A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers + Part III

Dicitur Pars Tribus

I was assisted in writing this Part Three by a sweet bottle of Stag’s Leap – “The Investor” Red 2015. A grand Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, Merlot, and Malbec blend. Fruity nose. Full structure. Blackberry, vanilla, spice, licorice, plums. Balanced acidity. Moderate tannins. Bold finish.

The Investor Red

“We are of the opinion that the free colored people generally mean to live in America, and not in Africa; and to appropriate a large sum for our removal, would merely be a waste of the public money. We do not mean to go to Liberia. Our minds are made up to live here if we can, or die here if we must; so every attempt to remove us will be, as it ought to be, labor lost. Here we are, and here we shall remain. While our brethren are in bondage on these shores, it is idle to think of inducing any considerable number of the free colored people to quit this [repatriate] for a foreign land.”

Frederick Douglass

Let us focus here on the importance of specificity

We cannot ignore 244 years of American history, with 89 of those years of America being an established republic. Our ancestors that built the enduring wealth of this nation and then continued to be generationally re-enslaved through the capricious but specific application of unconstitutional laws, and ongoing domestic terrorism that disavowed any pretext to equal protection. All of this shit for the purpose of maintaining bottom-caste status for the so-called Freedmen and their descendants.

Who was afflicted matters. The #ADOS political project was far less interested in centering the reparations movement around the #ADOS leadership than we were in ensuring that the focus of recompense and healing are targeted towards the descendants of the casualties of enslavement Here, domestic terrorism Here, economic marginalization Here, and generational reinventions of enslavement to keep the American descendants of chattel slavery a bottom caste in America.

Here In America.

The #ADOS political project rightly believed that HR40 – Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, as currently constituted, has problematic and what are feared to be fatal legislative flaws that many believe will diminish (maybe kill) the possibility of achieving Native Black American reparations. #ADOS was in alignment (they no longer are) with the constructive suggestions that Dr. William A. Darity Jr., the Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy in the Sanford School at Duke University and a professor of African and African American Studies, and Economics, and the Director of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity. Those primary suggestions are:

  • That commissioners be selected by Congress.
  • That commissioners be expert in fields directly relevant to reparations.
  • The proposal be equipped to eliminate the racial wealth gap.
  • That the recipients be Black American descendants of United States slavery exclusively, a lineage-based standard – as opposed to a “race-based” one.

The window for redress starts with the nation’s Declaration of Independence in 1776. This establishes the “legal entity” standard. The commission should have a paid professional staff, but the commissioners themselves should not receive Senior Executive Service (SES) salaries (that can be in excess of $200K per annum) for this work, although reasonable expense costs should be met.

Despite my concerns for HR40 as currently constituted and the #ADOS political project’s demand for critical revision, it was our [Reparationist] increased support and advocacy for proper House legislation that has worked as a catalyst to increase the number of sponsors. NAARC and N’COBRA had little to do with this.

Black American Purity Tests?

Let us deal with three fucked-up accusations:

  • Accusation One: #ADOS believes that Black immigrants are taking the resources of the Black American population and that the Native Black American community should be distinctly recognized to differentiate between ourselves and Black immigrants in policy decisions.
  • Accusation Two: #ADOS leaders and membership believe that Affirmative Action should be a “streamlined” program only for those that can prove their family was enslaved in America. Under their proposed Affirmative Action policy, the Black immigrant population, which also experiences racism and systematic oppression, would be excluded from Affirmative Action programs. #ADOS leadership has no plan for how exactly this type of exclusionary illogical practice is supposed to be implemented, beyond their demand for Black people across America to suddenly produce slave papers to validate their Black identity. “Slave papers?” OK.
  • Accusation Three: Increased hostility towards Black immigrants will only lead to increased hostility towards the overall Black community. Just last year, Peter Sean Brown – a Black American man, even after several attempts to prove his identity, was wrongly detained by ICE and almost deported to Jamaica. Brown stated after the incident, “I would never have expected in a million years that this would happen, and I can tell you it’s not a good feeling. And with policies like this in order and people implementing them like that, it was only going to continue… There has to be a stop at some point before it becomes all of us.”

Before I dive into the rest of this accusatory nonsense – I am going to reflect for a moment on this Peter Sean Brown bullshit. Yes, so I understand that between the Monroe County (Florida) Sheriff, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this brother was (anecdotally) fucked over. Yes he was. And we know that ICE can be a bunch of cold, brutal, authoritarian type motherfuckers in enforcing deportation policy, to be sure.

Was the treatment of Mr. Brown egregious? Yes. But this was egregious treatment within the context of being an American citizen. This was not treatment egregious at all to any foreign-assed motherfucker that is intentionally overstaying his visa, OR crossing the motherfucking border of the United States illegally. OK? I hope y’all understand what I mean. Motherfuckers committing immigration-type crimes (like visa overstays and unauthorized border crossings) have got coming to them whatever the law has got for them to get. Point Fucking Blank.

Ass-whuppings might occur. OK?

We cannot allow what happened to Mr. Brown to be presented as if that is the rule. OK motherfuckers? And Yes – Mr. Brown is entitled to some kind of monetary settlement from the government. And I hope he gets it. But I am not going to allow myself to be emotionally snowed-over by some Rodney King-esque “can’t we all just get along?” type nonsense coming out of a motherfucker’s mouth, just because in this case – the sonofabitch happens to be a nigger that was victimized by ICE malfeasance. Fuck That. And fuck anybody that suggests I should be. I have always admired the way Russia and China handle motherfuckers that illegally cross their borders when caught. Yep. We could learn something from them.

The fact that Mr. Brown allowed something as unenlightened as: “I would never have expected in a million years that this would happen, and I can tell you it’s not a good feeling. And with policies like this in order and people implementing them like that, it was only going to continue… There has to be a stop at some point before it becomes all of us.” to fly out of his motherfucking mouth with no useful understanding of immigration policy – no understanding of the geo-political implications of any immigration arrest – no understanding that he shouldn’t be guided by Al Sharpton – and no understanding that too many immigrants here, both legal and illegal, Black and brown, eventually register with racism-white supremacy to politically, economically, and socially undermine Native Black Americans. And – the consistently undermined includes him.

“Nigger – did you have your identification on you?”

Just a question. If he had his identification on him (if no ID was the catalyst) – maybe that would have stopped this shit before it happened. I only ask this question because in our [Black] community HERE IN CHICAGO we have a lot of over-40-year-old type adult motherfuckers still sagging their pants like fourteen-year-olds, rocking new Jordans like sixteen-year-olds, and routinely hitting the streets with no ID on their persons like they are still in kindergarten. Grown-assed motherfuckers. So I wonder if this guy is of the same ilk. ICE knows perfectly well how to find certain niggers and look-up verifying shit, and they have the data-based, cloud-connected means to instantaneously differentiate any and all home-grown niggers from foreign-grown niggers WITH ID. Believe Me.

His hole-in-the-head commentary shows that he needs to shut the fuck up and allow his lawyers to get on with the nuanced task of securing a settlement for him. Enjoy the cash motherfucker. Please…

The plural of anecdote is not data. The #ADOS political project was a data-driven, agenda-motivated group. Always data.

Proof Of Documentation?

Ding – Ding – Ding!!! Framing is everything. A sonofabitch framing criteria for eligibility for an American reparations claim as “slavery papers” is problematic. Profoundly Disturbing. And just plain offensive to the struggle and suffering of our ancestors. Ultimately, it is not a position that was endorsed by #ADOS (although another organization that was not of the #ADOS political project strangely does), and the disingenuous characterization of the #ADOS political project creating this frame is a Pan-African lie. I find it especially strange to link this filthy term “slavery papers” to a sense of shame or sinister intent, as if the physical documentation of one’s ancestors’ pain as something that should be left alone. How did you – wait, “slavery papers” motherfuckers?


Since when did birth and death certificates become “slavery papers?” Huh? I think NAARC and N’COBRA probably retain a special committee or think tank whose only mission is to come up with stupid shit like this. A “Stupid Shit Committee.”

The #ADOS political project at the time I was involved supported the criteria offered by Duke University professor and economist Dr. William A. Darity Jr. requiring proof of only one ancestor whom was enslaved in the United States, along with having described yourself as Black, African American, Negro, or Colored on government documentation for at least twelve [12] years before any reparations distribution. Reasonable. There has been a boom of genealogical research over the last two decades, with the efforts of Antoinette Harrell (genealogist and historian) being the most notable.

It is especially off-putting to reference American ancestral documents as “slavery papers.” It is a contemptible dismissal. But I’m glad the Pan-Africans said it.

This term reveals the depraved, entitled, filthy-minded lens through which some Diasporans and many Pan-Africans look at Native Black Americans when they assert themselves in ways that don’t fit their agendas. Make no mistake: the accrued disadvantage and stigma of being a descendant of enslaved people in and of the United States is already here, embedded, and a concrete part of the lived experiences of Native Black American citizens. Pretending that the unearthing of these proof documents somehow adds stigma reveals a treacherous spirit on top of an ignorance that this obvious stigma was already there. Incredible.

One of the more persistent asks that I receive about the American Reparationist claim is, “what about Black immigrants to the United States?” Ahh… “What about em?” The operative word here is immigrants, a voluntary migration to the United States. Before 1965, Black immigrants made up less than one percent of the total Black population in America. With most Black immigrants, the few that were here across generations, some have intermarried with Native Black Americans, making their progeny eligible for reparations. Immigrants that would definitely be excluded would be recent arrivals who, according to the statistics, came to the United States from 1965 to 1980 then going forward.

I ask, how does a person of any color or origin become eligible for redress for harms their ancestors were not here for? I would like that process to be explained. For Black Americans who have migrated to America post-1965, the Freedmen’s Black Agenda can address them and their issues within proper context.

There is no doubt that to be Black in America is to experience anti-Black discrimination. That said, there is nothing unreasonable about the American Freedmen’s demand to the United States to settle-up its centuries-old invoice. American Freedmen will not allow Pan-African confusion between the demands to repair double-digit generations of a people who have endured targeted oppression, discrimination, and atrocity, versus people who elected to come to the United States of their own accord in the last thirty years? And may have experienced some anecdotal racial incidents in a country that is known internationally to be a racist shithole? Plane tickets are always available if things get too hot here. It’s called “repatriation.” Native Black Americans don’t have that option. Nearly Half, or forty-five percent of Black immigrants came to the United States after 2000.

So – how does reparations Here happen for them?

Still Today. Ninety percent of Black Americans are American descendants of chattel slavery [ADOCS] in lineage. And that lineage identification ain’t hard to trace AT ALL. Any living American descendant of chattel slavery type person that has a living grandparent that was born in the 1940’s or 1950’s can in many cases talk about their direct relationship about THEIR great-grandparent that was born in slavery. A straight fucking line from then till now.

Most of the Black people that were alive during the Great Depression (1929 – 1933) – understood that their living grandparents at the time, were born into slavery.

I would ask the readers of this post to observe and note the window-dressed landscape created by racism-white supremacy that influences the popular culture that is fundamentally generated by American descendants of chattel slavery, and note the overrepresentation in public-facing positions (media, institutional authorities, politics, entertainment) of Black people that are not American Freedmen. Like Joy Reid’s ass (of MSNBC). But somehow “speak” for us. Like Joy Reid’s ass. Barack Obama is not one of us. Eric Holder is not one of us. Kamala Harris is not one of us. Colin Powell is not one of us. This is unacceptable bullshit.

Most Black people in this nation are American descendants of chattel slavery – and would be eligible to receive reparations. This clear eligibility does not need to be complicated by Pan-African nonsense. No need to add any unneeded complications like anecdotal racial dust-ups between Black immigrants and racism-white supremacy to justify the payment of reparations to those that are not historically or geographically eligible. Reparations purposed to recompense a four-hundred-year wealth transfer and proper judgements to settle certain isolated race-based incidents involving Black immigrants in America are two different things. Two Things. Just as occasional, specific, isolated incidents of overt anti-Semitism does not automatically make all Jews eligible for Holocaust reparations.

As any Jewish person can tell you.

N’COBRA “Bashing” and Refusals of Partnership

No one person, no organization, and no movement is above examination and criticism. The core of pre-schism #ADOS political ideology was an assertion of our foundational American-ness, the demand for the completion of our American super-citizenship. “Super-Citizenship?” Yes – Native Black Americans are Constitutional Super-Citizens (established via the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments – along with the Civil Rights Acts of 1866, 1964, and 1968) and more of us American Freedmen type folks are waking up to that fact. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed this metaphorically in his “I Have A Dream” speech in which he mentioned “signing a promissory note.” And the country having “defaulted” on that note. And our country not “honoring this sacred obligation.”

This waking-up represents a threat to partisans of N’COBRA and many of those who identify as Pan-Africans in America. Aiwuyor seems to perceive this distinction as a personal attack, but how can one expect two groups that are ideologically opposed to work together? But Aiwuyor is delusional anyway.

The #ADOS political project – moving forward with this justice claim, seeks reparations specificity for Native Black Americans, while N’COBRA has a global orientation and focus. With their for real focus – Caribbeans and Africans take precedence over Native Black Americans, and the #ADOS political project resisted that strategy. That precedence means that they want American reparations to go into the pockets and accounts of Africans and Caribbeans. Check this: with no reparations benefits for Native Black Americans. That’s what they want.

Even Dr. Umar Johnson said recently (and I’m paraphrasing) that “reparations don’t belong to you – that money belongs to the brothers and sisters of the Diaspora.” And: “That you [Native Black Americans] should get your reparations from the music industry.” There is your general Pan-African mindset. I ask: “What does belong to us Dr. Johnson? Aren’t we Black too?” The founders of the #ADOS political project and a number of #ADOS partisans defending themselves against unprovoked slander were misrepresented. And I assert again that HR40 trended upward directly only because of pre-schism #ADOS activism and advocacy.

That data is easy to find.

Did I mention that NAARC and N’COBRA have an official policy of non-engagement with Darity-based reparationists? How do you dialogue with that?

Here’s Seven More Motherfucking Accusations:

Accusation ONE: That #ADOS “attacks” Black historians, scholars, and leaders via “swarming.”

The #ADOS political movement had been forced to deal with unasked-for declarations full of misrepresentations and dishonest readings, and when #ADOS partisans reacted to such vitriol with correction and defense of proper Adosian ideals, they were framed as “attacks” and “swarms.”

As a cohort of wealthless people in what is the richest nation in human history, aggravated by the realty that my ancestors, dragged to this nation in the hulls of slave ships against their wills to toil with centuries of stolen labor and their very bodies used and traded as American capital – All American Freedmen reserve the right to implement every legal tool at their disposal to gain leverage for the advocacy of our people’s self-interests. “Swarms?” “Attacks?”

About time Black people united on something.

In a political environment where Citizens United v. FEC has allowed the dark and institutionalized money of the uber-wealthy to matter more than the votes of the individual citizens of our so-called representative republic, private and public people mobilization matters more now than ever. American Freedmen will not be shamed into not pursuing the self-interests of our people. Point Blank and Done.

The #ADOS political project was a collection of overwhelmingly poor and working poor American citizens. That #ADOS and those who had allied with it in support of this righteous justice claim, using nonviolent, yet confrontational tools at our disposal to build consensus, educate the public, and ultimately press Congress and the President of the United States about the debt owed to Native Black Americans. And to accomplish the payment of that debt. Understand – that American descendants of chattel slavery is a distinct group, going beyond “race,” (although “race” was used as the tool to enslave and marginalize us) as a group of aggrieved Americans who have a justice claim that durably remains unaddressed.

Accusation TWO: Ahh… #ADOS leaders seek to limit Black immigrants from obtaining U.S. visas, similar to the policies advocated by white supremacists that are attempting to stop the “browning of America” by decreasing Black and Brown immigrant entry to the U.S.

The pre-schism #ADOS founders’ focus on immigration policy did not come out of a desire to “keep America white.” This is a disingenuous, libelous charge. I assert that a demand for reparations strikes a death blow to white supremacy as it has manifested through American chattel slavery and its ensuing mechanisms to keep American descendants of chattel slavery as a bottom caste. American Freedmen will stay focused on immigration policy.

American descendants of chattel slavery reserve the right to work, speak anywhere, and join the boards of whomever we please. Sitting on the board of PFIR (Progressives For Immigration Reform) is no different than someone working for Media Matters, Daily Kos, or Planned Parenthood. Pure Reparationists will not allow themselves to be bullied into conformity with any American political party through its appointed functionaries. Our interests are focused on the collective self-interests of our ethnic group that takes a step towards making our people whole through a closing of the racial wealth gap.

Reparationists do wish to limit H1-B visas, and for those jobs that are targeted by those visas to be made available first to American descendants of chattel slavery that are so qualified. As gulfs remain in the numbers of qualified Americans, particularly American Freedmen to fill these positions, then our national resources should be invested in the education and training of Native Black Americans to narrow those gaps. We will continue to push for H1-B limits.

The most affected countries regarding H1-B visas would be India and China. Others that would be affected are Black immigrants that come from the African and Caribbean elite. These are higher-paying white-collar positions. Why would American Freedmen advocate for Black immigrant elites to gain high-paying American positions (and in some cases, be shamed by this class of Black people for being unmotivated and lazy) and not the poor and working-class Native Black Americans whom have suffered over four-hundred years of oppression?

Following those affected countries are Mexico, South Korea, Great Britain, France, the Philippines and Taiwan. Nigeria barely makes the top 25 nations of visa recipients, and the number of Afro-Latinx people from South American nations receiving visas are negligible. So then, how is the limiting of H1-B visas an anti-Black policy? Limiting H1-B visas is a pro-Black policy for American Freedmen.

SO – is the Aiwuyor accusation advocating on behalf of elite Asians or Native Black Americans? Also, H1-B visas are for workers with advanced education and education and training – and not for the poor and working class. Which class of people? Which group of people are being advocated for? The elite from other countries, or the bottom caste in this country? For whom is Aiwuyor herself really advocating for? Is anyone paying her? Just asking.

Accusation THREE: Those #ADOS leaders do not believe that Black Americans can or should have any connection with Africa. They tell their followers to trace their lineage to America only and to stop acknowledging Africa as the home of our ancestors.

We are centuries removed from Africa. It has been said: “…you can’t unring that bell.” Motherfuckers – American descendants of chattel slavery are not a fucking “lost tribe.” Get off that shit. Every nigger in this bitch Knows where we ultimately came from. That’s from Africa motherfucker – not New Guinea. “Is that Right? What the fuck are you talking about? We were Sold from Africa by Africans.” That is the disconnected connection motherfuckers. Is that right? That is the goddamned complication. See? Once you Sell some motherfuckers – those SOLD motherfuckers don’t have to acknowledge any more shit than that. The fuck are you talking about? You can Take that stupid game back to Africa. Kiss my Ass.


And I assert that the framing of the recent disaggregation of our distinct lineage within the Diaspora as American descendants of chattel slavery being done as some nefarious attempt at separation is intentional Pan-African mischaracterization. We don’t want or need Pan-African ethnic micromanagement. We demand to be given the same respect for our lineage and our right to define it as others do from other African and/or Caribbean nations. Moreover, the Pure Reparations political project supports their specific efforts for reparations from the settler colonies and original marauding countries that aggrieved them with multigenerational harm.

Those Americans of African descent who seek to have connection with African nations, should lobby African leaders and have your fu-fu with them – instead of punching down on a bottom caste of American citizens. And when are the Pan-Africans that talk all this shit repatriating their damned selves to Africa? When?

Fuck You.

Accusation FOUR: Those #ADOS leaders have stated that Pan-Africanism is dead and that African Americans are more closely connected genetically to white Americans than other people of African descent.

The #ADOS political project was not the only entity acknowledging this position. We only saw Pan-Africans wearing kufis, pouring libations, and talking shit. Folks do read. Many more than a few examples of this position exist from writers from African nations and publications who also agree. Does Pan-Africanism, as a serious political movement, have momentum in the United states? Ahh… Clearly No. Does Pan Africanism address the economic and political needs and concerns of American Freedmen citizens in a specific and operational way?


Pan-Africanism as an ideology for operational unity, possesses multiple difficult layers. If Pan-Africanism is examined as a geopolitical unification strategy among sovereign African and Black-led Diasporan nations – do you see that unification happening? No? Well – if it is not dead, it has been comatose for decades. In the daily mind of the typical Native Black American – it is dead. Pan-Africanism as an academic and theoretical platform has had a greater level of success, relatively speaking. And this – only between scholars and Pan African enthusiasts. Even with this, the theoretical and ideological offerings from academia do not often reach and materially affect the everyday lives of Black people throughout the world.

Is Pan-Africanism apparent as an operational ideology amongst Africans of the Diaspora, whether as individuals or organizations? Doesn’t look like it. There are clusters here and there of Diasporan Black people, small NGO’s, and organizations throughout the Diaspora that adhere to its principles. Certain Black and/or African history book communities in the United States would be one example. But it is not a dominant position amongst the totality of Black people around the world. I will not go so far as to say the American Freedmen community does not say that Pan-Africanism does not have merit, but it is not a primary driver or influence. And yes – we are very, very, closely connected genetically to white Americans.

That is just the way it is.

Accusation FIVE: The #ADOS leadership and members use radicalization tactics like “othering” by demonizing and blaming Black immigrant communities for a lack of resources and jobs. They twist facts to fit their narrative and limit successful dialogue with others by telling members to “stay on code.”

The #ADOS political project did not “other” – as in marginalizing Black immigrants with malice. Let me be clear about what the #ADOS political project worked to do within the discussion of Black immigrants: we are problematizing a long-held but dishonestly used narrative of Black immigrant rags-to-riches stories that are frequently used to criticize Native Black American communities for government-enacted socio-economic collapse. But the #ADOS political project did point out that United States corporations show preference in the job market for – and are less harsh with Black immigrants once their lineage is known.

Moreover, the issues are with America and its immigration policy. Not Black immigrants. From Europeans who migrated to this land to become slave owners, to the Irish who became white, to the Asians who are provisionally white, to the Hispanics whom are on a path to whiteness, and is predicted to be the group which helps to maintain an American white majority. And to maintain the relevance and power of the Democratic Party. Do you speak Spanish?

References to “stay on code” tends to be language from those that profess to align with “Foundational Black Americans (#FBA),” Tariq Nasheed’s social media cultural campaign. Yes – you have seen me use the terminology “Foundational Black Americans” as a descriptive terminology, and not in political association with Tariq Nasheed at this time. I may also occasionally use the term “on code” in its naked, literal sense. I will continue to use the English language.

Accusation SIX: The #ADOS movement is suspected to be supported by a strategic propaganda campaign propped up by a large number of anonymous online accounts that are likely paid trolls – pretending to be Black Americans that agree with their movement in order to increase the appearance of their popularity and gain more followers.

According to Aiwuyor, “The #ADOS movement is suspected…” – Of what?

Based on what? Where is the evidence? Of what? “Likely paid trolls” where? Why? And who is “suspecting?” Who is “paying?” Accusations are thrown around with no evidence or backing. No proof required. It is the new “Red Scare.” A “Black Scare?” OK. Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler (American entrepreneur, filmmaker, and digital scholar) collected data on nearly 1000 Twitter accounts with the identifier #ADOS in their bios. His research shows no bot-like activity. Ziegler is highly proficient in the tech space and has created tech startups and created bots, and therefore understands how much of this works. But does Aiwuyor understand?

I would suggest to all accusers to produce an IT forensic data report prepared by industry-respected digital sleuths to substantiate these claims, or stop making them. It remains outrageous to me that the foes of the #ADOS political project marginalize human beings as paid trolls because they do not agree with the agenda or the goals of a Pure Reparationist political movement. Y’all need to stop making Pan-Africans look stupid.

Accusation SEVEN: It is suspected that the #ADOS movement is being elevated on digital media platforms by an election interference and disinformation campaign. The suspicions are based on reports that similar tactics were used during the 2016 elections to stoke racial tensions.

Much has been made of an ominous Senate report regarding the Internet Research Agency (IRA) that warns of Russian interference in previous and upcoming presidential elections. Using “Understanding ADOS,” Aiwuyor attempts to place culpability onto the #ADOS political project when reality reveals the report ties to Russia’s cyber-campaigns using Black Lives Matter, Pan-Africanism, and even intersectional feminism as vectors of voter manipulation and misinformation, even going as far as to mimic the behavior of Black Lives Matter pages and logos.

They be busy.

Let us deal in facts Please. Now – the #ADOS political project did not become the large online presence it was until the U.S. presidential primaries, specifically when Kamala Harris announced in January of 2019. That is outside the scope of the U.S. Senate report that documents Russian activity from 2015 to 2017. Check. How is the #ADOS political project, which was a largely 2019 phenomenon being tied to Russian activity from two years before? Oh – there was no mention of reparations or of a pre-schism #ADOS. Nothing to find.

Also, hashtags such as:

  • #blacklivesmatter
  • #BLM
  • #blackgirlmagic
  • #africanempowerment
  • #blacknationalism
  • #blackownedbusiness
  • #staywoke
  • and #panafricanism

were used by IRA accounts called “panafricanroots” and “blackmatterus.” The largest IRA Instagram account was “blackstagram” with over 300,000 followers. Again, no #ADOS anything there.

The “New Knowledge” curated Senate report’s YouTube analysis found that Black Lives Matter and police brutality were vector points and trigger issues for election disinformation. Aiwuyor’s attack piece praises Black Lives Matter. To put it clean and direct – Black Lives Matter is named in the SSCI (U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) Research Summary Report and the #ADOS political project was not. Check. “Reparations” is not mentioned. Given the Senate report’s own words, it appears more likely than not that our detractors from Black Lives Matter and Pan-Africanist circles are the ones under Russian influence. Not American Freedmen. Vodka Anyone?

#ADOS political project detractors are betting on you being overwhelmed with their anti-Reparationist polemics and others not fact-checking for themselves.

Time to move on to Part IV.

A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers + Part IV

Dicitur Pars Quattuor

I was assisted in writing this Part Four by a bottle of Leviathan California Red 2017. This is a badass Napa Valley red blend of Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Fine cigar nose. Blackberry jam, black currant, vanilla, spice, oak, honey. Background sweetness. Tight structure. Velvety finish.


“We need political unity! Unity is the one thing that we lack. If we are ever to seize power in this nation and leverage our votes for our own benefit, we MUST unite across different ideologies. We cannot be divided up by gender, and other white supremacist ideals. It seems as if we’re the only people who will not unify for ourselves. It’s as if whiteness unites the European here but blackness [between disaggregated Native Black American ideological and political factions here] divides us. UNITY is how we win [reparations].

Elijah Muhammad was apolitical and never wanted true unity with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was political – but Malcolm X understood that the power here is in the hands of the politicians and government and that is how he got several pieces of federal legislation passed for us.”

Lord Abba Nyhiem

Let Us Speak on Attacks on “Black Unity.”

#ADOS as a movement was accused of “dividing” something that is not, and never has been together. Or, at least the interpretation of what that “togetherness” means has not been something that has socioeconomically worked for American Freedmen, particularly after 1965. Or haven’t you noticed?

If you haven’t noticed – Notice.

It is time to move beyond the fantasies of romanticized Pan-Africanism and even speaking of Africa as a singular unity, as opposed to a continent with dozens of nations and thousands of ethnicities. Native Black Americans should not be expected to digest or accommodate this. It is always concerning when human beings choose emotional reactionary outrage over what Freedmen actually say.

For example, Morgan State University professor and author Dr. Raymond Winbush was quoted in a May 2019 article in The Final Call newspaper, “#ADOS people are ahistorical. They have no understanding of how the Black Diaspora, throughout the planet, is united. So for them to come in to try and divide Black Americans from Black Jamaicans and Black Brazilians, that stuff is ridiculous.” I say: “Come in to where motherfucker?” OK. “United?” Now, hold it Arthur. Hold It – let us think about Dr. Winbush’s statement for a minute. He may have something here.

Dr. Winbush may be right about Adosian ahistoricality. Could be. Or, could his view come from Pan-African conflationism? How does being historical, or being ahistorical have to do with an economics-based, economics-calculated, economics-corroborated, economics-validated, and economics-confirmed justice claim? How did any of this domestic conversation – end up in Africa?

An understanding of how the Black Diaspora, throughout the planet is united, or even if disunified; has nothing to do with our wholly domestic justice claim. Which is wholly based in American history, American economics, and Native Black American lineage. How did that “Diasporan unity” subject get into this issue? And if we are “unified” – show me where this “unification” is taking place, along with a clear explanation of how that has to do with, or bears upon, this exclusively American reparations issue? Question Mark. Question Mark. Question Mark.

I personally have never thought about Diasporan unity. I think about reparations all the time though. I have been to fourteen countries in Africa. The everyday man on African lands, streets, and villages ain’t thinking about Diasporan unity either. Africans be thinking about Green Cards, gold Mercedes’, and white dispensed association and validation. Money. African men be thinking about white women. They trying to leave Africa. Quick. To get to that prioritization.

Any motherfucker talking about some “Diasporan unity” bullshit needs to walk these Chicago streets for a minute. Chicago. OK? Because on these Chicago streets, with the exception of very far and in-between intersections, African and Caribbean immigrants (about 65,000 just in Chicago) generally don’t fuck with Native Black Americans unless they absolutely have to. They don’t even intra-Diasporally fuck with each other Here. And I’m talking about motherfuckers FROM the African Continent. Motherfuckers FROM the Caribbean. All Right Here. All intentionally walking past another on these Chicago streets. Don’t know each other. And don’t wanna know each other. Come the fuck on Man…

You would think that America would be the best and most neutral ground to effect some degree of operational Pan-Africanism Here. Not even a “goat fry.” That “unity” shit ain’t happening here – and it ain’t happening there – in Africa. It ain’t even happening within the Caribbean on an intra-archipelagan basis. African immigrant restaurant owners don’t even like Native Black Americans eating in their establishments. They want those seats reserved for white patrons and natives from their originating country only. What the fuck is Dr. Winbush talking about?

As of this writing, South African Blacks are trying to kick Nigerian merchants out of their country. Calling them “bloodsuckers” and “foreigners” to further energize the kick. Ahh… Where is this “unity?” Now, this shit is happening in Africa. The place where every other Black motherfucker in the world is supposed to go “Pan” with? Get the fuck outta here with that shit. OH, did I mention, the fourteen heavy inter-tribal conflicts that are going on as of this writing. Right Now. IN Africa? Or how Nigeria as of this writing for over a year, has closed its borders to neighboring Benin, Niger, and Cameroon. This – aiming to stop the “smuggling” of food, which it says undermines local agricultural businesses. Going on – Right Now – IN Africa. I didn’t know we could get protectionism and Pan-Africanism in the same breath.


So, I would like Dr. Winbush to explain to American Freedmen – “how the Black Diaspora, throughout the planet, is united?” Because I don’t see any “unification” going on in Africa, or in these Chicago streets. You Know? Where this claimed “unity” can be seen. There is a slight dilemma here. That aforementioned statement regarding unity was uttered by a Pan-Africanist with a doctoral degree. He wrote a few books. That is not easy to dismiss. OK? An associate of mine whose opinion I really respect, suggested that I fire-up a high-quality blunt, and then think on this. That way, I could see whatever the fuck Dr. Winbush is seeing. I think I’ll do that.

You know – Dr. Winbush is of the same retrograde Pan-African ilk that speaks on various stages around the country, talking “Egypt,” talking “Mansa Musa,” and pouring “libations to the ancestors.” You know – the same African Ju-Ju type ancestors that could not stop us from being captured, could not stop us from being stamped as fucked, could not stop us from being sold away from the motherland, and could not stop us from being placed into that superheated American crucible – that generational state of nearly perpetual pain, servitude, and degradation.

Those ancestors? “Libations?”

I wouldn’t waste one drop from a two-dollar bottle of gin on those motherfuckers.

If we are gonna go around wasting liquor and pouring all those fucking “libations” – let us pour some libations to the white ancestors. Yes – those motherfuckers. They seem to be the most consequential to the direction of our lives from the past four-hundred years and still going strong up to this point. They are more consequential to our positionality than the African Ju-Ju type motherfuckers. They are the ones that have us in a powerful racial circumscription. They are the ones holding all the money. So, maybe if we pour enough “libations” in their direction (don’t use piss) – they may soon loosen up on their racist lockdown of us, and finally blow us Native Black Americans a juicy kiss in the form of reparations.

But. Let us be honest. Where is this so-called unity? By what motherfucking measure? Initial attempts to measure this unity does not verify this statement. My final attempt to measure this unity still did not verify this statement. There are sparsely mixed findings with all Diasporan unity statements. Why? Because all Diasporan unity statements are full of shit. Now check this out: If Native Black Americans cannot find unity with the Diaspora in important areas of actual operational and material substance such as:

  • Business
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Logistics
  • Systems
  • and Security

Then what the fuck are we talking about? I tell all Pan-African motherfuckers that I ain’t doing no fu-fu shit with nobody. OK? Cook your grits at home motherfucker. No more African “cultural sweethearting.” And “kufi-time” is over. Motherfuckers. Don’t show me no fucking cowrie shells. At this point we need to be talking about some business, politics, and economics. Real Shit Man. How about that? I ain’t trying to compare notes on who knows more about Mansa Musa, or trying to be the deepest and quickest sonofabitch on the Kemetic culture game. Fuck that.

What Divisions?

How can American descendants of chattel slavery possibly divide anything, at least on a mass level, that is not and never has been together? Or at least, only on levels that are already populated by groups of people that agree with each other?

Pan-African confirmation bias.

Native Black Americans do not seek to stop claims of anyone seeking justice that arrived after 1965. However, that would be a different claim – and none of our business. At the same time, if one’s ancestors were here before 1965 it is more likely that one will descend from formerly enslaved Native Black American people. Even for those who may have “foreign born” African or Caribbean ancestors prior to 1965, it is more likely that intermarriage and/or interfucking with Native Black American people will tie them to American descendants of chattel slavery under Dr. Darity’s fair and logical framework. So, what are we arguing about?

In addition to that, there would be “foreign born” Black descendants of American slavery that could (and should) make a Native Black American reparations claim. Black folks who are descendants of those who escaped slavery to Canada and Northern Mexico via the Underground Railroad as one example. Native Black Americans that long ago immigrated to Africa or elsewhere and their present-day foreign-citizen descendants would be another example. If any population could produce documentation that reveals the proper lineage, they would be eligible recipients. What the fuck is the problem Dr. Winbush?

Aiwuyor mentions Maroon communities and other people who escaped slavery and went elsewhere. The operative word is Escaped – our ancestors in America did not Escape. If the Maroons or others want to make a claim, they may do so on their own. They are free, grown people. Maroon communities such as the Garifuna have made specific reparations claims in collaboration with CARICOM. Without our help. Those arguments of “whataboutism” are more rhetorical tools to generate confusion as opposed to coming to clarity. Those arguments are nonsense.

There are weird accusations being asserted that the #ADOS leaders use the work of deceased Black leaders like Queen Mother Audley Moore and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in their campaigns in order to build trust in the Black community. That they use the works of these Black American ancestors out of context and exclude all references to African roots, African identity, Pan-Africanism, or anything related to global Black movements or Black unity. This is a strange accusation coming from the same people that say in the same breath that the folks involved with the #ADOS political project are ahistorical, and that we have no intellectual standing in any reparations conversation because: “they [#ADOS] don’t know enough.”

That’s what they say. OK.

Let’s Process This:

Somehow, Pure Reparationists “don’t know enough” to assert any intellectual authority regarding the reparations question. OK. But at the same time, they point out that we have somehow “read enough” to have noticeably absorbed and to then manipulate particular works by particular people? Confusing. And after that, we can then somehow “understand enough” (even though we don’t “know enough”) to adeptly decontextualize the most usable sentences and paragraphs from those same folks to improperly and dishonestly twist, redefine, and propagandize those words for our supposedly nefarious goals?

At the same time – we don’t “know” enough? OK.

But check this out motherfuckers: I cannot steal what belongs to me.

Dear Sweetheart Aiwuyor claims that the: “#ADOS movement hijacks legacies and identities.” This is among her worst arguments. For us Pure Reparationists that are descendants of American slaves, as was Queen Mother Audley Moore, as was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and so on. Their identity is our identity. One cannot steal what already belongs to them nor does anyone in and from that group require permission from anyone to express what that identity means to them.

Furthermore, no one can dictate how any group chooses to build upon or not build upon legacies that are theirs. The Freedmen collective is as free to build upon the work of Malcolm X, Queen Mother Moore, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as any other person who descends from those Black people that were enslaved here in this America. OK? Who the fuck is Aiwuyor or anyone else to assume they own the authority to dictate to us Freedmen how we choose to assess, embrace, and build upon the legacies of our ancestors? By what arrogant right does Aiwuyor, the Twitter account of N’COBRA, or any other hastily constructed concoction such as the “National Black Cultural Information Trust” (NBCI Trust) possess the authority to do so? Well – they have NO authority over me.

Do the Pan-African leanings of the aforementioned leaders somehow diminish the fact that they were clear about the specificity of the American Freedmen justice claim concerning reparations? I can confidently assert that two truths can be held at once. We can have a sense of global Black solidarity and even an affinity for reclaiming a severed African heritage, along with a clear knowledge that there is a need for a distinct Native Black American justice claim. Despite these critical attempts, no “smoking gun” has been found. Nothing “hidden” to “find.”

Keep Looking Motherfuckers.

Now, it is laughable (go ahead – laugh) to say that Dr. King is being taken out of context, when the co-founder of the #ADOS political project, Yvette Carnell, led an October 24, 2019 YouTube book club broadcast utilizing Dr. King’s work. So, what is this removed out of “context” – What? I find it interesting that there remain critics saying that a group of politically motivated Americans and their allies whom have immersed themselves in this work are now “cherry-picking.”

OK. If that is what you want to call it.

So Let Us Get on the Subject of “Cherry-Picking”

The American reparations organization that was founded by Queen Mother Moore was named: “Committee for Reparations for Descendants of U.S. Slaves.” Simply reiterated, Queen Mother Moore is a Native Black American (born 1898 in New Iberia, Louisiana) – her grandmother, Nora Henry, had been enslaved at birth, the daughter of an enslaved Black woman who was raped by her white master. Sounds Native Black American to me. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an American Freedman. Dr. King’s father – Reverend Michael King Sr. was born to sharecroppers James Albert and Delia King of Stockbridge, Georgia. “Cherry-picking?”

Sounds Native Black American to me.

So those legacies are ours. American Freedmen cannot “hijack” what is of us. Those of us who advocate and agitate in the dozens and growing number of American cities where we have Reparationist chapters are of and in the Black community.

More bullshit: Some motherfuckers say that: “#ADOS leaders seek to take credit for all current reparations discussions, including the ‘1619 Project’ created by journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and the June 2019 House hearing on HR40 during which Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover testified.” OK. Now – as has been shown by fellow reparations advocates, we do not understand how our political struggle takes credit for articles with the authors’ name published in the byline.

So bullshitters, absorb this: Articles are not movements.

The literary talents of Coates and Hannah-Jones are not questioned, but neither are they leaders of political movements, nor are they spearheading efforts to call and meet with United States congresspeople or legislators on the state and local levels. The #ADOS political project was a national movement that has inspired many to actual national political engagement. Inspired national political seriousness.

I have bemusedly observed the “aha” moment New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones had as she recognized the suitability of the specific American claim that Freedmen demands, without acknowledging the efforts of the #ADOS political project because of disdain for Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore, and the social media tactics of the pre-schism #ADOS project. Alright Fine…

In these last few years, the Reparationist movement has generated a willingness to bring reparations into the national discourse, and I assert that credit should be given where it is due. This has to be said. Pan-African niggers are always on that “credit” shit. You know? Goodness. Who “credits” the “credit?” OK?

If we are coming out of that bag. We had dozens of #ADOS chapter representatives present at that hearing, although only eleven #ADOS members were allowed into the main chamber (more Reparationist folks could have came in, but those seats were strangely taken up by no-deodorant-wearing members of CARICOM) despite all of our members being the first in line to enter the hearing hall before 7:00 am.

I strongly resist, and shall remain vigilant, to the efforts of erasure from those who benefit from our disappearance, whether they be Black America’s native Boule, Black coons in American and international “mainstream media,” elite Black and non-Black immigrants, DACA, Latinos, Pan-Africans, or an apparently bought and paid for Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). There. So, let us not confuse these issues. The confusion does America and all Americans a spectacular disservice.

Then, we have others. Whether they be establishment leaders of the Democratic Party, Democratic Socialists, and those that are even farther politically left and more concerned with class over race; Pan-Africanists who focus asymmetric attention towards the African Diaspora over the afflicted Native Black American population which is careening toward socioeconomic catastrophe and inability to afford to live in American cities; “small government” conservatives who remain in a durable denial over the centuries of atrocities that brought us to this place in American history, laissez-faire libertarians, or those politically adjacent to them or any other critics, cannot be the arbiters of what Black Americans, descendants of American chattel slavery, “need” or “deserve.” That is not their place.

Especially as critics choose to operate on their own fucked-up perceptions and biases, and not material data. Many people in America, most whites and even a lot of Black people and other people of color, see politicians, some entertainers, “reality stars,” and athletes in modern media and it allows them to delusionally assume everything is equitable and okay. And shit is not okay.

It is a curious charge by some to claim that the #ADOS political project is some kind of “Trojan Horse” when it was open, clear, and intentional about its goals.

The #ADOS political project had been criticized by some of its more vocal attackers as a group of arrogant neophytes, a collection of political dilettantes behaving as if we invented reparations advocacy. That’s a lie, of course, nor can anyone show proof that has ever been our claim. We can claim that the #ADOS political project was the latest historic development in reparations philosophy and activism. That is a fact.

We can claim that because that is demonstrably true. Evidence. I would like an explanation as to how any individual or group can “hijack” the formulation and execution of possible solutions to problems that are one’s own? Crazy. The only time that something can’t be “hijacked” is if the one thing being “hijacked” owns what is being “hijacked.” So then: how does NAARC and N’COBRA claim that they own the issue of Native Black American reparations?

If they do – please show me the papers.

I am appreciating the fact that all of you have remained with me so far. Stay strong. It is time to move on to Part V.

A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers + Part V

Dicitur Pars Quinque

I was assisted in writing this Part Five by a bottle of Belle Glos Balade Pinot Noir 2016. This is a brilliant red from the Russian River Valley – California. Balanced structure. Strawberry jam nose. Cherry, blackberries, raspberries, cola, oak, some vanilla. Elegant and silky. Moderate acidity. Beautiful tannins. Clean finish.

Balade Pinot Noir

“I’m calling for reparations and asking for two things. First, that white Americans recognize that reparations is a payment to atone for the largest illegal wealth transfer in this nation’s history; and Second, to understand that the phrases equal justice and economic equality will ring hollow to Black Americans [American Descendants Of Chattel Slavery] until they are made whole.”

Robert L. Johnson

American Freedmen and no one else

Let us get this Solid and Clear: American chattel slavery and the multi-systemics of accrued disadvantage happened to the people that are now referred to as American Freedmen.

A long and sharp through-line from a thoroughly disenfranchised us – to our betrayed, captured, and sold ancestors dragged to this landmass as chattel. We are Not “people of color.” This shit did not happen to “people of color.” And we refuse to be stuffed into some fucking “BIPOC” trunk. They throw trunks overboard.

You Know?

We went and continue to go through a lot of good shit in this country. Like: Jim Crow apartheid in the South. Racist union discrimination in the North. Redlining. GI Bill restrictions. Miseducation. Social Security restrictions. Robbery of property. Rape. Lynching. Voting restrictions. And mass incarceration throughout the entirety of the nation. All of this happened to our forebears and many of us presently living here in the United States of motherfucking America. American Freedmen are the single ethnic entity – the only correct plaintiffs in this call for the federal government of This America to do reparative justice. This is why we look at the reparations language of NAARC that clearly and powerfully reads:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the United States to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”


“NAARC firmly asserts that reparations should not be restricted to people of African descent who can prove their lineage to what is being termed ‘American’ enslavement.”

I am going to assume that everyone looking at the previous two quotes have a decent grasp of the English language. You do understand what those Pan-African motherfuckers are suggesting? Right? The conversion of a potential reparations liability from a specifically targeted disbursement to a specifically injured people into a grand distribution for anybody in the world that identifies as Black.

A liability regarding an injury that occurred within a specific place, under a specific government, to a specific people. They want to convert this into a universal liability and disbursement. The Pan-Africans want anybody Black worldwide that is genetically and/or phenotypically derived or lineaged from Africa to get in and on this party. Just fly in. Now – there are only thirty-six million of us descendants of American Freedmen in these United States that this country does not want to pay as it is. Remember that.

So – what would a Pan-African reparations lift look like?

Let’s See:

  • African and Caribbean immigrants living in the United States = Four Million.
  • Afro-Canadians = One Million Two Hundred Thousand.
  • South and Central American Afro-Latinos = One Hundred Thirty Million.
  • Afro-Caribbeans living in the Caribbean Islands = Forty Million.
  • African and Caribbean immigrants living in Europe = Twelve Million.
  • Sub-Saharan African Continentals = One Point Four Billion.
  • African and Caribbean immigrants in Asia = Fourteen Point Seven Million.
  • African and Caribbean immigrants in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania = Three Hundred Ninety Five Thousand.

Wow. One Billion, Six Hundred Two Million, Two Hundred Ninety Five Thousand, Diasporan Niggers. Get your calculator if you need it. Add it the fuck up. Now, remember that number up there does not include us – this is Pan-Africanism. If it did – get ready for your $3.64 reparations check. That number also does not include the almost two hundred thousand American Freedmen type African Americans that have immigrated to Africa. “Your American reparations ain’t for none of you American Niggers. NIGGER…” That’s the Pan-African position. Remember that the mission of NAARC and N’COBRA as it is, will always prioritize Caribbeans and Africans over American Freedmen.

Hey – you really need to understand the Pan-African position.

Remember and absorb this: “We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the United States to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.” Understand what that means. That means that theoretically, ANYBODY from any of those aforementioned locations can come here and get reparations irrespective of when or how they arrived here or their country of origin. That’s what the Pan-Africans propose. Reparations for One Billion, Six Hundred Two Million, Ninety Five Thousand, Diasporan Niggers mostly outside of America. With all the resources coming from America.

The Diaspora is the Pan-African priority. Not American Freedmen.

That prioritization includes legally diverting anything that would go to American Freedmen going in its entirety to Caribbeans and Africans. And if reparations are expended – NAARC and N’COBRA want to guarantee nothing going to Native Black American type people by making sure that any and all reparations disbursements are captured, managed, and redirected by a “National Reparations Trust Authority” – an entity which would exist outside the Federal government. This “Authority” is a truly Evil intent and construction. Any real nigger from the streets of Chicago would recognize and tell you this “National Reparations Trust Authority” is a grifter set-up. Something to serve up to suckers.

Nobody I know would trust this shit:

“Therefore, we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.”

“The Call?” Who made this “call?” Did y’all hear anything about a “call?” Somebody with a bullhorn? Did YOU get a “call?” Nobody? “Repository?” “Custodian?” Where? Why? For What? Administered by Caribbeans and ex-felons? Sounds like some shit to me. The three quotes cited above makes me wonder what statements are actually true in the minds of NAARC and N’COBRA officials.

Is it what is publicly said by NAARC representatives in mainstream media as they uncritically endorse the passage of the “HR40 Pan-African Reparations Study Bill” as is, or this aforementioned language as posted on their organizational website? Which is it? If the website published statements were apprehended and understood by the majority of American descendants of chattel slavery – they would be unequivocally rejected. The Pan-Africans should hold and manage YOUR money?


American Descendants Of Chattel Slavery is anti-immigrant?

Anyone that propagates that shit – Fuck You. The #ADOS political project, remains accused of being anti-immigrant when they were not that. And the most well-known accusers know this. Actual Reparationists are anti-grifter – there’s a difference people. The #ADOS community has demanded specificity for an American claim, just as the “Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW21)” statement from their website does as quoted below:

“In 1776 there were 500,000 Africans in America who accounted for 20% of the population. As such, this government has a special and legal obligation to positively legislate policy effecting people of African descent distinctively separate from sub-group minorities and immigrant minorities in America.”


Did you read that? As you examine NAARC’s statements about who should be the recipients of an American demand for reparations, the language does not match up. The text of the IBW21 (this is the resource center arm of NAARC and N’COBRA) statement quoted above does not match what and whom they are targeting organizationally and internally. I mean, wouldn’t “distinctly separate from sub-group minorities and immigrant minorities in America” include the nigger ones too? Don’t they need to be separated out from us [American Freedmen] as well?

At the same time, they are making some of the same distinctions as we are, at least on some of their public documents. The movers of the #ADOS movement asserted that the public discord, misinformation and attacks against the #ADOS political project is far less about what is being said but who are the ones saying it. Some intellectual honesty about the fear and enmity that those [NAARC and N’COBRA] have about the #ADOS political project would at least get us all a step closer to substantive and productive discussion.

#ADOS critics, particularly through “cultural storytellers” such as lying-assed J.A.M. Aiwuyor and hastily assembled “narrative machines(s)” such as the NBCI Trust(?), mischaracterizes Antonio Moore as a conservative pundit via attempts to manufacture a nefarious link between the #ADOS political project and conservative outlet Newsmax. These links can be assumed as truth when motherfuckers only listen to nefarious sources like Aiwuyor and the NBCI Trust and don’t take the time to do their own research and read for themselves.

In each Newsmax article, Moore (to be fair from a free speech standpoint) champions justice for American Freedmen type people. Moore also publishes in progressive media as well. But that’s not the point. Any person that does any kind of political advocacy is supposed to publish in and appear on all open and accommodating political platforms, be they conservative OR progressive. So that their political standpoint can be communicated to everyone with concurring, neutral, AND opposing political viewpoints. That generates healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) discussion, opinion, and reconsideration.

Political arguments are useless if they are not aired, considered, and debated in concurring, neutral, and opposing venues. Aiwuyor can’t be serious. Anyone that thinks otherwise does not understand politics.

No political advocate of whatever political ilk should be confined to speak or publish on his or her political positions within concurring echo chambers. How do you change any political mindset if you speak only with or to folks that agree with you? How can you effectively do any politics?

Politics is opposition, concurrence, and transformation.

Moore co-authored a paper with noted economists Dr. William A. Darity Jr. and Darrick Hamilton. Understand that it is the content – not the platform. The political orientation(s) of the publisher(s) of some of Moore’s articles are less important than the content of the articles themselves and the article(s) philosophical direction. If an article by Moore is published in a conservative-leaning media platform – that is in line with our interests. If his work is published in a left-leaning or heavily leftist platform – that is also in line with our interests.

The #ADOS political project push for reparations and the acceptance of a Black agenda was agenda-driven, not party driven. Co-founder Antonio Moore provided an alternative point of view around a critical pre-schism #ADOS issue with a conservative audience. Making demands for justice on a conservative website does not equate to supporting conservative values. That only equates to a conservative audience being made aware of our existence and position. Who thinks this way? What this reveals is that Antonio Moore’s political message was consistent regardless of venue or audience. I consider this practice a wise transmission of education and alternative political thought.

It is curious that the #ADOS movement was bitterly criticized over not what an organization actually is, but a strawman construction of what critics and chiselers says it is. This particularly shows itself over the issue of immigration. There is a special dishonesty in these deranged and ongoing efforts to present the “ugliest possible interpretation(s)” of American Freedmen responses to the socioeconomic and political abuses heaped upon our lives, and the truths of our collective experience. This is especially seen in the ham-handed attempts to malign co-founder Yvette Carnell’s political intent (at that time), and to then indict hundreds of thousands of Native Black Americans by extension. The maligning folks that do this propaganda are full of shit. We should not abide this kind of open bad faith.

Carnell accepted no salary as a board member of PFIR other than travel expenses.

Nefarious connections?

Much smoke has been made about the ominous “connection” between Yvette Carnell and the late John Tanton by way of “Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR),” a subsidiary of the “Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).” This problematic argument scapegoats Yvette Carnell as some “Manchurian Candidate” for right-winged and/or white-supremacist skullduggery, despite the fact that she is a Howard University graduate of political science, the same degree from the same institution as the (as of this writing) Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. She [Carnell] served as a Congressional aide, first to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and later to former Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR), and then worked for the Democratic National Committee.

Again – Carnell served as a board member for PFIR. Again – she did not receive any salary while serving on the board. Aiwuyor, and those that ideologically and financially support her, would have you believe a lot of shit, including that the #ADOS movement endorsed eugenics and racism-white supremacy because of this specious “connection.” Using Aiwuyor’s logic:

Yvette Carnell + FAIR/PFIR & John Tanton (deceased) + Eugenics = #ADOS.

Ironically, the same degrees of separation exist between Aiwuyor’s coalition partners and the villainous Tanton network. Reaching. Dr. Claud Anderson, author of “PowerNomics” and a known advocate of socioeconomic and political power for Black Americans, is supported by members of NAARC and N’COBRA.

At the same time, Dr. Anderson does not share NAARC and N’COBRA’s universalist reparations philosophy, and he is not “attached” to these organizations. Dr. Anderson willingly speaks to anybody that listens. Aiwuyor makes no secret about her working relationship with NAARC members.

In a 2006 video, Dr. Anderson spoke at a politics and policy education event hosted by “Choose Black America” – another subsidiary of FAIR. In the press conference at that event, Dr. Anderson spoke of the negative impact of immigrants on the labor prospects of Native Black Americans. Dr. Anderson also addressed the watering down of affirmative action and how it violated the original intent of the Executive Order for Native Black American access in education and employment.

Using Aiwuyor’s specious deductions made about Carnell and applying them to a kindred spirit in the fight for reparations. Then:

Dr. Claud Anderson + FAIR & Choose Black America + John Tanton (alive in 2008) + Eugenics = NAARC & N’COBRA.

Throughout Aiwuyor’s “Understanding ADOS” misinformational screed, the sources Aiwuyor cited as fact, Farah Stockman of The New York Times investigated and found every one of those sources not to be credible. ABC News came to the same conclusion. There is no “there” there. Amazing. For the sake of a thought experiment however, if we would allow that there is a right-wing connection to the #ADOS political project – then using her uniquely lazy method of sleuthing, we must also accept that the same connection exists with N’COBRA, NAARC, and perhaps Aiwuyor herself. After all – F.A.I.R. is FAIR.

Even the dumbest motherfuckers can see the absolute unseriousness and absurdity of Aiwuyor’s bullshit. Really Motherfucker? OK – roll this up and smoke it Nigger: the #ADOS movement had no connection or affiliation with such organizations. Take the time to do the research motherfuckers.

So then: we who are American Freedmen and of the pre-schism #ADOS project reject Aiwuyor’s problematic, and sloppily malformed observations and analysis. Legitimate concerns about the impacts of undocumented (and documented) labor upon the lives of foundational American citizens who have been forced into an intentionally perpetual bottom-caste status is in no way a support and endorsement of racism-white supremacy. How did you get There? If anything, the #ADOS enterprise was a political exploration of racism-white supremacy and how to relieve its negative impacts on the sons and daughters of the American enslaved.

Others have spotted the problems of this misrepresentation. And had the honesty to tell the truth. In a 2019 article, blogger Michael Graham of Actify Press and Reset Race noted:

“There have been rumors that #ADOS is funded by a right-wing billionaire. There are no outward signs of big-money investment. This trafficking in rumor and conjecture has become a Russiagate-style attack campaign. No one has produced concrete evidence to support the claims. No emails, no meeting transcripts or minutes, no proof of money changing hands. Nothing. What’s worse, no one is demanding definitive evidence of this type.”

OH REALLY??? So where is Aiwuyor getting her bullshit from?

The Pan-African Congress North American Delegation’s position of Adosian “false narratives” may work for them (and their fucked-up agenda), but that shit does not define reality motherfuckers. They are over-concerned with drowning out and censoring a Pure Reparationist message via chaos versus uplifting theirs. Their message is about eating fu-fu from a distance, wearing pseudo-African costumes, and preaching about a Diasporan unity that does not exist.

Now these Pan-African motherfuckers have had several complete decades to get their shit out there and convince American niggers in the millions to cape for this shit. Now Hear This – Pan-Africanism does not resonate with the majority of Black Americans. And Pan-Africanism has certainly done nothing to close the racial wealth gap between white and Native Black American households. Nothing.

Understand This. The way NAARC and N’COBRA want to shape and dispense reparations, when reparations are accomplished. They will make absolutely sure that number one – American Freedmen ain’t gonna get shit. And number two – that there will be no closing of the racial wealth gap for Native Black Americans.

The Pan-Africans will make sure of that.

OK – if you have made it this far. You might as well top this shit off by getting through The Terminus (conclusion). And my wine is almost gone.

So move on to the Terminus and do this right.

A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers .The Terminus.

Dicitur Terminus

I was assisted in writing this Terminus (or closing) by a solid bottle of Bramare Chanares Estates Cabernet Franc 2015. Beautiful. Had to get serious and close this motherfucker out properly with a $120 Uco Valley Argentina Cabernet Franc. What the fuck else was I supposed to use? Just needed to close this dirty bitch with the proper libation. And this is it motherfuckers. OK? Violets on the nose. Blackberry, cassis, tobacco, pepper, cherries, paprika. Intense, balanced structure. Moderate acidity. Elegant tannins. Complex, slightly sweet, multi-layered finish.

Bramare Chañares Estates Cabernet Franc

“Despite all our sacrifice we have been handed law-book freedom without make-right compensation. That is why, for the life of me, I cannot find it in my heart to condemn as a crime any act against white-owned property committed by a Black person – be it robbery, larceny, fraud, defacement, vandalism, or such – which white legal codes classify merely as ‘transgression.’

Many perpetrators are not themselves conscious of the fact, yet the Black ‘felons’ in America who infringe white property are merely recovering values stolen from us as an oppressed and enslaved people. In an individualistic and usually unsuccessful manner, they are merely recovering surplus value created by the unpaid forced labor of their enslaved ancestors, capital assets, technologies, and services for which we have never been reimbursed.

Some felons are not even engaged in reappropriation, deliberate or otherwise. A few strike, damage, and destroy entirely to deprive the heirs of those who robbed our ancestors of the enjoyment of the fruits of ill-gotten gains.”

Clarence J. Munford

To those that came in at this point – this statement is done in seven sections. This (terminus) is the last section. The statement (dicitur) is divided in this manner:

  1. Dicitur Exordium – The Exordium
  2. Dicitur Pars Unus – Part I
  3. Dicitur Pars Duo – Part II
  4. Dicitur Pars Tribus – Part III
  5. Dicitur Pars Quattuor – Part IV
  6. Dicitur Pars Quinque – Part V
  7. Dicitur Terminus – The Terminus

So to get the full message – start at the beginning (The Exordium).

Bullshit Rhetoric

We as members and participants of American Freedmen lineage, are fighting for Black American reparations – specifically for the American descendants of chattel slavery. Bullshit rhetoric about “reparationist political project leaders and other outside forces” (Ha!!!) is stupid-assed fear-mongering and greasy Pan-African generated falsehoods. This shit is political misinformation created to pacify the concerns of establishment Democratic politicians and their political operatives. A class of people genuinely frightened about the prospect of frustrated Native Black Americans facing economic catastrophe receiving nothing for their vote and choosing to no longer give our good shit away.

This bullshit is meant to confuse hard-working Americans of all races, ethnicities, and creeds who are as yet unaware of the happenings and political machinations amongst and within “Black America.” It is amazing to watch how accepting and enthusiastic Black politicians and Pan-Africans are when it comes to the idea of killing off – erasing American Descendants of Slavery. For Real. I cannot get with a bunch of bitch-assed Congressional Black Caucus hoes – asses UP – Vaseline warm and ready – capeing for DACA. No Condom.

Motherfuckers better understand what the fuck is up.

The run-up to the 2020 Presidential election has become an ever-increasing chamber of lies and confusion about the Reparationist political project. The current media retro-blasts are growing larger and uglier and more powerful. At the same time, they are growing increasingly shrill (because they are running out of disprovative gas). Native Black Americans are the grandchildren of lynching. Lynching. The progeny of Black Codes. Laws. The offspring of mass-incarceration. Bullshit. Do you understand? And we are fully, completely – pushing-back against being lied to and about.

Kiss My Ass.

I will not allow the ongoing suggestions of charges that have never been proven to pass as facts and/or some kind of conventional wisdom, no matter how silly and desperate the Democratic Party becomes in attempting to own the Black American vote without any sufficient address of justice for Black Americans. That justice includes the payment of uninherited material debts previously avoided and presently owed. Do you understand?

The Fucking Pan-Africans

Native Black Americans wrestle with Pan-Africanists in an insane ideological conflict. I surmise that three of the main motivations in their zeal to engage in misinformation about the Freedman political project are that; 1) regarding American Freedmen having the audacity to demand a self-directed ethnic carve-out; 2) the nerve of American Freedmen identifying as Americans which particularly outrages them; and 3) that American reparations should not be universalized “to all Black people” in the United States. Where are these motherfuckers getting their weed?

Domestic American reparations advocacy and Pan-Africanism are different ideals, different goals. Conversations and debates to be had in different venues (located on different ends of the continent). Attempts to blend both issues as reparative policy out of American legislatures has only produced a scattered, muddled, toxic, mess. Stop It. Shaping an American – domestic legal and legislative claim and nurturing Pan-African collectivist impulses are two separate things. Things that are so unlike each other that I do not think that they can be blended and made operational.

Their key argument is that they are “long-standing” organizations. As if longevity in and of itself confers legitimacy. How is this “legitimacy” conferred? What is the legitimizing agency? How long is the probation period before you get in? Most of the active #ADOS members are between the ages of 19 to 35. Ironically – they are the same age range that most of the NAARC and N’COBRA people were when they began their individual Pan African journeys. And that’s a little unfair. They are the inheritors of the results of political mission drift (a reliance on symbolism and tokenism to replace policy and justice), a severe lack of representative government, and continued marginalization and stigmatization.

Let Us Return to NAARC and their Bullshit

Read this carefully, read this carefully again, and let this sink in:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the United States to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”

Read this shit too:

“Therefore, we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.”

Now – this shit makes absolutely no sense to younger Reparationist activists, as well as the rest of us Native Black Americans who are Generation-Xers or older. Native Black Americans believe that Africans of the Diaspora have genuine reparations demands. But the United States is not and should not be their default paymaster. Their reparations should correctly be paid by the settler colonies that enslaved their ancestors and/or colonized their countries.

I continue to remain concerned with the considerable negative influence that NAARC and N’COBRA have held over the reparations debate, particularly in their understanding of who the injured parties are and how to make those parties closer to whole with reparative justice. I am concerned that those rival organizations are less concerned, no – NOT concerned about closing the racial wealth gap.

I am concerned that the creation of fuck shit like “trust authorities” packed with the (ex-felon) leadership of those old organizations with shit spotty effectiveness will be stewards of substantial money, resources, and set-asides that the American descendants of slavery cannot trust at all. Fuck That. I am gravely concerned that allowing these groups to choose winners and losers, along with no interest in the provision of direct cash payments to the afflicted whom have endured generational poverty, deprivation, and maldevelopment – will be a devastating death-blow to a people being starved out of the ability to afford to live in America.

“Trust Authorities” that cannot be trusted remind me of the plunder of the Freedman’s Savings Bank. I warn the Pan-Africans that Native Black Americans cannot, and will not, accept that. There are many ways in which a people’s non-acceptance of something can be expressed. OK? Once Black folks wake up to the fact that Pan-African reparations organizations only exist to fuck Native Black Americans out of their reparations inheritance – there will be some problems.

And there should be. You fucking with a nigger’s money.

Think about this shit: A bunch of motherfuckers with born-into African surnames, a group of dreadlocked bastards whose lineages hail from the Caribbean, a gang of kufi-wearing ex-felon niggers, and a congregation of Black daishiki-wearing, doctorate-holding, history-spouting grifters that don’t know what the fuck they are talking about, administratively running the final reparative solution to OUR four-hundred-years of solid shit and enduring impecuniousness? Think About That.

Those fuckers managing Trillions of OUR dollars? I don’t think we are going to do that. And we may have to show certain folks that we Will Not do that.

I also assert that anything is legislatively possible. Any bad platform can be written into a reparations law. Anything. Remember Jim Crow? Black Codes? Redlining? Convict Leasing? Those were Laws – please remember that. I acknowledge that NAARC and N’COBRA, as “long-standing” organizations have many connections and associates in the government and media that they have cultivated over the years, connections that we as active Reparationists do not yet have. But we are initiating and cultivating those very important relationships right now.

These realities demand our vigilance and these realities are why we must continue to be the loud voice in the room. Drowning out NAARC and N’COBRA’s Bullshit. So What – these motherfuckers have been around for a long time Man. That’s Fucking It. They BEEN AROUND and Around, and Around, a long time – and reparations ain’t happened. Yet. Since reparations ain’t happened, but we’ve had “long-standing” reparations organizations (with kufis and doctorate degrees and libations) around for thirty plus years – something should be obvious.

“And what is that?”

Long-time activism does not equate to legal, legislative, or economic expertise in the formulation and execution of a proper reparations program. And with the results so far that we have seen from NAARC and N’COBRA, it is quite clear that the officials of these organizations have NO legal, legislative, political, activist, or economic skills to accomplish reparations whatsoever. This is thirty plus years obvious. They need to stop “standing” wherever the fuck they’ve been “standing” and sit their “no reparations” asses down.

The Beautiful Conclusion

Native Black Americans coming from our ancestors as the American descendants of chattel slavery, built the wealth of a nation that facilitated the United States following Great Britain in the Industrial Revolution and needing additional white European labor to man the factories and develop America’s cities.

That history extended and exponentialized the wealth of America while our ancestors were systematically not only locked out, but punished, quarantined, and marginalized every step of the way. NAARC – through their “National Reparations Trust Authority” intend on fully locking us Native Black Americans out from, quarantining us away from, and marginalizing us from our own reparations every step of the way. This is your Pan-Africanism at work. The Pan-Africans are no different than liberal white people. They just wear funny clothes – that’s all.

Actual Reparationists will seize the necessity to legalistically self-identify as a distinct group of AMERICAN citizens whom have had justice repeatedly denied. We will push back on all Ghastly lies about the #ADOS political project supporting eugenics because we challenge shallow and weird constructions about what “Black solidarity” must look like… so how are we dehumanizing others? Or doing Anything to Anybody? It looks to me like Everybody is trying to dehumanize US – not the other way around.

This political journey for justice is an exercise in self-actualization. This is not an exercise where Native Black Americans are stating that we are better than Africans in the Diaspora. But motherfuckers – Check This. Understand that American descendants of chattel slavery spent centuries in America is Distinct Shit. An original creation. And the Diaspora along with the fucking Pan-Africans need to respect that. Something to discuss to over fu-fu and plantains.

OK motherfuckers?

Our American claim for justice since its Declaration of Independence was thrown down in 1776 is also distinct and demands particular specificity, and American Freedmen reserve every right to exercise and actualize that justice claim.

I reject the bad-faith bullshit, and the status quo allowances that other Blacks of the Diaspora can claim affinities to the nations where they were Born In and Ran From. And those same motherfuckers will immigrate their Black asses to this country and somehow develop the nerve to crack open their raggedy-assed mouths to tell US what WE should and should not claim. Ain’t that an arrogant bitch? Telling this shit to motherfuckers that did not Run from nowhere or nobody.

Then – on top of that shit, being slandered with the Pan-African lies of working with Right-Wing white supremacists when we, Native Black Americans IN America must always live mentally and viscerally with the twenty-four-seven relentlessness of racism-white supremacy. That twenty-four-seven relentlessness – mostly generated by Right-Wing white supremacists.

And still ain’t ran nowhere? Fuck You.

American Freedmen will continue to do what we must, until we extract what we deserve – the American debt that is owed so that we can honor the suffering of our ancestors and provide a future for our descendants. No matter the misinformation.

No matter the lies. No matter the bullshit.

Made it to the end? Well Damn – Congratulations…

Ten Paragraphs

Displaying Screenshot_20201015-003911_Instagram.jpg

I was assisted in writing this post by a beautifully delicious bottle of Bread & Butter Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. Bold and silky. Balanced structure. High Napa Valley class at a decent price. Dried cherries, lychee juice, blueberries, chocolate, vanilla, tobacco. Medium acidity. Soft tannins. Medium but slightly dry finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The ineradicable ethno-continental severance was established in 1619.

“The native land of the American Negro is America. His bones, his muscles, his sinews, are all American. His ancestors for two hundred and seventy years have lived and labored and died, on American soil, and millions of his posterity have inherited Caucasian blood. It is pertinent, therefore, to ask, in view of this admixture, as well as in view of other facts, where the people of this mixed race are to go, for their ancestors are white and Black, and it will be difficult to find their native land anywhere outside of the United States.”

Frederick Douglass

I was prompted to write this post in response to a Facebook post neatly and logically laid out in ten paragraphs, that was published on October 8, 2020 by esteemed Chicago resident Salim Muwakkil.

This post was originally written prior to the ADOS schism. My responses have been updated by replacing “ADOS” with “Freedmen.” I did not change Mr. Muwakkil’s statements or questions.

For those that do not know who Mr. Muwakkil is – he is an American journalist based in Chicago. He is a senior editor of a magazine called “In These Times”, and an op-ed columnist for the Chicago Tribune. Mr. Muwakkil writes on Black issues, Chicago politics, Middle East politics, and United States foreign policy.

He is a popular commentator and interviewer in Chicago radio. Currently a Crime and Communities Media Fellow of the Open Society Institute, he also teaches a seminar on race, media, and politics for the Urban Studies Program of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. For many years Mr. Muwakkil has been (and still is) a cultural, political, philosophical, and journalistic asset to Chicago.

And he loves jazz.

I do want to establish at this point, that yes the gentleman’s name is “Salim Muwakkil” – but lineage-wise, he is a Freedman on both sides of his descendancy. He is also thoughtful, fair, logical, and open-minded to the extreme. Therefore, I want to use this post as a respectful and slightly corrective response to his post.


Let’s get started:

Paragraph I

“The ADOS (American Descendants Of Slavery) movement has caught on like wildfire in recent months. The brainchild of Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell, two kindred spirits who connected via the internet, the movement seeks to specify the identity of those victimized by United States chattel slavery and its legacy, and to push for the specific solution of reparations.”

Entirely Correct. No rebuttals or clarifications needed here.

Paragraph II

“However, it seems a contentious relationship has developed between ADOS acolytes and Pan-African enthusiasts. The bone of contention seems to be the role of the African continent and Diasporan Africans in the ADOS struggle. Observe our traditions, the Pan-Africanists say: Blyden, Garvey, Padmore, Carmichael, Malcolm, Farrakhan, Chisholm, and countless other non-ADOS were crucial to ADOS progress. Our struggle is one: the liberation of African people wherever they’ve dispersed.”

In actuality, the contention began with the Pan-Africans. They had and have a problem with our self-directed ethnic carve-out. The gate was closed and locked. Done without the permission of the rest of the Diaspora. Our self-identification as Americans was particularly galling. And then the last straw was our declaration that American reparations should not be universalized.

So – they came after us. Their only argument is that they are “long-standing” organizations. And in their view, their “long-standing-ness” automatically confers upon them being the only “legitimate” voices regarding reparations, with no other qualifications that could be deemed reparationally productive. That shit.

I have yet to find out exactly who and where this accrediting organization or group is that issues stamps or certificates of legitimacy to reparations groups. Or do you have to just be “long-standing” for “legitimacy” to be automatically conferred? How long? The majority of active Freedmen members are between the ages of 19 to 35. They did not know who the Pan-Africans of NAARC and N’COBRA were.

Thirty years ago, the core Freedmen activist demographic were either not born or still in infancy. Additionally, and ironically, this “new breed” are the same ages that the present day Pan-Africans were when they joined or founded their particular organizations. Disingenuous Bullshit? But! That answers the strange but common Pan-African question:

“Where were you thirty years ago?”

The older Freedmen boomers in our group had to explain to the youngbloods who these folks were. So, as they came at us – the young ones came back at them. The young ones started doing exhaustive research on Pan-African-centered reparations organizations, and they did not like what they saw. This quote from the NAARC (headed by Dr. Ron Daniels) website is one example of what they didn’t like:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the United States to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”

No differentiation? Everybody? Just show up and show up “Black?” Respectfully Sir – this is some of the most monkey-minded shit I have ever heard inside the conversation of reparations. And the youngbloods thought so too. The Diaspora is just gonna come here and have a party on the Freedmen dime? On the backs of OUR grandparent’s suffering and deprivations? That’s what we’re doing? Where did this “right” come from? What is the basis for that “affirmation?” Then we have an “irrespective of when they arrived here” thing going on. I think I get it. WOW.

I could imagine that NAARC and N’COBRA are gonna set up nice little kiosks in the international terminals of airports. That way, the moment a member of the Diaspora deplanes he can apply at the kiosk and get his first reparations check cut before he leaves the airport. I can see travel agencies specializing in “reparations tours” – enabling thousands from the Continent and the Caribbean to “fly-in” daily and get that “affirmed right” converted into a nice, crisp, cashable check.

A lot of those agencies will open in Evanston, Illinois.

Below is another quote that bothered the young folks that are Freedmen activists. This next quote bothered them because we as an organization believe that direct payments from the United States Treasury to the descendants of American slavery, is the best primary course for the distribution of reparations – not some “authority” deciding on macro plans and doing micromanagement of dollars on our behalf.

Here’s the quote:

“Therefore, we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.”

Huh??? Us Freedmen can individually handle as the rightful inheritors, our own money and resources. Trust me. A “Trust Authority” can’t be trusted. You’d better understand where they’re going with this. Not good. I never made any “call” for this. Did You Sir? We don’t want or need Pan-African style resource paternalism, oversight, administration, programs, initiatives, advice, allocating, none of that. “We ain’t doing ‘Wakanda’ motherfuckers.” We are not gonna be revisiting “The Book of Madoff” Sir. Not Here.

A “council of NAARC elders” (!?) is not gonna be tricking with the money. This will open up a repeat of the “Freedman’s Savings Bank” debacle (look it up – it’s teachable). If we allow it this time, it will be Black folks stealing from us in the trillions instead of white men stealing from us in the millions.

We are not going for that Shit. Nope.

I think that the “National Reparations Trust Authority” is intended to be used by Dr. Ron Daniels (NAARC) and Kamm Howard (N’COBRA) as a conduit to ship Freedmen reparations resources to the Caribbean and Africa. And CARICOM – led by Dr. Hilary Beckles, is a participating part of the set-up. Criminal. Any probable distributions to Freedmen will be diverted and tied-up in NAARC and N’COBRA run reparations “programs.” Those individual “programs” will be managerially pimped by hand-picked Caribbean, American-lineaged Pan African, and Continental African immigrated and lineaged “professionals” and “experts.”

They will be doing “studies” and “reports” while being highly compensated with YOUR money. YOUR reparations resources. Freedmen type folks won’t get a dime. Reparations will managerially and administratively be given to every Diasporan – But Us. This is just a reasonable speculation based on their [CARICOM] stated collaborations with NAARC. And myself just adding up an obvious two and two.

Can we see what that equals?

What is the goal of their collaborations? That is what we all need to ask Them. I also speculate in this way because of my observations of the careful evasiveness of NAARC and N’COBRA officials to offers of participation in open dialogue with people that may have different or opposing views. We’ll see.

We must always remember that anything is legislatively possible. As an example – look at all the resources and special considerations that are being received by DACA. Given to them via Executive Orders, and will eventually be legislatively locked-in by our government. And they are not citizens. This terrible platform can possibly be written into a reparations law via HR40.

NAARC and N’COBRA, as “long-standing” organizations have many connections and associates in government that they have cultivated over the years, connections that Freedmen organizations as yet does not have. And the Congressional Black Caucus at this time represents and advocates exclusively for the Latino community, Asians, and illegal immigrants. Gone. So we can’t work with them. Therefore, we shall always remain vigilant for our people.

We will keep being the loud voice in the room.

I am glad the question of “roles” was brought up. African Continentals or Caribbean Green Carders have no business being involved in this Freedmen to American government demand for reparations. No “role” or “say” whatsoever. How? Africa has no more of a role in this issue – than they had a role in stopping Bull Connor and his police dogs. Than they had a role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. African Motherfuckers were nowhere to be found Then. I don’t remember any “role” that Africans played when lynchings needed to be stopped. Couldn’t be found. But now that the question of money is on the horizon, Africans need to step into the Freedmen’s negotiating room and play a “role?” What “role?”

Get the fuck outta here.

This is a completely domestic economics and justice issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the Diaspora. I don’t understand why the Pan-Africans are trying to shoehorn the Diaspora into this. Is there a plan? The Diaspora certainly does not (rightly) allow Freedmen to meddle, advise, or assist in their internal domestic affairs. We can’t even try it. They are grown folks with their own issues. And so are we. – So are we.

The quote below is from Dr. Hilary Brown – he is the Program Manager of Culture and Community Development for the CARICOM (Caribbean Reparations Commission) Secretariat, which is located in Turkeyen, Guyana. Ahh… That’s in South America. The quote below is an e-mail response to an e-mail that was sent to him by then ADOS Chicago Chapter President, Marlon Watson on September 17, 2020. That e-mail was regarding the possibility of reparations reciprocity between the Caribbean and Freedmen branches of the Diaspora.

This is how Dr. Brown responded:

“The CARICOM Reparations Commission is advancing the case for reparations for its Member States in the Caribbean. We do not cover persons in the United States directly. However, I’m not sure if you are aware that a National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC) was established in 2015 and they are very active working on reparations claims for African Americans, including putting through a reparations bill in Congress, hopefully this year.

We are in touch with and collaborate with them. You can get more information on this initiative by googling the name of the Commission or going on the website: ibw21.org.”

Well, glad to know these guys collaborate. I’m asking again: “What are they ‘collaborating’ on?” What? NAARC wants reparations from America to be open to all members of the Diaspora. Even going so far as to “affirm a right” to reparations to all folks of African descent that come to the United States. At the same time, CARICOM is making it clear that their reparations program is exclusively for those Diasporans that have a lineage of enslavement within their Member States in the Caribbean. Notice. They do not “affirm a right” to reparations to all folks of African descent that come to the Caribbean. There’s a “collaboration” here Sir. OK? To do what? One program is open-ended. One program is closed-ended. Remember: There’s a “collaboration” here. And that’s what he said.

No “affirmed rights” for Freedmen type folks as far as CARICOM is concerned?

Does CARICOM practice Pan-Africanism? Doesn’t look like they do. Especially when it comes to their potential reparations. Now – this might not be Sir – but it looks like a set-up. Until I get more direct information and good understanding – that’s how it looks to me. I always see CARICOM folks in the states, running with NAARC and N’COBRA folks whenever they have events or hearings, large or small, from California to New York, regarding reparations.

Sir Hilary Beckles (Chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Committee) and his folks were at the United States House Hearing On Reparations on June 19, 2019. Insertively taking up a bunch of seats that should have gone to Freedmen type folks. “Collaboration?”

Well, that is what some collaborations do – they set up “set-ups.”

To reiterate the point. The NAARC and N’COBRA plan opens reparations resources to ANY member of the Diaspora that arrives in the United States as an immigrant or as a visitor. The CARICOM plan is closed – PERIOD – to Freedmen. Limited to those that have citizenship and a slavery lineage that occurred within the Caribbean. And they collaborate. How does that look? What is going on here?

Next point:

The great liberation soldiers that were mentioned in the article? Yes! Those Diasporan Africans involved with the Freedmen struggle are undisputed heroes of mine. Any of these guys would have had a place in my home if they needed it. Let’s get that straight. OK? At the same time, we must understand two things, along with one exception. One of the reasons that the folks on this list are heroes of mine is that they VOLUNTARILY came Here. Re-aligned their minds Here. They joined their passions and energies with us. They then indisputably did the work.

Voluntarily Sir. Their lineage was not injured Here.

And the countries they originated from rejected their political ideas.

Anyone that came here on a regular boat after 1865 – during Reconstruction, during Jim Crow, during the Civil Rights Era – and I don’t want to sound cold or insensitive. But Here, I will necessarily be coldly objective: If something happened to them, after coming here, that’s on them. — That’s Their Responsibility.

Anyone VOLUNTARILY coming here during any of those periods, knew they were coming into a racial shithole before they got off the boat. Full Knowledge. They were not chained and dragged Here. Their antecedents were not the victims of a 400-years-long wealth transfer Here. They had and have an escape in reserve to repatriate to if things got or get too hot Here. And those good folks in many cases coming from African and Caribbean countries that have not – and will never offer dual citizenship for Freedmen.


They or their lineages should not get reparations from America. Period. Dr. Ron Daniels should use his own money for that. Every person or their subsequent descendants that were mentioned (with the exception of one) would be properly covered by the CARICOM program. Eligibility through the CARICOM program travels with those persons and their descendants, no matter where in the world they may be at present.

Sounds fair to me.

Here are their lineages:

  • Edward Wilmot Blyden (at birth: Danish St. Thomas – now U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • Marcus Garvey (Jamaica)
  • George Padmore (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Stokely Carmichael (Trinidad)
  • Louis Farrakhan (St. Kitts and Jamaica)
  • Shirley Chisholm (British Guyana and Barbados)

The exception to this list is Malcolm X. He actually falls under the Freedmen eligibility standard. His mother, Louise Helen Little (nee Norton) has a Grenadan lineage. His father, Earl Little is a Freedman, being descended from the institution of slavery in the State of Georgia. You only need one line of descendancy from American slavery.

While we are on the subject of Malcolm X – CARICOM is not the only instance of Diasporan closed-gate policy when it comes to Freedmen. Africa is just as bad. In the summer of 1964, didn’t Malcolm X go to Cairo to meet with thirty-three heads of African states regarding raising the question of the persecution of American Black folks to the United Nations? His intention was to add an international dimension to our domestic struggle in the United States. He presented an eight-page memorandum to the heads of state at the Cairo conference requesting their support. Malcolm encountered cold resistance from those officials to his request.

Malcolm wrote:

“Some African leaders at this conference, have implied that they have enough problems here on the mother continent without adding the Afro-American problem…”

Oh. OK. In the broadest sense, isn’t that the same “closed-door” bullshit that we get from our Caribbean “Brothers and Sisters?” Huh?

And lastly. American domestic reparations advocacy and Pan-Africanism are CLEARLY two different things. To be discussed inside two different rooms. Located in two different buildings. Situated within two different countries. On two different planets. Whenever you attempt to bring the two together – you will find yourself dealing with a muddled, undifferentiated, toxic, mess. Confusion.

Kinda like what you see right now.

Paragraph III

“ADOS advocates might respond: ‘but non-ADOS Black folks have also managed to extract a disproportionate advantage from the changes some have helped wrought.’ For example, Affirmative Action benefits designed for the victims of slavery’s legacy in this country have been disproportionately awarded better positioned non-ADOS Black folks while the designated beneficiaries go wanting. The ADOS iteration of the Black Diaspora has distinct grievances related to the specific conditions of enslavement and the consequent Jim Crow institutions. Other Diasporan Africans incurred injuries specific to their conditions.”

Correct. That is consistently our response. But to be fair, access to certain benefits and set-asides that should be exclusively for Freedmen are not the fault of Black immigrants. If the door is opened – hungry people are gonna get what they can get. Always. That is human nature. This is the fault of the United States Government in general and our Black elected representatives specifically.

This is racism-white supremacy at work. The “keep those [Freedmen] niggers on the bottom project.” How? By putting Black immigrants over us as a strategic preference. To lock out Black people through not discriminating against Black people. But just use the “right kind” of Black people to accomplish certain primary, secondary, and tertiary racist goals. We do not have to reiterate what those racist goals are. They are well known to those of us that pay attention.

Racism-white supremacy knows that there has never been Diasporan unity. And probably never will be. Look at Africa – it’s a mess. That mess was mostly created by five main things: Corrupt African governments, the vestiges of colonialism and post-colonialism, centuries-old inter-tribal conflicts, current neo-colonial Euro-fuckery, and centuries-old inter-religious conflicts. “Pan” with what my Brother? Now we’ve got Chinese money and plans in the mix. And none of that is gonna end anytime soon. There has never been any true operational unity on the African continent. Racism-white supremacy only and easily makes use of the universal Black inter-ethnic disunity that has existed for centuries. Continental African disunity is partly what caused our antecedents to be enslaved in the first place.

It is not the “Pan-African” job of Freedmen to fix this shit. And fuck repatriation.

Before we go to the next paragraph – I do want to say that there is an emotional and inter-ethnic component to this statement as well. The great majority of Black immigrants do not identify with, relate to, or connect in any way to Native Black Americans (Jamaicans and Ghanaians are the exceptions). All ten million African Diasporans In America stay separate from us. When Black-targeted opportunities make themselves apparent, they [Black immigrants] practice what I call – “the Blackness of convenience.” A type of code switching, if you will.

An intentionally deprivatory practice towards and against Freedmen.

When it is time to participate in benefits that are specifically offered to Black Americans, they queue up in the “Black” line, not the “immigrant” line. They are “Black” at the moment they make out the application, they remain “Black” through the processing process, and will remain “Black” up until they receive the check.

After they get that check and “level up” – they then consistently revert to being “Nigerian” for example. And will switch back to the same noxious attitudes, speech, and actions towards Freedmen that the white supremacists have. Here. In some obvious cases, they have no problems with assisting the supremacists in burying us (literally). No operational “brothers” and “sisters” can be found Here. No more than inter-tribal “brother and sister” relationships can be found in Africa. They want nothing operational or relational to do with us. Nothing.

But they should get American reparations?

“Akata” martini anyone?

Paragraph IV

“Tit-for-tat it goes. But this is really a case of what psychologists call ‘the narcissism of minor differences.’ By that, I mean that the ADOS movement is, in many ways, a natural extension of the Pan-Africanist impulse – part of which was to connect to an ancestral identity that had been severed by the Trans-Atlantic trade of enslaved Africans.”

The re-connection to a severed ancestral identity is a perpetual Pan-African enterprise. That is where their energy is directed. And that attempted re-connection is what shapes their worldview. Their reparations philosophy and policy is an extension of their Pan-African ideals of flat-Blackness. But shaping a domestic legal-legislative justice claim and nurturing Pan-African collectivist impulses are two different things. And those two unrelated things in no way can be brought together and be operational. At this point – please don’t get me wrong Sir. I fundamentally love the IDEA of Pan-Africanism. I wish it were operational at all possible levels. And I am, at least intellectually, still a hopeful Pan-Africanist. Yep.

At this time, though, Pan-Africanism is not operational. And if Pan-Africanism is not for-real operational and reciprocal for Freedmen in the seven areas of:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Logistics
  • Systems
  • and Security

I don’t know what we are “Pan-Africaning” about Sir. I ain’t doing no fu-fu with anybody. I gave all my daishikis and kufis to Goodwill. It would give the Diaspora and myself, true confidence and a visible basis to work from, to see a general Pan-Africanism go operational in Africa first. Starting with African governments.

Right now – the most anti-Pan-African location on earth is Africa.

We have issues to deal with, and goals to accomplish Right Here. And any energies or attentions towards Africa and the Diaspora at this time are essentially wasted. What for? Accomplishing actual American – domestic reparations is So full-time – Freedmen do not have time to connect with and participate in Diasporan dynamics or attempted Continental re-connections. That, right now, is just unneeded stuff that it makes no practical sense for Freedmen to take on.

Perhaps that is where NAARC and N’COBRA made their mistake. Spending too much time in South Africa, instead of spending that same time on South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. That time, would have more productively been used to enlighten the man in the street to their right to reparations, and how to advocate for it. We going to the “World Court?” For What? Plenty of stuff to do Right Here.

Look at what is on the Freedmen plate:

  • Political Education
  • Voter Registration
  • Reparations Education
  • Freedmen Membership Drives
  • Economics And Stratification Education
  • Freedmen-Produced Weekly YouTube Shows on Politics
  • Engagement With Legislators
  • Freedmen-Produced Podcasts
  • Administration Of Chapters
  • Monitoring of NAARC and N’COBRA Activities
  • Correcting The Results of NAARC and N’COBRA Activities
  • Doing a Freedmen Book Of The Month Assignment
  • Improving And Expanding Our Computer and Communications Technology
  • Containing “Local Reparations” Fuck-Ups
  • Collaborations With Churches
  • Encouraging People To Participate In The Census
  • Engagements With Political Parties
  • Getting Freedmen Identity Bills Passed At The State Level
  • Collaborations With Legacy Civil Rights Organizations
  • Self-Directed Political Education
  • Grooming And Running Our Own Candidates
  • Engagements With Domestic Media
  • Talking To The Man In The Street About Their Right To Reparations – And How To Advocate For It

We be busy. No time for trips to Durban, South Africa. For What? What can I take from Durban that I can reparationally use here? In these United States? Whom are we talking to from there – that the United States Congress is bound to respect?

No stomach for trips to The Hague, Netherlands, to accomplish domestically useless judgements affirming reparations from the World Court. “We in New York?” Well, we can skip a stop and have lunch instead of wasting hope at the United Nations. When was the last time the United States heeded anything from the United Nations? Please. What they gonna do? Make Us? And then we must go to our jobs, and feed our children, and wash the dishes, and, and, and.

You See?

Another thing about the United Nations. All of the countries that are members of the United Nations are more or less controlled by the United States. And that reparational can of worms cannot in substance be opened there. All of the nations involved in that body are against Freedmen-type African Americans, including the governments of Black African and Caribbean countries. A waste of time.

So, as a realistic and practical Freedmen organization, our time is most productively spent domestically. Our Blood and Bones and Pain are Here Sir.

No time for Pan-Africanism. No time for Africa. And as far as the NAARC and N’COBRA suggestion of re-connection through repatriation – I would suggest that they tell the two point one million African immigrants that live in the United States to go home First. Really. If Africa is so great – what the fuck are two point one million of those motherfuckers doing Here? And millions more trying to get Here.

I don’t see or know of any Africans cancelling their Green Card applications. Or renouncing their cards if they already have them. And I don’t think I will. Why would I relocate to a place where the folks that already live there are trying to leave? I also notice that the Pan-Africans that propagate this bullshit are all still living comfortably in the United States (with 24 hour running water – consistent electricity – good internet – and white women). When are they repatriating?

I can only believe that there would be a benefit to relocation when I see with plane tickets, those all-knowing and vociferous Pan-Africans repatriating by example.

The four point five million Caribbeans living in the United States that may be in opposition to Freedmen goals can go as well. We can help them pack. Drive them to the airport. Don’t like the attitude? Get the fuck out of our business.

The “tit-for-tat” that was mentioned is really the energy and pugilisticness of youth. Amplified by the accessibility and reach of social media. I understand what is meant. But that is going to change quite soon. We are about to shift gears.

Paragraph V

“The ADOS movement acknowledge that severance. But rather than attempt an awkward re-connection to Africa – awkward, because we’ve become culturally estranged – they’ve concluded that we’re a separate iteration of that Diaspora and should proudly affirm our specificity instead of shamefully rejecting it.

There is nothing wrong (or against anyone else) with exercising the right to name and define oneself. Trinidadians and Senegalese can wave their flags and affirm their national origins all day. I never see any Pan-African pushback when others in the Diaspora affirm themselves. But we Freedmen cannot affirm our self-established identity? Cannot be “cultural nationals” in the land we shaped and enriched? We have built the foundation of the greatest country of the millennium. If there is a problem – that problem needs to be explained. By the Pan Africans. Why shouldn’t we affirm our specificity? (Oh – that was not rhetorical).


Yes – we are: A Separate Ethnic Entity.

Because that is the truth.

Africa is the entity that is responsible for that “severance.” They Did Sell us. So that makes an African re-connection a little complicated. You Know? Subsequently – we built the economic and cultural foundation of the greatest country in the world. Now, we are finally and rightly proud of what our forced investment Here has created. Finally embracing our Heritage, our Lineage. Our American Truth. And now, we are rightly demanding a return on our extraordinary economic, cultural, and lineage investment. Like Americans In Truth are supposed to do.

It is now Business at this point.

And there is nothing about or in us to “shamefully reject.”

Paragraph VI

“This is not an unreasonable conclusion. I’ve made similar arguments pushing the notion that African-Americans are in fact a new people; a product of ethnogenesis with a specificity that distinguishes us not only from the European-derived majority but also from other Diasporan Africans.”

I agree. A new people. And a New culture. African culture did not protect us. African culture captured and sold us. Remember?

Paragraph VII

“The brutal institution of chattel slavery and the indignity of plantation culture was, for generations, the cauldron of our ethnic formation. White supremacy was conventional wisdom and our cultural preferences and aversions were shaped to accommodate that racist status quo. It was a peculiar history that produced a specific people who were conditioned (and injured) by an inheritance of generational depredation and flagrant cultural insult.”

I agree here as well. And now we must be insulted by Pan-Africanism.

Paragraph VIII

“Only a massive compensatory effort can address the myriad injuries inflicted by that history and only a program of reparations can encompass the necessary scope for that effort. On this issue of reparations, ADOS folks and Pan-Africanists concur. Where they part is whether the specific injuries of our accrued disadvantages demands a reparations claim distinct from other Diasporan Africans. On this, both sides should pull back a bit from the rhetorical battleground and cool their hostilities in an analytical chill.”

“… a massive compensatory effort?” Absolutely. “… whether the specific injuries of our accrued disadvantages demands a reparations claim distinct from other Diasporan Africans.” With all of the Ph.D’s and Master’s degrees running around in Pan-African circles – it would seem to me that the necessity for separate and distinct claims would be a no-brainer.

Or – they may be too inappropriately educated to understand.

Or – maybe something else is going on.

Look. Just an example: If a single individual was robbed by five different and unrelated robbers at five different times and places – would it be justice if the judge decided to consolidate all the robberies and then lay all the penalties that must be served on one single robber? And then allowing the others (like Portugal) to be let go? How does this make sense?????

All robbers are not responsible for all robberies. Justice must be equally dispensed to the victim AND the perpetrator. Making America responsible (!?) to pay for the entirety of Diasporan enslavement and subsequent racist deprivation is not justice. America cannot be the default resource to repair all Diasporan injuries from slavery worldwide. America’s money – is also my money. I don’t owe Jamaica. Why should I or we pay Jamaica? And eventually, when this issue is congressionally hammered out – now this is legislatively possible to be sure – but this would not be a good look politically for any Congress. And the American people won’t go for it.

At the same time, I again recognize that: “Anything is legislatively possible.” The reality is that a Diasporan reparations program demand would never be taken seriously by the United States Congress. Especially the Republicans. And by making a serious demand for reparations in that way, pushing this idea to thinking white legislators, would seriously kill reparations. HR40 seems like it is designed to kill reparations. The United States will not obligate to pay Jamaicans Here or There.

This is something the Pan-Africans don’t seem to understand.

All reparations claims per injured group should be respectfully distinct and unique. Reparations demands are distinct and unique for every other group. How is our reparations situation any different? And why should it be any different?

A reparations program for Freedmen would have to be massive and vast. But, potential reparational resources are still and will be finite. Yes. The United States has the economic capacity, and potential political will (we hope). Along with the legal and constitutional wherewithal for properly covering the restitution of American Freedmen claimants only – but not any claims of the Diaspora. This stupid Pan African demand only confuses things.

“…both sides should pull back a bit from the rhetorical battleground and cool their hostilities in an analytical chill.” Maybe. Maybe not. At the same time, NAARC and N’COBRA are doing a lot of incompetent things behind closed doors that we did not appoint or elect them to do. Things that will affect myself and the lives of thirty plus millions of other people. OK? They don’t report to me or the public about what they are actually doing. They have an arrogant, dismissive, non-engagement policy towards Freedmen and any other individual or organization that speaks in specificity. Any media appearances by them consist of words upon words dispensed that don’t match their behind-the-scenes actions or publicly-stated web platforms. Confusing and slippery? This is Pan African intentional Sir.

Therefore, we must keep them In Sight and On Blast.

The rank and file within those same organizations don’t seem to know or understand what the officials are doing. They unfortunately are being fooled – right along with the general Black public. The hot rhetorical background just brings things that are hidden or obscured right out front and rendered in a clear political focus. NAARC and N’COBRA’s problem is that in the past two years an analytic “look-see” has finally been focused on them, and the previously unenlightened, but directly affected are not liking what they are seeing. Nothing to see to like.

They [NAARC and N’COBRA] are angry about the covers being pulled back. The monitoring and contentiousness you see from Freedmen keeps a light on them and prevents them from doing more damage than they have already done.

Reparations is a political issue. This is no more contentious than Fox News.

Paragraph IX

“Although it’s a step in a clarifying direction, the ADOS acronym is not quite precise. Also, the pugnacious rhetoric of some ADOS acolytes (perhaps it’s the fervor of new-kid-on-the-block conversion) is needlessly contentious and seemingly oblivious to the debt owed to those who paved the way for ADOS’s emergence. There’s a divisive potential that is troubling.”

“… the ADOS acronym is not quite precise.” Ahh… That possible imprecision could be there from a technical standpoint. Maybe. I will leave that open. But even in its possible imprecision – it cannot be denied its attention-getting power as a hashtag First. It has demonstrated an ability to call, raise, and rally young, and not-so-young folks in the thousands (hopefully – soon to be in the millions) to support and advocate for a single cause Second.

And despite its possible imprecision, every person that knows of it at this point knows precisely what it means, knows precisely whom it is indicative of, knows precisely what we do, and knows precisely what our aims are. Correct?

It cannot be denied that hashtag ADOS was good for marketing.

So, imprecision (if there) in this case is fine. On-the-money-precision in acronyms and their expansions can be reserved for the actual legal-legislative documents that will be drafted once reparations is passed. Words like “Freedmen” or “United States” could be inserted, or changed, et cetera. We will see if that is necessary once we get there. And once we get there, our legal and legislative professionals will make sure that the labelling and document language is on point. And besides – the foremost group for reparations advocacy as of now is called: “The United Sons And Daughters Of Freedmen.” We individually label ourselves as: “Freedmen.”

This is politics Sir. Politics is divisive.

We are not oblivious to the debt owed to those who paved the way. We are at present doing more study of the history of reparations. Who did what? What was their basis and philosophy? What did they do right? What did they do wrong?

They did what they did. OK – why don’t we have reparations now?

Our core membership is quite young (19 to 35). The need for reparations came up within (the then) ADOS mostly without a focused reparations history basis. That conclusion (the need for reparations) came about due to our own studies and discussions on race politics, economics, and stratification theory. We did and do up-to-the-second data. We do not do derivatives from the history of reparations movements. We don’t process here and now reparations necessity from the recognition of certain historic figures. So, in one sense – there were no shoulders to “stand on” Sir. Because those historically established and esteemed shoulders were not sought for, nor needed in a technical sense. At the same time – Freedmen are heavily steeped in Black American and reparations history.

The economist that we reference most of our studies from and to – Economist Dr. William A. Darity Jr. as of this writing is still alive. We did not “get” anything from those prominent in reparations history to shape our conclusions. Our conclusions came to be from the conclusiveness of the data. So, in the many broad senses available (especially in the historic sense), there was no debt to pay.

The Freedmen “just the data” track over here, and the track of the combined histories of reparations over there, independently came to some of the same conclusions differently. No one civilization discovered or “owns” fire. All civilizations have came to the same knowledge of combustion differently but independently. They all have independently agreed on fire’s nature and utility. There is a clear and honest disaggregation here when it comes to the informational paths that were taken to understand and do reparations scholarship, research, advocacy, and policy creation. The important thing is that we reached the same conclusion – the conclusion is the necessity for reparations.

Our Freedmen reparations path was of course, different, but no less valid. We rely on hard historic economic and stratification data. Deriving from the foundational asset and wage accumulation numbers from 1619 to whatever day, month, and year you are reading this post. Then continuing on – to the final legal/legislative assessments from 1776 to whatever day, month, and year you are digesting these words Sir – not the histories of reparations movements.

And to spend too much time with reparations history with no numbers to recalculate in substance – is to actually waste our good time. I am not saying that us knowing and analyzing at least some of that history is not necessary though. Because contrary to what some might say, we do that as well. Our opponents say: “Y’all don’t know enough” – this is a popular Pan African refrain we hear ad nauseum. That kind of thing. And there may be some truth to that assertion.

We don’t know enough about the things that we don’t have a reparational need to know. You see? The things that don’t add in substance or clarity to our reparations argument, calculation, or conclusion. But in reading those histories that we have taken the time out for, we are taking careful note not only of the reasons, but also – of what not to do. That’s a good thing. That’s why we study history. Right? At the same time, 90% of the young folks involved in ADOS advocacy (at the time) did not know whom NAARC and N’COBRA were.

They did not understand why they were so hostile towards us. Instead of the NAARC and N’COBRA leadership coming on board as reparations “elders” (putting that “ujima” into practice – Right?) to help out all those young people with their reserves of historical knowledge, experience, and connections. Instead. The “elders” openly disparaged those thousands of eager – motivated reparationist youngblood activists and then gaslighted them as “movement hijackers.”

We [Freedmen] were never steeped in reparations movement history in the beginning – because we were and are still too busy with right-now reparations economic theory and its finalizing calculations, along with the development of and execution of reparations politics and potential reparations deployment.

We are studied in reparations “whys” and numbers and projections. There is barely any talk about “Queen Mother Moore” or “Callie House” at Freedmen gatherings. Not that these figures are not important or to be unjustly minimized. OR – that we don’t study, analyze, or speak on reparations history. But that’s just the way it is. There IS within our circle a lot of talk about “wealth gaps,” stratification data, constitutional legalities, program structuring, policies, equity, redlining, political engagement, the Census, Freedmen membership numbers, Black buying power and credit, reparations policy, social media utilization, that kind of thing.

No libation-pouring, or calling on the ancestors, or drum-beating. Not needed.

Paragraph X

“Pan-Africanists, on the other hand, should be applauding ADOS folks for advancing the logic of ancestral acceptance to the Americas. For too long, Pan-Africans have valorized the (partially romanticized) history of a composite ‘Africa’ while diminishing and even ignoring the amazing struggles of the folks at home; the ADOS folks.”

We appreciate this paragraph. There seems to be in Pan-African thought, a general devaluation of the Black struggle here in America. We’re trying to talk about the particulars of Martin Luther King’s politics and the over-scholarized Pan Africans drag us over to Mansa Musa. We try to discuss the subtleties of Brother Elijah Muhammad’s reparations philosophy, and the booked-up Hoteps take us to Egypt.

Quite frankly, We don’t relate to that anymore. We don’t want to think about Egypt. Especially when there is so much more that we need to know about Ella Baker, Wyatt Walker, and Hubert Harrison. Those people. More to learn about American politics. More about crafting a here and now reparations strategy so we can get this recompense done. NOW. The Freedmen are a diamond forged by the heat of hellfire and pressure of oppression. An indestructible conflict stone thrown into the here and now to continue and complete a just advocacy.

You See?


Thumbs Up Sir!!! For posting fair observations and suggestions.

The Proper Vote

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I was assisted in writing this post by a smooth bottle of Cherryblock Cabernet Sauvignon 2016. It is election season and yeah this motherfucking shit is $120.00 a bottle. OK? But I needed to drink this bad boy in order to think. You Know? So don’t fuck with me. Rich berries, pepper, raspberries, oregano. Medium tannins. Very low acidity. Balanced structure. Long but slightly sweet finish.

Cherryblock Cabernet Sauvignon

Had to put this post up so that the ADOS Family downballots with an awareness of the various state voting laws. We don’t want to lose any downballot votes on the basis of technicalities. You Know? Below is a listing of three latitudes that you can and cannot do within all states. Pay attention Family. This is important.

This post was written prior to the ADOS schism.

Here it is:

A. States that allow write-ins at the Executive (presidential) level. No prior filing is
required for write-in candidates:

Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C., and Wyoming.

These joints – you can write in “ADOS.” Or your granddaughter. Your mother. “Deez Nuts” might want to take another run for office. Or just leave those slots blank. The important thing is not to give the Democrats the vote for president.

Then We Have:

B. States that allow write-ins under restrictions:

  1. Alaska
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Colorado
  5. Connecticut
  6. Delaware
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Idaho
  10. Illinois
  11. Indiana
  12. Kansas
  13. Kentucky
  14. Maine
  15. Massachusetts
  16. Michigan
  17. Minnesota
  18. Missouri
  19. Montana
  20. New York
  21. Nebraska
  22. North Carolina
  23. North Dakota
  24. Ohio
  25. Tennessee
  26. Texas
  27. Utah
  28. Virginia
  29. Washington (State)
  30. West Virginia
  31. Wisconsin

Long-assed list. What does “under restrictions” mean? Ahh… Different things in different states. OK? Not sure if I would want to risk my ballot being disqualified in any of these states. The restrictions themselves are laid out in politician deliberated and composed pseudo-legalese. Shit that most adult-aged, fourth-grade reading level type motherfuckers can’t comprehend. They will fuck this up. Guaranteed.

In my home state of Illinois, even if a write-in candidate has filed the proper registration paperwork with the state, and received their certification – election judges can re-determine at any time which write-in candidates are running in their precinct. Unbelievable, but motherfuckers can do this. Illinois Democrat election judges are historically notorious for bullshit.

All of this is too subjective and politically tricky.

So let us all keep this simple.

I will end up voting for a third-party candidate with the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. If those choices are not available, I will just end-up voting for Trump’s ass. Leaving the presidential spots blank in these states will legally open the door for the possibility of your whole ballot being disqualified. We don’t want that. So I will have to do this – third party OR Trump. The important thing is not to give the motherfucking Democrats the vote for president.

And Lastly:

C. States that don’t allow downballot blank spots OR write-ins period:

Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and South Dakota.

Don’t fuck around with these states. No blank spots. Do Third-party or Trump. The important thing is not to give the bitch-assed Democrats the vote for president.

Family: Last word on this post: The important thing is not to give the Democrats the vote for president. I don’t feel like hearing Cardi B on Election Night.

The Failure Of The CBC

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I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Malbec (Celestial Blue Label) 2017. This bad boy is a deep California
Malbec. Strong flavors of currant, plum, walnut. Dense on the palate. Powerful structure. Medium tannins. Dry but crisp finish.

Diamond Collection Malbec (Celestial Blue Label)

It is time to get seriously self- interested in our self-interests Family.

This post was written prior to the ADOS schism.

“This is going to be a propaganda war. The grifters [NAARC and N’COBRA] want to universalize reparations and use not requesting direct payments as a beard. That way, they can set themselves up and slice off the top…”

Dawn Paige – Triangle ADOS North Carolina

The fact that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (a Jamaican) is the lead sponsor of
HR40 is not her fault. I cannot blame anyone for grabbing an opportunity to assist their people (other Caribbeans) in making a come-up at ADOS expense. Especially if we allow it. This is a failure of a group of lax, not on their jobs motherfuckers that are only there to collect a paycheck for themselves. Their duty as representatives is to not represent the Black collective. What collective do I mean? I mean the ADOS collective. The “representative” group I am referring to is also known as the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). The same group that represents the DACA collective. And the Kamala collective. And the “people of color” collective.

Every collective but the collective that voted them into office. The fucked conversation regarding whom will assume responsibility for that old and moribund HR40 reparations bill probably went like this:

“OH – let Sheila have it. That shit ain’t going nowhere anyway…”

This is our representation. Now that the climate for passing reparations has finally arrived, we ADOS are finding ourselves in a potentially fucked position. Put there by the CBC. What is that fucked position? I’ll spell out a few aspects for now:

Jamaican Jemima

What the fuck? We have a child of Jamaican immigrants principally handling the most consequential Act specifying American Descendants Of Slavery since the Emancipation Proclamation. I don’t care what the Pan-African delusionists from N’COBRA will preach to us ADOS about “we are one African family.” We ain’t. And never will be. Africa itself is nowhere near “Pan-African.” Africa is internally “anti-Pan-African.” That is the operating truth. Go to Africa and see. I did.

Most members of the Diaspora outside of ADOS, naturally have a hardened “my tribe first” mentality that Native Black Americans culturally don’t have, historically never retained, and mostly have no desire to establish and cultivate. You see?

And those disaggregated Diasporan mentalities will never include us nowhere or anywhere. Especially when it comes to money and resources. The Diaspora has no heart for ADOS. You had better understand this. The Diaspora is not about any melding of cultures and resources. No possibilities of “de-tribalization” with any of those motherfuckers. If anything, “tribalism” is now hardening in Africa and across the Diaspora. That is clear. I keep up with Diasporan politics and happenings on the Continent. Understand. They are about business and assets and anything they can get for their families and tribes. Not about you. They will take what they can from this country. And they will take what they can from you. Our attitude as ADOS has always been: “You Black – You Us.” To keep believing that nonsense will be our ultimate downfall. Death. We need to tighten up on OUR business.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was born in the United States – but she is Jamaican first. So why is she on OUR stuff? Why are we allowing this? She is not a Shirley Chisholm. OK? I’m taking to YOU Congressional Black Caucus.

“Long Standing Reparations Organizations”

Yup. “Long Standing” in shit.

These organizations – NAARC and N’COBRA, are front operations for Caribbean and African reparations grifters. Dirty to the core. I cannot stress this enough. Both of these organizations at this point are the go-to advisors for strategically-minded politicians across the country for expedient and reparationsless reparations advice. In actuality, they are cynically messing-up the one-shot deal of reparations. And they don’t give nowhere near a fuck. They are coming up with all kinds of weird, expedient back-door ways (like “local” reparations), and other strategies to get resources that should be for ADOS into the pockets of Caribbeans and Africans. And Dr. Ron Daniels of NAARC needs a fabulous retirement.

This is an example. I’m gonna beat this quotable excerpt to death until its urgency is firmly in the minds of all ADOS organizers:

“She added she heard talk about excluding Black people who have a Caribbean heritage
from reparations in Evanston. She said, ‘Those families have had the same negative impact that African Americans have had. There’s no intention of excluding any Black person from our programming based specifically on where their ancestry has come from. We have all come from the continent of Africa. We all have ancestors that were kidnapped and enslaved… We’re not going to be differentiating between Black people in Evanston.”

That was Robin Rue Simmons speaking. Alderman of the 5th Ward in Evanston Illinois. Speaking her usual “flat Black” griftolicious bullshit. The excerpt is from the 06/17/2020 issue of the “Evanston RoundTable” online newspaper. She was advised from start to finish in crafting her “local reparations” bill by N’COBRA. This is part of a long-term, piece-by-piece effort by N’COBRA and NAARC to shift our potential reparations resources from the local, all the way up to federal levels into the pockets of Caribbeans and Africans. Caribbeans expeditiously accessing our history in fighting racism-white supremacy to callously collect reparational benefits they had no pain, no blood, no time investment in. Free, painless money. Local is the first step. State is the next step. Federal is the closing step.

They are on it.

Pan-Africanist conceptualizations have no place in crafting anything legal or legislative anywhere in these United States regarding reparations. Why? Because philosophically Pan-African organizations like NAARC and N’COBRA have and do and will always prioritize Caribbeans and Africans over Native Black Americans in all conversations. Your own good sense should tell you that these are not the proper organizations to craft reparations policy for American descendants of slavery. Understand?

I cannot stress enough that “anything is legislatively possible.” Did you know that DACA motherfuckers that are not even citizens can vote locally and legally in Chicago and San Francisco? While ADOS citizens with a felony cannot? Anything crafted locally can be lifted and expanded nationally. Remember “Obamacare”? You do know that the federal government-run universal healthcare program operating now was first done in the State of Massachusetts. Right? All Obama did was lift that program from there, and with a few tweaks expanded it nationally.

That’s it.

This is not how you want a reparations program to be handled. Reparations is FEDERAL only. But it can be handled that way if we don’t wake-up and move. Reparations nonsense is already happening on the local level. The nonsense can go national. If we do not get on this, instead of reparations resources going into the pockets of you and your children, checks will be flying from the United States Treasury into pockets in Trinidad and Haiti through remittances and contracts.

In Evanston Illinois they are already planning to use “local reparations” resources to assist Caribbeans in purchasing homes. Who is to say that they can’t expand that shit to the national level? To make a convincing case for that? They gonna be partying hard on our shit Family. They will be dancing on our grandparent’s backs. Anything is legislatively possible. Get accustomed to a $3.64 reparations check.

If you can close a “wealth gap” with that – have at it. But this is what WILL happen if we sit on our hands. NAARC and N’COBRA are working on our asses. The CBC must step up and do their jobs. Or be replaced. Downballot and Out. At this point in our history – shoulda, woulda, and coulda is not an option. Those are our resources that are about to get fucked over. The historic outcome is in our hands.

Reparations is a one-shot deal Family.

They already have our collective pants down to our ankles. Pan-African organizations like NAARC and N’COBRA are too cheap to buy Vaseline. Don’t let them close the deal. Because they are RIGHT THERE.

Reparational Theft

Ultimately, this is the shit that Jamaican Princess Lee will be enabling in the long run. The shit that we need to be seriously serious about that we don’t want. The NAARC scheme includes the prospect of an all-powerful central reparations arbiter that will inherently invite corruption once established. A grift system that NAARC and N’COBRA want to set up that will result in a “reparationless reparations” situation for us. Our money will be going someplace else. Fast. Caribbeans and Africans will be doing exceptionally well. Legally. We shall overcome?

This bullshit is quoted from the NAARC website:

“Therefore, we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the
repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.

This Authority would be comprised of a cross-section of credible representatives of
reparations, civil rights, human rights, labor, faith, education, civil and fraternal
organizations and institutions. It would be empowered to establish subsidiary Trust Funds to administer projects and initiatives in the areas of culture, economic development, education, health and other fields as deemed appropriate based on the demands in the Reparations program.

Accordingly, independent Black controlled structures like the Reparations Finance
Authority recommended in NAARCs’ 10-point Reparations Program are imperative to
receive various forms of resources to be allocated as community benefits to support social, economic, cultural and educational programs, projects and initiatives that enhance Black communities as a whole.”

And no direct payments…

Family. Understand what you are reading. This is a grift statement – beautifully laid out and pushed directly into your face. Now imagine this: If their proposed “Finance Authority” pops off, NAARC and N’COBRA will be controlling trillions of dollars in our reparational resources. Just them. Controlling it. All of it. And you as an American descendant of slavery won’t see a fucking dime. Ever. Reparations will be their personal reserve. Their plaything. That money will be richly expended to their well-educated Caribbean and African allies through “contracts,” and “studies,” and highly-compensated administrative positions running those proposed “projects” and “initiatives” and further “studies.”

MONEY – going to hand-picked Black immigrant organizations and individuals. Expect kickbacks from those same organizations (if a federal audit happens) going mostly to the top officials of NAARC and N’COBRA eventually being exposed if reparations goes down NAARC style (don’t forget that some of their officials are ex-felons). You will see a whole lot of reparations cash going through a whole lot of disaggregated and possibly unaudited hands. Those hands won’t be yours Family. Reparations money in the millions being wired to individuals and organizations in Africa and the Caribbean. Martini Anyone? Expect to see a lot of “conferences” and “retreats” done in expensive and far away places.

There it goes.

We looking at “Subsidiary Trust Funds?” OR “Vanishing Cash Funds?”

Native Black Americans will see very little of those resources. If any. If they have their NAARC and N’COBRA way. The exceptions will be those Boule ADOS collaborators and certain tricknologist white folks who “play ball.” Understand that the priority of NAARC and N’COBRA is to enrich themselves, Caribbeans, and Africans. The priority. Get it in your heads that Native Black Americans and their elected representatives are just expedient tools adeptly utilized to effect that end.

Anytime a motherfucker tells you that a “Trust Authority” will be run by a “cross-section of credible representatives” – he is letting you know ahead of time that nobody involved in the “Trust” enterprise is or will be credible. “Authority” can mean that a rightful motherfucker can’t tell that “Trust Authority” anything. Any Oversight? No Suggestions? A Ron Daniels dictatorship? This shit will be better than Madoff’s get over. Madoff stole in the billions. NAARC can potentially steal in the trillions. Your mother will catch your ass face down dead in an alley somewhere after fucking with these people. She won’t find your wallet either.

Understand that NAARC and N’COBRA’s “reparations” scheme will also serve racism-white supremacy beautifully, because it is not designed to close the racial wealth gap. You know how racism-white supremacy is always devising ways to keep money and resources away from YOU? Well – a “Trust Authority” is a Pan-African method of keeping money and resources away from YOU. They want no direct payments to eligible individuals. You know – YOU. With them we would still be in the same deprived condition post-reparations. And their scheme will also unjustly enrich the Caribbean and African immigrant buffer classes.

Call or e-mail, or Twitter, or snail mail, and Facebook your CBC members at both the state and federal levels (especially Karen Bass federally) to express your profound indignation at the direction reparations is taking. The Dr. Darity HR40 edits must be put in. And grift-enabler Princess Lee must be put out. You can do all of this from home. COVID is going on. We all need something to do.

Pour up a glass. Roll up a…

Well, whatever you do. And type away. Again, we must demand that Sheila Jackson Lee be taken off our one-shot reparations issue NOW.

Really? What the fuck is a Shiela Jackson Lee (a Jamaican) doing on top of our stuff like this? I don’t care if she was born here. We might as well have an American-born Mexican handling HR40 (damn – a Mexican might do a better job). Same difference. We as a people have to be more hard-core about our shit regarding our lineage. We have a network to develop. Being more serious about our business. Like Now.

If we don’t, we will lose all our business. Our money. And then wonder what happened. This is partly our fault. Jewish and American Indian groups would never allow this kind of open mis-handling of their affairs. How lost are we Family?

Can you imagine a Chinese motherfucker going into the negotiating room to handle Cherokee tribal affairs? And they’d be OK with that? Haitians sure as fuck don’t handle Trinidadian affairs. Dominicans don’t handle Japanese business. Now – is that believable to any ADOS at any level that this makes a difference?

Jamaicans native or foreign born should not be handling ADOS business.

Do we have a fucking American Congressional Black Caucus – or not?

The Akata Vote

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I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon (815) 2017. A solid California Cabernet. Balanced. Cherry, cocoa, tobacco, plums, pepper. Moderate tannins. Smoky nose. Vanilla background. Peppery finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon (815)

Thoughts after watching a flowing melange of several videos regarding Kamala Harris, immigrant reparations oppositionists, and the 2020 election on YouTube.

Thoughts to keep in. Thoughts to act on.


Walking down an end-of-summer Chicago street. Downtown. You see a lively group of happy, well-dressed brothers coming towards you in the opposite direction. You give an acknowledging nod. They flash at you unanimously with a dry, silent countenance. They turn back in returning smiles towards each other to continue their discussion in an indiscernible African patois. There – the normally and continued American soil discourse between the Diaspora and the Natives.

Pan Africanism? Repatriation? OK.

Every day. African and Caribbean immigrants can barely give American Descendants Of Slavery a passing “good morning” in daytime spaces. And. Can disparage us between themselves all night. Then. Can call us “Akata” twenty-four seven on social media. Okay. But somehow, these same folks arrogantly feel they should emerge from their sweet white neighborhoods, and inappropriately insert themselves into OUR reparations issue with OUR government.

Who They???

You know – they are those phenotypically fraudulent, tribalistic butter-biscuiters that authoritatively coon in eloquent two-face. Armed with the expert guidance of their white handlers, they will open their totally-out-of-line intentions. To tell our government and the public, through guided talking points. Via national media and political forums. What THEY think should be done about ADOS. I do patiently listen to all kinds of injudicious flagrancies regarding ADOS folks just flowing from their unembarrassed Black mouths. Amazing to hear and process.

We are never part of, nor are ever asked to be, included in anyone else’s discussions, contentions, organizations, or institutions. Never. Especially those discussions and organizations belonging to immigrant Africans and Caribbeans. They don’t even break bread with us. They MAY do it in Africa. Depends. With the exception of our Diasporan allies – generally, they don’t do it here. And have no reason to. The Pan-Africanists don’t seem to have figured that out yet.

Did I hear someone say “Akata?” OK. I don’t care what the carefully curated etymology of the word “Akata” is. As explained by well-educated West African immigrant apologists over media platforms. And as explained by Pan-Africans who have a tendency to “blackwash” (my word) African history and culture. The actual “on-the-street.” Everyday. “Just-between-us-Africans” usage of “Akata” IS a synonym for “Nigger.” Universally applied as a descriptor BY THEM, in that way – towards Foundational Black Americans. Everywhere. Remember that folks.

Watch out for other “Akata” type words like “Cocolo” and “Morenito” expended by other motherfuckers in the African Diaspora towards us as well Family.

HEY! My African Brothers and Sisters! Why is it nearly impossible for most Foundational Black American folks; The “Akatas.” To gain dual citizenship in nearly all West African countries? Intentional policies by African governments? No “Right Of Return” Anywhere? No? Somewhere? No? Any good explanations?

Guess we could talk about that later?

But when we do talk – we could start off with what the

  • Yorubas
  • the Kongos
  • the Akans
  • the Mbundus
  • the Ashantes
  • the Fons

and the Igbos owe to Foundational Black American people. Since our enslavement and sale was the main source of foreign exchange at one time for these tribes and kingdoms – along with others not mentioned here. And the wealth that was created through that exchange, is still residing, and popping, and exponentializing within the present net worths of quite a few of the descendants of the original enslaving African elites and merchants. Those descendants are now the West African private jet class. In the United States. Money? They just flying. And got plenty of gas.

Just Saying.

Asides And Beer

Now, putting asides, aside. At the rate the Black media heads, Black politicians, civil rights luncheoneers, paid pastors, NAARC, N’COBRA, tricky white liberals, and the Black intelligentsia are going. Reparations, if left in their hands only, once done, will be boiled down to a handshake and a beer. Coffee Please…

Kamala Harris

Senator Harris? Well, I guess I should be grateful that the other former presidential candidates are not as deep-throated and sincere regarding an intent to keep us Black people in the nasty and continuously deprived state we’re in. Watching with full interest online. As Her Greasiness – that Jamaican-Indian person, also known as Senator Kamala Harris is. Quote: “SO – I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m gonna do something that’s only gonna benefit Black people. NO!!!” Unquote. Really Sweetheart? WOW. The Counterfeit Negress has spoken. At least she told HER truth (as the ladies say). You can’t say she didn’t let us niggers know. Right?

The others have certainly let us know:

Bernie Sanders: “NO!!!”

Elizabeth Warren: “A check for WHAT?!”

Cory Booker: “Baby Bonds!!!”

I say “Counterfeit Negress” because Ms. Harris – Ahh… She walks in one room, she’s Black. Then she goes to another room, she’s Indian. She goes into another room, she’s Black again. All the while signalling white. Flash. Her husband. This lady is hard to keep up with. ADOS is not worth talking to. But her campaign says Cardi B(!) is worth talking to? Okay. Maybe she needs some tips. Cardi B would be the right one to call. Right? Kamala upholds “Black Girl Magic” – but appoints an Indian-American to press secretary and a Sri Lankan as a senior advisor.

Where’s the “Magic” ladies?

The Sisters are being played.

Then. The educated butter-biscuiters are afraid to demand from the government, the astronomically correct amount of money, assets, and considerations that is definitively owed to us. Why? In their minds (it seems), the laws, policies, affirming arguments, and practices of inheritance – which white people damn near die over to protect and implement are good enough for only white people to access. But not appropriate enough for us to do the same? Senator Harris agrees with this.

For some reason, the equal application of inheritance principles and policies in their entirety, should be withheld specifically from us. Money and assets are good enough for the abusing Caucasian collective to extract continuously and bequeath exponentially for centuries. But not good enough for the foundationally abused and their direct-line descendants to access even once. For two damned minutes?

But Kamala has a “Lift Act.” OK…

Voting And Voting Right

Black people. The buck has to stop somewhere at sometime. Your vote is a supremely valuable currency. Votes don’t exist just to put certain folks in office that market good words and present good optics (Obama). There must be a guaranteed and specific benefit TO YOU agreed upon and then accomplished in exchange for that vote. Why do you think white people have always devised all kinds of dirty quasi-legal schemes, threatened groups, murdered individuals, and executed all kinds of nefarious actions to stop us from exercising our voting rights?

Exercising “Voting Rights” is not just the act of “voting.” Follow me here. There is an intentional “front end” – and a satisfactional “back end” to a vote. The “back end” from a vote must be the specific resources demanded, that are purchased through the currency power of a vote. And delivered to you by your candidate. That is the proper operational intent. The proper cause and effect of a vote. Use Intelligence. Never follow or assent to that: “Vote Blue No Matter Who” bullshit. Doing mindless crap when it comes to our politics is what got us standing between a rock and a hard place in the first place. Think Family.

“Voter Suppression?” What’s That? At this point, the main source of “voter suppression” in general, is us intentionally not being registered. Black people not showing up intentionally. We must show up to the polls impressively. But to vote and choose strategically – differently – disruptively. If we must vote downballot – then that’s what we will have to do. Understand that WE determine the results in all major elections. WE – the Foundational Black Americans of these United States – are 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment Federal Supercitizens (from Ted Hayes).

With supercitizenship we have a responsibility to ourselves.

From now on people. Decide: No vote without reparations and considerations that are specified by us on the table. We need to develop a self-decided, self-generated, and uncompromisingly demanded Black agenda. And not accepting Black optics.

That agenda: It being presented and demanded to execution by us, to all incumbents and candidates. If your voting reasons differ from making certain demands and insisting on certain conditions then why are you voting? If none of any candidates are willing to execute OUR agenda NO VOTE FOR THEM. Understand people, that collective agenda includes YOUR individual needs. If no candidate is willing to roll with us – then none of US should hand over our vote to ANY of them. Democrat or Republican. Trump. Or no Trump.


Fear-based voting days for us are over. This stupid-assed – “We got to get rid of Trump” alarmism. OK? Don’t fall for that rush-job. If we lived through all the other overtly racist presidents. And twelve of them were actual slaveholders? And Woodrow Wilson. And Andrew Johnson. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Yes – lying bitch Franklin Democrat Roosevelt, who, post-election, declined to sign an anti-lynching bill. After agreeing to do so. Who LIED to Mary McLeod Bethune with promissory sweetness and back-stabbing smiles. “We need to get Negroes to the polls Mary!” Who referred to her privately as one of “Eleanor’s Niggers.” The anti-lynching bill stayed unsigned. And “Southern Strategy” Nixon. And “Willie Horton” Bush. Continued.

We could strategically live through this one as well. By way of “transforming the swamp by the power of downballot” to accomplish a substantive long-term goal. Didn’t that motherfucker Biden say: “If you don’t vote for me – you ain’t Black?” No Dude. It goes: “If we don’t vote for you – you ain’t elected motherfucker.”

Yes – I’m a recent graduate of the Samuel L. Jackson College Of…



Stop giving your vote away to certain parties and/or candidates for nothing in return but “hope” and “optics.” Let the White House chips fall as they may.

Quid Pro Quo. From Now On.

Downballot Baby. The main objective is to NOT give the motherfucking Democrats
ANYTHING. Especially Kamala Harris. Hell No. Even if she promises a bucket of chicken for your vote. NO. But take the chicken. Now – we can accomplish this in one of three ways: 1. Leave both presidential spaces blank or write “ADOS” in those spaces. 2. Vote for a third party candidate like one with the Green Party or Socialist Party or something. Or, 3. If you MUST for somebody at the top – vote for Trump.

Fuck Biden.

Preparation For Liberation

I would hope that all ADOS at this time, prepare themselves to the best of their individual abilities, through learning business, finance, economics, politics, law, marketing, logistics, mathematics, high English language proficiency, philosophy, information technology, urban planning, statistics, engineering, psychology, project management, and civics. Doing that in either formal, informal, and independent ways. We all do need to have SOME pre-reparations knowledge and direction.

Otherwise – we will end up empowering others with our empowerment.

Reconciliation And Reparations

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I was assisted in posting this rant by a bottle of Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. A Colchagua Valley Chile Dry Red. Elegant. Full bodied. Blackberries, currants, dark cherries, spice, chocolate. Smooth but mild tannins. Crisp finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

“Justice requires not only the ceasing and desisting of injustice but also requires either punishment or reparation for injuries and damages inflicted for prior wrongdoing. The essence of justice is the redistribution of gains earned through the perpetuation of injustice. If restitution is not made and reparations not instituted to compensate for prior injustices, those injustices are in fact rewarded. And the benefits such rewards conferred on the perpetrators of injustice will continue to ‘draw interest,’ to be reinvested, and to be passed on to their children, who will use their inherited advantages to continue to exploit the children of the victims of the injustices of their ancestors. Consequently, injustice and inequality will be maintained across the generations as will their deleterious social, economic, and political outcomes.”

Dr. Amos Wilson

This is a me talking to myself in the mirror rant. Look – I already told you guys that I have mental issues on the “About” page in this blog. I needed to let this one out in print. Yeah, I’m a little all over the place. But fuck the nitpickers and armchair editors and critics. That’s what rants are for.

Apology And Reconciliation

I understand the legal necessity for an official apology. I get it. And we should get it. When I say: “No apologies needed.” I’m talking about that dry-handed, uneasy-feeling, wide-smiled, back-slapping, insincere – you know, Joe Biden type shit. The government doesn’t want to do it anyway – so don’t force it. But we still need that legal apology on paper. OK? No monuments needed. No handshakes needed. No kumbaya moments needed. No singing “We Shall Overcome” needed. None. No “friendship breakfasts” needed. No hand holding needed. Ain’t no friendship.

Just pay the debt…

No “Truth And Reconciliation Commission” needed. That’s church shit, and this ain’t church. This is BUSINESS. White people will turn upside down and redo any truth expended by Black people anyway. That’s what they do. A waste of time. As far as I can see, there is not any “conciliation” available to be re-upped. All of our reparational demands should be expended with NO CONSIDERATIONS as to how others outside of the Freedmen community feel. “Feel” what? How did lynching “feel” motherfucker? OK? Dogs. Fire hoses. Nightsticks. Tell me about that shit.

There is a clear trajectory from actual slavery then – to actual slavery now.

Everybody that has studiously studied this issue knows that $100 trillion, or more is the right number. No more “studies” or “conferences.” It’s check time. Let us get this deal over with. Music. I’m listening to Public Enemy while I write this.

Akatas And Divisiveness

Reparations has nothing to do with addressing racism, or “healing.” Or eliminating any form of racial animus. Or being concerned about any potential divisiveness. OK? We did have a certain “unity” at one time. When they had our carcasses tied to a plantation with them for 400 years. When they were whipping us with a real whip every afternoon. When they put their whole foot up our asses on a daily basis. When they were raping Black women in the slave quarters on a nightly basis.

After our so-called emancipation – a great enclosing wall was built that stopped our forward movement and mitigated life-quality at every angle. The North wall was “segregation” – the South wall was “redlining.” “Jim Crow” was at the East wall – and “lynching” was hung on the West wall (no pun intended). They forced that powerful construction. And we couldn’t get out. Isn’t it stunning that the same discriminating collective that built that wall, and perfected the deep science of segregation, is now voicing “concern” regarding “divisiveness” issues at check time? Feasibility questions? “Who” questions? We getting some whiteness now?

Get the fuck outta here.

As an aside – if you have ever closely studied lynching photography, did you see any inkling of “unity” between the lynchers and the lynched? Nope. Divisiveness was OK then. Lynching was one accomplishment of a supreme American good.

Africans and Caribbeans were not here when they were putting fire hoses and dogs on our “Akata” grandparents. They did not have to face the fucking Ku Klux Klan. Never saw no evidence of Nigerian sharecroppers. Never heard of any Haitians being lynched in America. That was just us “Akatas” putting in that resistance, that fight, that work. A deliberate Black counterpoint to racism-white supremacy.

We did not run from our country. Like the way all immigrants Black, white, Asian, and brown ran from theirs. We are not the immigrants. We stood our ground and fought as the racial epicenter of this dirty American bitch. Right Here. Our Money. You have “Akata” Booker T. Washington stopping the “African Exclusion Measure of 1915.” For Africans. You have “Akatas”, in 1965 coming forward and advocating for positive Caribbean immigration reforms. For Caribbeans. You have “Akatas” absorbing all the abuse and death from merciless white resistance. So that ALL the Black Diaspora may enter THIS America, walk equally in THIS country, as upright human beings. Notice: “Akatas” are beautifully fair-minded people.

“Akatas” did all this shit for YOU motherfuckers. And YOU now come here to tow that evil color line – to speak on behalf of racism-white supremacy? To insult our faces like WE ain’t shit? To undermine our justice? To push American Freedmen aside and assume rights to American reparational entitlements based on melanin? A specific domestic deprivation equals worldwide Pan African compensation?

Thank You Brothers and Sisters…

Example of an “Akata” at work:

“The African Exclusion Measure: The completion of the Panama Canal in November of
1914 provoked a measure injected into the large Immigration Bill of 1915. The United States would systematically exclude any and all persons of the “African or Black race” from the United States hereafter and place them in the same category as criminals and undesirables attempting to gain entry into the country.

Ironically enough, although named the “African Exclusion Measure.” The language in the
bill was designed to target the African/ Black population immigrating from the Caribbean, Central, and South America, not the continent of Africa per se. Having used African/Black laborers to complete the Panama Canal, the United States intended to send a clear message on the issue of immigration.

By this time, in the last year of his life; Booker T. Washington was in full political bloom and the combination of his Pan African consciousness, his aggressive campaign in the Black Press and his effective use of the Tuskegee Machine; allowed for defeat of the measure within a week. Washington’s intervention in this case of the African Exclusion Measure had a direct impact on policies targeting the African /Black population and the demographic composition of the African population within the United States forever.”

Excerpt from the Booker T. Washington And Africa Website

After all that work: “Akata?”

Now that we have clarified ourselves, the “informed” Diaspora is spitting in our faces. Those motherfuckers are dirtier than shit. Drawing appeasatory political lines through greasy criticisms. Doing global social media disparagement. Asking stupid feasability questions. Expending obstrustionist talking points. Propagating off-subject Pan-African fantasytalk. And openly concurring with racism-white supremacy against our demand. They claim to be worried about “divisiveness” issues regarding a relationship that has never been unified in the first place?

No African ever sent an escape ship. No Diasporan ever sent us a quarter. No Caribbean ever sent so much as a motherfucking coconut. Do you understand Family? We then have a grift-enabling NAARC in this bitch – a Dr. Ron Daniels, insisting that the unexpended dividends accrued from the mean, isolated – encapsulated pain. HERE.  Unrelentingly suffered through our 400-year-long American lineage HERE is somehow “owed” to Africans and Caribbeans?

Explain that shit to me.

How does a domestic ass-whupping transmute into international recompense?

Explain THAT SHIT to me.

Justice And Friendship

Let me make this clear. Reparations are not a solution to the racial divide in America. That is not the purpose for reparations and cannot BE the purpose. Just like insurance companies are not the solution to traffic accidents. The conditions that cause accidents have to be addressed within disciplines that have nothing to do with insurance. This is coon diversionism. Do you understand?

Insurance is there to monetarily compensate victims as far as possible, FOR the damage and suffering created FROM accidents. That’s It. Reparations AND racial reconciliation are two separate things. To be discussed in two separate rooms. At two separate times. Let’s keep it a clean, clear and straightforward argument.

Do the money first – motherfuckers.

The purpose of reparations is to rightfully address in substance plus interest, the well known effects of centuries of government established, promoted, and abetted criminal abuse and deprivation of Black people in this country. As far as monetarily possible. NOT to improve any race relations. This is about dollars. This is about economics. This is about a major financial reset. Not friendship. Race relations? Not the time or place to change the subject. Not the time to absorb outside opinions.

We can do coffee later.

Reparations demands are totally independent of how Blacks and whites “feel” about each other. Anyone that tries to make that “divide” stuff part of the conversation is full of shit. If reparations do happen, the white folks that hate us now will hate us more. Believe that. And the white liberals that don’t overtly reveal any racial animus at present, will start showing some teeth. That is just a fact.

Don’t forget the bullets.

They were mad when we demanded our voting rights. Correct? They were angry when the law enforced open seating on public transportation. Correct? They were irate when the law allowed us to take a piss in any public toilet we wanted. Is That Correct? They were inflamed when slavery legally ended. Correct?

Northerners AND Southerners.

So why shouldn’t they be furious about some niggers rightfully receiving in justice, in rightful repair, a few extra dollars from an indisputably guilty and hypocritical government? Expect it. That only makes sense. Understand that 97.9% of white people do not want racism-white supremacy to end. Especially white liberals. No justice for niggers. And when we do get reparations, they only want us to get those reparational resources on THEIR terms. Expended with THEIR oversight. Making sure that we get as little as possible. And to do as little constructive with whatever we get as possible. Especially white liberals. Understand that. We also have those that are afraid white folks might start shooting if we get reparations? OK.

Ahh – they’re shooting now aren’t they? I mean look. If you’re gonna take a cap in the ass anyway – wouldn’t it be easier to take with money, than without it? Ouch! But with money – can’t we buy some guns and some training? Just Asking…

Symbolism And Shit

Nobody should be insulting us with any “symbolism” talk. NONE. And we need to keep a sharp eye on paid Black preachers. I believe that Christianity itself is a part of the racism-white supremacy power structure (that’s another conversation). OK? Black preachers (not all), are generally opposed to true Black empowerment. They prefer us to keep our eyes up, cloud-watching for Jesus. Black empowerment in any realm is not profitable to the Black church. Observe. Look at how some Black preachers will speak affirmatively on reparations. But will always move to take the cash payments aspect off the table. OR – speak on including others in our claim.


At the same time – if it is effectively pushed – those same fucking preachers will simultaneously suggest ways to institutionalize any potential cash expenditures. You Know? So they can “officially” run it. So they can unofficially pocket it. (A new jet for reparations “work” Pastor?) This is the same sneaky-assed shit that NAARC and N’COBRA is trying to pull with their “National Reparations Trust Authority” bullshit. “Institutionalization” enables “officials” and “experts” to steal legally right in front of you with salaries, commissions, expenses, and contracts given to friends, Caribbeans, Green Carders, politicians, and others that “play ball.”

Then they give you a “report.”

You Know – the same shit NAARC and N’COBRA is trying to pull.

The Biblically approved and regulated slavery atrocity itself, the slave trade, Jim Crow, lynching, discriminatory practices, racist systematics, and all deprivative tricknologies exacted against us – those were not “symbolic” at all. OK? Therefore, a reparations act should be completely real, substantial, cash-able, touch-able, feel-able, and see-able. Every “apology” from the government, white-run institutions, or any individual guilt-filled white person should have a check attached to it. I mean every fucking “apology” Man. We can set up a “National Apology Fund” – tonight. Website – bank account – staff – we got the people. Let’s do it.

One of the “assignments” from the power structure for Black preachers to accomplish is to “transcendentalize” any serious stuff (like reparations) that we are trying to get or do. They know niggers are susceptible to this kind of metaphysical bullshit. They do this, instead of helping us to keep our eyes straight ahead and our feet on the ground. You know. So we can effectively secure what’s owed, and do the business needed to be done. Those motherfuckers take us up – up – up.

To Jesus!

They always take us “Higher.”

At that point, the conversation changes from transitional justice to Jesus. From Jesus to symbolism. From symbolism to no money. Is an “AMEN” appropriate here? “Spirituality” ain’t needed. This is Business. The question of reparation demands that we not allow racism-white supremacy or its tools to take our minds off of accomplishing our concrete and on-the-ground business goals through their heaven-assigned proxies – also known as the Black clergy.

Substantive settlements at the local and state levels could provide some redress for law enforcement abetted pogroms like Tulsa, Rosewood, Elaine, etc. But these local-based settlements are secondary in importance to federal-level reparations. To be clear in your own minds – locally expended settlements and expanded equity fairness in cities and states is not reparations. Nor should they be labelled as such.

Reparations could provide some historic redress nationwide for the legally abetted heterosexual and homosexual rape by white predators on free and enslaved Blacks. Reparations could also provide some overdue historic redress for the beatings, executions, murders, labor extractions, sexual molestations, and rapes of free and enslaved Black children by sexually entitled white men. We will see.

What About Isms

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


Even if Native Black Americans did well economically after slavery – without reparations. Even if the descendants of American Freedmen were the most prosperous minority group in America right now – without reparations. That in no way would invalidate or mitigate the rightness or validity of any claims for reparations. In-group economic and/or net-worth disaggregations are not appropriate here. The legal demand for reparations is totally independent of our singular and/or collective economic conditions in the present. At the same time – as a people, our general economic conditions in the present are in their current deplorable state, partly because we never received reparations.

“Black And Latino?” Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?


The uniquely precise demand for Native Black American reparations is also totally independent of the various discussions, complaints, and compensatory demands of other ethnic and racial groups that have been wronged. No other group should be part of OUR “conversation.” The needed conversation between us Foundational Black Americans – and our fucking government. Understand? Our case is unique and separate. Unique and separate. Unique and SEPARATE.

We are not in any way could be, should be, or will be “linked” to anybody else’s shit. Nobody. Where did they get the nerve to offer this disrespectful idea? I know, but we won’t go into that now. It is important for all serious Native Black American reparationists to UNPACK and destroy diversity in their faces, where they stand, wherever they piss. That’s Right. Don’t even let those motherfuckers piss in peace.

Get the fuck outta here.

Whenever and wherever inconsiderate bitches attempt to place a Native Black American reparations dialogue into a what-about-ism “melting pot” – Stop There. Understand? Ask this to the bitches: “Do I look like a pot to you? We ain’t cooking here. What About – My Ass!” OK? The “melting pot” ain’t our conversation. And this especially includes the motherfucking Pan-Africans. Always including African and Caribbean aliens in our shit. OK? Putting us Native Black Americans into an international “Black Pot.” OK? I don’t care how “Black” those motherfuckers are “supposed” to be. Now, to be fair, those niggers don’t mix us in with the Latinx’s or American Indians. (But they might in the future. Who knows?) Give credit where credit is due. OK? Even those bastards deserve credit.

But those fuckers will attempt to transmute a wholly American in-house effected Native Black American enslavement, injury, and deprivation into an undifferentiated worldwide Diasporan reparations distribution. Unbelievable.

Flame all the motherfuckers.

When was the last time you seen Native Black American type people impositively inserting themselves between somebody else’s shit and the or their government? Never. And that is because we actually RESPECT others. We respect their rights and sovereignties as grown people to negotiate their own problems and contentions with the or their government, without any unwelcome and unsolicited inputs or impositions from others. Right?

Everybody that ain’t us is suddenly “suggesting” shit. Saying what they “think” shit should and shouldn’t “look like.” Or offering “educated” pontifications on what others should or shouldn’t get. Scholarly papers written by doctorate holders saying: “No To Niggers.” Unsolicited Arrogance – regarding an issue that ain’t got a motherfucking thing to do with THEM. These are incredible people.

I do wish others had the same basic respect for us and our business.

“Concerned” sonofabitches really need to back the fuck off.

We will always understand that Jewish, American Indian, and Japanese American reparations issues with the government are none of our fucking business. NOT. And if we attempted to enter the rooms where others are discussing their business with the government. They would be well within their rights to tell us to: “Get the fuck outta here motherfucker – find some business!” SLAM!!! You See?

That’s why you have never heard any American Freedman break breath, raise a hand, or mobilize a pen to opine yay or nay in those “none-of-your-fucking-business” type conversations. Right? We Leave. We respectfully leave others to their own business. And we stay out. At the same time, supporting the rights of others to make and agitate their own demands. As grown people should.

I implore other groups to have the same respect for us and our contentions with the government that we always extend to them. Others? Lend your support for our justice claims. Like we do with others. And with multi-ethnic support – I would hope others that do support will respectfully allow us to shape our own arguments and demands. Express our own pains. And express in our own way. Without opinionated interruptions. Like we respectfully do in support with others.

OH – Stop placing us with American Indians. They Used To Own Us. Google it…

This is a word to all “diversity” minded folks. Foundational Black American people will not be caught up THIS TIME in any ignorant, obfuscating, deflectivist, and inappropriately inclusive “what-about-isms.” Or any other time wasting conversations regarding any of the destructive things that white folks and the government have done to other groups. OK? All other groups must “hold their own nuts,” so to speak. All those other groups are composed of grown people. It is not the responsibility of Native Black Americans to tend to other folks business. They business is they business. Our business is our business. And don’t lay they shit on us. We will not do the heavy lifting for others.

Pan-Africans Can Fuck Off

All Black Nationalists and Pan-African motherfuckers can stay away from me if they are not thinking past their well-educated ignorance and articulating reparations to me in the proper Native Black American way. OK? If you are not gonna be honest about the role of Africans in the slave trade. Fuck off. If you are not going to admit that our cultural and psychological connection to Africa was commercially severed 400 years ago by the dealings of African royalty and African slave traders with their European and Arab clients. Fuck off.

Miss Me with that “kidnapping” shit. That’s “blackwashing” history.

If you are not gonna stop that “brother and sister” bullshit in reference to us and Africans – because we are not brothers and sisters. Fuck off. We don’t need any Pan-African whatsoever re-connections or libation pouring. I assure you. It ain’t happening here. Save your liquor. It ain’t happening between Africans over there. It ain’t happening between Caribbeans down there. It ain’t happening between Diasporans out there. How the fuck is it gonna happen – over here? “Unity?”

Ain’t no “unity.”

How in the fuck you gonna put responsibility for Diasporan unification on me?

Niggers. Always trying to take our minds off our American business and directing our Black attentions towards Egypt. “Egypt?” Fuck you. A totally unproductive distraction. Hotep Motherfuckers always trying to tell me to change my name: “That’s a slave name Man.” Damned right it is. I ain’t changing shit. Our NAMES – Johnson, Robinson, Washington, Smith, etc. are the walking, talking, generation to generation existing, night and day reminders of an unfulfilled wealth gap.

Here We Are!!!

Yes motherfuckers. Those names are markers. The obvious historic remains of systemic deprivation. Loudly indicative of the owed but undistributed dividends created from a four-hundred-year-long forced investment. So loud, that some white folks don’t like being around us. I don’t blame the motherfuckers. We too loud.

Yes Loud. Can’t help that. Can’t stop that. Can’t turn that down Man. Our NAMES
autonomically function with and simultaneously precede our bodies. Radiating within all the spaces and times we enter, as aggregated past due notices. When we leave those spaces and times – the guilt remains. There it is. Notices that are collectively attached to an astronomically expensive invoice. Due! And those that need to act upon satisfying that overdue notice demand, understand what the fuck they are looking at. Those folks see every-fucking-body.

And they know every-fucking-body.

There’s One. There’s Another One. And That One Over There. All those past-due bills and the calls, and the letters, and the subpoenas that come with them are irritating as fuck. I know. But the interest on that demand is exponentializing quickly. Those that know are reminded decade after decade, that they need to act quickly and affirmatively. It’s HOT. Oh – and They WILL stop blowing this shit off. Call MY name motherfucker. I ain’t changing shit. Time to pay.

Look Pan-Africans. Native Black American people will never assent to your Afro-fantasytalk or Diasporan fetishism. Ain’t gonna be no psychological, cultural, or political redirection from America. Not this time. The daishikis have been sent to Goodwill. Gone. Our memberships in NAARC and N’COBRA have been cancelled. We don’t need or want Diasporan validation. American Freedmen-ism equals validating ourselves. Our minds and energy will not be re-projected across the Atlantic to nowhere. To confusion. To nothing.

Not this time motherfuckers.

We are asserting our shared ownership of America. Reclaiming our profound and expansive “American-ness.” Right here. We are demanding our share of the return on that American investment. Here. If YOU want to “return” to Africa – Go. I’ll see you off. It is because of the prodigious involuntary expenditures we’ve made here that I assert “First Among Equals” ownership status RIGHT HERE in America.

Can’t do that in Africa.

I am not voluntarily leaving my portion of generationally produced profits and a 1619 initially forced investment compounding further into the pockets and estates of twenty-first century white folks. Why should I? Why should you? And Brother – I am not sharing one motherfucking dime of American Descendants Of Chattel Slavery reparations resources with African and Caribbean chiselers. Fuck That.

Repatriation? I ain’t left shit in Africa but a headache.

Reparations Politics

Even though reparations must be accomplished through politics. Reparations in itself is not politics folks. Reparations is a non-negotiable economic infrastructure demand that is justified, was promised, but never put in place. Plus interest. This is BUSINESS people. And we don’t have to be nice about it. Getting it? Legislators are either for us or against us. We know what to do with motherfuckers against us.

We don’t need preachers offering up moral mumblings or Biblical invocations or “divine guidance” to do this. Family. This is Business. Not Church.

Now – there are some things regarding government that ARE political, and some things that are not. Like our water and highway systems. The building and maintenance of those infrastructural necessities are the responsibility of the government. But the question itself of getting those systems planned, built, and running is not a political one. They HAVE TO get done. The politics, if any, is about figuring out HOW to get those things done. But WHOM is going to be put in place to do it? That’s the politics. It is the same case with reparations. We have to become politically motivated, strategic, educated, and wise at the same time. Now!

Reparations is NOT Politics. Reparations is NOT Race Relations. Reparations is definitely NOT regarding Reconciliation. Reparations is the justified, demanded, and justified recompense from a taken Economic Infrastructure. Accomplished.

Blacklining And Intrification

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Bindi Sergardi I Colli Classico
Riserva 2015. Ancient Estate wine. Tuscany Italy. A very drinkable Dry Red. Cherry, strawberries, red plum, white grapes. Surprisingly complex structure. High acidity. Medium tannins. A long – elegant vanilla finish.

I Colli Chianti Classico Riserva

“Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

Booker T. Washington

Motherfuckers are always saying crazy nigger stuff to me like: “Give me my reparations in land Man.” Another motherfucker tells me he wants his shit in gold. Please. Like the average Black person knows what to do with “land” once they receive it. I may be wrong, but I think that most folks Black or white wouldn’t know what to do with “land.” Correct me if I’m wrong folks. When it comes to property acquisition and management through reparations, I think I may have a better general idea. I call it “Blacklining.” Read before you judge. 

My explanation of that is below.

Call me names and/or roast me AFTER you’ve read the motherfucking post please. OK? This ain’t gospel. It’s just a fucking suggestion.

This post was written prior to the ADOS schism.

What is “Blacklining?”

Right now, a suggestion. Let me start with suggesting the fair transference of certain government owned lands and residential properties (city, suburban, and rural ADOS Homesteads), to satisfy “land” niggers. OK? And the prioritized granting of unencumbered permissions and licensing in specified commercial areas (like gambling or cannabis endeavors for example) to ADOS individuals and/or ADOS owned business entities that are qualified. Federal and state media licenses, bandwidth, and spectrum set-asides for qualified ADOS and ADOS owned entities should be sold at 75% lower than the current market price.

Certain urban neighborhoods should be “Blacklined” (my word). Meaning certain
protected and prioritized districts within certain cities (we’re segregated anyway – with the proper handling, that could be a good thing), reserved exclusively for the commercial and residential use of ADOS and (registered population percentage limited to 12%) non-ADOS Blacks. Property taxes will be subject to pre-established limits. If there are any revenue shortfalls to local governments due to capped property taxes in “Blacklined” areas – those shortfalls will be covered and/or subsidized by local, state, and federal government entities.

Government representation for these areas will be ADOS only.

These areas will be prioritized to receive federal and state expended urban improvement grants, Tax Increment Financing, and various business development grants. Residential and other properties can only be transferred between ADOS and non-ADOS Blacks. Businesses cannot be established without community approval and falling within the guidelines. Businesses that have some non-Black ownership in these areas must be at least 75% owned and controlled by ADOS residing in that same community. This is the community keeping ownership tight and controlled.

Multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial properties that are currently owned by whites and other non-ADOS entities and individuals in “Blacklined” areas will be sold (by law) at assessed value to ACIT’s (ADOS Community Investment Trusts) established and operated by that ADOS community.

Any other community approved companies (like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Walgreen’s, etc.) – their equity shares [stock] must be publicly listed and traded. So that they may be potentially owned by ADOS on the back end, via direct stock market purchases or indirectly via mutual funds and ETF’s with those purchases transacted and owned by ADOS individuals, ADOS owned businesses, and ADOS Community Investment Trusts. Locking in investment from both ends.

And those aggregated franchised entities (single stores like a McDonald’s) within those districts must be at minimum 75% owned by ADOS in that community. Those (publicly listed corporate) single stores (like Walgreen’s, Starbucks, etc.) must be housed in commercial facilities that have been built-to-suit and leased from ADOS individuals, ADOS business entities, or ADOS Community Investment Trusts that own those facilities. No exceptions. No workarounds.

No white, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American originated business entities that are 100% privately owned by non-ADOS (franchise or otherwise) should be allowed in these areas. We should have teams of checkers deployed to verify the ownership and capitalization sources of entities intending to open in Blacklined areas.

These areas should have an emphasis on “Intrification” (my word). Meaning that all private improvements to these areas will be ADOS initiated, financed, executed, and owned by those that live in those areas. This done – along with government infrastructure improvement funding for public areas. Also, local policing in these districts should be done by ADOS and non-ADOS Black officers that live in the district they police. With an emphasis on foot patrols and engaging residents.

“Blacklining” would also serve as a “firewall” against any potentially encroaching “gentrification” – meaning gradual white takeover through the investment of and “moving into” by whites into certain properties and areas. There should not be any outside private investment by law. Outsiders that try will be prosecuted.

Why “Blacklining?” Well, with reparations, our asset picture will be vastly improved. That could mean community ownership and improvement where we already live. More opportunities to exploit profit where WE live. Most white people – conservative, indifferent, and liberal, don’t want to live next door to Black people anyway. And that’s fine, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t like living next to white people anyway. Most of the time, those Black folks with some means, will move into predominantly white areas for better living conditions and amenities. Not necessarily because they want to live next to white people, or are particularly interested in “diversity.” For some Blacks, living near white people has resulted in many unpleasant encounters. “Blacklining” can stop this.

“Diversity” has always been a money losing proposition for Blacks. Plantations were “diverse”, if you really think about it. Understand? “Diversity” always means that others (white women, Asians, Jews, Latinx’s, some Black immigrants) record the ideas, fully appropriate and reconstitute those ideas, undercompensate any Black labor involved, and coldly take those extracted assets home. They will then package and monetize those assets. Then partition ADOS Black folks away from the profits. Sometimes those assets are disproportionately extracted by other groups through “good management” and “fair contracts” and “better deals.” That’s how “diversity” actually works. Every time. So, NO “diversity” in “Blacklined” areas.

A people with backbone and self-interested purpose does not need “diversity.”

We must “manage” and “inside-network” our own business, talents, and creativity.

We could make the living conditions in “Blacklined” areas as good as or better than
predominantly white areas in all respects. WE could create the ultimate in upper middle class living, for ourselves. No more white folks calling police for breathing, eating, or walking while Black – where you live. No more crappy attitude from the white cashier at the corner store – where you live. No more contemptuous looks from the Korean at the local beauty supply – where you live. No more abusive loudmouthing from the Arab motherfucker at the nearby liquor emporium – where you live. You don’t wanna kill a sonofabitch in the name of Allah? Right?


No more Japanese waitresses rushing you out of the Japanese restaurant before you’ve finished eating. And Japanese motherfuckers do that shit all the time, where you live. Putting the fucking check on the table in the middle of your meal. Rushing niggers out. No more Vietnamese bitches handing out ass-whoopings at the nail salon, where you live. No more imported caste system nonsense from the East Indian at the Dunkin Donuts by the bus stop, where you live. No more stinky-faced – got nothing else to do “Karens” fucking with you because they feel like it.

Also, these abuses can rightly be looked upon as business opportunities to be noted and then exploited by us in “Blacklined” areas. For example – Black people have been exposed to cuisines from all over the world. At the same time, people of other ethnicities (Greek, Asian, Ethiopian, etc.) really don’t like Black people patronizing their establishments. They don’t. They just tolerate our patronage, so they don’t run afoul of discrimination laws. Like being “tolerated?” I don’t. You shouldn’t either.

Black folks could open restaurants that feature different international cuisines. But, prepared, presented, and sold by Black people. We can learn and sell any cuisine we want, but then, these cuisines could be enjoyably consumed and beautifully socialized over without any imported discriminatory bullshit. For a change. Right? Even African immigrant owned restaurants prefer white patronage over African American patronage (that’s why most African restaurants are located in white neighborhoods). Sushi, Korean barbeque, tempura, Greek cuisine, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, French cuisine, Moroccan cuisine. Chinese cuisine. We can do – AND SELL – AND SERVE all those cuisines OURSELVES. Fuck Em.

Again – we could learn and do any cuisine we like BETTER than the originators.

The other thing that can be done in “Blacklined” areas is the recapture of the multi-billion DOLLAR Black beauty supply business. The liquor store business. The gas station business. The nail business. ALL “trade” type businesses. Plumber. Tailor. Electrician. HVAC. Landscaping. Diesel Mechanic. Roofing. Web Design. Masonry. Remodeling. Welding. Top to bottom. All of this motherfucking shit. All of it.

Reset and Patronize YOUR community network Family.

No more isolating indifferences, “good-morning-less-ness,” and superiorist arrogance from your white neighbors – where you live. No more isolating indifferences, “good-morning-less-ness,” and superiorist arrogance from your immigrant neighbors – where you live. More community. More networking. More family. More tranquility. And, if we can get the fratricidal Mr. Pookie in practice, and the Rap music industry in spirit, to stop assisting the police and the racists in trying to gun down all Black people from the face of the earth. More humanity.

The “Blacklining” concept is not to say you cannot live anywhere else you choose. You can, and you should, if that is what you’d like to do. We paid for it. But, it would be nice to have exclusively Black urban “homelands” to retreat to, that are relaxed, beautiful, welcoming, clean, crime free, chaos free, tension free, racism free, Confederate flag free, bullshit free, and devoid of white, Asian, and Hispanic people (except those others that are visiting through and spending good money in Black owned businesses, then leaving).

And no “Karens.”

Lastly, “Blacklined” areas should be federally protected by law and in fact. We can’t have another Rosewood or Tulsa conflagration anywhere. White folks get upset at autonomous Black success. Black happiness offends whites. Racists and others (including other Black people) that seek to do, or actually accomplish assault of persons, theft, robbery, or destruction of property, criminality in any of these areas, should receive harsh federal penalties. Including the death penalty, if appropriate. No “gang” activities will be tolerated in Blacklined areas. None. And Period. And people, don’t forget: the stand your ground interpretation of defensive rights bestowed by the Second Amendment would be available to you as well. Fuck the bullshit.

Aim – Click – POW!!!

Now Family, could this be a better idea? I am open to suggestions.