To Those That Want To Complicate Things

I was assisted in writing this post by a bottle of Magistrate Lodi Zinfandel 2017 Limited Production. A Californian Zinfandel with background tannins. A blend of strawberry, plums, and fig notes. Hints of vanilla. A smooth dry red wine.

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“Specialists in information technology are the new lawyers. Long ago, lawyers realized that they could make themselves culturally essential if they made the vernacular of contracts too complex for anyone to understand except themselves. They made the language of contracts unreadable on purpose. (Easy example: I can write a book, and my editor can edit a book… but neither one of us can read and understand the contract that allows those things to happen.) IT workers became similarly unstoppable the moment they realized virtually every machine powering the modern world is too complicated for the average person to fix or calibrate.

And they know this.

This is what makes an IT guy different from you. He might make less money, he might have less social prestige, and people might look at him in the cafeteria like he’s a nitpick—but he can act however he wants. He can be nice, but only if he feels like it. He can ignore the company dress code. He can lie for no reason whatsoever (because how would anyone understand what he’s lying about). He can smoke weed at lunch, because he’ll still understand your iMac better than you. It doesn’t matter how he behaves: The IT department dominates technology, and technology dominates the rest of us. And this state of being creates a new kind of personality. It creates someone like Kim Dotcom, a man who’s essentially an IT guy for the entire planet.”

Chuck Klosterman

Look motherfuckers. When you pay someone a debt, it is none of your business what they do with their money. If they wanna do rims, bitches, blunts, boats, or cold shit. It’s theirs. Reparations is their inheritance, their ownership – their money. Stay out of people’s pockets. These ain’t children you’re highlighting.

The fuck is your problem?

This [reparations] is an internal issue between Native Black Americans and the United States government. Not an issue with white individuals and their wallets. Not an issue with “people of color” nor any kind of “minorities”, nor any other community that may want to insert themselves into our community space, to shape, regulate, or stop this conversation. No off-track Pan-African infusions are welcome (take note NAARC and N’COBRA) to cloud or divert this argument – a solid, appropriate, and unambiguous American citizen to American government justice demand. Clean and Direct. It’s not complicated.

No international (Pan-African) coalitions are needed. No obfuscating international policy or World Court court decision complications are necessary. No United Nations resolutions needed. Keep the Durban conference in Durban. Those things carry no weight with the United States government. A waste of time.

International or domestic reparations dispersals to persons that are not American descendants of chattel slavery should not and cannot be legally or legislatively permissible. Reparations has nothing to do with improving or worsening race relations. Fuck race relations. I’m not even trying. Why? I didn’t cause the problem. It’s not my problem to fix. I do race when I have to appropriately, individually, and anecdotally. I am not an admin to the system. This is business.

So don’t bring that race shit into the room.

This is a clean and straightforward debt claim motherfuckers. All apparent and potential “what-about-isms” should be discussed on other planets – not here.

To punctuate a point – this American debt payment should only be finalized and dispersed to the descendants of American chattel slavery. Otherwise known as niggers, coloreds, negroes, coons, Blacks, African Americans. You know? The Freedmen? All motherfuckers including the kufi-hatted knuckleheads at NAARC and N’COBRA know that we singularly mean Native Black Americans descended from slavery in this mother called the United States of fucking America. No Africans or African immigrants. No Caribbeans or Caribbean immigrants.

No fu-fu or plantains on the side.

Full Stop.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No “global” anything needs to be discussed or set up. The American chattel slavery and accrued disadvantage systemics done was not done to the “globe” – it was just us Native Black Americans and our grandparents. No Caribbeans. No “people of color”. And what was done, like lynching for example – was done to us right here, in this motherfucker. Yes – in THIS motherfucker. Right Here. OK? WE are the only ones in this bitch that received, AND handed out that Smoke. Understand? The Native Black American Family can stand together on our own as THE only correct plaintiffs. The direct descendants of the foundational Black Americans of THESE motherfucking United States. Everyone else should shut-up and back the fuck off.

This demand and resolution belong solely to American descendants of chattel slavery. Our demand is not an “international” question or issue or decision.

I want the “kufi-licious” grifter organizations known as NAARC and N’COBRA to understand this. They are not going to play with this justice claim to satisfy their own ends (whatever they may be). We are not going to allow them to sweetly deliver our reparations to the Caribbean and Africa. And we are not going to allow our reparations being used to finance some Pan-African socialist fantasy that Dr. Ron Daniels has dreamed of and spoken about. Dr. Ron Daniels is our enemy.

The enemy needs to be watched and checked.

We don’t want or need NAARC and N’COBRA to run any kind of pre or post-reparations organizations or commissions (like “FirstRepair”) to decide who will get what, skim money at the same time, and help their Caribbean buddies through contracts. We ain’t interested in no Pan-African “collective” bullshit. That’s a game. We are not gonna be your suckers. We won’t accept the word of overeducated and overscholarized Pan-African professors and theoreticians that don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. There is no Diasporan unity. Where?

Stop the bullshit.

Anytime the NAARC website can boldly publish crap like this for the public to see:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the U.S. to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”


“NAARC firmly asserts that reparations should not be restricted to people of African descent who can prove their lineage to what is being termed ‘American’ enslavement.”

Something needs to happen. Something. There are lot of problems packed into those statements. First – these are disrespectful and impermissibly paternalistic pronouncements against Native Black Americans. Those arrogant, Pan African motherfuckers have just DECIDED that the entire Diaspora can party on our grandparents enslavement, suffering, death, and potential justice claim deriving from the in-house American crucible of racism by just bringing their black asses to these United States? Let that sink in. Where was that “right” affirmed? The World Court? Durban South Africa? Where did that “WE” get the juice to redirect the debt owed to American descendants of chattel slavery alone without our permission?


I can see those motherfuckers setting up booths in the international terminals of major airports. That way – the second a Diasporan immigrant gets off the plane, he or she can just queue up. Sign-in. Get their first reparations check cut right there. The convenience! Don’t even have to know English! Leave a plantain as a tip.


Second – NAARC believes that their word regarding reparations is gospel. The only revelation and the last command. We all know that NAARC and N’COBRA are big on “declarations” and “resolutions”. They use the word “international” a lot. They’re just into that. But that statement is Insistive. Dictatorial. Final. “WE STRONGLY AFFIRM.” Now – Dr. Ron Daniels of NAARC is obviously beyond question. He has a Doctorate. You Know? He has crowned himself The Absolute Sovereign of Reparations. There are a lot more irritating issues we could go into.

Like the pimpin’ construction called “The National Reparations Trust Authority.”

White Folks ask: “One-Hundred Trillion Dollars?” Yep…

Don’t ask me where the money will come from. I don’t know. I’m a Nigger.

Where shit comes from is not my concern. That’s the job of the motherfucking United States government to figure out. They got people for that. If you wanna ask shit – Ask where over 4000 lynchings came from. Ask where redlining came from. Ask where being locked out of Social Security came from. Ask where the ghetto came from. Ask where unjustifiably being denied military benefits came from. Ask where 400 years of enslavement came from. Ask where 100 years of Jim Crow came from. Ask where black-targeted police brutality came from. Ask where Emmett Till came from. Ask where Trayvon Martin came from. Ask where George Floyd came from. Ask if somebody found 40 acres somewhere. Ask if somebody found that fucking mule anywhere. Ask why a bunch of motherfuckers must die before white people CONSIDER pointing their supremacy-calcified minds in the direction of accomplishing just a low-down fraction towards doing The Right Thing.

Ask that. And see if you get any answers.

If you do – get back to me.

And y’all religious motherfuckers. This issue has nothing to do with religion or “spirituality”. No “moral” questions need to be raised or discussed. No “libations” to the “ancestors” need to be poured. No prayers. No pastor needs to say shit about nothing. Not even an “Amen.” This is unfinished BUSINESS. All Business. You Know? Just like paying a past-due electric bill has nothing to do with Jesus.

No Bible or prayers are needed to pay. Just pay the fucking bill. It’s Business.

Anyone still confused?

Anyone still complicated or confused after reading this can e-mail me at, for further reparational therapy. Those that are mildly afflicted – just reread the post. You’ll be okay. Believe me. 

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