Systemic Racism Does Not Exist

I Think It Does Though

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Penfolds RWT Bin 798 Shiraz 2017. A Barossa Shiraz from Australia. $150 a hit. But this shit here is definitely ass-kicking. Blackberries, plums, blueberries, dark cherries. Rich background of oak, vanilla, and chocolate. Balanced tannins. Fine mouthfeel. Sweet finish.

Penfolds RWT Bin 798 Shiraz

“The great enemy of the truth is often not the lie. Deliberate. Contrived. And Dishonest. But the myth. Persistent. Persuasive. And Unrealistic…”

John F. Kennedy

This is one small example.

The whole of a mechanical watch. You know – Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, etc. These watches cannot operate without their regulated pulse. A cooperative – coordinated, locked-in, ticking pace, intricately composed of between 130 to 1700 tiny, tiny, parts. Smoothly and synchronously linked. Functioning. This distant aggregation variance – necessarily depending upon the kind of and multi-purposed complexity of the particular watch.


Racism-White Supremacy’s parts intricately function as the overt and covert operationality of accrued disadvantage. And that requires the conscious – proactive small and large actions of white individuals. In white-controlled institutions. Circumscribing Policies, Negro-targeted Laws, and opportunistically coded Ordinances enacted and applicated by white-powered governments. And those individual points of micro and macro racist proactivity producing the overall and never-ending storm of racism-white supremacy that we Native Black Americans experience every second of every day. A dark Imprisonment within Emancipation. The small ticking mechanisms of pure disadvantage quietly working together.

Working in the past Then – and the racist arc bends solidly into the present Now.

This is as the letter below gives evidence.

A researcher doing his due diligence in the course of writing a book found this letter at the “Briscoe Center’s Chancellor’s Office Records (University Of Texas)” – Box 85, Folder “Desegregation 09/01/1960 – 08/31/1962.” This Exists. The Louisiana State University (a Black and white taxpayer supported entity) president wrote this letter to the chancellor of The University Of Texas. Take note of the date: 10/27/1961. Past the middle of the Twentieth Century. OK? Not 1861. Not ancient history.

This letter is an example of coldblooded “Official Institutional Racism.” I can understand why millions of good white people Do Not want ANYBODY – not just schoolchildren. NOT paying any real attention to “Critical Race Theory” stuff. Why would white people want their children to be taught how fucked-up they are?

Hell No…

Read This Shit Family:

October 27, 1961

Office Of The President

Dear Harry:

I have your inquiry of October 25th pertaining to integration on the L.S.U. campus.

Though we did not like it, we accepted Negroes as students; therefore, they are permitted to occupy rooms in dormitories and take their meals in University dining halls. We have had a limited number occupy rooms. At no time has a Negro occupied a room with a white student. We keep them in a given area and do not permit indiscriminate occupancy. Thus far we have had no problems.

Our Negro students have made no attempt to attend social functions, participate in athletic contests, go in the swimming pool, etc. If they did, we would, for example, discontinue the operation of the swimming pool.

Since we have not had a Negro request that he be permitted to participate in athletics, we, of course, have not had to make a decision. If one should apply between now and February 1, 1962 (date for my retirement), I think I could find a good excuse why he would not participate. To be specific — L.S.U. does not favor whites and Negroes participating together on athletic teams.

Best Wishes

Nice letter. Right Fam? This hot piece was written by a motherfucker named Troy H. Middleton – President of L.S.U. at the time. I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of white people that have no particular racial animus when they read material like this. This letter represents a small example of how one cog within the racism-white supremacy machine operates. There it is. Millions of other cogs exactly like it. Everywhere. White. Unrelated. Unacquainted. On Code.

Grinding and shifting in unity – thousands of times per day overall on group-wise deprivation. Grinding to a point anectdotally on individual-wise hurt. Trillions of documented and undocumented white-entitlement-based microaggressions done every hour. Giving Native Black Americans that uber-distressive white-work.

Race? History? Right? Can a correction be made?

This kind of greasy, calculated, callousness normally dispensed by whites towards Black Americans and sometimes others – is just so normal to American normalcy.

Proximity to whiteness equals death. History of the United States.

If “systemic racism” does exist. If It Does Exist? Well – it does exist. Think about this Family. Racism’s unseen disparate elements would certainly plan, connect, and deploy like the example here. Right? The white-codified aim and end always is to control or destroy the lives of non-white human beings. Especially Blacks.

In parallel existence – you got many people out here that don’t want any critical examination or discussion of this. There needs to be a serious challenge regarding American approaches to accomplishing racial justice. With serious examining to seriously eliminate racial injustice. To actually consummate – not just to sell books. Critical Race Theory may be a path to accomplishing that positive end. Now.

Abidingly – racism-white supremacy remains steadfastly On Code.

I do not think this study should occupy space in elementary or junior high schools. Too many of our children don’t even have the basics down. Basics. You know – like reading, writing, and arithmetic. They need to spend a little more time there. There. I do believe this should be an elective in high school and college though. And adult individuals should take up their own study of this – on their own.

Critical Race Theory in its best forms – inform us of the naked racial truth of the history of this country. To some white folks “racism” materially equals an honest, unvarnished telling of history. Certain retellings told correctly might make certain people look bad. Some folks think that CRT might make Black children “hate white people.” OH NO. Can’t have that. But – Critical Race Theory may assist some Black people into a workable understanding as to WHY they may hate white people.

Because some of us do. We just don’t talk about it. Got Children to feed.

I could see CRT actually saving some white people. A “why” understanding may prevent certain Black people from doing racially-motivated retaliatory outbursts like a Colin Ferguson (the 1993 Long Island Rail shooting – look it up). It is possible he could have benefitted from CRT and refrained. Took a breath. You Know?

OR – maybe not. Recollections are a Bitch…

The best means to teach a Black person to hate white people is to just have that person interact with them on a daily basis. That’s it. No classes are needed. “Karens” and white policemen are particularly good at this kind of instruction. Members of the alt-Right can teach Black folks a thing or two. Take a listen. A quiet reading of cold unmanipulated American History. Absorbing That Reality as it is. Then confirming That History with Daily Black experience will do it too. Yep. Black hate towards whites cannot be pedagogically taught or manufactured. Maybe CRT will help us to understand what makes a “Karen” behave the way she does. And our dear white conservatives are tired of racial grievance.

Because they don’t wanna do shit about it.

Thinking through this is better than shots being fired. Talking through this may help some people both white and Black to de-internalize white supremacy. But talking must lead to solution. That solution must be actionable. The action decided on must be decisively completed. Racism-white supremacy itself is THE existential threat to the United States. It consistently ruins our global competitiveness and relations. It keeps us internally divided and limited. We will end-up behind India and China in economics and diplomacy – IF we do not get an in-the-truth handle on this understanding. If Native Black Americans are destroyed – the United States itself will be destroyed. Bet That. The Law of Reaping and Sowing is very real and relentless. White People. The Law does not pick and choose – it just Does.

It could be to some people that preserving this racial caste system and the white lies associated with it are more important than our prosperity and competitiveness. Maybe even more important than our continued existence as a country.

This CRITICAL RACE discussion needs to be truthfully had. But Can We?

What are your thoughts on Critical Race Theory?

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