An Interview With Queen Mother Audley Moore

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“Without Reparations our people can never be on equal terms with the white sons of our former slavemasters who continue to reap the abundant benefits of the wealth created by our foreparents through their centuries of unrequited labor. The unpaid labor of African slaves [chattelized in America] laid the foundation for the accumulation of the wealth that ultimately made the U.S.A. the richest country in the world. During the period of slavery millions of our people died while being transported under conditions of indescribable horror while crossing the ‘middle passage.’ Our roots and culture were ruthlessly destroyed.

We were deprived of human status, with families broken and fragmented and family ties eliminated, our women were raped and abused, our men were placed in chains. Bred like animals our children were taken from us and given over to owners and slavemasters to be sold on the auction block. Today our [Black] youth are taught false history, theories and principles to prevent race pride…”

Queen Mother Audley Moore

I found this interview while looking for something else. This is an extremely interesting interview with the Queen of Freedmen Reparations – Audley Moore. This was done at Fordham University. But the interviewer does not identify himself within the portions that we have here. Year unknown. The recording quality is quite poor. So listen closely. The Queen drops a lot of jewels in this exchange. This recording is living Freedman history captured on tape. Listen:

Part One

Part Two

Well – there it is. Straight from the Queen’s Mouth.

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