A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers .The Terminus.

Dicitur Terminus

I was assisted in writing this Terminus (or closing) by a solid bottle of Bramare Chanares Estates Cabernet Franc 2015. Beautiful. Had to get serious and close this motherfucker out properly with a $120 Uco Valley Argentina Cabernet Franc. What the fuck else was I supposed to use? Just needed to close this dirty bitch with the proper libation. And this is it motherfuckers. OK? Violets on the nose. Blackberry, cassis, tobacco, pepper, cherries, paprika. Intense, balanced structure. Moderate acidity. Elegant tannins. Complex, slightly sweet, multi-layered finish.

Bramare Chañares Estates Cabernet Franc

“Despite all our sacrifice we have been handed law-book freedom without make-right compensation. That is why, for the life of me, I cannot find it in my heart to condemn as a crime any act against white-owned property committed by a Black person – be it robbery, larceny, fraud, defacement, vandalism, or such – which white legal codes classify merely as ‘transgression.’

Many perpetrators are not themselves conscious of the fact, yet the Black ‘felons’ in America who infringe white property are merely recovering values stolen from us as an oppressed and enslaved people. In an individualistic and usually unsuccessful manner, they are merely recovering surplus value created by the unpaid forced labor of their enslaved ancestors, capital assets, technologies, and services for which we have never been reimbursed.

Some felons are not even engaged in reappropriation, deliberate or otherwise. A few strike, damage, and destroy entirely to deprive the heirs of those who robbed our ancestors of the enjoyment of the fruits of ill-gotten gains.”

Clarence J. Munford

To those that came in at this point – this statement is done in seven sections. This (terminus) is the last section. The statement (dicitur) is divided in this manner:

  1. Dicitur Exordium – The Exordium
  2. Dicitur Pars Unus – Part I
  3. Dicitur Pars Duo – Part II
  4. Dicitur Pars Tribus – Part III
  5. Dicitur Pars Quattuor – Part IV
  6. Dicitur Pars Quinque – Part V
  7. Dicitur Terminus – The Terminus

So to get the full message – start at the beginning (The Exordium).

Bullshit Rhetoric

We as members and participants of American Freedmen lineage, are fighting for Black American reparations – specifically for the American descendants of chattel slavery. Bullshit rhetoric about “reparationist political project leaders and other outside forces” (Ha!!!) is stupid-assed fear-mongering and greasy Pan-African generated falsehoods. This shit is political misinformation created to pacify the concerns of establishment Democratic politicians and their political operatives. A class of people genuinely frightened about the prospect of frustrated Native Black Americans facing economic catastrophe receiving nothing for their vote and choosing to no longer give our good shit away.

This bullshit is meant to confuse hard-working Americans of all races, ethnicities, and creeds who are as yet unaware of the happenings and political machinations amongst and within “Black America.” It is amazing to watch how accepting and enthusiastic Black politicians and Pan-Africans are when it comes to the idea of killing off – erasing American Descendants of Slavery. For Real. I cannot get with a bunch of bitch-assed Congressional Black Caucus hoes – asses UP – Vaseline warm and ready – capeing for DACA. No Condom.

Motherfuckers better understand what the fuck is up.

The run-up to the 2020 Presidential election has become an ever-increasing chamber of lies and confusion about the Reparationist political project. The current media retro-blasts are growing larger and uglier and more powerful. At the same time, they are growing increasingly shrill (because they are running out of disprovative gas). Native Black Americans are the grandchildren of lynching. Lynching. The progeny of Black Codes. Laws. The offspring of mass-incarceration. Bullshit. Do you understand? And we are fully, completely – pushing-back against being lied to and about.

Kiss My Ass.

I will not allow the ongoing suggestions of charges that have never been proven to pass as facts and/or some kind of conventional wisdom, no matter how silly and desperate the Democratic Party becomes in attempting to own the Black American vote without any sufficient address of justice for Black Americans. That justice includes the payment of uninherited material debts previously avoided and presently owed. Do you understand?

The Fucking Pan-Africans

Native Black Americans wrestle with Pan-Africanists in an insane ideological conflict. I surmise that three of the main motivations in their zeal to engage in misinformation about the Freedman political project are that; 1) regarding American Freedmen having the audacity to demand a self-directed ethnic carve-out; 2) the nerve of American Freedmen identifying as Americans which particularly outrages them; and 3) that American reparations should not be universalized “to all Black people” in the United States. Where are these motherfuckers getting their weed?

Domestic American reparations advocacy and Pan-Africanism are different ideals, different goals. Conversations and debates to be had in different venues (located on different ends of the continent). Attempts to blend both issues as reparative policy out of American legislatures has only produced a scattered, muddled, toxic, mess. Stop It. Shaping an American – domestic legal and legislative claim and nurturing Pan-African collectivist impulses are two separate things. Things that are so unlike each other that I do not think that they can be blended and made operational.

Their key argument is that they are “long-standing” organizations. As if longevity in and of itself confers legitimacy. How is this “legitimacy” conferred? What is the legitimizing agency? How long is the probation period before you get in? Most of the active #ADOS members are between the ages of 19 to 35. Ironically – they are the same age range that most of the NAARC and N’COBRA people were when they began their individual Pan African journeys. And that’s a little unfair. They are the inheritors of the results of political mission drift (a reliance on symbolism and tokenism to replace policy and justice), a severe lack of representative government, and continued marginalization and stigmatization.

Let Us Return to NAARC and their Bullshit

Read this carefully, read this carefully again, and let this sink in:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the United States to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”

Read this shit too:

“Therefore, we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.”

Now – this shit makes absolutely no sense to younger Reparationist activists, as well as the rest of us Native Black Americans who are Generation-Xers or older. Native Black Americans believe that Africans of the Diaspora have genuine reparations demands. But the United States is not and should not be their default paymaster. Their reparations should correctly be paid by the settler colonies that enslaved their ancestors and/or colonized their countries.

I continue to remain concerned with the considerable negative influence that NAARC and N’COBRA have held over the reparations debate, particularly in their understanding of who the injured parties are and how to make those parties closer to whole with reparative justice. I am concerned that those rival organizations are less concerned, no – NOT concerned about closing the racial wealth gap.

I am concerned that the creation of fuck shit like “trust authorities” packed with the (ex-felon) leadership of those old organizations with shit spotty effectiveness will be stewards of substantial money, resources, and set-asides that the American descendants of slavery cannot trust at all. Fuck That. I am gravely concerned that allowing these groups to choose winners and losers, along with no interest in the provision of direct cash payments to the afflicted whom have endured generational poverty, deprivation, and maldevelopment – will be a devastating death-blow to a people being starved out of the ability to afford to live in America.

“Trust Authorities” that cannot be trusted remind me of the plunder of the Freedman’s Savings Bank. I warn the Pan-Africans that Native Black Americans cannot, and will not, accept that. There are many ways in which a people’s non-acceptance of something can be expressed. OK? Once Black folks wake up to the fact that Pan-African reparations organizations only exist to fuck Native Black Americans out of their reparations inheritance – there will be some problems.

And there should be. You fucking with a nigger’s money.

Think about this shit: A bunch of motherfuckers with born-into African surnames, a group of dreadlocked bastards whose lineages hail from the Caribbean, a gang of kufi-wearing ex-felon niggers, and a congregation of Black daishiki-wearing, doctorate-holding, history-spouting grifters that don’t know what the fuck they are talking about, administratively running the final reparative solution to OUR four-hundred-years of solid shit and enduring impecuniousness? Think About That.

Those fuckers managing Trillions of OUR dollars? I don’t think we are going to do that. And we may have to show certain folks that we Will Not do that.

I also assert that anything is legislatively possible. Any bad platform can be written into a reparations law. Anything. Remember Jim Crow? Black Codes? Redlining? Convict Leasing? Those were Laws – please remember that. I acknowledge that NAARC and N’COBRA, as “long-standing” organizations have many connections and associates in the government and media that they have cultivated over the years, connections that we as active Reparationists do not yet have. But we are initiating and cultivating those very important relationships right now.

These realities demand our vigilance and these realities are why we must continue to be the loud voice in the room. Drowning out NAARC and N’COBRA’s Bullshit. So What – these motherfuckers have been around for a long time Man. That’s Fucking It. They BEEN AROUND and Around, and Around, a long time – and reparations ain’t happened. Yet. Since reparations ain’t happened, but we’ve had “long-standing” reparations organizations (with kufis and doctorate degrees and libations) around for thirty plus years – something should be obvious.

“And what is that?”

Long-time activism does not equate to legal, legislative, or economic expertise in the formulation and execution of a proper reparations program. And with the results so far that we have seen from NAARC and N’COBRA, it is quite clear that the officials of these organizations have NO legal, legislative, political, activist, or economic skills to accomplish reparations whatsoever. This is thirty plus years obvious. They need to stop “standing” wherever the fuck they’ve been “standing” and sit their “no reparations” asses down.

The Beautiful Conclusion

Native Black Americans coming from our ancestors as the American descendants of chattel slavery, built the wealth of a nation that facilitated the United States following Great Britain in the Industrial Revolution and needing additional white European labor to man the factories and develop America’s cities.

That history extended and exponentialized the wealth of America while our ancestors were systematically not only locked out, but punished, quarantined, and marginalized every step of the way. NAARC – through their “National Reparations Trust Authority” intend on fully locking us Native Black Americans out from, quarantining us away from, and marginalizing us from our own reparations every step of the way. This is your Pan-Africanism at work. The Pan-Africans are no different than liberal white people. They just wear funny clothes – that’s all.

Actual Reparationists will seize the necessity to legalistically self-identify as a distinct group of AMERICAN citizens whom have had justice repeatedly denied. We will push back on all Ghastly lies about the #ADOS political project supporting eugenics because we challenge shallow and weird constructions about what “Black solidarity” must look like… so how are we dehumanizing others? Or doing Anything to Anybody? It looks to me like Everybody is trying to dehumanize US – not the other way around.

This political journey for justice is an exercise in self-actualization. This is not an exercise where Native Black Americans are stating that we are better than Africans in the Diaspora. But motherfuckers – Check This. Understand that American descendants of chattel slavery spent centuries in America is Distinct Shit. An original creation. And the Diaspora along with the fucking Pan-Africans need to respect that. Something to discuss to over fu-fu and plantains.

OK motherfuckers?

Our American claim for justice since its Declaration of Independence was thrown down in 1776 is also distinct and demands particular specificity, and American Freedmen reserve every right to exercise and actualize that justice claim.

I reject the bad-faith bullshit, and the status quo allowances that other Blacks of the Diaspora can claim affinities to the nations where they were Born In and Ran From. And those same motherfuckers will immigrate their Black asses to this country and somehow develop the nerve to crack open their raggedy-assed mouths to tell US what WE should and should not claim. Ain’t that an arrogant bitch? Telling this shit to motherfuckers that did not Run from nowhere or nobody.

Then – on top of that shit, being slandered with the Pan-African lies of working with Right-Wing white supremacists when we, Native Black Americans IN America must always live mentally and viscerally with the twenty-four-seven relentlessness of racism-white supremacy. That twenty-four-seven relentlessness – mostly generated by Right-Wing white supremacists.

And still ain’t ran nowhere? Fuck You.

American Freedmen will continue to do what we must, until we extract what we deserve – the American debt that is owed so that we can honor the suffering of our ancestors and provide a future for our descendants. No matter the misinformation.

No matter the lies. No matter the bullshit.

Made it to the end? Well Damn – Congratulations…

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2 thoughts on “A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers .The Terminus.

  1. Outstanding articles. The arguments are clean. That Final Call article pissed me off too, so I appreciate how you dealt with it. I’m interested to know where you went to law school.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You Sir. No law school. Just High School. I read a lot – think a lot – drink a lot of wine – and always been involved with activism regarding Black people since I was sixteen (64 years of age now).

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