The Mascotting of Queen Mother Audley Moore

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“Those who seek temporary security rather than basic liberty deserve neither… We began to talk about wanting to be first class citizens. We didn’t want to be second class citizens. You would have sworn that second class was in the Constitution. Also that citizens have to fight for rights. Imagine a citizen having to fight for civil rights! The very thought of it is repulsive. And I resent it and I reject this citizenship that was imposed on me. From the bottom of my heart I reject it. This is the thing that motivates me and keeps me going.”

“It’s past due. The United States will never be able to pay us all they owe us. They don’t have the money. But they’ll owe it.”

Audley (Queen Mother) Moore

After four years of looking, searching, phone calls, and starting over three times over again – I finally found something monumental. Something that was written in Queen Mother Audley Moore’s own hand. A very rare twelve page pamphlet entitled: “Why Reparations? Money For Negroes.” A revealing publication that should [really] be supremely interesting to soldiers working out here in these reparationist streets. Especially those soldiers that are hard core about the correct answer to the clear question of recipient specificity. The CORRECT answer.

Yep. There is no question that Queen Mother Moore is the Pan African’s – Pan African. So much so that she, along with Callie House has been turned into a Pan African mascot. Good Pan African marketing, with nothing revealed regarding her actual philosophy regarding reparations. The well-educated – well-informed NAARC (National African-American Reparations Commission) has a whole page on their website regarding Queen Mother Moore. But this pamphlet is strangely not included, even though this work exclusively focuses on reparations.

AND – even though this well-educated – well-informed commission [NAARC] is sharply aware of its existence. Sharply. After reading this work, now I see (you will too) why The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis never speaks on the substance of the true nature of Queen Mother Moore’s reparations energy and position.

Ahh… When it comes to reparations. Understand? At this point, read this post for yourself and judge on how much her well-reasoned position matches The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis’ non-specific Black universalist reparations position.

I will have further thoughts at the end of this post.

This work was never under copyright protection. Works in the public domain may be used freely without the permission of the former owner. I have reproduced all twelve pages (typos corrected) in their entirety so that you may see for yourself.

Here It Is:


REPARATIONS: For African Americans

Why Reparations?





Mrs. Audley A. Moore



PRICE $1.00



This work is dedicated to the HERALD-DISPATCH newspaper and the REPARATIONS COMMITTEE Inc., for their unselfish, uncompromising determination to contribute toward peaceful solution of the Reparations problem, which will undoubtedly become a social battle cry, in the immediate future, the likes of which this country has never heard heretofore.

Audley M. Moore


1431 West Jefferson Boulevard

Los Angeles 7, California


Why Reparations?

After 244 years of free slave labor and the most inhuman, sinister, and barbaric atrocities which pass in magnitude any savagery perpetrated against human beings in the history of the planet earth, and an additional one hundred years of so-called freedom accompanied by terror, the Committee seeking Reparations for the descendants of America’s Slaves, concludes that the payment of Reparations is an absolute necessity if the Government of the United States is ever to wipe the slate clean, redeem herself, and pay for the damages she has inflicted upon more than 25 million American citizens, who are members of the Black Race. The payment of Reparations is the only position America can take in the interest of justice and make an effort to restore the dignity to 13.1 percent of her citizenry.

THEREFORE, WE, The Committee For The Securing of Reparations For The Descendants of men and women brought from the continent of Africa, and enslaved in the United States of America for more than 244 years, and are now commonly referred to as “Negroes,” do now make formal request of the Government of the United States, for fair and just compensation for the loss of the property rights in the labor of our foreparents. For which no payment of any kind has ever been made. The loss of so great a value in labor and skills, by which means [certain] citizens of this nation, whom as a class called themselves “slave owners,” over a period of 244 years became unjustly enriched, thereby making possible the development of so many of the vast and numberless fortunes [possessed by them] – which even today accounts for a very considerable portion of this nation’s wealth, is now due and payable to us as victims of this loss.

WHEREAS, the original drafters of the Constitution of this nation recognized the property rights in a man’s labor, they recognized [the] members of the Black Race only as chattels or animals. Consequently, Black people were never thought of as attaining the status of [white] men and women, and thus no consideration had to be given to their labor and skills, nor [were] any rights extended whatsoever to them, either legal or human.

The signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, belatedly bestowed the legal rights of ex-slaves, and provided that they be “classified” as human beings, [as] men and women. The Proclamation also made it unlawful to continue to force ex-slaves to contribute their labor and skills without “fair” compensation.


The Supreme Court of the United States has now established that members of the Black Race in America, no matter how they came, nor the circumstances of their existence, are now, and retroactively have been human beings. And as human beings, these men and women, members of the Black Race, are logically and legally entitled to all of the rights and benefits accorded to Caucasian men and women, including the right of inheritance and property rights, which are also retroactive.

Many years ago the Courts of the United States ruled that a man or woman has a property right in labor and skills, and that such [a] right is subject to [all] the laws governing inheritance. Hence, under the Inheritance Law, [American] members of the Black Race, as human beings and citizens, despite national (or regional) customs and practices, should be governed and protected [equally].

The fact, that no consideration was ever accorded members of the Black Race, who as a class were called “slaves” and whose descendants, as a class, are now called “Negroes” has compounded the original injury to those now called “Negroes.” This injury ranges all the way from chronic and extensive poverty – [this] causing suffering and emotional distress resulting from:

a – Lynching
b – Jim Crow – Segregation
c – Disfranchisement
d – Raping
e – Denial of the Right to Vote in Southern States
f – Police Brutality
g – Use of Dogs and Water Hoses
h – Use of Electric Cattle Prods
i – Use of Horses and Billy Clubs

And, the widespread contempt and disdain which we receive from our fellow citizens, [that are themselves] not relegated to such [a low] class. Being subject to [white] mental mayhem, a condition that will inevitably culminate into Genocide, unless stopped.

We – in the name of humanity created by God to seek a full life while in this earthly domain; for the cause of justice for which mankind craves; for the sake of dignity which all men strive; we,


the people of African origin enclosed [and formerly enslaved] within the boundaries of the United States of America do declare that:

We do not now, nor have we ever had equal protection under the laws of this country which by various customs are not enforced, when we are involved.

We have, since 1863 been the victims of mob violence, lynching and systematized atrocities, to a far greater extent than any other citizens, or residents of this country.

We charge that: our language, culture and original heritage were [over time] methodically and deliberately destroyed.

Our names and geographical identity were systematically obliterated.

We are denied the legal right to shelter by discrimination, custom, overt de jure segregation, and subtle de facto segregation.

The Reparations Committee, is seeking relief in money damages for the victims of these injustices with which to begin a program of rehabilitation. It is, further, the desire of this Committee that every well-meaning and patriotic American, whatever his position in life, do his utmost by word as well as deed, to help this long overdue and just effort to erase the blot and stigma from the unfortunate past of America’s history – by public and official expiration for the wrongs heaped in multiplicity upon a large mass of [formerly enslaved] American Citizens whom have contributed so richly to America’s culture, welfare, and safety.


(s) S. Alexander, Chairman of Board of Directors
(s) Audley A. Moore, President and Founder
(s) Charles H. Davis, National Chairman
(s) Berta Forrest, National Recording Secretary
(s) Stacey Adams, State Chairman, California


Poverty, The Results of Chattel Slavery

The contents of this booklet are addressed not only to our people in particular, whom are [the] victims of oppression, but also to the white people of the United States who need this great opportunity to cleanse themselves of wrongs done to our people by their cruel ancestors.

By way of preface there is little to say since the character of this work is embodied in this booklet, which is the fruit of untiring effort, research and investigation into the phenomenon of our special oppression. [From] which [certain] effects stem from the anti-social nature of the slave system in this country, with its reprehensible acts of barbarism, which violated all natural laws of human aspirations and justice. The atrocious deeds done to our ancestors by the legions of white fiends rise before us in new and irresistible horror. It is intended to meet the need of bringing to the people of this country a great principal of restitution by those of us who desire to raise our people from the degradation of national poverty resulting from the effects of chattel slavery, which has left us without [access to] national resources.

The fact that Reparations has not yet been included along with the integrationist leaders’ demands is because they underestimated the depth and the bitterness of our suffering and the intelligence of our people. In spite of our indomitable will to die for our rights like men and women on our feet rather than live on our knees. This was demonstrated by our unquenchable revolutionary fervor at the United Nations when the Honorable Patrice Lumumba of The Congo, Africa was murdered, and on the picket lines and demonstrations throughout this country. Where our people in their massive efforts to become citizens endured the foul onslaught of tear gas, fire hoses, police dogs, police brutality, and arrest to secure those rights denied us by the oppressive villains.

Without Reparations our people can never be on equal terms with the white sons of our former slavemasters who continue to reap the abundant benefits of the wealth created by our foreparents through their centuries of unrequited labor. The unpaid labor of African slaves [chattelized in America] laid the foundation for the accumulation of the wealth that ultimately made the U.S.A. the richest country in the world. During the period of slavery millions of our people died while being transported under conditions of indescribable horror while crossing the “middle passage.” Our roots and culture were


ruthlessly destroyed. We were deprived of human status, with families broken and fragmented and family ties eliminated, our women were raped and abused, our men were placed in chains. Bred like animals our children were taken from us and given over to owners and slavemasters to be sold on the auction block. Today our [Black] youth are taught false history, theories and principles to prevent race pride.

The Reparations Committee will present the evidence of the lawless vendors in human flesh in all its sickening and horrible details.

Through the signing of Emancipation Proclamation we were ostensibly granted freedom and full citizenship, [along] with the ensuing amendments to the Constitution – but these [citizenship rights] were then, and continue to be, withheld from us. Therefore, our suit demanding payment of a debt long overdue is justified. Although no amount of Reparations could adequately repay us for the cruelty we suffered. Still, there must be a recognition of the crimes committed against us and a just settlement before the issue can be considered closed.

The two major political parties of our oppressors (Democrats and Republicans) have consistently tried to keep this issue of slavery and Reparations hidden, but [the act of] suppressing it has caused one of the greatest socio-economic problems of this age. This [reparations] issue is clear. No civilized human society would contest, and no democratic state would neglect, or in this case shun its [ultimate] responsibility to adequately recompense those from whom such sacrifices were extracted. Besides our unrequited labor we have given genius to America – the genius of Benjamin Banneker, Harriet Tubman, Crispus Attucks, and Dorie Miller. African-Americans have given their very lives to preserve the American Dream, [of] which they have not [as yet] shared in.

The 100th year since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation which was to free our people from chattel slavery, finds us suffering economic and political oppression in the U.S.A. Therefore, the question of the continued subjugation of an entire people, landless and disenfranchised, deprived of equal status with the rest of the general populace, deprived of recognition of our contribution to the culture and enrichment of the [United States] economy – remains.


Therefore, considering our present intolerable status here [in the United States] – the future, if there is to be one, rests on the solution presented. The demand for Reparations must become the first goal of every African American.

History substantiates the justness of our claim. However, of all the people who have received Reparations for wrongs committed against them, none of their claims are as historically or morally compelling as the demand for Reparations for the descendants of American Slaves.

In view of the foregoing, we the descendants of those Africans, uprooted from our [original] homeland, transported to this alien land, and once here – forcibly made to labor without pay for centuries, through the sponsorship of the U.S.A. – do hereby set forth the following claims and demands, as embodied herein.

Claim for Reparations Filed

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, which became effective January 1, 1863, The Reparations Committee for United States Slaves Descendants Inc., a non-profit corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of California, filed a claim for Reparations and money damages with the United States Government on December 20, 1962 – for more than 25 million American [slave descendant] Citizens.

Members of the Black Race.

THE FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION as filed, sets forth, and proceeds, and sues on behalf of and for the benefit of a class consisting of approximately 25 million Americans of African descent, whose antecedents and ancestors before them, until 1863, were held in cruel and inhuman slavery. The claimants [justifiably] ask for Reparations in the form of money damages, for the loss of their ancestors’ fair share of property which accrued by reason of their skills and labors to the use and benefit of those persons, citizens of the United States of America, whom as a class, called themselves “slaveowners,” and who did, with the sanction, approval and protection of the United States Government, became unjustly enriched by the use of such forced human labor.


THE SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION calls attention to “THE UNJUST ENRICHMENT of and to said ‘OWNERS’ by such wrongful claims of the ownership of human beings as property, and by the wrongful use of such forced human labor, which continued for a period of more than two hundred years, until 1863. Those of the class for whose benefit complaint sues herein, and by such wrongful taking without their consent.”

THE THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION calls attention to the fact that the United States of America and all free nations and societies, whereby [white] individuals enjoy property ownership and its attendant benefits, such as inheritance and descent. The descendants of America’s slaves were denied this right.

This brilliantly prepared Claim calls attention to the fact that Slaves and their descendants have contributed to the wealth of the United States and at the same time remained impoverished economically, weakened culturally, and demeaned socially. Referring to the fact that the United States is a signatory to the International Organization of the United Nations, whose charter and conventions prohibit the cruel and oppressive treatment of any racial or ethnic group. The Claim sets forth that various states within the domain and under the central power control of the United States Government, since the Emancipation Proclamation, have violated and continue to violate the express provisions of the Federal Constitution and supreme laws of the land including the charter of the United Nations which is otherwise known and recognized as the crime of “GENOCIDE.”

Under the provisions of the aforementioned Constitution of the United States of America, the Claim states, as explicitly enunciated by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in its now legendary school desegregation decision, and in subsequent decisions, unqualified recognition is accorded to the constitutional guarantees and limitations concerning Human Rights.

Article XI Offers Precedents. It states:

“Strong and compelling as may be the merits of this Claim for Reparations on its face alone, it is not without apt precedents in the field of law of nations. Particular references here are made in regards to the payment of Reparations by West Germany, under a Treaty


signed in 1952, to the new nation of Israel and, quite significantly, to a separate private body known as the ‘Conference of Jewish Organizations on behalf of Jews.’ Details will be developed subsequently in legal proceedings.” Other and similar precedents on Reparation payments by the United States Government are as follows:

The Definition of Reparations:

  • Amends or compensation for loss or damage.
  • The action of repairing or keeping in a repaired state – Webster’s Dictionary.

The Precedents:

A. Germany paid reparations to the allies under the [1919] Versailles Treaty of World War I. Germany was considered the aggressor nation [in this case].

B. Finland paid [substantial] reparations to Russia – Concluding its last payment on September 18, 1944.

C. United States paid and continues to pay reparations to American Indians, for the denial of citizenship rights and the loss of personal property. And, at the end of almost five centuries, the United States is still negotiating with American Indians regarding the payment for the recent seizure of property to the tune of 29 million dollars.

D. United States paid reparations to the Philippines in September, 1962 – for damages to that country and the use of that nation during World War I.

E. United States paid reparations to Japanese Americans – for the denial of rights, the seizure of property, and confinement in concentration camps during World War II. Reparations were paid to individual Nisei and was deemed tax free (see note below).

F. Germany, under a Treaty signed in 1952 – paid reparations to the Jews and to Israel.


Finland Reference: World Today – Page 307 – July, 1952. The Finland Treaty was signed on February, 1947.


On September 18, 1944 Finland paid its last installment on Reparations resulting from the Russo-Finnish Armistice of 1944 and an amendment to the agreement of December, 1944-45 – in the amount of 300 million dollars:

R. F. Harrod – said in an article on German Reparations: “…we lack experience of what civilized white men will do under the lash. Well now we have some experience, and it may be an edifying story.”

German Reparations to Israel: The 1952 Treaty and its effects.

German Reparations to Israel Reference: International World Today – Vol. 10 – June, 1954 – Page 258.

Relative to members of the Black Race who boast of one white parent, and wish to identify themselves with that parent rather than identify themselves with the Black Race, the Committee follows the custom [as] established by the United States Government and rules, ” …an individual with one drop of ‘Negro’ blood in his or her veins is considered a Negro.” However, the Committee declares that those individuals who do not wish to share in the just and fair Reparations, are not obligated to do so. They are however, obligated not to join the enemies [whites and Negro reparations oppositionists] of the American citizens of African descent to campaign against the payment of Reparations.

The Committee views seriously the fact that the United States Government gives, [that which is] extracted from all citizens including American citizens of African descent, and without our consent, billions of dollars to India to fight China, spends more than one million dollars daily in Laos, and sends millions to South Vietnam.

Under our present law the Internal Revenue Service each year makes a large cash contribution to Israel’s welfare, despite the fact that Israel is a sovereign state. Furthermore, more than 200 million dollars was spent to rescue the “Pigs” from Cuba, captured during the ill-fated mission of aggression on a sovereign nation by refugees stationed in this country. Also, Americans of African descent are asked to pay taxes equally with [white] others to provide “foreign aid” to Communist Poland, Communist Hungary, and Yugoslavia.

And England, France, Canada, and other countries whose citizens, if they wish – may become first-class citizens of this nation and [will] discriminate against African-Americans, whom are [de facto] treated as step-citizens.


In view of the foregoing, it is the studied opinion of The Reparations Committee, that there can be no argument against the just Claim for Reparations for the American Citizens of African descent. The Reparations payment will be used to rehabilitate and elevate [out of] the national poverty which the American citizens of African descent suffer as a result of chattel slavery.

Preferential Treatment . . . YES

The Reparations Committee takes the position that the descendants of American Slaves must be given preferential treatment – NOW – with immediate hiring on a quota basis in every level of our industry, implemented with an intensified on the job training program. The program must be instituted and financed by the Federal Government – NOW.

It is the contention of the Reparations Committee that the descendants of American Slaves are entitled to 13.1 percent of all jobs in America. The job quota therefore, is the first step toward repairing the damages inflicted upon the slaves and their descendants, commonly known as Negroes.

Preferential treatment and hiring on a job quota basis will further serve to balance the mal-treatment of which the Negro has been a victim in this country for over 344 years.

The Negro Revolution of 1963 with its anti-climax, the March on Washington occurring August 28, 1963, resulted in little or no gains for the Negro masses. The Negro leaders’ demands are limited: Integration, and Freedom Now. The Reparations Committee argues that these are empty [non-productive] slogans, and that integration is possible only among equals.

It is the studied opinion of the Reparations Committee that the Negro masses are unable to compete with the white masses at present, because they have been deprived of equal status, denied equal education, denied economic and political opportunities. And, for a century, have lived on the outskirts of America’s society. Thus, the preferential treatment will raise the Negro to the academic, economic, and cultural level of the white citizens. Or, the government could, which would not be practicable – disenfranchise white citizens, deprive them of their citizenship rights, deprive them of education – or generally reduce them to the level of the Negro masses to equalize our citizenship. The Reparations Committee


believes this is not sound, that the Negro should be, via the preferential treatment option, given an on the job training program, being raised to the level of the white citizen – equalizing our citizenship, and preparing for an integrated society.

Unless steps are taken in this direction immediately – America cannot be classified as a civilized nation.

To those including – John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, who say they are opposed to preferential treatment and hiring of the Negro on a quota basis, obviously wish to maintain the Negro on status quo. Those who oppose quota hiring on the one hand and say they support the Civil Rights fight on the other, are double talking and actually wish to subvert the revolution and deny the payments for damages inflicted by the United States Government upon the descendants of American Slaves. The power structure, by refusing to agree to hire Negroes on a quota basis are refusing to admit their responsibility for the plight of the Negroes.

Without preferential treatment, the Negro will never be on equal terms with white America. The white American has a 344 year head start on the descendants of American slaves. They must, therefore, have special or preferential treatment to catch up.

History substantiates the African American’s Claim for cash payment of Reparations from the United States. Thus, the Reparations Committee calls upon African American leadership to make the demand for cash payments of Reparations, “THE BATTLE CRY FOR FREEDOM IN 1963,” which would include 25 million step-citizens in the American Dream.



Thank You Great Ancestor!!!

Ahh… No wonder the Pannies have never taken pains to publish anything written by Queen Mother Moore. And I mean – Anything. Why? Because as we can see, her actual reparations philosophy, her actual words are problematic to present-day Pan African reparations marketing. The Axis will consistently trot out the IMAGES of Queen Mother Moore and Callie House. This without lessons or depth. Nothing.

We understand that Callie House’s mission was regarding pensions for Freedmen. We know that Queen Mother Moore was a solid Pan African. Question: “What else do we know about her in contrast to the marketing expended to us by The Axis?” Well now that we can read her own thoughts in her own hand – let us see:

ONE – she thinks that reparations eligibility should be limited to the descendants of American slaves. (Oops!) Not Pan African universalized to any Black person that just happens to fly in. Only to be inherited by the descendants of the people that were enslaved in the United States of America. Entirely. Just to be clear.

In contrast to the official NAARC/N’COBRA position:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the U.S. to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”

“It would be the height of hypocrisy to limit reparations to only those who can prove a direct lineage as victims of the enslavement era. For these and other reasons we believe that any effort to restrict discussion of reparations to those who can trace a direct line to slavery is not only a misreading of history, but falls prey to a peculiar form of “Black nativism” that identifies more with the nation-state known as the United States of America, rather than to our commonality with the rest of the African World. NAARC firmly asserts that reparations should not be restricted to people of African descent who can prove their lineage to what is being termed ‘American’ enslavement.”

This is a 180 degree difference from Queen Mother isn’t it? Looks like we’ve been lied to by Pan African omission. That’s what it looks like to me. OK. I am still trying to figure out where Diasporans got an “affirmed right” to our reparations.

Still looking.

Responding to the accusation of “Black nativism?” We accept the accusation. American Freedmen have made a 400 plus year forced investment into the formation, culturization, and direct building of this country. We are no longer “Africans.” Even though the largest part of our genetic makeup is African.


But a contained ethnogenesis occurred that cannot be genetically reversed nor retro-culturalized. Therefore, we do completely identify with the nation-state known as the United States of America. Yep. We built it. Why wouldn’t we? We fully celebrate the same nativism Frederick Douglass sustained after he released himself from slavery. And natives should practice nativism. Right?

Because, along with the Foundational White Americans (those Caucasians whose antecedents arrived on this land between 1619 and 1865), WE – the Foundational Black Americans Right Here are THE ACTUAL CO-OWNERS of this Mother. OK?

We’ve earned the RIGHT more than anyone else to call this OUR COUNTRY. Even after 400 plus years of unrecompensed hard laboring, unjustified marginalization, wholesale asset subtraction, the most deprivatory policies, laws, codes, AND the worst treatment ever experienced by human beings in the history of civilization. That peculiar investment – along with actively and tribalistically being partitioned from complete citizenship (singular or dual) in most African countries. The same stupidly tribalistic countries we were sold away from, and disparaged to (!?).

“What else are we going to identify with?” Tell us that Dr. Ron Daniels. To what country(s) are we repatriating to? Whom is accepting us? Which ones? Show Me Sir. Why would we repatriate from something that we substantially helped to build? “Build then leave?” Really? Ahh… NO. We are going to identify with the same RED – WHITE – AND BLUE super-rich country that every Pan African we know still comfortably wipes his ass at – pisses on – and makes residence in.

An American residency done with no repatriation plans whatsoever.

TWO – she believes that reparations should be expended in the form of cash payments to individuals. Was this a Pan African saying “Cut The Check?”

In contrast to the official NAARC/N’COBRA position:

” . . . it is critical to recognize that direct benefits are insufficient to repair the underdevelopment and destruction of communities.”

” . . . we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.” 

Do you remember hearing a “call” from anybody? Those on the specificity side of the reparations fence critically and correctly recognize that direct benefits are an essential and foremost part of any repair program in a capitalist – asset oriented society. Does that make sense as an American? It’s just like MacArthur Foundation grants (that’s a form of direct benefits) are sufficient to support the political misinformation operations of The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis. Any “authority” established to be a repository for YOUR MONEY is a guarantee that reparations will be compensation in name only. Don’t let this happen.

THREE – Queen Mother Audley Moore believed that the payment of direct cash reparations would be directly repairing and empowering to the Freedmen community. Never making a call to create an interposing commission to come between Native Black Americans to “receive,” “manage,” and “administer” our reparations money for a large operations cost. That cost being added to and grand theft compounded at the federal, state, and local levels. This is pure evil. The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis does not want you to see a dime of your reparations.

It seems like she trusted the financial judgment and constructive abilities of Freedmen Blacks more than The Axis does. And if the elders of NAARC and N’COBRA were tutored at the knee of the great and knowing Queen Mother Moore like they said they were – where did they get this “National Reparations Trust Authority” stuff from? That proposed construction seems so out of her character.

In contrast to the official NAARC/N’COBRA position:

“This Authority would be comprised of a cross-section of credible representatives of reparations, civil rights, human rights, labor, faith, education, civil and fraternal organizations and institutions. It would be empowered to establish subsidiary Trust Funds to administer projects and initiatives in the areas of culture, economic development, education, health and other fields as deemed appropriate based on the demands in the Reparations program.”

Notice that this “Authority” looks like a redo of the tired-assed, do-nothing NAACP. One of the standards that I apply to discern whether an individual is a sincere soldier operating in this reparations space is if that person supports direct cash payments. If they don’t – they are on some bullshit. Full Stop. (Cough) “Subsidiary Trust Funds?” – “Ahh… What’s That?” Sounds like something that a pimp with an MBA would come up with. “Other fields?” What “other fields?” And what are the judgment parameters for “deeming something appropriate?”

What “demands in what reparations program?” The “people” haven’t decided.

Now ask yourself a question. Give yourself an honest answer. Let’s say the first installment or action of a reparations program is an immediate closing of the wealth gap. Would you prefer that beautiful, juicy, tax-exempt CHECK drawn on the United States Treasury in an estimated amount of say $350,000 or possibly more going to YOU OR “The Reparations Trust Authority?” Run by Dr. Ron Daniels. And felonious Pan Africans. And pimp preachers. Your Choice.

I thought so. . .

OK. So Queen Mother Moore’s view of reparations distribution aligns with yours? Right? The other little thing that bothers me about The Axis’ position that Queen Mother Moore doesn’t demand is the inclusion of preachers in an “Authority” to manage your money. Absorb That Family – preachers managing your money.

Now – all of us are familiar with media reports of financial malfeasance and a plethora of sexual and other scandals, all committed by an unregulated and unsupervised clergy. Especially financial crimes. Right? So, “The Axis” is gonna put real preachers into real contact with not millions. Not billions. But trillions of dollars of our money. Do we really want to do that? All those “extra unregulated – unsupervised hands?” Queen Mother Moore’s view is real simple. Just put the money directly into the hands of the eligible recipients.

That’s It.

In the 1980s, Queen Mother Moore joined forces with N’COBRA and began a campaign to educate the public about reparations through town hall meetings and conferences. She also, at the time, supported Representative John Conyers’s 1989 bill, HR 40. But she never wavered from her position that the primary and most necessary part of a reparations program is to expend cash payments to individuals.

That’s It – Again…

Family!!! Now that you have a little more ammunition to counter the bullshit emanating from The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis – Please Use It. This is profoundly damaging to Axis propaganda. They are not gonna talk about this. Even though this pamphlet is extremely rare – I’ll bet some of the old heads in the movement have at least one copy of this document in their personal libraries. They’ll talk about (!?) Queen Mother Moore. They won’t talk about this. But We Can. . .

A Note On Japanese Reparations: Most of us at this writing are only familiar with reparations paid to formerly interned Japanese Americans and their descendants via the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, which was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. What she is referring to is the Japanese-American Claims Act of 1948. This allowed Japanese Americans to apply for compensation for property losses. By the time the Act was passed, the Internal Revenue Service had destroyed most of the internees 1939 – 1942 tax records. It was difficult for claimants to establish that their claims were valid. Under the Act – Japanese American families filed 26,568 claims totaling $148 million in requests. Only $37 million was approved and disbursed.

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4 thoughts on “The Mascotting of Queen Mother Audley Moore

  1. “You would have sworn that second class was in the Constitution. Also that citizens have to fight for rights. Imagine a citizen having to fight for civil rights! The very thought of it is repulsive.” These were the lines in Queen Mother Moore’s writing that did it for me and this was just the preface of Moore’s writing. This verified my position that voting in support of any voting rights legislation as the Democrats have pushed, to only Black Americans mind you, for the past few years is tantamount to fighting for civil rights and the right to be a second-class citizen as Queen Mother Moore speaks of. Hands down Moore’s pamphlet and your interpretation of it are a necessity for any reparationist. Moreover, I wish this article and your analysis of it could be read in its entirety at the upcoming AB3121 task force vote on eligibility. Although the truth will unlikely change the minds of Pan Africans as we know them today, it will shed light on how they, unfortunately, have bastardized, sullied, and coopted her legacy. Black Americans who descend from US chattel slavery must reclaim and speak out about the truth of Moore’s vision on what reparations would look like and the people to whom they would go. Anything else is using Moore as a mascot for some other undisclosed gain (MaKKK Arthur grant excluded).


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