Seven Contained Thoughts Page Two

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Ornellaia – Le Serre Nuove 2020 Red Blend (Bolgheri, Italy). A fine Mediterranean “Super Tuscan” – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah with Sangiovese. This wine is suitable for further aging. A good vintage that can only improve to great with time. Ripe. Warm. Concentrated. Full-bodied structure. High acidity. Moderate tannins. Opening with oak, vanilla, and chocolate. A sustain of blackberries, leather, and plums. Ending with toasted cinnamon, chocolate, and cherries. Smooth finish.

“To outline the problem is to chart the course of the Negro freedom movement. We have come to the day when a piece of freedom is not enough for us as human beings nor for the nation of which we are part. We have been given [and have accepted] pieces, but unlike bread, a slice of which does not diminish hunger, a piece of liberty no longer suffices. Freedom is like life. You cannot be given life in installments. You cannot be given breath but no body, nor a heart but no blood vessels. Freedom is one thing – you have it all, or you are not free.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I will be periodically posting random – contained thoughts and observations centered generally on reparations in batches of seven. Second Page.


What is going on in Evanston lately with the loud demand for cash payments instead of housing vouchers starkly reveals the gross incompetence of The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis when it comes to all Reparations matters. I personally have monitored this program since its inception. I explicitly asked Robin Rue Simmons not to do this under a Reparations banner. Now that folks have found their nuts and are now demanding for cash rather than being forced to accept toilets and Tootsie Rolls as Reparations – the mess is exposing itself further. The residents of Evanston in the beginning were demanding cash. And of course – the paternalistic trio of Robin Rue Simmons, Kamm Howard, and Dr. Ron Daniels said NO!!! “You are going to do this the way WE tell you to do this!”

The heavy hand of the Axis.

Problem: Tax liability. Combined Illinois and Federal tax burden? 40%.

Eligible Evanston residents should get THE WHOLE $25,000 in cash.

And remember folks – this bullshit is supposed to be “a model” for other cities to emulate. If the Axis really knew what they were doing, there would have been the responsible pre-reparations legislative work done and put in place BEFORE the activation of any kind of “local reparations” programs even started. You know – “reparations experts” type stuff. LIKE? Approaching the Illinois State Assembly and the Governor to wholly exempt any “local reparations” disbursements from state income tax. Legislatively establishing a special categorization in perpetuity with state protections of the purposes, limits, and parameters of such programs.

After that is secured – THEN moving on to the federal level, to encourage legislation to make those same state and local-level disbursements exempt from taxation at the federal level with special categorization and protections. That’s what a “local reparations” program looks like when you know what you’re doing.

The other things that should be taken care of would be prohibitions on federal monies being used in “local reparations” programs. Along with certain warning clauses in these programs that should be done and embedded. Those clauses would establish that any “local reparations” disbursements and any contributions to a “local reparations fund” by cities, counties, states, educational entities, businesses, non-profits, certain individuals, and any other private, institutional, or public entities – should not be a matter of federal consideration in any future reparations calculus. Because slick people are using “local reparations” to get “in front” of anticipated potential federal-level liabilities being assessed and extracted.

This we must stop.

Those previous disbursements and contributions should not in any way modify, mitigate, or eliminate any future determinations of federal-level reparations liability owed (and to then be federally extracted) once any deprivations, injuries, and de facto policies previously done by such entities are proven, or any liabilities previously created are determined as such through forensic investigation by a federally established Freedmen’s Bureau. Does that make sense?


As many oughts that I have with Professor Black Truth – I must say that he was hitting on all cylinders with this one.


Rumors!? Folks keep telling me that Kamm Howard is Jamaican. Can’t find any substantiating information. Doesn’t mean that he isn’t. How many American Freedmen do you know that are named “Kamm” though? If he is – that would explain a lot. Nothing about his family or kinships on the internet. Rumors!? Folks keep telling me that Robin Rue Simmons is Haitian. Can’t find any substantiating information. None. Doesn’t mean that she isn’t. But folks in Evanston have told me that the Haitian community there is particularly protective of Ms. Simmons. OK. How many American Freedmen do you know that have the French middle or surname of “Rue” though? How many? Just asking. They speak French in Haiti. There is a “Caribbean Hijack” of Reparations in Evanston and nationally.

Notice this: In Kamm Howard’s poorly written and illogically laid-out book – “Laying the Foundation For Local Reparations” – ISBN 9798657538717. The first printing of which has “Reparations” misspelled on the front cover.

On pages 14 to 17 of that book there is a spreadsheet of sorts laying out the components of NAARC, Evanston, and Chicago reparations plans. Page 15 has NAARC demanding a “reparations and African knowledge program.” Page 16 has a box for Evanston that says “Write a Check(!?)” I kid you not. Along with boxes for some “Matching Funds(?), a Sovereign Fund(?), an Art Gallery(?), support for Caribbean Activities(?), a connection to Africa(?).” OK. Page 16 also has a box in the Chicago column for a “Private Reparations Fund.” Sounds Caribbean to me.

What “Caribbean Activities” should funds that should be going exclusively into the bank accounts of descendants of persons enslaved in America be supporting? And finally – page 17 has in the Evanston column a box for “Trauma Services Theater Therapy” (not a misprint). What psychotherapist does that? What the hell is it?

Oh – by the way. The Pan Africans in our Reparations issue have put their Caribbeans in control of key aspects of our Reparations struggle. From Sheila Jackson Lee at the top – to people like Yvette Modestin and Lionel Jean Baptiste in the middle and bottom. We gotta TAKE our issue back and clean house. Now…


Pan Africanism is an elegantly strange construction. In that as a moniker leading to its dictionary definition, is not corrupt in itself. We have thirteen letters benignly encapsulating an aspirational political philosophy of potential unity and exchange. Something that could be good if it worked. Not corrupt Family. But the filthy Pan Africanism as practiced by The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis – demands corruption. To be wholly operative and to fulfill its assigned mission – it has to. It must.

Just to be clear folks. All corrupt and deprivative acts and practices are not necessarily synonymous with illegal or “criminal acts” in an American de jure sense. Some acts and practices can be quite legal. Everything that the Axis does as far as I can see, and as of this writing is legal. Like redlining was simultaneously deprivative and legal. Slavery was simultaneously heinous and legal. Get It?

When white men openly RAPED our grandmothers – that was legal. GET IT?

Understand: A simultaneity of White Supremacy and Pan Africanism has been duplicitously rendered to us by being filtered through Red, Black, and Green lenses. It’s hard to see the White Supremacy behind the kufis and daishikis.

The power structure figured out that Pan Africanism is the best vehicle to effect a stealth mission to undermine a Pure Reparations advocation movement and potential Reparations program. To use a non-existent – illusive Diasporan unity to off-track our attention and energy from a reparative federal conclusion. White Supremacy found The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis to be the most capable of duping the Black American public. Those kufis and raggedy dreadlocks sealed the deal.

Some of the highest incomes can be made by American Freedmen in this country if you participate in the political-distraction complex. Professional ballers plying their trade in highly distractive spectator sports like basketball and football. Rappers injecting the normalization of degeneracy, profligacy, and fratricide into the minds of our male children. Prostitution and stripper culture promoted to Black women and girls as the ideal feminine. And you can get well paid cosplaying Africans and selling fake reparations programs to states and municipalities. Big money there.

Only a few seem to notice that those “local reparations” programs use every possible means to keep CASH PAYMENTS away from Freedmen (fortunately some of us are now noticing). The NAARC/N’COBRA Axis – is just following the instructions of the Democratic Party and empowered White liberals as they have been assigned to do. “Caribbeans? Any Nigger will do!” (white supremacy). “As long as the mission to kill Reparations is accomplished. That has to be done.”

Remember: “As they are assigned to do” Family. The assignment is to take and/or redirect Reparations resources. To absorb, miseducate, and use all Freedmen legislative incumbents. Through those Freedmen incumbents – they can keep a chokehold around the (our) Reparations issue. We can see right now how they’ve poisoned the movement with the nefarious introduction of “local reparations.” Propagating that “this is a first step” nonsense. Anyone going along with any “first step” bullshit is either an idiot, an operative, or a collaborator with the enemy.


I have a book: “The Handbook of Reparations” – ISBN 978-0-19-929192-2 – by Pablo De Greiff. This book goes into detail about every major accomplished reparations program throughout the world. I read the whole 1020 pages. Even though each program is profoundly different and designed with different ends, there were three commonalities that were consistent across all programs. They are: 1. Narrow and clear specificity regarding the group that should be reparated. 2. Coherency as far as what the components of a particular reparations program should be. And 3. All of those programs were enacted, administered, and expended only from the federal level. The Axis offers none of this certainty and sophistication. We deserve better.

Make no mistake Family – if White Supremacy deems it necessary, the Axis will load us into the ovens. Shove us off a cliff with no reserve. That’s who they are.


Pharoah of Chicago agrees with Dr. Darity that Reparations payments should not be overseen, guided, exceptionalized, nor paternalized.


I have several oughts with “The Black Authority” as well. BUT!!! This is INTERESTING – Watch This:


In a capitalist country – Politics, Economics, and Business are the only things that matter. Everything operational in this world – including your patronization of spectator sports, whom you choose to have sex with (or not), where you buried your parents, and what brand of sneakers you prefer to buy, comes under one or more sub-categories within the main categories of Politics, Economics, and Business. NOW – we should remember Jim Crow and Black Codes. A stack of laws – that politically decided where you could eat, where you could use the rest room, how you could walk on a sidewalk. Insane White versus Black tribalism. See?

Politics – Economics – Business

Transcontinental tribalism is the primary reason why Africa as a whole is a failure. That same tribalism enabled tribes in opposition and collaboration to gather our ancestors and sell them to the Europeans. Africa’s misfortune. Wasteful. (!) But wastefulness is where we are going within the Reparations movement. In Africa, the tribalism there is more understandable. Between tribes – folks are culturally, phenotypically, religiously, and linguistically different. Easy to see and do.

But “tribalism” between us? Here? The descendants of American slaves? We may differ phenotypically, even within immediate families. But within the forty plus millions of us – we are the most related genetically, most connected culturally, and the most linguistically joined than any other people on the planet. Whether you go to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Kansas City, Atlanta, or the Sea Islands – You are Them and They are You. The intra-beefs are destroying the powerful utility of our relatedness. I call it “Blood-and-Crip-ism.” An internal ground game that we play only between ourselves – with the self-imposed finality of death concluding the end game. The enemy chills at the end of the end game. Holding a prison cell for the winner – and a casket for the loser. That is the clear and ultimate reality.

Understand? It’s wake-up and reset time.


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  1. As always — Refreshing! Enlightening! Incomparable! If only enough of us would heed these words. The end clock is ticking. Unite or die is the precipice which we find ourselves. They are all running to the US borders trampling over us as they get in. We have no alliances or allies. ALWAYS keep that in mind!

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