The Sweet Sixteen

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild – Carruades de Lafite Pauillac 2018. Medoc – Pauillac, France. Yeah – this is $650.00 per bottle. I have a few bottles in this range. Gotta drink them sometime. Right?

A full Cabernet Sauvignon. Tight structure. Sophisticatedly bold. Tea. Earthy. More tannic than smooth. Moderately dry. High acidity. Opening with tobacco, blackberries, and cherries. A sustain of blackcurrants, licorice, ripe apricots, and juicy prunes. Ending with smoke, almonds, and melon. Long but crisp finish.

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

14th Amendment – United States Constitution

This post is regarding the big stink bomb detonated over this country that was misnamed “local reparations.” That bomb was constructed by a trio of master stink bomb makers known as NAARC, N’COBRA, and FirstRepair of Evanston Illinois. The toxic effluvia emanating from their foul handiwork has poisoned the Reparational winds that are now blowing across this entire country.

I am absolutely opposed to any “local reparations” projects done before the federal case has been accomplished. A “local reparations” done now? Now? Every fucking thing is out of order. An incompetent mess. (!) But since this mess is now happening – let me offer some clarity and order. It is not too late.

Let us open this post with a beautiful and informative excerpt from the NAARC (National African American Reparations Commission) website:

“The National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC) is comprised of leading African American activists, scholars, professionals, and experts in the fields of law, economics, politics, health, education, politics, health, education, religion, labor, and community development. As such, NAARC serves as an influential and authoritative voice on the definition, values, and criteria for reparatory justice initiatives and a vehicle, among others, to intensify, broaden, and deepen the Reparations Movement in the U.S. and globally… Finally, NAARC is extensively engaged in providing assistance to and certifying municipal, local, and state reparations initiatives utilizing the milestone Evanston Reparations Initiative, which was certified by NAARC, as a flexible replicable model.”

“A flexible replicable model?” Keep that killer in mind Family. And with that: “Bring out the strippers – we’re gonna have some fun tonight!!!” Why Not?


Family: This is the point at which the establishment of our reparational due has to transition from cosplayers, politics, and emotionality to cold historic empiricism – riding on objectively conclusive calculations finalizing with a substantive end.

Evanston and no other “local reparations” scheme has, can, or will accomplish this.

Housing is an understandable target for local atonement regarding municipally committed circumscriptions, deprivations, and direct harms of various kinds. But – in a reparations environment – every entity targeted for eventual recompense being extracted, that extraction must come to a comprehensive conclusion. Mere housing assistance, something that should only be done in an “equity” environment should NEVER in any way be intentionally mislabeled as “reparations” and mercilessly “sold” as such to an injustified, uninformed, and very hungry constituency.

Any organization that lays this trick bag on the public will in time be perceived as dirty cajolers and open swindlers. You must know what you are looking at Family. Politicians that accept the flatteries of those corrupt organizations and implement their defraudulent suggestions could be perceived as either full idiots or willfully corrupt themselves. Once that targeted electorate figures things out? Oops!!!

Back to a comprehensive conclusion. One cause can generate a multiplicity of effects. Those effects land where they land. And far reach where they eventually reach. There. And in the case of Black exclusion, diminution, and traumatization – comprehensive conclusions born of exhaustive examinations are the only correct ends. With direct cash payments. Understand? Ends that run far deeper and wider than nearly symbolic acts of local atonement. Far deeper than the mere dragging of a defendant into a courtroom to institutionally adjudicate a tort or injury claim.

Far more than questionably fair hearing and ambiguously just recompense.

And quoting the quote from above: “Finally, NAARC is extensively engaged in providing assistance to and certifying municipal, local, and state reparations initiatives utilizing the milestone Evanston Reparations Initiative, which was certified by NAARC, as a flexible replicable model.” OK? “Flexible?” “Replicable?” A “certification?” Attached to what authority? A “model?” What? Where else is this working? The Evanston reparations shit scheme is something that even legislatures whose members possess the lowest straight-to-hell moralities and committing the highest prosecutable levels of corruption – should be too embarrassed to replicate.

Point Blank.

As far as handling Reparations at ANY level; I would trust a Rachel Dolezal to provide better expertise than Kamm Howard. I would have a higher confidence of trust with Bernie Madoff than Robin Rue Simmons. That’s what we’re dealing with.

“The National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC) is comprised of leading African American activists, scholars, professionals, and experts in the fields of law, economics, politics, health, education, politics, health, education, religion, labor, and community development.”

See that quote? The way that the scheme in Evanston is falling apart – it doesn’t seem like all of the experts cited in the quote are providing any real expertise or sound advice. For example: One major thing that was not covered or dealt with was the tax liability impact on cash payments. The State of Illinois has an income tax. That means the potential tax liability on a $25K payment can be up to 40% between state and federal. Where were those “experts” in the fields of “law, economics, and politics?” Where was the “pre-reparations” groundwork that should have been done at the state and federal levels to get legislation passed to make these kinds of payments tax exempt? Insurance and other-generated settlements or indebtedness erasures are tax exempt. They couldn’t get “local reparations” exempt as well?

A “no brainer” – if you are a “reparations expert” it would seem to me. Shouldn’t all reparational transactions be smooth, seamless, and unencumbered?

Bottom-up “local reparations” schemes edge American Reparations (which is potentially the most serious and consequential atonement project in world history) into “unserious” territory. Folks like Kamm Howard (Reparations United) have came up with stupid-sounding terms like “reparations triage.” What? – We have Pan African caballists dreaming up unneeded and interposing non-profit structures like “trust authorities” and “stakeholder authorities.” When everyone else that has been reparated by the federal government so far receives their money directly from the United States Treasury with no intermediaries touching it? We shouldn’t get the same non-paternalistic treatment? Can’t grown people handle their own money? Check out this quote from a quote on page 5 of Kamm Howard’s horribly written book: “Laying the Foundation For Local Reparations” (ISBN 9798657538717):

“The creation of an independent structure to receive resources for restitution [reparations] is a distinctive qualification for a reparatory justice initiative. Those who suffered the injury or harm must have the power to make the decisions on the allocation of resources for restitution and repair. Ideally, this should the creation of an independent Black controlled structure or structures to receive and allocate collective or individual resources for restitution as identified by the affected community, institutions or individuals, e.g., a Reparations Finance Authority, a Community Development Corporation.”

Ohhhhh! Now I understand why NAARC has access to all those “experts” in “law, economics, and politics.” Dr. Ron Daniels keeps them around to compose bullshit like this. That quote sounds real legal doesn’t it? This is a dangerous statement.

The establishment of a Freedmen’s Bureau at the federal level (with branch offices located across the country) will properly nullify in the horizontal the NAARC and N’COBRA proposal for receptionary non-profits run by Pan Africans and their Caribbean associates labelled as “trust” or “stakeholder” authorities at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels. Those non-profits – in the vertical, are nothing more than multi-tiered skimming and grant-grab operations. Designed to enrich the constructors and their foreign-based collaborators (like Sir Hilary Beckles of CARICOM). If reparations resources are funneled through these legally-registered racket organizations? That would be an absolute disaster for American Freedmen.

Has anyone noticed that The NAARC – N’COBRA Axis expends more energy on coming up with new ideas and ways like “tiers” to attach Caribbeans and Africans to our CLEAR justice claim than getting “Pure Reparations” accomplished overall?

Outside of the “Sweet Sixteen” (explained below) list – if any person walks into any meeting or conference regarding “local” or any level of reparations wearing a kufi, a daishiki, or anything that can be construed as “African?” No! And don’t be afraid to interrogate (“How you roll my Brother? Lineage or race-based?”). “Oh Yes you seriously should.” Or if they have nearly unpronounceable surnames – and you are uncertain of their ethnic provenance. Watch Out! Those flags are a near guarantee that any serious discussions and concluding assessments will end in disaster. Keep the Pan Africans away from all important Reparations endeavors. We will be better off for it in the long run – through maintaining that strict but necessary exclusion.

It is time to get serious Family.


Reparations is an Economic and Business issue which unfortunately and partially must be accomplished through legislative means. But this issue must come to a certain point – after the main federal piece as settled legislation is done. Namely, Reparations being accomplished at the federal level with a properly constructed Freedmen’s Bureau first. After that is created, running, and fine tuned – a special department within the Freedmen’s Bureau should be created. That section would be tasked to investigate and assess, historic and present harms and deprivations committed by states, counties, cities, businesses, educational institutions, and other public and private entities located within states that may have participated in and profited from slavery and post-slavery actions, laws, policies, and processes.

This department would examine all government and societally committed harms targeted towards American Freedmen within a state and local context – whether they are anecdotal or perennial. Momentary past to ongoing now. Doesn’t matter. This department could be called: “Office of State and Municipal Examinations” – or maybe the Family can sharply come up with something better sounding or more succinct. Let me know. But to continue – this office would employ and maintain access to the best experts in the various areas I will list further down in this post. All endeavors in and from this office will be properly project managed. Executed to get the best and most profitable results for Freedmen. After more than 400 years of slavery, post-slavery, and neo-slavery – isn’t this the least we deserve?

So that I may make clear the proper overall reparations priorities and the proper order of reparation assessments and compensation between national and local.

Here In Order:

National Assessment And Finalization Order:

  1. Federal – General (National Legislation)
  2. State – Statewide And Regional (Focused And Specific Investigation)
  3. Local – County And City (Focused And Specific Investigation)

Compensation Priority For State And Local Reparations:

  1. Specified Local Individual (Resident and Relocated)
  2. Specified Local Group (Resident and Relocated)
  3. National Disbursement (To All Freedmen)

At the very least again – isn’t this a better arrangement than the inappropriate and unorganized reparational slop that we’ve been served up so far by the dynamic trio of Dr. Ron Daniels (NAARC), Kamm Howard (Reparations United & N’COBRA), and the very much Robin Rue Simmons (FirstRepair of Evanston)? I mean, in most cases – isn’t steak preferable to slop? After 400 years of enforced hunger? Correct? So if we must do “local reparations” – let us do them in the proper way and in the proper order to get the maximum benefit. Because the Axis is not gonna do it.

At the same time – I cannot take a harsh view of what has been accomplished in California. Understand. I must look at California as a quite necessary fait accompli. A brilliantly executed chess move to keep The NAARC – N’COBRA Axis at bay.


I will say over and over until I firmly stand within ad nauseum territory – that the accomplishment of “Pure Reparations” is 75% in our hands and 25% in the hands of everybody and everything else. The other 25% can be overcome once our Family intentionally joins to work the effectively overcoming components of unity, focus, discernment, determination, execution, and completion. Is that reasonable?

An ex-girlfriend of mine would always complain about my lack of “emotional intelligence.” I never gave a damn about any “emotional intelligence.” I don’t cry over or about anything. Not even death. I just don’t do crying. If something adverse happens, I only reflect for the lesson, whatever it is – then I keep it moving. When good things happen? Just a smile – no elation. When things begin – they begin. When things end – they end. And that’s it. Emotionality only gets in the way. I just keep it moving. Only caring about facts, execution, and results. That care is done within the immovably interconnected silos of politics, economics, and business. Everything else? There is nothing else Family. Just the way my mind is wired.

Now To Business…

Ahh… Reparations is Business Family. Let us start this section with a lightweight illustration about Harvard University. First – the endowment. A monster made up of 14,000 individual funds, aggregating to an undifferentiated total of $50.9 Billion as of the 2022 fiscal year. And this is not counting the combined appraised value of the land and buildings comprising the campus proper itself. A trillion? Second – the university was founded in 1607. An entity that was not only a purchased owner of slaves themselves. But was gifted slaves. Incredible. This school continued to benefit financially from the proceeds of enslaved labor well after the end of slavery. That is on the record Family. In the first half of the 19th Century, more than a third of the money donated to Harvard came from folks that made their fortunes from slavery and slave-produced commodities. Absorb that motherfucking shit Family.

There’s lots more. Too much for here.

Third – on April 26, 2022, Harvard President Larry Bacow released: “The Report of the Committee on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery” (the link is below). President Bacow accepted the committee’s recommendations in full, and then announced an historic commitment of (get this) $100 Million to fund their implementation.

Now when you look at the 132 page report, one thing that really sticks out is the inclusion of Native Americans (always gotta put them in). It gives a list of “Human Beings Enslaved by Prominent Harvard Affiliates” (some slaves and their owners). Then we go on to the details of disbursement: That $100 Million goes to funding “engagement, leveraging Harvard’s excellence in education, driving innovation, creating new legacies of service, equity, and leadership.” Read the report!

And it goes further with a lot of weird stuff – “honor[ing] enslaved people through memorialization, research, curricula, and knowledge dissemination.” (!?) They also give some scholarships!!! OK? Then the report clearly states in profound language: “The profound harm caused by the University’s entanglements with slavery and its legacies cannot be valued in monetary terms alone.” Understand what they mean: “Harvard can do profound harm. But ain’t nobody getting no profound money.”

That “historically committed” $100 Million will be recycled within Harvard.

If the history of Harvard is correct? If the reported amount of a now $50.9 Billion endowment is correct? (!) If the slavery involvement timeline of 1607 till after the legislative abolition of slavery is correct? And if – especially after the university virtually pissed a mere $100 Million in our direction? Ahh – we get uhh 0.2% out of a fat $50.9 Billion endowment? Only to be commanded within the report to spend that lovely pittance with itself? – OK? – How does that “repair” anybody? Look – if that assessment was done properly? At the very, very minimum they should have peeled off at least $12 Billion of that endowment. That’s the discount billing.

The commission that came up with this report are all Harvard employees. Hand picked by the President of Harvard. They were instructed as to what the findings and recommendations should be before the Commission began its research and study. Everything we can see now – came from everything we couldn’t see before. Ya See? Kinda like the ways that “local reparations” schemes are handled now.

Nothing like an in-house “investigation” done in-house.

This brief illustration shows why public, private, and government entities should be investigated and reparationally invoiced by a federally embedded government agency. That agency – being overseen by a federal board comprised of community devoted, hardcore, well-educated, money-focused, fearless, and uncompromising American Freedmen. Harvard should be tightly held in a investigational vise while being federally examined. Why? Because we don’t allow robbers to run their own courts, and be their own prosecutors and judges. Is That Correct Family?

In the same way: If a politically ambitious mayor, certain city councilmen, and certain Pan African “reparationists” that are financed by well-connected liberal foundations, and sweethearted with the Democratic Party construct a “local reparations” program – what would you expect the actual result to be?

The result certainly wouldn’t be reparations. That’s for sure.

No public or private entity that has ever been involved with the American slavery enterprise should ever be allowed to put itself in the power position where that entity independently sets the terms of negotiation. Where it decides whom will be the negotiators. Where it decides the process. Where it does the research. Where it controls the flow of the conversation. Where they decide the forms and components of the recompense – if any. Those entities should not be convening any kind of self-investigating “reparations commissions or task forces.” They wouldn’t have to do any of that. The “Office of State and Municipal Examinations” would conduct a solid historic and economic audit. Not to be influenced by politics, special interests, or other corrupting inputs. Closed and locked. The only thing that targeted entity has to do is open the doors to their books, files, and databases. So that the “Office” can conduct a proper investigation and eventually finalize a proper assessment.

Hammers Coming In – Not Handshakes.

Understand. Only this federally-constructed American government has the singular power of executing such an investigation with the highest possibility of not facing any refusal to deep examination. With the supremacy of federal laws and federal guns behind those investigators deployed by the “Office” – the non-resistible extraction of resources from any assessed entity is guaranteed.

Resisting individuals and/or entities will be federally charged and prosecuted.

One last thing: Slick individuals and entities are using “local reparations” and self-established “reparations task forces” (like that Harvard bullshit) to get “in front” of and possibly nullify potential federal-level liabilities being assessed and extracted. “Local Reparations?” “Task Forces?” Understand the game being played here.

If there are any disbursements or benefits provided by public or private entities in that regard before the “Office of State and Municipal Examinations” is established – it should be made clear through hard, cold legislation that any “local reparations” disbursements and any contributions to a “local reparations fund,” to groups, and to individuals by cities, counties, states, educational entities, businesses, slicks, non-profits, certain individuals, and any other private, institutional, or public entities – would not be a matter of federal consideration in any future reparations calculus. 


Let’s go right in: Once Reparations are accomplished at the federal level, the political and legislative processes will have been negotiated. Completed. Law. Done. After that. Everything is BUSINESS. Not the fluidity of politics. But the concrete hardness of numbers. Not doing apologetic speeches. Not putting up commemorative plaques. But what that right and workable money will be.


Once the staff of the “Office of State and Municipal Examinations” is deployed to a particular area – that staff will not consist of slicks, operatives, politicians, activists, preachers, Pan Africans, nor any foreign infestations like (the NAARC associated) Yvette Modestin – founder of some organization called “Encuento Diaspora Afro” – whom is now Green Carding (who knows?) in Boston by way of Panama. Nope.

That staff will consist of highly trained and experienced professionals tasked to discover, research, measure, calculate, identify, assess, and to determine what is owed. This staff will be organized into five areas comprising an aggregated total of sixteen security-clearanced, impartially-minded, and non-political professionals.

And They Are These:

Area I. History And Incidents This area researches and resurrects the general racist histories of institutions, businesses, states, counties, and cities. And discovers and assesses the history, details, and accuracy of specific incidents.

  • State and Local Historians
  • Business Historians
  • Economic Historians
  • Research Librarians

Area II. Investigation And Compilation – This focused area digs deeper into the documents, the numbers, the people, the incidents, the entities, and where they lead. General assessments and initial organization of gathered documents are made at this point. This area also does interviews of entities, victims and descendants.

  • Investigative Lawyers
  • Forensic Actuaries
  • Forensic Genealogists
  • Cold Case Investigators

Area III. Legalities And Injury Timelines – This area deals with the history and impacts of racist legislation, ordinances, injustified court decisions, unsettled issues, and policies. This area also produces general opinions and specific assessments of any harms and losses inflicted through legislation, policing, and the courts.

  • State-level Judicial Historians
  • Legal Historians
  • State-level Constitutional Historians

Area IV. Numbers And Assessment – This area is laser-focused on public and private operating entities that exist now – then going back. Along with information produced by the staff historians – determining their culpability as far as slavery and post-slavery harms. Finalizing the numbers. Aggregating and comparing findings. Organizing and producing the report. Producing the final invoice.

  • Real Estate Appraisers
  • Business Appraisers
  • Forensic Economists
  • Forensic Accountants

Area V. Final Negotiation And Invoicing – This area presents the findings and the final invoice to the audited entity. Negotiations will be done here if necessary.

  • Restitution Negotiators and Finalizers

There!!! Ain’t that better? Let’s GO: Now – how would any finalized assessments be distributed and in what forms would they take? Depends. Remember, state and municipal reparations would be more specific and incident-focused as opposed to lineage-based federal reparations which are necessarily a general and universal construction (within the eligible group – of course). In some cases there may be specific individual or group recompense. In other cases, any recompense would be uploaded to a national reserve fund which would be disbursed semi-annually to all American Freedmen. In some cases land or built property may be simply returned to individuals or descendants (along with exemptions from property, estate, and transfer taxes for a negotiated period of time and solid guarantees of development rights) – or individuals or descendants may want to get the assessed value in cash.


Understand. Some assessments may necessitate an upload to to a national reserve fund – especially assessments related to the conditions that created “The Great Migration.” Assessments related to the “Fugitive Slave Law” enforced in so-called “free states.” Assessments related to “redlining” that circumscribed Freedmen inside certain areas – and provoked a kind of forced relocation. And that’s because those situations were more diffuse – more undifferentiated. More generalized.

Some compensations would need to be more generalized because the injury was more systematic, the harm covered large populations simultaneously, and caused large movements of people. In those cases a complex disaggregation would make no sense. Understand – as a priority, the best focus of local and state reparations will always be on putting all recompense directly into the hands of the individuals and groups that were particularly injured in a particular locality (in cash).

The “Office” will never put resources into the hands of non-profits, churches, other organizations, or certain institutions that may historically had been involved with the original harms. A universal portability of eligibility is important. If a family was harmed historically in South Carolina – and via “The Great Migration” now lives in Michigan? That does not in any way nullify their entitlement. If they presently live in, let’s say France – no nullification. No problem. Just show some paperwork.

The “Office” will not create nor fund any “programs.” Programs would be up to the state, county, or city to independently establish. Whatever they decide to do would be outside of what the “Office” assesses. And whatever they do would not have any impact on any ongoing investigations or final decisions of the “Office.” The “Office” is there to not only do hard assessments – but also to specifically tailor the appropriate compensation to the appropriate individuals or groups, and to make sure that all conclusions are either cash or something that would be speedily convertible into cash. The recipients would then decide what is most appropriate.

Oh – and Family: I want you to notice that businesses, universities, churches, and other public entities will not be left off the hook. Even though governments enabled through law what they did – they freely chose to participate in what was enabled.

Another function of the “Office” is to assure that any liabilities assessed against cities, counties, and states cannot be taken out of federal funds. They themselves have to figure that deal out. Just like they figured out how to hurt and/or deprive a motherfucker with no problem? They can figure this shit out too. The bill is due.

Family: Reparations = Business = Dollars. This is ALL BUSINESS at this point. And it needs to be looked at this way. It needs to be handled this way. In our own minds. All of the fucking money. No emotionalism. No compromise.

Harvard And The Legacy Of Slavery Link:

Associated With “By The People Media” – Link Below:

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