A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers .The Exordium.

Dicitur Exordium

I was assisted in writing this Exordium (or opening) by an elegant black bottle of Chateau Rocher Gardat Montagne-Saint-Emilion 2016. A one-hundred point killer from France. A 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc blend. Tight structure. Silky tannins. Vanilla, oak, cranberry, blackberry. Moderate acidity. Juicy finish.


“Deceit for personal gain is one of history’s most recurring crimes. Man’s first step towards change would be thinking, counter-arguing, re-thinking, twisting, straightening, perfecting, then believing every original idea he intends to make public before making it public. There is always an angle from which an absolute truth may appear askew just as there is always a personal emotion, or a personal agenda, which alienates the ultimate good of mankind.”

Criss Jami – Killosophy

Let me explain something to all critical motherfuckers. I am so tired of all the lies, slanders, opprobriums, half-truths, unfounded criticisms, and outright vilification of my Freedmen family. This seven-part response will be my definitive confutatis maledictis regarding critics and delusionists – the ultimate reference point to correct anything fucked-up that any motherfucker may think, print, post, or say. I only care about my family – my tribe which is The United Sons and Daughters of Freedmen.

Yep – we fucked up, but this is my family. I love my family regardless. And these motherfuckers are all I have to work with. SO. There you are.

Understand that I write only truth on my blog. So I personally don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks outside of my enlightened headspace.

If you don’t like what is written here – Fuck You. All of you mouth-running idiots out there need to fairly and completely read this shit and re-process. Whomever the fuck you are. Ahh… Read? Think? You ARE familiar with those concepts? Right? This is not a long book motherfuckers. Re-process what you think you know after you read this in the justice region of your brain if you can. Take these seven posts as you choose. But you will anyway.

Won’t you?

There is so much of the aforementioned abuse towards American Freedmen and their issue that were and are going on out there, that I feel I must step into the fray with the absolute truth. The absolute corrections. This statement is done in seven sections, and assisted with seven bottles of the finest wines to literally set straight the slanderers – and to assist the poor unenlightened that may be and are for sure listening to propagandists, lying motherfuckers, grifters, shifters, underminers, and raggedy-mouthed opprobriates.

This statement (dicitur) is divided in this manner:

  1. Dicitur Exordium – The Exordium
  2. Dicitur Pars Unus – Part I
  3. Dicitur Pars Duo – Part II
  4. Dicitur Pars Tribus – Part III
  5. Dicitur Pars Quattuor – Part IV
  6. Dicitur Pars Quinque – Part V
  7. Dicitur Terminus – The Terminus

What follows is the definitive truth motherfuckers:

Understand People. When I speak of Hashtag ADOS [#ADOS] now – I speak in a legacy – reparations movement sense. Which is why in the texts of these seven posts you will see these clumsy: “pre-schism #ADOS” or “ADOS political project” insertions cited ad nauseum. There was a leadership schism in early 2020 and these seven posts were written pre-schism – then recently modified (07/08/2021) in accordance with present-day movement conditions. That schism was generated (mostly) by personality and structural conflicts between the founders of the Hashtag ADOS and the leaders of local organizations.

With the founders being the antagonists.

Folks – #ADOS is the leadership – ADOS is the people. I continue to rock with “the people” – be they B1, F1, ADOS, FBA, DOAS, DOCS, ADOCS, Freedmen, whatever. I will even rock with certain Pan Africans as long as they are thinking and talking like they got more than three brain cells.

The movement, the precise issue understood properly, its correct articulation, and its justified resolution is what counts.

The major driver of this separation was through unresolved differences as to how a national structure should be organized. The leaders of local organizations wanted an equally spoken Congress – the founders wanted a final word Dictatorship. Bye!!! Many of those local organizations have now disassociated themselves from the founders – they have now reorganized and renamed their local organizations.

I personally decided to attach myself at the national level to the “United Sons and Daughters of Freedmen.” The legacy #ADOS Chicago organization has renamed itself “Freedmen Descendants Of Chicago.” I (as of this writing) continue to serve as Vice President. The unresolved reparations issue remains.

The righteous movement continues.

The pre-schism American Descendants of Slavery was an organic, grassroots political project that came to be in 2016. While some observers of United States politics might say or believe that the American Descendants of Slavery as a movement came out of nowhere, the Reparations political project has in fact been working towards achieving its goals since its emergence in 2016. Reparations in conception is unfathomably embedded in the Native Black American psyche.

Reparations consciousness in potential – continuously ebbs and flows. At times unseen in a kind of “active quiescence” that is just there. At other times – it powerfully awakens – then rises to the surface. Manifesting in particular words and justifiable actions that cannot be disregarded nor overlooked. That is there as well. This “now” is one of those “other” times. But the “there” is always there. Over the last two years, this group of political thinkers and grassroots activists have been attacked as a right-wing front, Russian bots, Democratic plants, eugenicists, and xenophobes bent on reducing the Black population in the United States.

Overreaching Fantasies.

All of this bullshit is slander and intentional misrepresentation.

Freedmen Absolute (previously ADOS ABSOLUTE) at this time is providing a response that I hope to be the final word on repeated attempts to willfully misunderstand, undermine, and without reserve, slander the authentic Black grassroots political movement that is Pure Reparations. I will finely deconstruct the disinformation and misinformation spoken and written about Reparations political efforts over the past two years. The Pure Reparations Movement has been Correct.

In these seven posts, I will address and take apart the numerous accusations made about this political movement. The run-up to the 2020 Presidential election has become an ever-increasing chamber of lies, shade, and confusion about the Pure Reparations political project. The current mainstream media continuum is shrill with defamation of character and false accusations of all involved with The Pure Reparations Movement – be they ADOS, Freedmen, B1, FBA, doesn’t matter.

Of Course.

In these seven posts, I will clarify the necessity for lineage specificity when making a demand of the government of the United States of America, and the assertion of our voice in the political struggle concerning the reparations demand for Native Black Americans. I challenge the argument of rival reparations organizations that longevity by default equates to effectiveness or acumen (cough). This, in tandem with the reality that neither major American political party has been serious in addressing the debt owed to Native Black Americans. The descendants of captured and sold Africans dragged to this nation against their will to toil as chattel, whose bodies and labor were used to build the richest nation in human history.

Much of the argument within these seven posts will serve as a rebuttal of the terrible propaganda hit piece, produced by Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor titled: “Understanding ADOS: The Movement to Hijack Black Identity and Weaken Black Unity in America.” The reason this “work” was selected as a focus point is that within this document Aiwuyor has clumsily aggregated most of the unprocessed and un-fact-checked anti-Pure Reparations talking points from 2016 until the present. That’s all she did. Also – at the time of her writing, I was a fully-involved member of #ADOS. So her bullshit at the time included me. Stupid-bitchery at its finest. So, as I deconstruct Aiwuyor’s lazily researched and poorly orchestrated cacophony of slander and misinformation, by extension I seek to deal with it all.

She can correct me if I’m wrong.

Give me a call Sweetheart.

My contact information is openly available.

Before we leave this page, there is something I want everyone to be totally clear on: I totally reject the bad-faith gestures, and the status-quo allowances, that other Black people of the “African Diaspora” can claim affinities to the nations where they were born, while Native Black Americans are advised by those same Black motherfuckers to claim nothing. To be nothing. To know nothing. To be relegated. To stick with the condescending Pan-African “flat-Black” talking points and philosophy. To be suggested to by the Diaspora, to remain as a bottom-caste Nigger. You Know – that Diasporan “back-of-the-bus” placement thing. For Them. And to then be piled-onto and slandered by the same folks, those same “brothers and sisters,” with the filthiest lies of being affiliated with white supremacists.

For American descendants of chattel slavery to self-affirm is to be “divisive.” How? Should this stupid bullshit continue? No. These seven posts will address and debunk the intentional truth distortions that are weaponized and deployed towards my folks. The United Sons And Daughters Of Freedmen folks.

All that shit should end here.

Did you digest that? If you have digested and appreciated this opening (well – even if you didn’t appreciate it), please move on to the next section. Part I.

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