Freedmen – Read Your Bibles Part Three

I was assisted in this part three reposting and expansion by a bottle of Cade Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 2017 – Napa Valley. And yes – this shit is $100.00 a hit. But!!! The value is commensurate with the cost. This baby leads in with rich notes of wood, vanilla, and chocolate. The middle transforms and sustains into blackberries and plums. Soft tannins. Easy but earthy finish.

Cade Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain

“Show me a population that is deeply religious and I will show you a servile population, content with whips and chains… content to eat the bread of sorrow and drink the waters of affliction.”

Hubert Harrison


“For I am going to raise up a shepherd over the land who will not care for the lost, or seek the young, or heal the injured, or feed the healthy, but will eat the meat of the choice sheep, tearing off their hooves.”

Zechariah 11:16 NIV

Now. For “The Word Of God…”

Before we go further into “The Word Of God” – an important thing I want you Guys to peep from amateur apologists is what I call “The Oldest Diversion:” This shit is usually pulled out by astute but semi-educated believers that know enough about the Bible to recognize that there are a lot of things within that book that are straight-up indefensible. So, if you are doing a reasonably good job of pointing out the bullshit, they will attempt to change the focus by saying: “In order to get the true meaning of God’s word – you’ve got to get the oldest manuscripts from the Dead Sea, and read them in the original languages.” Really Man?

OK. Let’s, let’s process this… “So, OK. In order for me to get the ‘true meaning of God’s Word’ – because Hey, according to you, even though we DO have a Bible, it apparently ain’t in the Bible. So we gotta do this shit. Right?”

OK. So… I have to:

  • Learn to read dead languages.
  • Update my passport.
  • Get a visa.
  • Purchase a travel package.
  • Purchase a bulletproof vest (That is the Middle East, you know).
  • Learn to swim (I’m not good at it).

And once I do ALL THIS…

Ding!!! – “I GOT IT!” Is that how it works?

This tricknology is usually effective against potential unbelievers that are not well-versed in the literal Bible or don’t know much about Bible history, composition, and construction. But there is one thing that should be obvious about these “Deadseamen.” If you ask, you will find that none of THEM have done any of these things. Every one of those good “Dead Sea” apologists have in their possession, and are referencing from the same Bible that THEY say that the “true meaning” contained therein is somehow compromised. And that YOU will never understand that Bible properly because YOU are not reading it in the “original languages.” If that is the case – why do THEY even own one single Bible in the English language, if it is not literally leading them to the truth?

Just a question.

Now. Check this shit: Those are the same motherfuckers that can barely define a word in English that has seven or more letters in it properly. So now, those people are trying to tell YOU to read something, not only in another language, but in a dead language at that. (take a good hit off your blunt at this point…) Really? (now exhale…) When they expend this bullshit; notice when motherfuckers say the word “oldest” – they always hang on that long “O” sound. “The OOOldest.” Now, it is quite true that many niggers are enamored with ancient sounding shit. You know? Right? Especially those “Hotep” type motherfuckers. Them kinda dudes. Every third word out their mouths is; “ancient this,” “ancient that.” And that “O” sound – sounds “mystic,” and “spiritual,” and “back-in-the-day-ish.” You know? So they hang onto that long “O” sound like somebody is trying to stick a (fill in the blank).

So Guys: Let’s process. What do we do with the Bibles that we have in hand if this “oldest” shit is correct? If the Bibles we have are so faulty, that we have to take a geographical, literary, and linguistic trip back in time to get the “true meaning.” So – I would like to ask the “Dead Sea” folks: “What is the pastor at the church that you attend referencing from? What? And if he does have the same awareness of the ‘true meaning’ theory that you do – what the fuck is he doing?”

“Don’t get upset motherfucker. I’m just asking a question.”

Never mind. I have the answer: “It is because of the fact that he [the pastor] has been ‘called to preach’ that has infused him with the God-given ability to avoid the spiritual pitfalls, and to righteously fill-in the gaps!!!” Really? Fellas: A Christian (stripper lady) ACTUALLY told me this. Now Guys – let us take a minute…

Did you get that beer yet? OK.

NOTE THIS: Some “Deadseamen” are also the exact types of people that tend to overtly distance themselves from the Bible and formally organized Christianity for various reasons (well face it – if you are perceived to be otherwise intelligent – and then also admitting a belief in Christianity? that is fucking embarrassing). When you engage with these folks, you’ll find that they have this creatively pieced-together personal philosophy-religion to go with the distance. Those folks are essentially and actually a denomination unto themselves. They are. They just need three more people to subscribe to their particular spiritual mixtape – and Voila!!!

Another church has been established.

They will state that they are “spiritual, not religious.” Which to me, is the same as somebody saying: “I’m a person, not a human being.” That sounds like the type of vaporous non-statement that would release from the mouth of a great politician. Where, on the surface, the statement “sounds good” – profound even. But on close examination, both ends of this beautiful statement actually cancel each other out. Gone. Nothing but a sophisticated wave of organized sounds so astoundingly meaningless – that anyone allowing such an expulsion to issue from their lips, once done; cannot seriously be taken seriously.

“Spiritual, but not religious,” is one of those “enlightenment is like the sound of one hand clapping” type statements (that “one hand clapping” shit is an effective sense-bending “spiritual” hustle worked by Asian “guru” types on rich white people). This shit is pure nonsense served with scrambled eggs and toast. But that particular zero is usually rendered so beautifully, and expended so sincerely, that in response, it deserves the best you can give in mocking and ridicule.

Now. Preachers do what I call “spotlighting.” – highlighting Bible passages that will promote what the pastor wants you to walk away with. And minimizing or skipping-over those passages that are problematic, or are too difficult to “interpret” convincingly, or may cause one to think (can’t have that). In my experience over the many years of listening to sermons, I have found consistently that a maximum of only twelve percent of a sermon is expounded directly from the Bible.

That’s it.

Verse-hopping does not count (“turn to the book of… and read verse… and now turn…”). Verse-hopping is a diversionary and time-consuming exercise in page-turning that only makes the pastor look like he’s “doing something.” Guys, understand that “verse-hopping” is one of several preaching techniques that are utilized to smoothly convey the pastor to the points within the service in which he asks for the money. Which is of course, the bottom line of any sermon. The rest (the other 88 percent) of the sermon comes from seven main extra-biblical sources.

And the seven are: (Envelope Please)

  1. Mailed-out bullshit from that denomination’s central office.
  2. Stock prepared passages purchased from a sermon supply house.
  3. Concepts and principles lifted from non-Christian self-help books.
  4. Off-track shit supporting that pastor’s personal agenda.
  5. Political agendas that a legislator or party want asserted.
  6. Empty philosophical twist-ups mixed with dubiousities appropriated from other religious hustlers.

And last, but not least…

SEVEN – Assorted nonsensicalities that the pastor pulled out his ass.

There you go.

The Christianity that today’s Christians practice, is not a reflection of the literal word of the Bible. It is a scripture-abbreviated, strategically-directed, and politically-accreted dis-construction. This Christianity generally is a mix of the doctrinal peculiarities of the denomination you may belong to. The biblical passages your church decides to highlight. The biblical passages your church decides to ignore or mis-state. Its biblical re-interpretational latitude. Political agendas that church supports and promotes. And the pastor’s personal agenda.

In other words – MARKETING Dude… A Christian from the 1st Century would not in any way recognize today’s Christian practices at all. That believer would actually be more scripturally literal and devotionally direct.

If they are able to read.

Dude. All of the Bible must be literally considered. Every word must be weighed evenly across the board. Why? In its literalness the Bible is rightly, or should be considered to literally be “The Word Of God” as it is – before interpretational processing. No all-wise being would intentionally make such an important message to those that he supposedly “loves” so incredibly difficult to get at or open. No part of that message would be esoterically locked-up, or would explain anything “metaphorically.” Or would have any need for third parties like clergy to explain anything to anybody for him, or for any statements FROM HIM to be intentionally open to potentially dishonest man-made interpretive processes.

No, he wouldn’t. Shit, you wouldn’t.

Therefore, there is not, or shouldn’t be one verse or passage in the Holy Bible that can be legitimately ignored, overlooked, modified, interpreted, re-interpreted, relativised, historically contexed, or subjected to hermeneutical or apologetical processing. Do you understand?

Question: If this Bible IS “The Word” of an unchanging, eternal, all-powerful, and all-wise “Creator Of The Universe;” Guys, follow me here: How can we humans have even one human motherfucker on this planet; that can open his human mouth, and righteously state, OK? That he has, or knows, or follows the “correct interpretation” of “The Word Of God?” Follow me: Any HUMAN claim of “correct interpretation” automatically de-legitimizes as “The Word Of God” – whatever comes out of anybody’s mouth, that may be presented as “The Word Of God.” Do you get the logic? And if you get the logic – then you will understand why clergy type motherfuckers always want you to replace your intellect with their “faith.”

“Faith” is a useful tool to promote fucked-up political agendas as well.

That’s right Guys. Those motherfuckers want You to get ahold of your Head – and voluntarily turn your discernment and judgmental capacities down to ZERO. And don’t forget to leave a hatch open, because they have something “better” to stick in there. The sheer degree of pimpin’ arrogance that it takes to even think about DOING this – should be completely unacceptable to any thinking Christian.

Do you understand me?

Guys think – THINK…

Understand that the motherfucker preaching is a clergyfied sonofabitch; whose total wisdom and understanding is an exponential infinity of magnitudes LESS than the source that he or she is supposedly interpreting from. So look, how is a motherfucker able to do this? I mean, to take “The Word Of God,” and reprocess this eternal, unlimited shit within their own limited, HUMAN heads; OK? And then, to hand this reconstituted bullshit over to you to “Believe In?” Huh? “A message from God?” Redone and stated by this motherfucker? Really?

Do niggers ever ask good questions?

Look: The only legitimate reading of “The Word Of God” is direct and literal. The fraudulent disciplines of apologetics and hermeneutics is part of a worldwide suckers game to get you to follow the marketing. And to keep your critical eyes and critical understanding away from the literal text and literal message of the Bible. Professionally trained religionists learn these tricknologies in divinity schools.

Think Fellas – if “The Word Of God” was not itself literally problematic in terms of history, basic science, logic, good sense, universally operational morality, and in its ultimate applicability to everyday life – there would be no need for “The Word” to be subjected to any kind of hermeneutical or apologetic “adjustments” by anybody. There would only be “The Fucking Word” – As it is – Straight – No chaser.

This theological “study” is nothing but organized, formalized, legitimized, officially approved, academically accredited, philosophical fuckery. That’s all this shit is. There you have it: “A Doctorate Degree for Bishop Cheatumwell.” OK?


Astonishing. They really give motherfuckers college degrees for this shit. A “theology degree” or a “doctorate in ministry.” Really? A fucking joke. Dude – the same universities that are handing out those “Doctorates In Theology” might as well be handing out doctorates in crystal ballery and palm reading as well (I’d better check – they might be). The fucked-up thing about this is that it is not just fly-by-night diploma mills that are doing this shit. But top “taken seriously” universities like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. Why?

I don’t know. All three of those bitches have “Divinity Schools.” (!?) How do you “school” divinity? OK? And all three of those ivy league motherfuckers have solid departments of biology, physics and chemistry as well. Serious subjects. OK? Now Guys – I understand that schools like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale started out as seminaries. But there comes a time when you have to respect updated knowledge, and get rid of useless disciplines. To make an institutional commitment through a respect of knowledge, to de-legitimize and reject otherworldly fantasy, ephemeral spiritualities, and unprovable metaphysics. These are fucking universities Man.


Now check this: The disciplines of biology, physics, and chemistry are all grounded in solid things that the dumbest motherfucker you can pluck out of the gutter can demonstrably show to exist. Sonofabitch couldn’t make it to third grade – but even his dumb ass can show you; living things exist, gravity exists, and the chemical we call water exists. “Theology” is the only discipline offered at top universities that the very existence of the central object of study itself [God] – can seriously be called into question by anybody. And that before we can even go into WHAT details and derivatives we are going to study about it. Whether the Christian God exists or not is a question that is so ephemerally based – a proper response couldn’t even rise to the level of a weak hypothesis. Guys – please think about how crazy that shit is.

Choose any random student out of the three disciplines of biology, physics, and chemistry. Ask about their shit – and to a man, they can give a solid, consistent, and coherent explanation regarding the central details of their course of study. Ask any theology student on their shit: “Existence of God? Um – lemme call my mom…”

I find that to be a problem. Don’t you?

Problem: That the existence of the central object can be seriously questioned by the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics as well – but HEY, not vice-versa is a problem. Do you understand me? Don’t you think that we need to find out whether the main OBJECT of study is even PRESENT? I mean – actually processed through the severity of the Scientific Method. And if it (or he, or she) does exist, that doubt-filled question of existence can easily be transformed into the certainty of universal scientific consensus. That is what needs to be done before we proceed to study its details and derivatives. Because, if we don’t, then what the fuck are we studying?

Guys – it is this kind of unproven, unverified bullshit existing within this particular field of study that I can call all theological disciplines out as fraudulent nonsense. This is a kind of normalized academic insanity by consensus. This is shit that’s no different than us normalizing serious conversations with the floor. The graduates: Those well-educated motherfuckers will give you anything BUT “The Word.”

It is all a hustle. A big fuck.

This shit would be quite funny if those “hermeneutic honchos” did not affect our crippled Black community so negatively with their poisonous interpretations and preachings. Those same motherfuckers will tell you that Atheism is “for white people” – not for “us.” And that our ancestors were “spiritual” – and that we are a “spiritual” people. You know – preacher shit. They will say that people like me “are not really Black” – because I speak about critical thinking to niggers.

ALERT!!! – I am a non-believing NIGGER. I do all the things that niggers are supposed to do. Believe me. I eat collard greens, talk shit in barbershops, flirt with dark-skinned women with big booties, play spades, drink cheap beer, wear sunglasses at night, listen to jazz, et cetera. But no pork. And no Jesus. And still Black. So motherfuckers – don’t come to me with that “not Black” shit.


If the Bible is “The Word Of God” – then we should read it as “The Word Of God.” It is necessary to become a “Biblicist” or a person who reads the Bible literally. You don’t need to listen to any spiritual interpositor or any ordained intermediary that will reconstruct and/or reconstitute “The Word Of God” for you. Being “called to preach” is in reality, an official license to lie, fuck, and pickpocket.

Guys get smart – don’t let those “called” motherfuckers slick-maneuver you into their interpretational and hermeneutical traps. Listen. Black clergymen are so full of shit that many of them can’t digest their own nonsense (some get caught). To be a real clergyman – a single word – a double meaning – and a triple life is necessary to keep functioning profitably. Do you understand?

Clergymen absolutely cannot be trusted. Nigger clergymen will even accept money from professional racists to exterminate you for the political appeasement of white people. Never forget that most Black clergymen were AGAINST the liberation activities of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Check out this old letter excerpt:

“The ministers work is also important and also he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

That was Margaret Sanger (of Planned Parenthood), writing to Dr. C. J. Gamble. This was dated 12/10/1939. This is some evil shit – isn’t it? The Black clergyman as a tool of racism-white supremacy. And those motherfuckers are worthy of us?

Have y’all ever noticed that every once in a while – the same motherfuckers that rail in their pulpits loudly every Sunday about “The Gay Agenda” and the sinfulness of homosexuality; are always busy with “extra-clerical activities?” Somebody will catch one of those motherfuckers in the back of a piss-assed gas station, on some remote highway – sucking a dick. Y’all know I can’t make that up. It’s in the newspaper. The shit is all over social media (“Pastor Who?!?!”).

“He’s on TV with his wife apologizing and blaming “The Devil” and…….”

I personally have nothing against people that like to suck dicks. I mean, if that is what you want to do – then do it. Has nothing to do with me. “At the same time ‘Pastor’ – hypocrisy is not cool.” There are so many down-low pastors out there sucking dicks on the regular – that I suspect – that there may be theology schools out there that offer as an elective, classes on how to catch a nut and “The Holy Ghost” at the same time. I think that course is called “Practical Hypocrisy 101.”

Or something like that.

OK Guys. Before I move on. Do you guys get the logic that if this book – “The Bible” is truly “The Word of the eternal and unchanging God” then, it deserves nothing less than a strict, literal reading? Because it is “The Word Of God.” Do you understand? NO Man – none of that: “Well, it was different back in biblical times.” OR – “That’s the Old Testament,” type bullshit. OR – “you must do a nuanced reading,” type bullshit. If “The eternal, unchanging, Word Of God” says you were supposed to stone gays to death then – you are supposed to stone gays to death now. If that “Word” says it was cool to have slaves then – it is cool to have slaves now. Why in the fuck would an infinite, unchanging God change up the meaning of all his eternally laid-down shit, just because your Black ass is on the scene now?

That makes NO SENSE.

Think about this Guys: Why would an all-powerful, omnipresent, eternal God – a motherfucker that is absolutely running the entire universe, have a need to change his all-wise mind – and his all-wise word, based upon our mere human timeframes and culture evolutions? With that “universal” word being referenced from only ONE planet out of his entire universal creation? There would be no reason for him to do so. He IS all-powerful GOD eternal. No line or period between then and now. And if that is the case, there can be no differentiated “Biblical Times.” Or any changes to the way “The Word” is presented, based partly or entirely on time.


Any “Biblical Times” would always be in the present moment, then – and now. So that trick line; “back in Biblical Times” really doesn’t mean anything. You see? So, once you step away from literalness – which would include “now-ness,” what the FUCK are you or anyone else talking about?

There is not one line in the entire Bible that establishes any then or now time differentiations Man. Look – Jesus himself simultaneously bridges and eliminates all “time” demarcations with a statement in Matthew 5:18 KJV – paraphrasing; “till heaven and earth pass.” Which is a long fucking time. OK? Keep paraphrasing: “Not one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from the law [of the prophets], till all be fulfilled.” So, covenentially – no past, present, or future changes – until the “fulfillment” (whenever that is) comes. And it looks like that hasn’t happened yet.

So: “Where is that preacher getting his ‘nuances’ from?”

We have thousands of clergy and professional religionists that will tell you that: “You need to do a more sophisticated reading of scripture.” OR: “That verse is more nuanced than the literal reading that you are adhering to.” OR: “That’s not the traditional way this church views that scripture.” That is nonsense. Anyone that tells you that is full of shit. Really Guys – it takes a dumb motherfucker to always accept this kind of hermeneutical bullshit without push-back or good questioning.

Now look Guys. Think about this shit: If you are reading a particular biblical passage – what it SAYS literally. But the clergy interpretively flips it – and tells you: “That passage doesn’t SAY what it SAYS.” OK? (bullshit) “Then what does it SAY motherfucker?” And if that passage does SAY something else, like they say it does – wouldn’t it have been more efficient for it [the Bible] to SAY what it is “supposed” to SAY literally? Written DOWN in the Bible in the first place? Instead of wasting time through getting on the “deeper meaning” theological merry-go-round with some purple suit wearing pastor?

Dude. Why would you need to rely on another HUMAN BEING to assist you in understanding what you read? An “anointed” motherfucker that has no more or better comprehension skills than you do. “You do know how to read motherfucker? Right?” Remember how his clergyfied ass mispronounced everything at your relative’s funeral? Remember that? Sonofabitch can’t handle what’s in his face – but he can tell you what an infinite mind is thinking?

Get The Fuck Outta Here…

If that isn’t some insulting remedial bullshit – I don’t know what is.

Black people need to wake up and stop letting religious motherfuckers lay all of this stupid interpretational bullshit on them. What those bastards are saying is this: “What you are looking at is not what you see.” And: “What a verse says, is not what it means.” And: “The literal definition of THAT word – is not the true meaning of THAT word.” You see? That is an update of some of the same flipped out shit that Paul (allegedly) laid on motherfuckers. Like this little mind fuck:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1 KJV

“The evidence of things not seen?” Did they have blunts when Paul was around?

Look: Interpretational bullshit is like when a loudmouth sonofabitch tells you to: “Kiss My Ass.” Consequently, of course – you understandably get ticked off at the fuck that shot that bullet in your direction. Right? But then, some third party – some “interpretarian” type motherfucker, interposes himself between you and him. And tells you that that expression does not actually convey any kind of vitriol or contempt. No Dude. YOU are “misinterpreting” the whole thing.

And the reason YOU are “misinterpreting” his statement is “because YOU are not covered in the Blood Man.” If YOU are not “covered in the Blood” – YOU will take the whole thing “out of context.” YOU don’t get it Man. “Kiss My Ass” is actually an expression of love. That’s why the word “kiss” is there. “Kiss My Ass!?” That’s love… YOU are not “covered” Man. That’s why YOU are missing the “deeper meaning.” A correct interpretation will tell YOU why the word “ass” is there. It’s there so YOU can confidently go in deep – and feel the love. Amen!!! “I say ‘Kiss My Ass’ to my wife EVERY morning brother. YOU can’t be so naive as to not take those words as anything but an expression of love.” Wasn’t that sophisticated?

I would seriously say to all Christians – take the responsibility for your own literal understanding. The things that Atheists say about the Bible in particular and Christianity in general is not smoke, nor intentional ungodliness, nor disrespect, nor anger at God, nor an excuse to fuck. It is part of a sincere quest for truth. But in seeking truth, we must have the logical courage to point out what is not true, or moral, or civilized. Discernment starts with being clear-minded, critical, honest, and admitting in a straightforward manner what is literally there.

The Holy Bible is internally inconsistent, externally incongruent, a-historical, non-scientific, unclear in a lot of areas, and stupid in a WHOLE LOT of areas. In the areas that are the most explicit, commanded, and fully intended to be taken literally – those cannot be put into practice. Because anyone that does, will end-up insane, or incarcerated, or dead. That is what I have found. In order to see for yourself, all you have to do is read it – uninterpreted, unassisted, and in its entirety.

Now – it may sound strange to the average Christian. But the great, international Christian Marketing Machine is well-organized and hard set to discourage direct and critical reading of the Bible by laymen. Actually knowing the Bible, and the history of its compilation, works against the marketing. That is why there is a diverse, international brotherhood of expert marketers (also known as clergymen). To tell you exactly what they want you to focus on (like denominational faith, tithing, and obedience), and what to blindly ignore (like biblical misogyny, tribal supremacy, and slavery), the way they want you to. Control? Oh fucking Yeah.

At some points and places in Christian medieval Europe – it was actually illegal for a Christian layman to own a Bible in his own language (oh yes – that’s true). The penalty at that time for possession of a Bible was burning at the stake. That’s right! True Christians would light your faithful ass up – for owning a Bible.

Serious business.

Students of the Bible, not long after the “First Council of Constantinople” (381 AD), already began to uncover historical, constructive, and philosophical problems within the partial biblical canon then available (the Bible we presently know had not been fully developed and compiled yet) – even in that pre-scientific era. The ecclesiastical powers in place at the time, began to put together and solidify the basic marketing and indoctrinational infrastructure for that period.

The Bible itself was not discussed at the Council. But – how the Christ, The Holy Spirit, and the newly created (at the time) Trinity concept, which is not found in the Bible at all – were to be marketed. Guys, understand the obvious: This whole “Trinity” concept is just another great example of clerically created and sponsored “spiritual thuggery.” Bold-assed nonsense that can be laid on the believing public. Because they [the public] generally have little knowledge of the Bible’s contents, and little knowledge of the history of the Bible. “The Holy Trinity” get-over is a way for spiritual hustlers to “reveal” something that does not exist ($$$). And that cannot be coherently explained, except “in mystery” by the motherfucking clergy.

“Mystery” is a word in Christianity that really means: “Something to believe in. But not to know empirically. Or to make a common sense of.” Understand? OK…


“The Trinity = Three beings in one entity – while existing separately at the same time – while existing as one at the same time – while existing upside-down at the same time – while existing right-side-up at the same time – while existing in at the same time – while existing out at the same time – while simultaneously existing and not existing at the same time – with no practical reason to exist – at the same time – on time – just to see how far motherfuckers can be hustled.” Cubed…

Christian marketing at its best.

Now. That great ecumenical consolidation and marketing discussion that started long ago with “The First Council Of Nicaea” (325 AD) never ended. This is an ongoing thing Guys. We got to keep talking and get this story right. Because:

“Jesus is THE PRODUCT!!!” Says mega-pastor T.D. Jakes.

And the Bishop is correct.

Jesus IS the product.

So Guys – if Jesus is THE PRODUCT, the question in your mind should be:

“Who is selling THE PRODUCT, and towards whom is the target market for THE PRODUCT? Is THE PRODUCT a good PRODUCT, and if I were to purchase THE PRODUCT, what positive and demonstrable BENEFIT would I get from utilizing THE PRODUCT, and would THE PRODUCT benefit me, the buyer, to the same obvious and generous degree as THE SELLERS?” Right?

Yeah – I would want to know how much of THE PRODUCT would I need to use, and for what duration would I have to use THE PRODUCT, before THE PRODUCT enables ME as well, to fly around in private jets, drive ultra-expensive cars, wear tailor-made suits, get extra pussy, and live in multiple mansions too.

That’s a “consumer information” request Guys. OK?

As you watch the (YouTube) video, notice how Bishop Jakes calmly describes Jesus Christ in commercial – not religious terms. Like he is marketing a can of soup. That should tell all motherfuckers SOMETHING right there.

“Salvation?” That’s a joke passed around in the clerical locker room.

No Church will ever make a serious entreaty for parishioners to read their Bibles. When they “say” you should – that is just part of the preaching stagecraft. Folks actually reading their Bibles? That would not be good for the clergy class in the long run. The great Christian Marketing Machine knows that literally the Bible is a drag (it is really hard to read, and boring). They know that most people won’t do it – and that is perfectly fine with them. That is why it is such an accomplishment for those that really do it. The Bible is the world’s bestselling book that people don’t read. For many church-going Christians – the Bible is a Sunday fashion accessory.

To show. Not to know (“Yes Ma’am – matching colors are available”).

But the potential downside for the great, Christian Marketing Machine, is that out of those folks that finally (or will) do it, there is a certain significant percentage that will appropriately start asking questions. Good questions for a change.

And the main thing your good pastor does not want you to do is ask intelligent questions, or to possibly think for yourself, or to attempt any independent research, or to do anything proactive that may potentially increase your non-sectarian, “non-clergyfied” knowledge of the Bible. Without that pastor “overseeing” you in some kind of way. Your pastor (or one of his “helpers”) prefer to be the one(s) to provide the proper “interpretational guidance” – thereby keeping your inquisitive ass from developing any “devilish notions” that may prompt you to ask “good questions.”

Research + Skepticism x Good Questions = Fucking with church revenues.

Black people empty-mindedly hand over hard-earned cash (money) at the rate of $300,000,000 per week to churches. That is 15.6 Billion dollars per year, just from us. Now Guys: “Have YOU seen any improvement in our fucking communities that is commensurate with a 15.6 Billion dollar figure?” I’m not talking about “charity” and “programs” and nigger preachers handing out turkeys to the poor on holidays (I don’t accept turkeys from preachers – guess why). OK? And this is not counting the untold billions that we wastefully spend on “inspirational” literature, gospel music, movies, shows, retreats, Bibles we don’t read, and events.

Serious business. Imagine what the Black community would be like if we were actually self-funding Black-owned businesses, banks, think tanks, Black political interests, housing, culture, facilities and faculty that actually teach us things that we can profitably use in the here and now. And folks also providing (horrors!!!) community college pools for the education of our children at that same rate. But – fuck that. Paying for the pastor’s Bentley, private jet, and extra pussy, is more important than economic self-sufficiency and advanced education for our children.


At the same time – all other ethnic groups (meeting on Wednesday nights) are diligently planning and strategizing for the purpose of “taking hold,” if you will, of every present and potential business market in the Black community that can be made profitable. You see their businesses opening at a fast clip. While our preacher-leaders (at the Wednesday night “Bible Study”) are exhorting us to:

“Keep your heads to the sky!”

“Put it in God’s hands!”

“Let Go! Let God!”

“Seek the Lord!”

“Let Jesus work it out!”

“God will provide!”

“Smoke Hope! Not Dope!”

No wonder we ain’t got nothing.


The “Good Question” problem is mostly nullified by all of the fine extra-biblical literature that is available. But the average Christian does not understand that all of this stuff is diversional. It is really slick the way the Christian Marketing Machine does this. This literature is one of the many ways available to keep our eyes off the entire biblical text (because you may start thinking). And to keep you [the layman] focused on those passages that serve the purposes of the church. Those ex-texts are usually much more readable, much more anecdotal, much more interesting, and much more entertaining than the Bible itself (that’s the intent).

But!!! You must understand that all of those extra-biblical texts are nothing but interpretational nonsense. Stupid, off-track shit, only produced for marketing and indoctrinational purposes (your salvation is not on the menu). If you read this bullshit, and really take it to heart, you are allowing apologetic hustlers – those “Called By The Lord” con-men (and con-women) to do your thinking for you. Those motherfuckers have no more insight into the “Mind Of God,” or “what God wants you to know” – or do, than you do.


Any time that those ex-texts deal with any questionable or clearly immoral biblical passages – they will take you for a long-assed walk around the world. And then drop you off – intoxicated and confused, somewhere in the middle of a Chinese desert. When you open your eyes – some bitch will be standing there, attempting to catch your order for egg rolls and fried rice. Most of the people that write these texts would make excellent criminal defense attorneys. They would. Black clergy and their professional apologist colleagues, are some of the most superb conjurers, storytellers, and liars on the planet. Some of those motherfuckers can PREACH!

The Christian Marketing Machine knows (and has done research on this), that if large numbers of people actually started reading the Bible critically – that will be the sure and immanent death of Christianity. For Sure. They don’t want you to read it. Not critically, and definitely not entirely.

So Guys: “Read Your Bibles!!!”

Have you ever noticed that in all the areas of the world that are primarily Christian – the strongest enclaves where “The Faith” is concerned, are always located in the poorest, most fucked-up, and least literate areas? You know – where motherfuckers ain’t gonna read shit. Where education is for “the nerds” or those who “act white.” The low-literacy faithful are just fucking, watching sports, having a bunch of brat babies out of wedlock, stealing Jordans, peddling drugs, gangbanging, baby mama beefing, and shooting each other. You know – the typical Christian neighborhood.

In order for Christianity to continue to prosper in the Black community, limited literacy and a limited intellect in a layman is far more desirable to the church than having a layman that is unreservedly astute, well-educated (formally or otherwise), and inclined to be philosophically curious.

Understand Guys – that Christianity does not prosper as a faith in high-literacy, high-income areas. None of them. Notice how hard it is to find churches in any of the neighborhoods where mega-pastors live – or in ANY really nice neighborhood. Conversely, the worse the neighborhood – the more churches you will find. You do not find a lot of high-income, high-literacy, scientifically-aware, and business savvy white people spending a lot of valuable time IN CHURCH. Whenever you see any of the white one-percenters in church – there is a special non-religious event, a wedding, or some kind of memorial service going on. That’s it.

You don’t find the Bill Gates or Elon Musks of this world claiming a particular church, or identifying anybody as “their pastor.” No Buddy – you ain’t gonna see those guys “going to church.” Even President Obama – during the wild 2008 presidential campaign, had to divest himself of an identifiable church and pastoral relationship, after having to endure the bullshit antics of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. If you notice – the former President has not identified with any particular church or pastor since. Churchless…

I do want to make it clear that Christianity in one-percentish type – high-income neighborhoods DOES necessarily prosper as a STRATEGY piece for the kind of control, political, and economic purposes that targets and damages the Black community worldwide. Not as a FAITH. Please understand this Guys: One of the main reasons why the Black community is such an overall failure both politically and economically is precisely because Black clergymen have such disproportionate leadership, influence, and power in our life-affairs, general political direction, and our political mindsets. And the Black clergy is in good partnership with the powers of white supremacy. Fuck those motherfuckers. I don’t care how things “look.”

Back To The Show

In the Black community, you’ll find that at least 45 percent of all storefronts or other kinds of facilities that were formally used for commercial purposes that niggers get their hands on are habitually turned into churches. Building churches is a kind of “fetish” that we Black people possess and nurture. This is almost sexual – maybe that’s why so much fucking goes on in churches. (Ohhh Jesus…) I have no idea where it comes from, and as you can plainly see – that “fetish” is both chronic and ubiquitous: A real, but unavoidable insanity. In many parts of the country, churches are exempt from paying property taxes, water fees, and sewer taxes. This erodes the tax base (property taxes in Chicago are used for public education), and strangles resources that local school entities need to educate our children.

The more churches there are in an area, the smaller the tax base. In Black communities nationwide, there is a much larger proportion of our local tax base(s) being ate-up by churches when you compare us to other communities. In addition to a larger portion of our local taxes being used to subsidize those churches for their sewer and water usage. So that means that believers not only have to subsidize the shit that comes out the pastor’s mouth – through tithing, offerings, and donations. But they also have to subsidize the shit that comes out the building, where he’s talking shit, through the church being exempt from local taxes and fees.

That’s some shit – ain’t it?

In my town of Chicago Illinois, within upper middle-class and wealthy white neighborhoods, churches are actually being torn down (because of low or non use), and replaced with housing and/or commercial facilities. One was replaced with a tee-shirt printing factory. Some were replaced with Starbucks, et cetera. Those outstanding church buildings that retained some architectural appeal and/or utility were re-purposed into condominiums, stores, offices, and recording studios (to cite some recent examples). Thereby, returning them to the tax rolls.

In 2012, in a Chicago community known as Portage Park (I used to live there), local merchants there angrily protested against a local congregation purchasing an old movie theater for the purpose of turning it into a church (the merchants won). Several of those merchants said that the church would erode the tax base, and limit the kinds of businesses that could open within 1000 feet of the church. Let’s say, restaurants that serve liquor, for example. Nope. The merchants were not having it.

Now Guys – notice, how between the races, the very different priorities that are in place when it comes to how a structure should be utilized: What square footage should look like. Whites turn churches into stores. Blacks turn stores into churches.

Did somebody mention a “food desert?” OK.

Sundays are networking and strategy time for the one-percenters, and their Wednesday nights are actual working time. My Black folks are at Sunday services, or Wednesday night Bible study. Wasting time that is precious and unrecoverable on “faith” activities. Activities that have never moved us forward in the “here and now.” Notice the negative priorities of the typical Black pastor (there are exceptions – but rare): Not the mitigation of Black on Black crime. Not the increase of Black entrepreneurship. Not the Black ownership of the Black community. Not the securing of reparations (There are many Black clergymen out there that oppose reparations – I personally know two. And some, like Minister William L. Banks, have written entire books opposing reparations.). No. Our biggest community problem is gay marriage, according to Black preachers. Gay Marriage. Ahh… GAY MARRIAGE? (Ahem…) See how relevant those distractive motherfuckers are?

Guys – that nigger pastor is solidly on team white supremacy. Here. Helping our deep helplessness along. They [preachers] are nothing but polished, evil, lowlife proxies within our communities keeping an “oversight” on us and within us for the white enemy. Checking. And making sure white supremacy always wins.

Let me make my position to you guys as clear as possible.

I am against:

Any Black motherfucker that expounds Christianity, or Islam (The Nation Of Islam is a special exception in this regard, because they actually preach and do Black empowerment in their special way), or some such assorted brand of “Israelite-ism,” as his profession, whether consciously or unconsciously with him being solidly on the white man’s team. Believe that shit motherfuckers.

Any sonofabitch “of color” that condescends to tell YOU that “change” can come from YOU prayerfully putting your hands together and speaking to non-existent entities is psychologically “closing” you up, psychologically locking you up, and psychologically handcuffing you, thereby immobilizing your thinking mind.

Any nigger motherfucker that has YOU – a human being, falling humbly to your knees. Or bowing your head. Or closing your eyes. And thus, subconsciously training yourself to become blind, lowly, humble, subservient, and vulnerable.

Any ordained fuck “that happens to be Black” – that has YOU looking and aspiring UP. Not ahead and around, but UP. And talking to clouds. With YOU voluntarily allowing yourself to be fucked and suckered into intellectual and deterministic nothingness. “Dis-grounding” self away from empirical reality.

Any motherfucker that does this shit is a liar, a thief, and an ultimate traitor to the Black community. Black clergymen are the internal set-up and maintenance guys for the white power-structure. Politically abetted community disruptors. And the Bible is their silent, but loudly authoritarian “help meet,” wielded like a cudgel to assist him in making and keeping all us Blacks, politically inert, unquestioning, disorganized, dependent, obedient, and confused. This – always assuring that you and me are perpetually locked-down under the power-structure’s control.

Watch Your Wallet.

The pastors always have some stupid “midnight basketball” (which is a cynical joke) for our Black children. Not mathematics, business, or politics. Will “midnight basketball” help your son feed his family when he’s forty? Now, if it can, then shit, dribble on… But guess what would happen if some non-Black pastor suggested “midnight basketball” for white, Jewish, or Asian children. OK? And we wonder why we as a people don’t own serious assets (hey – we can do a little better in this regard even without reparations – we did it before), or can’t move forward with our politics, or are not able to produce and capitalize on our own marketable values to the same prosperous degree as others have. Must we leave everything to Jesus?

It is understandable though, why clergy are excited and motivated when it comes to building churches. Churches are excellent cash generators for clergy. They provide an extremely high return on investment. For instance: The congregation itself does not only function as the primary revenue source, but they also serve as a built-in, no-cost, word-of-mouth marketing force (the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a good example of this). You also have amateur, semi-professional, and professional musicians, either duped or contracted into providing wonderful “inspirational music” for free, or near free, under the persuasive flimflammery that they are a, or doing, “a ministry” – and they are expending their good time and talents “To Serve God.” The actual material benefits (in the here and now) that are produced from all this time, effort, and talent, goes straight into the pockets of the preacher.

The people that do the real work are paid in “salvation.”

Maybe that’s a good deal? Who knows? In the Black community, not only is the church a great way to make money, but for the pastor and deacons, the church also serves as an inexhaustible source of fresh pussy (or fresh dick, in some cases).

What about learning “The Bible?” Well – the last Wednesday night “Bible Study” I attended was, in reality, a dirty joke played by the pastor on his congregation:

That “study” was run by an obese female (see, I didn’t call her a fat bitch), with a bad attitude, an extreme stuttering problem, and a pink-blond weave that looked like it needed some attention. (I prayed before I went in) That sweetheart also could have used a good recommendation for a stronger brand of deodorant. Not only did she stutter mightily through the class (I wanted to choke her ass). But she did not know what the fuck she was talking about period – and our actual “study” was reduced to reading some bullshit “class” materials generated by the central office of that church’s denomination. No actual biblical discussion was encouraged, and all hard questions were brushed-off, or wiped-away with: “You need more faith!”

Is That So?

Now – for Black folks: Mainly, the presentation, the impressiveness of the church venue, the quality of the music, the preaching STYLE, and the attractiveness of the pastor (charisma), is much more important than the actual veracity and content of what is preached, or that whether what is being preached is moving us forward in the here and now. You really don’t have to understand shit – FAITH is the most important thing. And as far as faith-reinforcing literature produced by the church or denomination they may belong to, Black folks never bother (or are afraid) to ask motherfuckers: “How did the writers of this literature get their information?” Especially when those materials assert that they can tell you “what is intended by God.” Beyond what is in the biblical text itself. Ahh… “OK – we can see what’s WRITTEN in the Bible – but how and where did you get those divine footnotes Man?” Zero inquiry from us. And, quite incredibly, Black folks wonder why we are so behind on everything. Well – this is the biblical shit we are running on.

One day we’ll get it.

If you Guys do decide to do independent research, be sure to use clear scholarly materials that are produced by universities and biblical experts that have no denominational bent or sponsorship. And use the Bible itself as the core reference – but ignore any footnotes within (the footnotes are sometimes sectarian). The King James Version (KJV) and the New International Version (NIV) are best used as co-references. You will need a concordance. I personally use “Strong’s Concordance.” But the “Castle Books – Bible Dictionary & Concordance” is much easier to use and more accessible to folks not previously versed in the Bible at a scholarly level.

Use only secular-sourced reference books. The bullshit stuff that is produced by mega-pastors, evangelists, unhinged zealots, professional apologists, spiritual hustlers, denominations (like Jehovah’s Witnesses), “transcendentalists,” and palm-readers, are nothing but slick marketing and psychological manipulation. You definitely will not learn anything – and you will waste a lot of money.

Guys – when you buy a book “written” by a mega-church pastor, you are not purchasing anything that will help you spiritually or in any other way. All you are doing is paying for jet fuel. That’s it. Think about it. The only book that a mega-pastor could possibly write; that could “bless” you to the same degree that “God” is “blessing” him – is for him to write an honest book titled: “How To Become A Mega-Church Pastor.” Shit, I’ll read THAT book… Have you seen it? No? And you won’t. Critically reading your Bible, and doing your own thinking is the first step you can take to stop being a willing bitch for your pastor, taking it up the ass for the Christian Marketing Machine – and finally becoming your own, intellectually clear, politically motivated, and independently thinking person.

Happy Reading!!!

My Twelve Bibles:

  1. King James Version (KJV)
  2. New International Version (NIV)
  3. New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
  4. English Standard Version (ESV)
  5. Reina Valera 1960 – Parallel English/Spanish Version (RVR)
  6. New World Translation – Jehovah’s Witness Bible (NWT)
  7. Douay-Rheims Bible – Catholic Bible (DRB)
  8. Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (RSV)
  9. Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
  10. Common English Bible (CEB)
  11. The Message Bible (MSG)
  12. New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Here’s a favorite scripture of Southern segregationists:

3 – And say thou unto them, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel; Cursed be the man that obeyeth not [that integrates with Negroes] the words of this covenant,

4 – Which I commanded your fathers in the day that I brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, from the iron furnace, saying, Obey my voice, and do them [disobey desegregation rulings], according to all which I command you: so shall ye be my people [white segregationists], and I will be your God:

5 – That I may perform the oath which I have sworn unto your fathers, to give them a land flowing with milk and honey [a white segregated America], as it is this day. Then answered I, and said, So be it O Lord.

6 – Then the Lord said unto me, Proclaim all these words in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem [the segregated South], saying, Hear ye the words of this covenant [disobey desegregation rulings], and do them.

Jeremiah 11:3-6 KJV

Hey Christians – Please don’t pray for me. Don’t put that weak – punk-assed bullshit on me. Call Me the Devil. But the real Devils are the motherfuckers that laid this dehumanizing, emasculating shit on us. And having us believing that we have some kind of “spiritual” power(!?) Not Economic power. Not Political power. But the possession of “Spiritual Power” in the Ghetto? OK. This believing that “if we are good and humble” – we will be living in some fucking mansion in the sky after transition. Remaining “long suffering” in the here as the white Christians are richly blessed in the now. And them going ham – I mean real ass-whoopings on our beings to No End? Jesus checked out on our Black asses a long time ago.

You haven’t noticed that? No?

Black people are still being lynched. And Niggers are still forgiving the lynchers. But lynching is what white Christians do. And forgiving is what we do. If God does exist – the white man needs to thank that motherfucker every goddamned day. Every Day. Because the various white collectives on this planet are the only motherfuckers on this bitch that can claim and get divine back up. For Real. ‘Cause it sho ain’t us. That’s for motherfucking sure. Jesus NEVER shows up for us. Slavery? Jim Crow? Then you get a free turkey from the pastor on the holidays? You homeless? How long are you gonna look up to that motherfucker?

Made it to the finish line? Congratulations.

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