was spent to rescue the “Pigs” from Cuba, captured during the ill-fated mission of aggression on a sovereign nation by refugees stationed in this country. Also, Americans of African descent are asked to pay taxes equally with [white] others to provide “foreign aid” to Communist Poland, Communist Hungary, and Yugoslavia.

And England, France, Canada, and other countries whose citizens, if they wish – may become first-class citizens of this nation and [will] discriminate against African-Americans, whom are [de facto] treated as step-citizens.


In view of the foregoing, it is the studied opinion of The Reparations Committee, that there can be no argument against the just Claim for Reparations for the American Citizens of African descent. The Reparations payment will be used to rehabilitate and elevate [out of] the national poverty which the American citizens of African descent suffer as a result of chattel slavery.

Preferential Treatment . . . YES

The Reparations Committee takes the position that the descendants of American Slaves must be given preferential treatment – NOW – with immediate hiring on a quota basis in every level of our industry, implemented with an intensified on the job training program. The program must be instituted and financed by the Federal Government – NOW.

It is the contention of the Reparations Committee that the descendants of American Slaves are entitled to 13.1 percent of all jobs in America. The job quota therefore, is the first step toward repairing the damages inflicted upon the slaves and their descendants, commonly known as Negroes.

Preferential treatment and hiring on a job quota basis will further serve to balance the mal-treatment of which the Negro has been a victim in this country for over 344 years.

The Negro Revolution of 1963 with its anti-climax, the March on Washington occurring August 28, 1963, resulted in little or no gains for the Negro masses. The Negro leaders’ demands are limited: Integration, and Freedom Now. The Reparations Committee argues that these are empty [non-productive] slogans, and that integration is possible only among equals.

It is the studied opinion of the Reparations Committee that the Negro masses are unable to compete with the white masses at present, because they have been deprived of equal status, denied equal education, denied economic and political opportunities. And, for a century, have lived on the outskirts of America’s society. Thus, the preferential treatment will raise the Negro to the academic, economic, and cultural level of the white citizens. Or, the government could, which would not be practicable – disenfranchise white citizens, deprive them of their citizenship rights, deprive them of education – or generally reduce them to the level of the Negro masses to equalize our citizenship. The Reparations Committee


believes this is not sound, that the Negro should be, via the preferential treatment option, given an on the job training program, being raised to the level of the white citizen – equalizing our citizenship, and preparing for an integrated society.

Unless steps are taken in this direction immediately – America cannot be classified as a civilized nation.

To those including – John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, who say they are opposed to preferential treatment and hiring of the Negro on a quota basis, obviously wish to maintain the Negro on status quo. Those who oppose quota hiring on the one hand and say they support the Civil Rights fight on the other, are double talking and actually wish to subvert the revolution and deny the payments for damages inflicted by the United States Government upon the descendants of American Slaves. The power structure, by refusing to agree to hire Negroes on a quota basis are refusing to admit their responsibility for the plight of the Negroes.

Without preferential treatment, the Negro will never be on equal terms with white America. The white American has a 344 year head start on the descendants of American slaves. They must, therefore, have special or preferential treatment to catch up.

History substantiates the African American’s Claim for cash payment of Reparations from the United States. Thus, the Reparations Committee calls upon African American leadership to make the demand for cash payments of Reparations, “THE BATTLE CRY FOR FREEDOM IN 1963,” which would include 25 million step-citizens in the American Dream.



Thank You Great Ancestor!!!

Ahh… No wonder the Pannies have never taken pains to publish anything written by Queen Mother Moore. And I mean – Anything. Why? Because as we can see, her actual reparations philosophy, her actual words are problematic to present-day Pan African reparations marketing. The Axis will consistently trot out the IMAGES of Queen Mother Moore and Callie House. This without lessons or depth. Nothing.

We understand that Callie House’s mission was regarding pensions for Freedmen. We know that Queen Mother Moore was a solid Pan African. Question: “What else do we know about her in contrast to the marketing expended to us by The Axis?” Well now that we can read her own thoughts in her own hand – let us see:

ONE – she thinks that reparations eligibility should be limited to the descendants of American slaves. (Oops!) Not Pan African universalized to any Black person that just happens to fly in. Only to be inherited by the descendants of the people that were enslaved in the United States of America. Entirely. Just to be clear.

In contrast to the official NAARC/N’COBRA position:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the U.S. to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”

“It would be the height of hypocrisy to limit reparations to only those who can prove a direct lineage as victims of the enslavement era. For these and other reasons we believe that any effort to restrict discussion of reparations to those who can trace a direct line to slavery is not only a misreading of history, but falls prey to a peculiar form of “Black nativism” that identifies more with the nation-state known as the United States of America, rather than to our commonality with the rest of the African World. NAARC firmly asserts that reparations should not be restricted to people of African descent who can prove their lineage to what is being termed ‘American’ enslavement.”

This is a 180 degree difference from Queen Mother isn’t it? Looks like we’ve been lied to by Pan African omission. That’s what it looks like to me. OK. I am still trying to figure out where Diasporans got an “affirmed right” to our reparations.

Still looking.

Responding to the accusation of “Black nativism?” We accept the accusation. American Freedmen have made a 400 plus year forced investment into the formation, culturization, and direct building of this country. We are no longer “Africans.” Even though the largest part of our genetic makeup is African.


But a contained ethnogenesis occurred that cannot be genetically reversed nor retro-culturalized. Therefore, we do completely identify with the nation-state known as the United States of America. Yep. We built it. Why wouldn’t we? We fully celebrate the same nativism Frederick Douglass sustained after he released himself from slavery. And natives should practice nativism. Right?

Because, along with the Foundational White Americans (those Caucasians whose antecedents arrived on this land between 1619 and 1865), WE – the Foundational Black Americans Right Here are THE ACTUAL CO-OWNERS of this Mother. OK?

We’ve earned the RIGHT more than anyone else to call this OUR COUNTRY. Even after 400 plus years of unrecompensed hard laboring, unjustified marginalization, wholesale asset subtraction, the most deprivatory policies, laws, codes, AND the worst treatment ever experienced by human beings in the history of civilization. That peculiar investment – along with actively and tribalistically being partitioned from complete citizenship (singular or dual) in most African countries. The same stupidly tribalistic countries we were sold away from, and disparaged to (!?).

“What else are we going to identify with?” Tell us that Dr. Ron Daniels. To what country(s) are we repatriating to? Whom is accepting us? Which ones? Show Me Sir. Why would we repatriate from something that we substantially helped to build? “Build then leave?” Really? Ahh… NO. We are going to identify with the same RED – WHITE – AND BLUE super-rich country that every Pan African we know still comfortably wipes his ass at – pisses on – and makes residence in.

An American residency done with no repatriation plans whatsoever.

TWO – she believes that reparations should be expended in the form of cash payments to individuals. Was this a Pan African saying “Cut The Check?”

In contrast to the official NAARC/N’COBRA position:

” . . . it is critical to recognize that direct benefits are insufficient to repair the underdevelopment and destruction of communities.”

” . . . we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.” 

Do you remember hearing a “call” from anybody? Those on the specificity side of the reparations fence critically and correctly recognize that direct benefits are an essential and foremost part of any repair program in a capitalist – asset oriented society. Does that make sense as an American? It’s just like MacArthur Foundation grants (that’s a form of direct benefits) are sufficient to support the political misinformation operations of The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis. Any “authority” established to be a repository for YOUR MONEY is a guarantee that reparations will be compensation in name only. Don’t let this happen.

THREE – Queen Mother Audley Moore believed that the payment of direct cash reparations would be directly repairing and empowering to the Freedmen community. Never making a call to create an interposing commission to come between Native Black Americans to “receive,” “manage,” and “administer” our reparations money for a large operations cost. That cost being added to and grand theft compounded at the federal, state, and local levels. This is pure evil. The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis does not want you to see a dime of your reparations.

It seems like she trusted the financial judgment and constructive abilities of Freedmen Blacks more than The Axis does. And if the elders of NAARC and N’COBRA were tutored at the knee of the great and knowing Queen Mother Moore like they said they were – where did they get this “National Reparations Trust Authority” stuff from? That proposed construction seems so out of her character.

In contrast to the official NAARC/N’COBRA position:

“This Authority would be comprised of a cross-section of credible representatives of reparations, civil rights, human rights, labor, faith, education, civil and fraternal organizations and institutions. It would be empowered to establish subsidiary Trust Funds to administer projects and initiatives in the areas of culture, economic development, education, health and other fields as deemed appropriate based on the demands in the Reparations program.”

Notice that this “Authority” looks like a redo of the tired-assed, do-nothing NAACP. One of the standards that I apply to discern whether an individual is a sincere soldier operating in this reparations space is if that person supports direct cash payments. If they don’t – they are on some bullshit. Full Stop. (Cough) “Subsidiary Trust Funds?” – “Ahh… What’s That?” Sounds like something that a pimp with an MBA would come up with. “Other fields?” What “other fields?” And what are the judgment parameters for “deeming something appropriate?”

What “demands in what reparations program?” The “people” haven’t decided.

Now ask yourself a question. Give yourself an honest answer. Let’s say the first installment or action of a reparations program is an immediate closing of the wealth gap. Would you prefer that beautiful, juicy, tax-exempt CHECK drawn on the United States Treasury in an estimated amount of say $350,000 or possibly more going to YOU OR “The Reparations Trust Authority?” Run by Dr. Ron Daniels. And felonious Pan Africans. And pimp preachers. Your Choice.

I thought so. . .

OK. So Queen Mother Moore’s view of reparations distribution aligns with yours? Right? The other little thing that bothers me about The Axis’ position that Queen Mother Moore doesn’t demand is the inclusion of preachers in an “Authority” to manage your money. Absorb That Family – preachers managing your money.

Now – all of us are familiar with media reports of financial malfeasance and a plethora of sexual and other scandals, all committed by an unregulated and unsupervised clergy. Especially financial crimes. Right? So, “The Axis” is gonna put real preachers into real contact with not millions. Not billions. But trillions of dollars of our money. Do we really want to do that? All those “extra unregulated – unsupervised hands?” Queen Mother Moore’s view is real simple. Just put the money directly into the hands of the eligible recipients.

That’s It.

In the 1980s, Queen Mother Moore joined forces with N’COBRA and began a campaign to educate the public about reparations through town hall meetings and conferences. She also, at the time, supported Representative John Conyers’s 1989 bill, HR 40. But she never wavered from her position that the primary and most necessary part of a reparations program is to expend cash payments to individuals.

That’s It – Again…

Family!!! Now that you have a little more ammunition to counter the bullshit emanating from The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis – Please Use It. This is profoundly damaging to Axis propaganda. They are not gonna talk about this. Even though this pamphlet is extremely rare – I’ll bet some of the old heads in the movement have at least one copy of this document in their personal libraries. They’ll talk about (!?) Queen Mother Moore. They won’t talk about this. But We Can. . .

A Note On Japanese Reparations: Most of us at this writing are only familiar with reparations paid to formerly interned Japanese Americans and their descendants via the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, which was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. What she is referring to is the Japanese-American Claims Act of 1948. This allowed Japanese Americans to apply for compensation for property losses. By the time the Act was passed, the Internal Revenue Service had destroyed most of the internees 1939 – 1942 tax records. It was difficult for claimants to establish that their claims were valid. Under the Act – Japanese American families filed 26,568 claims totaling $148 million in requests. Only $37 million was approved and disbursed.

Fair Use – Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

Citizen Engagement

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of El Enemigo Malbec 2017. A good traditional Argentinian from the Mendoza Province. Inky – but medium-bodied. Dry. Leading in with dark fruits. A bold sustain of oak, vanilla, and chocolate. Ending with strong black cherries, plums, and blackberries. Beautiful structure. Smooth, complex tannins. Low to medium acidity. Long – sweet, clean finish.

El Enemigo Malbec

“For – in a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his interest in politics, ‘holds office’ – every one of us is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final analysis, the kind of government we get depends upon how we fulfill those responsibilities. We – the people, are the boss, and we will get the kind of political leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and deserve.”

John F. Kennedy

Below is a letter written by a “complete citizen.” A Freedmen descendant and Chicago resident that is a 78 year old Black soldier. First – let’s read her bio:

She was born into a military family in Leavenworth, Kansas in 1944 – then raised in Jackson, Mississippi by a loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and a true Freedman village. It was in this community and environment that she received the foundation that gives her the courage and philosophy that she holds today.

Her first career interest was to become a lawyer. This interest developed after observing a brilliant presentation by the late Judge Constance Baker Motley, who represented James Meredith’s admission to the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). However, after graduating from high school, she chose instead to pursue a career in education, and went on to receive a B.A. degree in education from Tougaloo College (an HBCU established in Jackson, Mississippi) and an M.A. degree in Guidance and Counseling from Jackson State University.

During her twenty-seven years in education, Ms. Lewis took on issues that affected Black children in particular, and Black people in general. She suffered twice being fired as a teacher in Mississippi because she sternly challenged the cruelty of white supremacy once schools were integrated by law in 1969. She left Mississippi in 1973 to accept a high school counseling position in Racine, Wisconsin. After spending two years in the predominantly white Wisconsin school system – she concluded that white children did not need her service and subsequently moved to Chicago.

Her first awareness of racism – white supremacy and the devastating effects that it has on Black people, was at the age of eleven when Emmett Till was murdered in Money, Mississippi in 1955. Her desire to challenge this evil system began at the age of fourteen when she joined the N.A.A.C.P. West Jackson Youth Council under the tutelage of Medgar Evers. Her first demonstration occurred in 1960 when her Youth Council members protested a white store owner in her community, who had kicked a pregnant Black woman out of the door of his store. She was also active in testing the 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights Acts by riding the segregated transportation systems of Jackson, Mississippi, making sure the laws were upheld and enforced.

Her yearning for justice for her people had led her to fighting on all fronts: She became one of the founding members of the Committee to Free Mumia (unjustly imprisoned political activist and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal). She unrelentingly advocated for the release of Aaron Patterson (falsely imprisoned for murder – later exonerated then gubernatorily pardoned) – which culminated into passing the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission. The creation of this commission came about as a direct response to the twenty-year period of Chicago Police torture of Black men under Commander Jon Burge. She was also a founding member of the Black Mobilization Committee Against the War in Iraq to educate our people about how money was being siphoned from our communities to support an unjust war in another part of the world. A former member of N’COBRA – she is now a proud Chicago Freedman advocating for Native Black American reparations.

With This – I am grateful to know her.

Now the Letter:

Alderman Jason Ervin,

What the hell are you talking about compromising? What are Mexican aldermen compromising on? Are the Asians compromising anything? What is this talk about giving up a Ward for Asians? Are they not part of the fifty Wards, in some way or another, that we all comprise here in Chicago already? Are they not citizens of one or another of our fifty Wards now? This talk is downright unintelligent and stupid.

The Asians, Mexicans, Arabs, and other immigrants are economically established throughout our [Black] communities. They are sucking out all of the money and resources that Black people should be getting from their community. So – what the hell are you talking about? I will answer that for you: “You don’t give a damn.” Researching your Ward, I have been able to determine that the businesses in your Ward are owned mostly by everyone but Black people. There is no indication that you have been assisting Black men and women to open more businesses in the 28th Ward. Now that you feel threatened about losing your position as alderman, you came up with this map at the last minute – hoping that Black people will support you. This kind of nonsense is what happens when Black politicians have no vision for their people. You and other Black aldermen should have been on top of this.

The Mexicans and other aldermen who speak Spanish are holding firm. I say “who speak Spanish” – because the definition of Hispanic is a person of Latin American descent. Especially those of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin living in the continental United States, and relating to the people, speech, or culture of Spain. Spain – a white European country, conquered what is now called Mexico and Puerto Rico, and these people identify themselves as white until it is advantageous for them to say they are a minority. What they have in common is the language.

However, historically speaking, Mexicans are descendants of the Aztecs, Olmecs, and the Mayans, who were Black. And Puerto Ricans are descendants of the Taino people whom are also of African ancestry. Some of them are ignorant of these facts, and some do know – but will not acknowledge it. Anthropologically, there are three classifications of humankind: Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid. Due to their own willful ignorance and emulated white supremacy mindsets, they don’t want to acknowledge their true Negroid ancestry. So – to hell with them!

What role do white aldermen play in this? Tell the white aldermen who speak Spanish or don’t speak the language to give away their Wards from under the white people they represent. Will they? No! They are not going to challenge other white people. All these damned immigrants come to this country and take on the attitudes of white people when it comes to us. They do it because we will not unify ethnically and politically like everybody else. This is about power! And they will run over us like an eighteen-wheeler truck if we don’t get ourselves together.

Why don’t you offer them Chinatown instead?

How dare you talk about compromising! Don’t you compromise on a damned thing! You stand on the shoulders of Black men and women who challenged the system so that we can be in the political arena that we are in today. Good or bad. You don’t have the knowledge or courage to make a decision of this magnitude that materially involves Black people, and a Black community. This is not just about one individual alderman. This is about power! This is about the Black community holding on to what WE have fought for. It is time for you Black aldermen to stop being individualistic in your thinking and approach to serving your people. The [Black] people elected you to serve them, and not just one person (yourself). Black people elected you to represent and execute the agenda of BLACK people. Not women, not minorities, not LGBTQ, not people of color, but BLACK people.

It is time for Black politicians to collectively say to everybody else in America that you are benefitting from the struggle of Black people. The Mexicans and others are at this juncture in politics in Chicago because of Black politicians. Especially our distinguished Brother Harold Washington (first Black Mayor of Chicago). Had it not been for him and our fight for an equitable political, educational, and economic justice for all, those Mexicans and Puerto Ricans would not today be where they are politically. And they [Hispanics] don’t have the human and political decency to acknowledge the significant role our Black community has contributed to their rise.

So now they have the audacity to make demands of us?

Having expressed an analysis of where we are, it is time for Black politicians to unite and engage the Black community to protect the gains and interests of our people. Not the interests of one individual alderman, and not the interests of other groups. We must speak with one voice and say to everyone who continues to disrespect and deliberately deny what we have given to the world and made it what it is today. We must send a message to them that we will fight them like a rattlesnake if they try to rob us today like their white racist ancestors did in the past. And that includes everybody, even the Africans and Caribbeans who come to this country and join the white supremacists against American BLACK people.

We must remind them [Black politicians] that many of these people are not legal citizens of the United States. And should have no political say regarding us.

Lastly, with the exception of maybe one or two, Black aldermen who are members of the Chicago City Council are not worth supporting or fighting for. Too many of you Black politicians have sided with the white power structure to the detriment of the Black community. The majority of you allowed [former Chicago Mayor] Rahm Emanuel to close almost a hundred schools in the Black community. And that led to the exodus of many Black families out of Chicago. The majority of you have been silent about the lack of economic and educational equity for our people.

You have allowed Arabs, East Indians, and Asians to detrimentally bombard our communities economically – and they will not hire our young people. People who take the money out and give not one dime back. We cannot ever set up businesses in their communities! You support Chicago being a Sanctuary City for Hispanics while your own American citizen Black people are sleeping under viaducts and in parks. This is what you Black aldermen of the Chicago City Council have done.

But as previously stated, it is not about any one individual – it is about the Black community holding on to what we have fought for by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The Black community must wake up and organize to stop this carnage against us!

Doris Lewis

Black Citizenship in spirit and action. Why can’t all our elders roll like this?

Green Cards And Reparations

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Dolum Estates Cask 28 Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. A Stags Leap District – Napa Valley extroadinarist. Dry and very drinkable. Leading with strawberry preserves, smoky wood, and minerals. A quiet sustain of oak, chocolate, and cigar. Ending decisively in blackberries and ripe plums. Opulent body. Moderate acidity. High tannins. Medium finish.

Dolum Estates Cask 28 Cabernet Sauvignon

“Falsehood flies, and and truth comes limping after it, so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late; the jest is over, and the tale hath had its effect: like a man, who hath thought of a good repartee when the discourse is changed, or the company parted; or like a physician, who hath found out an infallible medicine, after the patient is dead.”

Jonathan Swift

Let us start with the CARICOM Platform: “The CARICOM Reparations Commission is a regional body created to Establish the moral, ethical, and legal case for the payment of Reparations by the Governments of all the former colonial powers and the relevant institutions of those countries, to the nations and people of the Caribbean Community for the Crimes against Humanity of Native Genocide, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and a racialized system of chattel Slavery.”

CARICOM does not in any way allow us in their shit.

Damn Family. Can we have and/or do anything regarding us, with us, for us, about us, or due to us, without white, Hispanic, Asian, or Black alien inputs? Straight Question without adieu: “Why are Green Carders, non-eligible citizen descendants of immigrants, recently naturalized immigrants, and motherfuckers that are solid citizens of other countries that only visit here – having more say and influence over American Freedmen reparations than American Freedmen do?” Folks Like:

  • NAARC Commissioner – Adjo Amouzou (Born in Togo – Africa)
  • NAARC Commissioner – Lionel Jean Baptiste (Born in Haiti – Caribbean)
  • NAARC Commissioner – Yvette Modestin (Born in Panama – Central America)
  • NAARC Administrator – Don Rojas (Born in Saint Vincent – Caribbean)

And NAARC is not the only set-up with individuals possessing names that make you unsure of their provenance. The N’COBRA list goes like:

  • Kalonji Olusegun
  • Hannibal Tirus Afrik
  • Jahahara Alkebulan-Ma’at
  • Ari Merettazon
  • Jumoke Ifetayo
  • Adjoa Aiyetoro
  • Johnita Scott-Obadele
  • Dorothy Aurevoche
  • Kibibi Tyehimba
  • Njere Alghanee

No wonder HR40 is fucked up. It’s a Pan African bill. That’s why it needs the Darity edits. To stop the bullshit. Now – look at the N’COBRA list. Are any of these people American-born Black Americans? Or Not? Sounds like somebody needs to do some sorting-out and making things Clear to motherfuckers. American Slavery Lineage – Or Not? Can’t tell by the names. But every one of those folks on both lists are shaping reparations policy in meetings that readily recognizable – ordinarily named Jones and Robinson-ed American Freedmen are locked out of.

We need to ask NAARC:

“How a possibly Green Carded, drum-beating, Togolesian interloper like Adjo Amouzou has more say in our reparations than we do?”

Is that a good question?

And Lionel Jean Baptiste – who is a judge for the Ninth Subcircuit of the Cook County Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois. So What! How in the fuck does he have anything to say – about this? He’s Haitian! Last I checked – Haitians are from Haiti. Right? Not America. He is also a past – past president of the Haitian American Lawyers Association of Illinois. Haitian American Lawyers. You Know?

Ahh… For Haitians only. But he’s consequential in our space as well? Did he bring any coconuts? I don’t understand how a Haitian from Haiti even thinks that he has one fucking word to say into, over, or about this issue. Do WE have a say in Haitian affairs? I don’t remember ANY Haitian EVER asking us shit – about THEIR shit.

Do you?

Remember Family: No Native Black Americans. No American Freedmen. No American descendants of chattel slavery are on the commissions of CARICOM or any other reparations entities representing the justice claims of other groups anywhere in the world. None. Nowhere. And Family – sharply remember that ALL commissioners and administrators belonging to NAARC have a hand in shaping OUR reparations policy. I repeat: “All of them.” And some of the individuals listed above in a properly constructed American reparations program – that are now shaping OUR program would not be eligible(!). So why and how are those foreign born – very ineligible people all the way up in our reparations business?

Black immigrants may be at each other’s throats in other political areas – but they are unified and On Code when it comes to controlling our reparations.

Again – not eligible. Whatever they do in Togo – have you ever heard of any Native Black American running, shaping, deciding, or influencing anything in Togo or any other African or Caribbean country? But a fucking Togolesian can boat, fly, or swim in, and shape OUR reparations? Without our permission? WOW! That’s some mind boggling shit. All of the people on the above lists can sit in the very same meetings regarding reparations that NAARC and N’COBRA will lock you and me out of. Sir Hilary Beckles (Chairman of CARICOM) and his entourage, inappropriately took up seats at the first HR40 House Judiciary Hearing held on June 13, 2019.

Those seats should have gone to American Freedmen.

Family – no motherfuckers from other countries should have more influence over our affairs than we do. OK? Diasporans in other countries would never allow American Freedmen into their domestic affairs like this. None of them – and that includes CARICOM. Think about that shit. Motherfuckers from Togo, Panama, Saint Vincent, and Haiti are able to lock us American Freedmen out of meetings that are regarding reparations for American Freedmen? Facts. If any American Freedman even THOUGHT about doing some shit like that in a Caribbean or African country? Man. Everybody reading this post KNOWS they would get FUCKED UP. Meaning fined, politically detained, imprisoned, tortured, maimed, or executed. They know how to acquaint a motherfucker with a machete.

They don’t play that kind of shit in those places.

We shouldn’t either. Let’s learn how to handle political interlopers from THEM.

Family – it is time to directly address NAARC and N’COBRA. The same folks that have a provision in HR40 to literally carry out reparations deliberations in secret. No reporting to us. With Green Carded Niggers from other countries deciding on our money. Our shit. The NAARC – N’COBRA Axis has literally invited the Diaspora to ride our naked Foundational Black American backs and greedily collect on our grandparents pain, deprivation, and dehumanization – flying in with griftitious “knowledge” and “expertise,” after the police dogs and Jim Crow smoke have cleared. A bunch of intrusive – inappropriate, motherfuckers…

Family. It is good to form cause-based coalitions and associations. But NAARC and N’COBRA have so many strategic white, Hispanic, and Asian contributors to their organizations that they are slowly universalizing our justice claim to everyone. And fuck us. Do those contributions have “Brown” agendas attached to the checks? Yes. Everyone needs to pay their good attention to NAARC and N’COBRA’s fluid reparations politics. Otherwise – the Mexicans will be getting our reparations.

From the NAARC website:

“America owes an historical debt to Black and Brown people, and reparations means repaying that debt…”

“Black and Brown?” What happened? I thought this was the “National African-American Reparations Commission.” Right? Maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropped some of that “Brown” money over there. Who Knows? There’s a lot of things that could influence a man’s mind. Especially the mind of Dr. Ron Daniels.

You Know?

Check this shit Family: If Black immigrants have a racial abuse claim against the United States – they have the right to handle that shit. But American Freedmen should not – do not – and will not work for them. OK? And all of the visiting, green carded, naturalized, or first-generation inborn aliens made light of in this post – definitely do not work for us. All of the motherfuckers listed in this article need to get up and off our reparations shit. And that includes Jamaican descended inborn alien – The Honorable Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Yep – her ass too. And remember – this is the same Democratic Party Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee that turns her behind up at – and ignores her local Black Reparationist constituents.

Slavery-lineaged Black Americans – those welcoming, accommodating, American Freedmen, have never exercised xenophobia or nativism. Especially towards those within and from the Diaspora. Black people. But Family – there are instances where the applications of xenophobia and nativism are appropriate, intelligent, and just. No – lets go further: The conscious and intelligent cultivation of xenophobia and American Freedman nativism is at this time necessary for our survival bodily, politically, and otherwise. Understand – this is a pressing necessity Family. Especially when aliens of any ilk are going deep into certain business where they don’t belong – and attempting to criminally redirect a 400 years due inheritance.

At this point – certain officials of CARICOM have become so entitled that some of them on public platforms will deign to “instruct” at and “insist” (finger pointing) to American Freedmen on what they think IS ENTITLED to Caribbeans. OK?

Watch This:

Verene A. Shepherd, whom is a Social Historian (!?) AND – check this: A fucking Vice Chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Commission. She actually said this arrogant shit (with a Jamaican/British accent) on a recent YouTube post:

“The impression down here [in the Caribbean] is that Caribbean people who live in the United States – Black People would not be entitled to any reparations paid by the United States Government. What we are saying is that’s not right – we are saying that’s divisive of the Black population in the United States. We are saying that Caribbean immigrants have been harmed by that system through racial profiling and discrimination [and therefore should be entitled to reparations]…”

Like We [American Freedmen] answer – To Her (boy – watch your blood pressure).

Now – you can’t say that Caribbean people did not get the correct impression.

“Divisive?” Damned Right It Is Sweetheart…

The majority of American Freedmen feel that Caribbean folks that live in the United States would not – and should not be entitled to any reparations paid by the United States Government. Why? Because that makes sense to common thinking people that are not stupid. Yep. For example: Jewish people that have been harmed by anti-Semitism – but were not direct victims of, nor are descendants of victims of the Holocaust – are not – and should not be entitled to Holocaust Reparations. And they ARE NOT. Ask any astute Jewish person. Valid complaints of discrimination and profiling are what courts are for. Lots of Caribbean immigrants are lawyers – go ahead and file!!! We also have some Caribbean immigrants and first generation folks that are legislators at all levels of government. Ya’ll got skills – Right?

Craft and Present your own Bill: Call it “HR-Coconut.” I don’t know…

Being harmed by profiling and other forms of discrimination are separate issues that have nothing to do with our reparations claim. OK? That would be between Caribbean immigrants and the Government. Not us. And not with us. With all of the well-educated, well-compensated, and well-accomplished people that reside in the Caribbean immigrant community – if that community truly found this to be pressing, they would seriously pursue this as a separate issue themselves. Not to be conflated or joined in any way with our stuff. And not needing our help.

I suggest they have at it.

We’ve already been moved aside by immigrants in all kinds of major ways. The first “Black” president is a first-generation Kenyan. The first “Black” attorney general is a first-generation Barbadian. The first “Black” vice president is a first-generation Jamaican. Peter Braithwaite, an Alderman in Evanston Illinois – a Jamaican – (as of this writing) runs the reparations program there. The lead congressional sponsor of HR40 is a first-generation Jamaican. Moved Aside. Etcetera.

We fight – They sit. We advocate – They eat.

We are not going to be moved aside this time.

The NAARC – N’COBRA Axis should potentially be found guilty of Reparations Conspiracy and Theft. And CARICOM could potentially be looked upon as an international fence for American Freedmen Reparations Resources. Guilty…

Now Family – Africans and Caribbeans have always told us American Freedmen how much better they are than us. This is their chance to prove it. They need to handle their business – and get the fuck up and out of ours. Point Blank.

We must seize ownership of this reparations issue from Dr. Ron Daniels (NAARC). This is not his personal property. He strongly considers it to be his – but this issue belongs TO YOU. And strong political participation along with the narrowing and exclusivication of our issues is a necessary survival mechanism. I hope you understand this right now Family. Our survival as a people depends on it. Improperly practiced Pan Africanism is a resource-threatening fantasy:

For us – As it is – Pan Africanism Equals Death. From this point on – Black immigrants must hold their own nuts.

Oh – and another thing: Never trust any Black-run organization that accepts a MacArthur Foundation grant. This is “controlled opposition” money. There is such a thing as “good money” and “bad money” Family. Especially when it comes to this reparations space. Would you allow your child to accept money from a known pedophile? No? Ya Sure? OK. Beware family – Beware…

The Sadducees And Pharisees Of Reparations

This Post was Co-Written By Cynthia McDonald

We were assisted in composing this post by a bottle of Marchesi Sierra Foothills Zinfandel 2019. Bold with medium tannins. Foreground of plums, blueberries, blackberries, and vanilla. An abiding concert of cherries, raspberries, and muted strawberries. Soft acidity. Long but elegant finish of black pepper and cinnamon.

David Marchesi Zinfandel

“Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: ‘The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.

Everything they do is done for people to see: They make their phylacteries wide and the tassels on their garments long; they love the place of honor at banquets and the most important seats in the synagogues; they love to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces and to be called ‘Rabbi’ by others…

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.”

Matthew 23:1-7 and 27 NIV

A bad rebuttal deserves a great counter-rebuttal.

Nkechi Taifa Esq. is the President and CEO of The Taifa Group LLC, she is also an Advocacy Director for Criminal Justice & Convener for the Justice Roundtable Coalition, a Commissioner with the National African American Reparations Commission [NAARC], and the latest author of misrepresentative arguments concerning reparations specificity and what forms reparations should take.

An up-to-date contributor to the disingenuous fallacy pool.

She decided to write an open letter to Rolling Stone Magazine through the post-site We suggest everyone read it. This open letter (published July 15, 2021) was regarding her disappointment with Rolling Stone’s publishing of A. Kirsten Mullin’s and Dr. William A. Darity Jr’s. article “10 Things We Get Wrong About Reparations” (published June 19, 2021). She focuses on three things that she feels are wrong with their article. But we found several things in error with hers.

Let’s take a look.

Opening Section – Third Paragraph

“I was disappointed, then, to see that your magazine ran ’10 Things We Get Wrong About Reparations,’ written by Kirsten Mullen and William Darity Jr. PhD., the co-authors of ‘From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century.’ The book and the authors have gotten much ink and electricity for their so-categorized pro-reparations arguments. But for many of us movement veterans they are beginning to sound more like detractors than allies.”

Before we go into the “meat” of Counselor Taifa’s article, we would like to first focus on an interesting paragraph that is the third one of her opening statement. Here, Counselor Taifa implores an argument from authority when making her juxtaposing statement regarding “veterans in the movement.” Yep. What she intentionally does not mention is that Dr. Darity and A. Kirsten Mullin are no neophytes to this work. She clearly knows this, believe us.

As of this writing, Dr. Darity has published thirteen books that we know of. These writings, along with countless articles, papers, reports, posts, tweets, lectures, and interviews on the subject of reparations. He has been a staunch advocate regarding reparations policy for over thirty years. Dr. Darity has spoken on several occasions at NAARC and N’COBRA events about this very topic (remember?).

A. Kirsten Mullen, in her own right, has been active in social justice and race issues through her work as a folklorist and historian. She was a member of the Freelon Adjaye Bond team that was awarded the commission to design the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C.

As a faculty member with the Community Folklife Documentation Institute, she trained students to research and document North Carolina’s African American musical heritage. A. Kirsten Mullen was a consultant on the North Carolina Museum of History’s “North Carolina Legends” and Civil Rights exhibition projects. Her writing can be found in a plethora of museum catalogs, journals, and commercial media. This includes the article: “Black Culture and History Matter.” Published February 2016 in “The American Prospect” magazine. The article examines the politics and dynamics of funding Black cultural institutions.

A sentence in the last paragraph of her opening statement reads: “Mullen and Darity are gifted with academic pedigrees and intellectual sweat on the issue of reparations.” OK. For the sake of brevity, let us focus on Dr. Darity’s academic pedigrees for now:

  • B.A. – Brown University (1974)
  • Ph.D – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1978)
  • Kenneth G. Elzinga Distinguished Teaching Award (2002)
  • Fellow – Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences (2011)
  • Samuel Z. Westerfield Award – National Economic Association (2012)

The aforementioned academic and professional achievements of Dr. Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen were not “gifted.” What you see are the results of hard study, hard work, and a well-developed intentional expertise on the subject of reparations. No institution “gifted” them anything. At the same time, judging from the obvious lack of research, logic, and general intellectual rigor displayed by Counselor Taifa in the writing of her “open letter” rebuttal – we could seriously speculate that her Juris Doctor was possibly “gifted” in some kind of way. We would suggest that The George Washington University Law School, Howard University, and whatever Bar Association(s) she may be a member of, to take another look.

As far as Darity and Mullen “sounding more like detractors than allies.” Yes, of course. They are allies of Pure Reparations. At the same time – they are detractors (rightly) of the aims and practices of The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis. Understand Family: That is the correct and righteous distinction between Darity and Mullen’s appropriately targeted detraction, and superlative ally-ship.

Onwards to the “meat” of her article:

First Example – First Paragraph

“Mullen and Darity are leading a superfluous crusade bordering on a bullying campaign to ‘Fix HR40,’ the impact of which distracts from hard, decades-long work. They continue to insist that the bill is limited to a study commission; that its substance and structure is weak; and that it fails to establish specific directives to Congress – such as directing the commission to identify ‘Black American descendants of U.S. slavery’ as the eligible recipients; directing the commission to develop plans that set elimination of the racial wealth gap as a core target; and ensuring the prioritization of cash payments. These charges are either misleading or redundant to what the bill already does.”

OK. Now what Counselor Taifa labels a “bullying campaign” to correct HR40 raises her usage of the word “superfluous” to inflammatory on her part. We didn’t know that could be done. But she did it. The citizen-initiated and sustained “Fix HR40” campaign was done without inducement by Darity or Mullen to draw general public awareness to the details of a bill to create a commission to study reparations. HR40 as presently composed misses the mark on what that bill “should” do.

Just because the bill, first introduced in 1989 by the late U.S. Congressman John Conyers, had decades-long work behind it to get it out of committee and put towards a House Floor vote – does not mean that the bill itself is appropriately structured for us, ultimately beneficial to us, or above intelligent scrutiny by the affected people themselves. “Decades-long work” doesn’t mean anything when that work is expended on things that logically and potentially won’t work.

Doesn’t matter if that work is expended Behind or in Front of it.

Legitimate scrutiny and correction is what the “Fix HR40” campaign was set to accomplish. Not to “bully.” We would like to ask Counselor Taifa: “When is it ‘bullying’ to engage in political advocacy regarding an issue that directly and materially affects you?” Aren’t citizens supposed to engage in the political process ESPECIALLY when there is a bill percolating on Capitol Hill that can directly impact one’s future? One’s children’s future? Justice for one’s parents and grandparents? What is she saying? Is she saying that Black citizens should not read bills and question possible errors or aspects of certain bills – errors or aspects that may be ineffective, non-existent, or detrimental? To not be politically engaged?

Is that what she is saying?

We think she should respect and engage The People.

For Example: Every single Black American Freedman that we have talked to about this issue thinks that clearly identifying “Black American descendants of United States chattel slavery” as the only eligible recipients is a good idea. They also think that the elimination of the racial wealth gap as a core target is a good idea. They [the people] definitely think that the prioritization of cash payments is a good idea. Yep. And ninety five percent of those same people are vehemently opposed to Black immigrants or immigrant citizen descendants receiving the benefits of – or possibly shaping, managing, or administering any part of an American Freedmen reparations program (“How does that happen?” They ask.).

And specificity is not xenophobic or nativist. Specificity is a necessary component in any justice demand. Ask CARICOM (we will get into that later). Ask any decent class-action specialist attorney. Ask ANY licensed attorney. Let’s make sense. We do not see anything unreasonable or out of place regarding legitimate inputs from those who are directly supposed to benefit from this bill. Those are the affected. Those are the specifically injured – deprived and uniquely rightful citizens.

The other thing: “If The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis is composed of folks that are such ‘experts’ on reparations – why is this issue taking so ‘decades long’ for these so ‘long-standing’ organizations to so accomplish? If ever? What is taking so long?”

First Example – Second Paragraph

“Despite constant correction to the false impressions they continue to sow, the bill is already tasked with no longer merely studying, but also developing proposals for the Congress to consider. Moreover, HR40 does, in fact, address the Black-white wealth gap, even if the article’s authors deny it. As the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America [N’COBRA] has written in its critique of the authors: “…the legislation points out in specificity the wealth gap as a lingering effect of the crimes of enslavement, Jim Crow (apartheid) and post Jim Crow harms. And determines the duty to remedy and reverse the situation (wealth disparity) with appropriate policies, programs, and projects.”

That is what she wrote. So – let’s explore HR40 itself to see if it is actually addressing the Black-White wealth gap. Section 2 – Paragraph 6 reads as follows:

“(6) as a result of the historic and continued discrimination, African Americans continue to suffer debilitating economic, educational, and health hardships including but not limited to having nearly 1,000,000 Black people incarcerated; an unemployment rate more than twice the current White employment rate; and an average of less than 1/16 of the wealth of White families, a disparity which has worsened, not improved over time.”

This (the underlined part) is the only sentence that even alludes to the income and wealth gap between Black and white families. This is cursory at best. A legislative language drive-by. It is noteworthy that this language was added to HR40 after the “Fix HR40” campaign started its political marketing efforts, and not before when this bill was reintroduced in 2019. If “bullying” can definitively address the Black-White wealth gap, then; we think we should “bully” more.

Dr. Darity has been on the crusade that a reparations program’s first effective accomplishment is to close the wealth gap between white and Black families. According to an article posted by the Brookings Institute: “The Black-white wealth gap left Black households more vulnerable” – by Emily Moss, Kriston McIntosh, Wendy Edelberg, and Kristen Broady (December 8, 2020):

“In the second quarter of 2020, white households – who account for sixty percent of the U.S. population – held eighty four percent ($94 trillion) of total household wealth in the United States. Comparatively, Black households – who account for thirteen point four percent of the U.S. population – held just four percent ($4.6 trillion) of total household wealth.”

In a bill that is supposed to “study” and “propose” resolutions to this problem, a mere allusion to the wealth gap is not enough. An “address” in this case (Kamm Howard of N’COBRA) must mean more than just saying: “Hello!” We are not convinced that Counselor Taifa has actually read A. Kirsten Mullen and Dr. Darity’s book (at least not seriously), because if she did, she would know that the book makes a quite detailed case for reparations that not only covers slavery but all the inequalities and adverse policies suffered by Foundational Black Americans as a result of Jim Crow and post-Jim Crow harms. And Why are we not convinced?

Because in Part 5 – Chapter 11 of “From Here to Equality,” the authors write:

“The message of the Black Lives Matter movement encapsulates the racialized injuries of the 150 years since the end of legal American slavery. The movement’s message alerts us to the many ways in which Black life has been devalued and unprotected so thoroughly in the United States. The discount rate on Black humanity has been enormous. A variety of metrics indicate that, even after the end of Jim Crow, Black lives are routinely assigned a worth approximately thirty percent that of white lives.”

You Know – of all the major professions (ahem…). Lawyers, as a matter of day to day professional proficiency are required to be the most literate of the literate. It is possible that Counselor Taifa may be suffering from a mild form of dyslexia. And that could be impacting her comprehension. Totally understandable. Or, could she possibly have a severe form of just not reading the book? Which is it?

First Example – Third Paragraph

“In fact, HR40 gives the commission the power to examine all of the institutions of American society and create proposals for repair in not only the wealth gap but also housing, education, and social welfare, including the criminal punishment system. Indeed, fixing a wealth gap alone – with politically juvenile calls to simply “cut the check!” – won’t stop mass incarceration and other forms of discrimination. As any Black professional athlete, popular entertainer, or successful entrepreneur can tell you, middle and upper-class Blacks get physically harassed and shot at by police too.”

Incredible statement conflating several unrelated issues. Ahh – Reparations is about filling and levelling the wealth gap First (she’s supposed to be a “reparations expert”). Establishing Ongoing and continuous repair Second (she’s a “veteran” of the movement). And the assured installation of Specific policies and protections Third (not sure what NAARC “veterans” do). See? No one except Counselor Taifa said anything about “fixing a wealth gap alone.”

Those “politically juvenile” (as she describes) calls to “cut the check” are just a creative construction from the young people in the streets further popularizing the issue of reparations into an encapsulated, quick to convey form. That’s what young Black people do. Can’t stop that Folks. That popularization came about as a result of the work of the previous incarnation of the ADOS movement. Done in less than three years. This “word on the street” establishment and promotion was something that The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis was not able to do in thirty plus years. If that “cut the check” popularization came about as a result of NAARC and N’COBRA activism – Counselor Taifa wouldn’t have a damned thing to say about it.

And this one: “…’cut the check!’ – won’t stop mass incarceration and other forms of discrimination. As any Black professional athlete, popular entertainer, or successful entrepreneur can tell you, middle and upper-class Blacks get physically harassed and shot at by police too.” Huh??? What has that got to do with anything reparational? OK? Did Jewish Holocaust reparations stop anti-Semitism? No? Was it supposed to? Did the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 stop Asian hate? Was it supposed to? Because it didn’t. And it didn’t – because it wasn’t supposed to.

Second Example

“The authors grumble about the salaries and structure of the proposed commission. What they are actually upset about is that the membership of the commission to be formed by HR40 includes six members ‘selected from major civil society and reparations organizations that have historically championed the cause of reparatory justice.’ Not sure why that should be an issue of contention, as it is a positive departure from the norm of not centering perspectives of advocates who are actually doing the work.”

Quote: “The authors grumble about the salaries and structure of the proposed commission.” Yep. Not just the authors Darity and Mullen. But myself, Arthur Ward, my co-author on this post Cynthia McDonald, and anyone with an IQ above that of a Pan African coconut that took the time to independently read the actual HR40 text itself would have critical things to say as well. There are thousands of us out there. Not hard to find at all. Some are legally trained and some are otherwise educated (but commensurately literate) that have came to the same conclusion:

“We know Counselor. We’re all stupid.”

Counselor Taifa’s statement about the authors’ grumblings is amusing. She prefers to feign ignorance as to why there is an issue of contention concerning the salaries of the proposed commission members and “the six seats selected from major civil society and reparations organizations that have historically championed the cause of reparatory justice.” Let us visit why this is a point of dissention:

A. Most commissioners that are selected by Congress are not salaried. They receive compensation for their travel and other expenses incurred while doing the work. The salaries proposed in HR40 for the commissioners and their staffs are GS-18 which are in excess of $200K per year. See the excerpted text of HR40 below:

(a) Staff. – The Commission may, without regard to section 5311(b) of title 5, United States Code, appoint and fix the compensation of such personnel as the Commission considers appropriate.

(b) Applicability Of Certain Civil Service Laws. – The staff of the Commission may be appointed without regard to the provisions of title 5, United States Code, governing appointments in the competitive service, and without regard to the provisions of chapter 51 and subchapter III of chapter 53 of such title relating to classification and General Schedule pay rates, except that the compensation of any employee of the Commission may not exceed a rate equal to the annual rate of basic pay payable for GS-18 of the General Schedule under section 5332 of title 5, United States Code.

You See? They are making sure to stack that money – aren’t they? Advocacy is expensive. Isn’t it? To the tune of $200K plus – a year! OK? To “study” stuff that has already been studied. OK? And to MAYBE come to a productive conclusion? OK? This is what you pick up when you READ STUFF and tread heavily through the high thickets of Pan African-rendered legislative English. The next time we ourselves need expert help in putting together a self-serving bill – we will definitely enlist the professional services of The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis.

They are just good at this.

B. The original bill did not have an ending date for the Commission. That time containment would not have happened without the “bullying” efforts of the “Fix HR40” campaign. The “commission” could have met in perpetuity without creating or committing to a single reparations proposal. How Long?

C. Watch This: The six seats selected from major civil society and reparations organizations that have historically championed the cause of reparatory justice is literally The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis writing themselves into the bill to make sure their people are selected to be a part of the commission. We understand after all the years put in advocating for reparations why certain folks would want to sit their fat behinds in those seats. To do all the reparational talking. You Know?

But let us look at that – like this: “If a child needs a transplant, and his parent has advocated for an inordinate amount of time to get that operation done for that child – (and that parent is not a transplant specialist) does that parent’s advocacy simultaneously allow them the qualifications to do the surgery itself?”

Just a question.

We don’t believe Counselor Taifa or anyone involved in The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis have the qualifications nor the proper intent. They are potentially involved with negotiating the outcome of a bill THAT WILL materially affect some thirty-six to forty plus millions of us. In Now And Justice. As the solely affected group, American Freedmen have a fundamental right to not only know everything about this issue – and to have an effective say regarding whom will be speaking for us. We should also have an effective say in what they will be doing as well.

That should be understandable.

D. It is noteworthy that both organizations working closely with one another have reparations proposals that no doubt they will try to force into the official proposals created by the HR40 commission. Some of the proposals they champion on their websites (their true goals) are highly problematic. Such as:

  • The Repatriation Program Part One – “Africans in America who choose to exercise the right to return will be provided with sufficient monetary resources to become productive citizens in their new home and shall be aided in their resettlement by a Black controlled agency funded by the federal government to perform this function.” OK. One thing we’d like to know: “If this aspect of their proposal is accomplished – will or can NAARC and N’COBRA secure working agreements from African governments to make repatriation a seamless process on the other end for American Freedmen?” That would be nice. African Americans and others from the Diaspora are not recognized as eligible Africans by African governments. No visa or visitation considerations. No nothing.
  • The Repatriation Program Part Two – We only ask because we have noticed that the most vocal Pan-Africans have not repatriated to Africa. Have you seen any? We also do not know of any Pan-Africans that at least hold dual-citizenship. We think? No – we know by sight that Pan-Africans do not want to live in Africa. They still live here. No ownership of a second home. No business ties. Not even a dog. If any are found – let us know. Acquiring citizenship in any African country is a Herculean effort for most members of the Diaspora. It is also not worth it. American Freedmen that want to live in Africa should go of their own volition and dime. Want Citizenship? Are you kidding? African embassies and consulates will laugh your Black self right out the door. Understand that repatriation is nothing but Pan African babble.
  • Reparations Being Expended to Persons that are not Descendants of American Slavery – From the NAARC website: “NAARC firmly asserts that reparations should not be restricted to people of African descent who can prove their lineage to what is termed ‘American’ enslavement.” AND: “We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the U.S. to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.” Freely giving the recompense from the struggle of our grandparents and parents to any Black person like Halloween candy. “Just show up!” This would be the world’s first fly-in reparations program. A NAARC and N’COBRA production. WOW. American Freedmen should gratefully accept their $3.64 reparations check.
  • Reparations Functioning as a Source of attached Grants and Loans for Persons Seeking Affordable Housing. Ahh Family. The word “loan” or any association with a “loan” should NEVER be part of a reparations program. Anything you have to pay back is NOT reparations. As an aside, American Freedmen are even locked out by The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis from running a fake reparations program. Fake! The Chairman (as of this writing) of this fraudulent reparations program in Evanston Illinois is Peter Braithwaite – a Jamaican(!?). How?
  • Land Transfers and Management to be controlled by The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis – “Substantial tracts of government/public land in the South and other regions of the country be transferred to the National Reparations Trust Authority with full autonomy in terms equivalent to the sovereignty granted to Native people over reservations awarded to them. These lands are to be utilized for major educational, commercial, industrial, economic/business and health/wellness institutions and enterprises to benefit people of African descent.” Really? A “National Reparations Trust Authority?” OK.

Now who is gonna be running this? The Pan-Africans? This “National Reparations Trust Authority” was mentioned four times in separate sections of NAARC and N’COBRA’s proposals. Who are these “people of African descent?” Anybody Black from anywhere? We thought any reparations dispersals would specifically be for “American Freedmen.” This so-called “Trust Authority” is intended to operate outside of the Federal Government. Outside of American Freedmen oversight and advisement. We have serious reservations regarding an autonomous authority managing any aspect of Foundational Black American reparations. If land is given – direct transfers should be made after individual plans are shown, and land-management qualifications are acquired. That is the way to go for those that want land.

We do not need or want Pan-African management of any American Freedmen reparations resources. Period.

Third Example – First Paragraph

“Finally, an upfront requirement that the commission focus reparations efforts only on ‘Black American descendants of U.S. slavery,’ a misnomer in and of itself, is not only premature, but defeatist, if not cynical. (Note: the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade was a global event that dispersed enslaved Africans in the American Continent and the Caribbean, and Blacks are demanding reparations not just from America but from the United Kingdom as well.)”

“Whom is the commission supposed to focus reparation efforts on Counselor?”

With this – Counselor Taifa of NAARC is again engaging in fallacious arguments which we’d conjecture that she ought to know better. She is occasionally a lawyer. “Black American Descendants of U.S. Slavery” is no more a misnomer than “Enslaved African Descendants in America.” No More. OK? It is well known that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was a global event. Yes. But the question is how the institution of slavery was handled in a disaggregated sense here, here, and here at each sovereign termination of the Atlantic transit. Every time. The question is always: “Where did individuals ultimately land?” Those landings were accepted by traders here, here, and here under different, separate – autonomous governments. Separate. Those governments had and have their own constitutions, laws, policies, structures, imposed slave cultures – and abolition timelines.

And those other operations had Nothing to do with the United States.

HR40 is (or should be) a bill regarding only the United States. Now: “Get this Pan-Africans. HR40 should not be a bill to address other countries that practiced slavery!”

Those other countries should deal with their own issues, deal with their own people, address the correct perpetrators, and pay their own bills. The United States should not be pinned as the world’s default paymaster to compensate for the criminal activities of other countries. Any particular robber is not responsible for all robberies. A justice claim has to equally provide justice for both the victim and the accused. Justice for both the potentially compensating government – and the potentially compensated group. This should be a justice-grounded bill and commission that in finality – exclusively addresses the historic ills of the descendants of United States Chattel Slavery and the exclusively domestic aftermaths that only American Freedmen have suffered. Full Stop.

There ARE NO operating reparations commissions outside of the United States that include even the possibility of Native Black Americans being included in their justice claims. None. They make our exclusion quite clear on their websites – like CARICOM. The Caribbean Commission has fifteen countries organized in the Caribbean archipelago and one continental country in South America (Guyana). And Again – the United States is definitely not one of those countries.

As of this writing – Jamaica’s GOVERNMENT was recently in the news petitioning reparations from the British Government. We took a look at various media platforms reporting this – and American Freedmen were nowhere in there nowhere. And nowhere else. You See? When NAARC and N’COBRA were asked if they would petition the Jamaican Government for Foundational Black Americans to be included in this claim, the N’COBRA twitter person replied:

“No. And it is still a stupid question based on brainwashing & programming from a social media hashtag phenomenon. So you are asking if we as citizens of the USA are going to get in on reparations of a sovereign country & government without being citizens nor residents of that country? These questions are mostly emotional without much thought huh?”

Counselor Taifa’s own organizational affiliation is recognizing a claim that is specific to the people that was harmed by a particular sovereign entity – to the particular citizens of said country (ahem). Notice how in other countries that when it comes to matters of potential reparational distributions, their money is never “Pan Africanized.” Even the N’COBRA Twitter person is aware of that. See? And how American-lineaged specificity is conflated with nativism is lost to us.

More on that at the bottom of this post.

Third Example – Second Paragraph

“Using Mullen’s and Darity’s ‘native only’ Black folk schematic route, the genealogy companies would get rich researching an estimated 47 million Black folk, creating a process that combats unreliable record-keeping, name and identity changes due to both self-determination and escaping from Klan violence, which will likely span a decade if not more. And with the infamous one-drop rule still part of American life, there could likely be many white people demanding to be proven Black – particularly if there is a check to be cut linked to traces of melanin.”

Counselor Taifa followed her previous utterance with this statement. So here we have an indirect admission that she has never read “From Here To Equality,” let alone the article she is rebutting – OR she is an incredibly unashamable liar. In the article “Ten Things We Get Wrong About Reparations” the authors state:

“Actually, it is straightforward for claimants for Black reparations to establish eligibility under the following criteria: Eligible recipients should be Black Americans who are descendants of persons enslaved in the US who were denied the promised 40 acres. They also must have self-identified as Black, African American, Afro-American, or Negro for twelve years prior to the enactment of a reparations program or commission, whichever comes first.

A Black forebear who was at least ten years old in 1870 and appears in the Census by name but did not appear in the 1860 records, quite likely was born enslaved. To meet the identity standard, an individual can make public their response to the self-reported race question on the Census.

In From Here To Equality, we recommend a reparations study commission authorize an agency staffed with professional genealogists across the country to assist individuals with establishing their claims at no charge.”

To further illuminate such issues away from Counselor Taifa’s straw man argument. The authors write in “From Here To Equality” Part 6 – Chapter 13:

“We advance two criteria to determine eligibility for a Black reparations program. First, U.S. citizens would need to establish that they had at least one ancestor who was enslaved in the United States after the formation of the republic. Second, they would have to prove that they self-identified as ‘Black,’ ‘Negro,’ or ‘Afro-American’ at least 12 years before the enactments of the reparations program or the establishment of a congressional or presidential commission ‘to study and develop reparations for African Americans’ – whichever comes first. The first criterion, of course, could produce lucrative opportunities for private genealogists, but these investigations also could be facilitated by an arm of the professional (civil service) staff specializing in genealogical research for the agency that administers the reparations program.”

Is that clear enough Family? Now, the Smithsonian notes that before 1965, Black people of foreign birth residing in the United States were nearly invisible. According to the 1960 Census, their percentage of the population was to the right of the decimal point. But after 1965, men and women of African descent entered the United States in ever-increasing numbers. So this straw man argument of unobtainable factors to determine eligibility is groundless and inaccurate.

To personally note the co-author of this post Cynthia McDonald, she was able to trace her lineage back to slavery in less than thirty minutes using the U.S. Census. Also, in “From Here To Equality,” the authors speak of other ways outside of genealogy companies to determine eligibility like the census and also slave schedules which are more accurate than Counselor Taifa states. In many families a careful organization of successive birth and death certificates would be good enough. Without genealogical research! Non-professional! Cheap!

In the case of the other co-author of this post (Arthur Ward) – his great-great grandmother was born in 1864 (one year before the Emancipation Proclamation). In America! She died in 1962 at the age of ninety-eight. Arthur Ward was six years old in 1962. Maybe a death certificate? So, we are not sure of what Counselor Taifa is getting at. Perhaps Counselor Taifa may want to re-examine her statements. Because with little effort, one can see that they don’t hold water.

Third Example – Third Paragraph

“Mullen’s and Darity’s narrow nativism and demand for scientific categorization, backed up by old and probably unreliable U.S. Census data, is a significant step back from the Black united front that Black reparations advocates have been advocating since the days of Queen Mother Audley Moore, the Harlem activist who promoted reparations from the 1930’s until her 1997 death. It can’t be coincidental that at the very moment organized and researched Black reparations efforts for Black communities are happening simultaneously around the Western World, elite scholarship emerges that challenges clear perspectives and promotes economic individualism. HR40 requires complex conversations, but not ones that propagate confusion and disunity.”

Everyone that is astutely aware of the history of Black liberation movements in America is certainly aware of the Honorable Queen Mother Audley Moore. She was most definitely the Pan African’s – Pan African to be sure. She was also a fierce advocate of reparations. This same woman on the one hand was a founder of “The Universal Association Of Ethiopian Women.” And on the separate other hand founded “The Committee For Reparations For Descendants Of U.S. Slaves.”

We understand Queen Mother Moore to be staunchly Pan African. Got that. But why would she specify “descendants of U.S. slaves” in this instance? Was she practicing “narrow nativism” as well? “Xenophobia?” Does “Pan-Africanism” as a retort apply in every instance of contention American Freedmen may have with their government? We don’t think so. Do you?

The quality – the usefulness of a book cannot be judged by its cover. But most of the time we can understand a book’s particular concentration – its precise topic as indicated by what is written on the cover. Is that not true? Right? If Queen Mother Moore called her other organization precisely: “The Committee For Reparations For Descendants Of U.S. Slaves” – could that be what she meant and intended?

What does the “cover” say?

The main issue with The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis is having and maintaining an African Diasporan sensibility for reparations versus those who may be oriented as ADOS, FBA, Freedmen, et cetera – that are grounded in American specificity. Let us get with the facts. The United States has always practiced specificity grounded reparations in the form of compensative legislation or Civil Suit since 1789.

No reparations legislation or the like has ever been “pan” anything. Reparations has ALWAYS been specific and targeted. That is not nativist or xenophobic. How? That is just the way legitimate reparations programs that are actually reparations programs are structured and deployed. Another useless straw man argument. We don’t understand why Counselor Taifa and her Pan African associates would like to try something new (and stupid) – now that our reparational turn looks to be on the horizon. And they are supposed to be the “experts?”

We love this quote: “… elite scholarship emerges that challenges clear perspectives and promotes economic individualism. HR40 requires complex conversations, but not ones that propagate confusion and disunity.” Oh. OK.

The main thing that The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis has been doing over the past thirty plus years has been to intentionally scramble and obfuscate clear and correct perspectives regarding reparations. Consequently promoting confusion and disunity. Kinda like what we see now. The Counselor says that HR40 requires “complex conversations.” “Complex conversations” in what? Chinese? Ahh – NO Sweetheart. Reparations, despite the various required components that must be stated and worked out to make a complete reparations program, is simple, easily reasoned, concrete, and straightforward. Added and unnecessary complexity is not required. And anyone that tells you that “complex conversations” are needed – is trying to get something over on you through complex conversations.

Counselor Taifa rounds her rebuttal with an appeal to emotion and personal credulity as she recounts standing at a Washington D.C. press conference listening, “surrounded by a rainbow of interracial faith-based activism.” So Spiritual! We take nothing away from her inspiring experience, but we do have severe oughts with her analysis of Dr. Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen’s article and overall ideology concerning Foundational Black American reparations. No rainbows needed.

We take umbrage that Counselor Taifa seems to think that average American Freedman should not take interest in this issue and demand that it be treated correctly so the maximum benefit to the right people could be garnered. A Repeat: “Reparations for the descendants of American Freedmen is NOT for every member of the African Diaspora NOR every Black United States citizen. Only those who absorbed and inherited the accrued disadvantages of slavery, Jim Crow, and beyond. Counselor Taifa is well aware that is Not or should be all Black people.

What is the good Counselor trying to pull?

While We Are On The Subject Of HR40

At this point – we would like to do a small HR40 focus. There is one thing that we want all thirty six million Native Black Americans to understand. The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis regard HR40 and the reparations issue itself to be their personal property. We are not being facetious. They actually believe this. We want everyone to notice how petulant and aggressively defensive they get when contrary views are expressed or precise questions are asked. Especially Dr. Ron Daniels of NAARC. They have perfected conversational devices like evasion, fake indignation, adding complexities where none are needed, deflection, arguments from authority, and a nearly imperceptible but elegant ability to change the subject. And we have no idea what they are doing behind closed congressional doors.

Questions. We can’t prove it. But we wonder if The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis is an undermining agent for the Democratic Party. (?) Whose purpose is in actuality – to destroy reparations. (Nancy Pelosi?). OR – if reparations are accomplished, is their intent – that those resources will be converted and redirected to purposes, places and people that they should not be intended for and excluding American Freedmen from their own reparations? This being done through questionable constructions like the NAARC proposed “National Reparations Trust Authority.” Along with newly created consultancies and “expert” organizations like “FirstRepair” of Evanston. You See?

We can’t definitively say this is true. We do not have direct, demonstrable proof of the inside conversations. No proof of the content of electronic communications or with whom those communications are with. Or why. Sir Hilary Beckles of CARICOM? What about him? Why is he – a Caribbean, consequential in HERE? In THIS reparational space? No proof of the inner thoughts of the conveners nor the commissioners of these organizations. But we outside observers cannot help what things “look like” to us. Because that’s what they “Look Like.” Mentalities, attitudes, and intentions do have a natural, non-proactive, osmotic, and unconscious tendency to “surface” to a degree.

To be observed and discerned.

That is nature. You know? And – we are open to correction.

Question: “Why bring this up?” We bring this up because the disturbing “Look Like” is embodied in three things we can see. Like:

  • The Current Text of HR40 itself – specifically Section Six.
  • The People Actually Shaping American Freedmen Reparations.
  • Open Non-Specificity.

One – The Current HR40 Text – Section Six

Reading and re-reading the current text of HR40 made us focus on Section Six – which covers “Administrative Provisions.” Remember that the main unelected and unsupervised editor of HR40 is Kamm Howard (Male Co-Chair of N’COBRA). Also remember that the actual (not stated) mission of The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis is to not accomplish reparations. But to use the (continuing) reparations issue for the personal enrichment of the commissioners and conveners. A hustle. Section Six is the “money shot” of HR40. Especially subsections (c), (d), and (e) specifically.

Read This:

(c) Experts And Consultants. – The Commission may procure the services of experts and consultants in accordance with the provisions of section 3109(b) of title 5, United States Code, but at rates for individuals not to exceed the daily equivalent of the highest rate payable under section 5332 of such title.

Even though N’COBRA has not accomplished reparations at no time anywhere – even after more than thirty years in operation, they put themselves and their associates out in front of everything and everyone as the “experts” of reparations. This subsection opens the door for individual members of NAARC and N’COBRA to establish consultancies, research concerns, and advising “non-profits” to non-productively “assist” in developing reparations policies and programs. They also use long-standing organizations like certain chapters of the NAACP as “fronts” to advance their agenda. If this commission convenes in the way that the Axis wants it to – expect to see that list of “experts and consultants” to only be slick Caribbeans and grifting Pan Africans.

Just watching!!! – As we write – consultancies are being created like the newly established “FirstRepair” founded by Robin Rue Simmons. For those that don’t know – she is the one along with N’COBRA that did a failed “Local Reparations” effort when she was an alderman in Evanston Illinois (she is now closely associated with NAARC). The Evanston program (as of this writing) is literally falling apart. Evanstonians are seeing this program for the scam that it is. Remember – this program was conceived and structured by “reparations experts.” OK?

“FirstRepair” is supposed to be an organization that is “Advocating For Local Reparations Nationally.” Just another way to exploit the reparations issue gravy-train. Expect to see more of these in the near future.

(d) Administrative Support Services. – The Commission may enter into agreements with the Administrator of General Services for procurement of financial and administrative services necessary for the discharge of the duties of the Commission. Payment for such services shall be made by reimbursement from funds of the Commission in such amounts as may be agreed upon by the Chairman of the Commission and the Administrator.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) produced a cost estimate for: “HR40, Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act” on May 17, 2021. The estimated spending subject to appropriation for the 2021-2026 Fiscal Year came to $20 million. The HR40 bill after mark-up still reads $12 million – but the CBO office’s estimate of $20 million is the real deal. The actual potential expenditure. Statutory pay-as-you-go procedures apply to this potential appropriation. These are excerpts from that cost estimate:

“HR40 would establish a 15-member commission to study the effects of slavery and discriminatory policies on African Americans and recommend appropriate remedies, including reparations. The commission would report its findings and recommendations to the Congress 18 months after its first meeting and terminate 90 days after the support is submitted.

HR40 would authorize the appropriation of $20 million for expenses of the commission, including payroll and support costs for members and support staff. Assuming appropriation of the authorized amount, CBO estimates that implementing the bill would cost $20 million over the 2021-2026 period.

CBO assumes that the bill will be enacted late in fiscal year 2021. Because of the lag between enactment and appointing members to the commission, CBO does not expect there would be any budgetary effects in 2021.

Finally, HR40 would authorize the commission to accept monetary gifts (which are recorded as reductions in direct spending) that could be subsequently spent without further appropriation action. CBO estimates this provision would have a negligible effect on direct spending because any gifts would likely be spent soon after being received.”

WOW. This subsection (d) – along with the language contained in the cost estimate, opens the door for NAARC and N’COBRA’s African and Caribbean professional allies to collect through retained consultancies, contracts with Pan African run non-profits, and the production of “scholarly” research and reports by “credentialed” or “recognized” individuals. They plan to extract every penny of that appropriation. With no reparations happening as a result. Reparations is not a priority.

(e) Contracts. – The Commission may – (1) procure supplies, services, and property by contract in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and to the extent or in such amounts as are provided in appropriations Acts; and (2) enter into contracts with departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the Federal Government, State agencies, and private firms, institutions, and agencies, for the conduct of research or surveys, the preparation of reports, and other activities necessary for the discharge of the duties of the Commission, to the extent or in such amounts as are provided in appropriations Acts.

More of the same as spelled out in subsection (d). Just more egregiously worded and expanded. I would guess this version of “cut the check” is not so juvenile. We just could not muster up the cojones to grift so shamelessly. Kudos to The Axis…

Family – This is Super-Important:

One last but important thing about the current version of HR40. The current version deems the Federal Advisory Committee Act inapplicable. Closed Doors. This means that the commission can do anything and everything it wants without making its deliberations or directions public. No progress reporting to the affected. Everything blocked and locked. Let us call it – “Reparational Opacity.” Our reparations is None of our damned business. Family – for something as important as reparations for the whole forty plus millions of us. This is a problem.

Two And Three – The People Shaping OUR Reparations and Non-Specificity

Family. We are about to be royally hustled if we do not wake up and handle OUR business. One of the things that we want you to notice about other reparations committees, commissions, and programs worldwide is that folks outside of the specific affected communities are not running their stuff. Absolutely Not. Chinese folks ain’t running Japanese folks stuff or vice versa. They both Asians. Right?

So How – in our case, are African and Caribbean immigrant citizens, Green Carders, and visiting non-citizens having more say in how our American Freedmen reparations are being shaped and potentially expended than we do?


We need to DIRECTLY address NAARC and N’COBRA regarding this.

Why haven’t we questioned the nature of the so-called collaboration between CARICOM and The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis? We ask – because when you read the aims and study the structures of other reparations commissions – No One allows Foundational Black Americans to enter or benefit. Only the leaders of NAARC and N’COBRA want to (supposedly) feed the entire African Diaspora using reparations that should rightly go exclusively to American Freedmen. NAARC and N’COBRA try their best to partition American Freedmen from any useful information regarding their own reparations. An injustice on top of an injustice.

This is why Counselor Taifa is so irritated at Mullen and Darity. Because they provide proper information. That, in addition to clarifying bad information and correcting misinformation. They fortunately (for us) go against their program.

They don’t want anyone outside of The NAARC/N’COBRA/CARICOM cabal to question or examine anything they do. Dr. Ron Daniels of NAARC carries himself as the “Absolute Monarch of Reparations.” Don’t forget to kiss the ring.

Another person to look at hard is Sir Hilary Beckles. He is the chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Commission. He is in the United States quite often. “Collaborating” with NAARC and N’COBRA. We don’t understand what they are “collaborating” on. Seeing that the CARICOM commission’s reparations platform absolutely closes the door to Foundational Black Americans. Whereas the platform stated by The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis is: “Anybody, everybody that is Black, citizen or non-citizen can get it here as long as you can get here – it’s OK – Just Fly In!”

This Is Crazy!!!

When collaborations happen, there is a coordination, a balancing, a relating, or some kind of duplication going on. That is not what is happening here at all. Just speculation Family: There could be a one-way reparations cash “pipeline” set-up being planned by The NAARC/N’COBRA/CARICOM cabal going from the United States – to the Caribbean, if reparations are accomplished – that’s what we think. No Proof! OK? Just what we think. We from Chicago. Who knows what Dr. Ron Daniels plans are? Slick people do all kinds of stuff. You Know?

A Pan Caribbean organization collaborating with a Pan African organization. OK? To talk about what? Curiously – Sir Hilary Beckles was present at the HR40 United States House Hearings held on June 19, 2019. (Domestic issue!) Sir Hilary Beckles and his visiting non-citizen associates were intrusively taking up seats that should have went to American Freedmen descendants. You Know?

Hey Everybody!!!

Watch Sir Hilary Beckles!!!

Watch Lionel Jean Baptiste!!!

Watch Kamm Howard!!!

Now what is going on here? Let’s see the platforms:

NAARC – N’COBRA Platform: “We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the U.S. to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”

CARICOM Platform: “The CARICOM Reparations Commission is a regional body created to Establish the moral, ethical, and legal case for the payment of Reparations by the Governments of all the former colonial powers and the relevant institutions of those countries, to the nations and people of the Caribbean Community for the Crimes against Humanity of Native Genocide, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and a racialized system of chattel Slavery.”

One platform is reparationally open – the other is reparationally closed. So what is that “collaboration” accomplishing here? With CARICOM, “Pan Africanism” goes out the window when it comes to the money. Remember, that the CARICOM organization is Pan Caribbean – not Pan African. Meaning – never for us. Is this a set up? With American Freedmen the ones being “got over” on? Family, this is the question that needs to be asked – pressed, to the right people repeatedly and consistently until the right answer is given. Or the wrong answer is extracted. But we have to ask. Don’t forget to press Kamm Howard of N’COBRA on this question as well. If you don’t know him, he’s easy to spot – he uses the word “international” a lot.

Remember Family – no American Freedmen are on the commissions of CARICOM or any other reparations entities representing the justice claims of other groups anywhere in the world. None. And Family, sharply remember that ALL commissioners and administrators belonging to NAARC have a hand in shaping OUR reparations policy. We repeat: “All of them.” And the individuals listed below in a properly constructed American reparations program – that are now shaping OUR program would not be eligible(!). So why and how are these foreign born – very ineligible people all the way up in our reparations business?

People like these chiselers:

  • NAARC Commissioner – Adjo Amouzou (Born in Togo – Africa)
  • NAARC Commissioner – Lionel Jean Baptiste (Born in Haiti – Caribbean)
  • NAARC Commissioner – Yvette Modestin (Born in Panama – Central America)
  • NAARC Administrator – Don Rojas (Born in Saint Vincent – Caribbean)

Not Eligible. – Whatever they do in Togo – have you EVER heard of any Black American running, shaping, deciding, or influencing anything in Togo? No? But a Togolesian can boat, fly, or swim in and shape OUR reparations?

That is Mind Boggling.

And The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis have a whole lot of folks running around with names like – Mashariki Jywanza, Subabu Shabaka, Jumoke Ifetayo, Kibibi Tyehimba, and Njere Alghanee. Are these people Americans? Because we hear drums. Do these names sound like folks you would seriously trust to shape Foundational Black American reparations policy? Would you? Where is Laquisha Thompson, Tyrone Washington, and Shaquanna Brown? We want our folks on this. OK?

We would trust “Laquisha” to craft a proper reparations program with more confidence than the insertive foreigners and “Shabaka” types of questionable provenance listed above. There were no people with non-American birthplaces or “Shabaka” type surnames facing Bull Connor’s dogs and fire hoses. Where? Folks with “Jywanza” type surnames were nowhere to be found in the middle of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Nowhere. And still looking.

They were not enslaved Here. They were not Reconstructively reneged Here. They did not absorb Jim Crow Here. Never got Redlined Here. Never denied rightful access to their GI Bill Here. Never got brutalized in a sundown town Here. Never raped by racists Here. Never suffered a community burndown Here. Never lived through a government-abetted massacre Here. Never lynched Here.

Let us clarify that push: This statement was not meant to be xenophobic or to be disparaging towards those that were not born here or lineaged from chattel slavery in the United States. But like others would want for themselves – reparations is regarding a just recompense towards a specific group that was specifically harmed. And the descendants of the specifically harmed would like to take care of their own business (a totally domestic issue) without uninvited or alien inputs. Period…

No matter what “color” they are. No matter where they came from.

And REMEMBER Family – that no serious reparations commissions or programs established worldwide, including CARICOM, have no Black people lineaged from American chattel slavery serving in any managerial, administrative, or consultative capacity in any of these foreign structures. They don’t allow us in their business.

How do we allow them in ours?

Foundational Black Americans must INSIST on the Removal of Diasporan immigrants from our reparations issue. They don’t belong IN there. That includes removing Sheila Jackson Lee (a child of Caribbean immigrants) as the main sponsor and Congressional shepherd of HR40. We Mean Removed. And Dr. Hilary Beckles, along with his CARICOM associates should be barred from visiting this country.

This is a set-up.

If an HR40 Commission does convene – without our interference, without our participation, without our critical oversight, and without our reparational vision, – you will see several Black immigrants on that panel. Deciding on your FAMILY STUFF(!). In Secret. We are Not kidding. And we are saying this with teeth and claws bared. Listen. They don’t belong there. If we stay complacent – we will be JACKED – In Secret. We’ll be DONE, open-mouthed – watching our inheritance flowing into Africa and the Caribbean through remittances and transfers.

Again – we are not kidding. This is a set-up Family.

Counselor Taifa is a part of that set-up. No number of deflective articles filled with disingenuous criticism will stop us from examining and calling this set-up out. This is our money that The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis is attempting to use to finance some crazy Wakandan fantasy that resides within the psychotic spaces of Dr. Ron Daniels mind. Let him and his associates use their own money for that. Reparations? Not to be purposed for fulfilling Pan African aspirations.

We just want our reparations In Cash – policies – protections – and set-asides with no complications. And no sharing with undeserving interlopers, predators, and parasites directly From – or lineaged From other countries.

Do you Understand?

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