A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers + Part V

Dicitur Pars Quinque

I was assisted in writing this Part Five by a bottle of Belle Glos Balade Pinot Noir 2016. This is a brilliant red from the Russian River Valley – California. Balanced structure. Strawberry jam nose. Cherry, blackberries, raspberries, cola, oak, some vanilla. Elegant and silky. Moderate acidity. Beautiful tannins. Clean finish.

Balade Pinot Noir

“I’m calling for reparations and asking for two things. First, that white Americans recognize that reparations is a payment to atone for the largest illegal wealth transfer in this nation’s history; and Second, to understand that the phrases equal justice and economic equality will ring hollow to Black Americans [American Descendants Of Chattel Slavery] until they are made whole.”

Robert L. Johnson

American Freedmen and no one else

Let us get this Solid and Clear: American chattel slavery and the multi-systemics of accrued disadvantage happened to the people that are now referred to as American Freedmen.

A long and sharp through-line from a thoroughly disenfranchised us – to our betrayed, captured, and sold ancestors dragged to this landmass as chattel. We are Not “people of color.” This shit did not happen to “people of color.” And we refuse to be stuffed into some fucking “BIPOC” trunk. They throw trunks overboard.

You Know?

We went and continue to go through a lot of good shit in this country. Like: Jim Crow apartheid in the South. Racist union discrimination in the North. Redlining. GI Bill restrictions. Miseducation. Social Security restrictions. Robbery of property. Rape. Lynching. Voting restrictions. And mass incarceration throughout the entirety of the nation. All of this happened to our forebears and many of us presently living here in the United States of motherfucking America. American Freedmen are the single ethnic entity – the only correct plaintiffs in this call for the federal government of This America to do reparative justice. This is why we look at the reparations language of NAARC that clearly and powerfully reads:

“We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the United States to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.”


“NAARC firmly asserts that reparations should not be restricted to people of African descent who can prove their lineage to what is being termed ‘American’ enslavement.”

I am going to assume that everyone looking at the previous two quotes have a decent grasp of the English language. You do understand what those Pan-African motherfuckers are suggesting? Right? The conversion of a potential reparations liability from a specifically targeted disbursement to a specifically injured people into a grand distribution for anybody in the world that identifies as Black.

A liability regarding an injury that occurred within a specific place, under a specific government, to a specific people. They want to convert this into a universal liability and disbursement. The Pan-Africans want anybody Black worldwide that is genetically and/or phenotypically derived or lineaged from Africa to get in and on this party. Just fly in. Now – there are only thirty-six million of us descendants of American Freedmen in these United States that this country does not want to pay as it is. Remember that.

So – what would a Pan-African reparations lift look like?

Let’s See:

  • African and Caribbean immigrants living in the United States = Four Million.
  • Afro-Canadians = One Million Two Hundred Thousand.
  • South and Central American Afro-Latinos = One Hundred Thirty Million.
  • Afro-Caribbeans living in the Caribbean Islands = Forty Million.
  • African and Caribbean immigrants living in Europe = Twelve Million.
  • Sub-Saharan African Continentals = One Point Four Billion.
  • African and Caribbean immigrants in Asia = Fourteen Point Seven Million.
  • African and Caribbean immigrants in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania = Three Hundred Ninety Five Thousand.

Wow. One Billion, Six Hundred Two Million, Two Hundred Ninety Five Thousand, Diasporan Niggers. Get your calculator if you need it. Add it the fuck up. Now, remember that number up there does not include us – this is Pan-Africanism. If it did – get ready for your $3.64 reparations check. That number also does not include the almost two hundred thousand American Freedmen type African Americans that have immigrated to Africa. “Your American reparations ain’t for none of you American Niggers. NIGGER…” That’s the Pan-African position. Remember that the mission of NAARC and N’COBRA as it is, will always prioritize Caribbeans and Africans over American Freedmen.

Hey – you really need to understand the Pan-African position.

Remember and absorb this: “We strongly affirm the right of all people of African descent in the United States to receive reparations, irrespective of when they arrived here or their country of origin.” Understand what that means. That means that theoretically, ANYBODY from any of those aforementioned locations can come here and get reparations irrespective of when or how they arrived here or their country of origin. That’s what the Pan-Africans propose. Reparations for One Billion, Six Hundred Two Million, Ninety Five Thousand, Diasporan Niggers mostly outside of America. With all the resources coming from America.

The Diaspora is the Pan-African priority. Not American Freedmen.

That prioritization includes legally diverting anything that would go to American Freedmen going in its entirety to Caribbeans and Africans. And if reparations are expended – NAARC and N’COBRA want to guarantee nothing going to Native Black American type people by making sure that any and all reparations disbursements are captured, managed, and redirected by a “National Reparations Trust Authority” – an entity which would exist outside the Federal government. This “Authority” is a truly Evil intent and construction. Any real nigger from the streets of Chicago would recognize and tell you this “National Reparations Trust Authority” is a grifter set-up. Something to serve up to suckers.

Nobody I know would trust this shit:

“Therefore, we renew the call for a National Reparations Trust Authority to be the repository, custodian and administrative body to receive monetary and material resources, allocated by offending parties, as restitution to repair the damages inflicted on the sons and daughters of Africans in America during centuries of oppression and exploitation.”

“The Call?” Who made this “call?” Did y’all hear anything about a “call?” Somebody with a bullhorn? Did YOU get a “call?” Nobody? “Repository?” “Custodian?” Where? Why? For What? Administered by Caribbeans and ex-felons? Sounds like some shit to me. The three quotes cited above makes me wonder what statements are actually true in the minds of NAARC and N’COBRA officials.

Is it what is publicly said by NAARC representatives in mainstream media as they uncritically endorse the passage of the “HR40 Pan-African Reparations Study Bill” as is, or this aforementioned language as posted on their organizational website? Which is it? If the website published statements were apprehended and understood by the majority of American descendants of chattel slavery – they would be unequivocally rejected. The Pan-Africans should hold and manage YOUR money?


American Descendants Of Chattel Slavery is anti-immigrant?

Anyone that propagates that shit – Fuck You. The #ADOS political project, remains accused of being anti-immigrant when they were not that. And the most well-known accusers know this. Actual Reparationists are anti-grifter – there’s a difference people. The #ADOS community has demanded specificity for an American claim, just as the “Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW21)” statement from their website does as quoted below:

“In 1776 there were 500,000 Africans in America who accounted for 20% of the population. As such, this government has a special and legal obligation to positively legislate policy effecting people of African descent distinctively separate from sub-group minorities and immigrant minorities in America.”


Did you read that? As you examine NAARC’s statements about who should be the recipients of an American demand for reparations, the language does not match up. The text of the IBW21 (this is the resource center arm of NAARC and N’COBRA) statement quoted above does not match what and whom they are targeting organizationally and internally. I mean, wouldn’t “distinctly separate from sub-group minorities and immigrant minorities in America” include the nigger ones too? Don’t they need to be separated out from us [American Freedmen] as well?

At the same time, they are making some of the same distinctions as we are, at least on some of their public documents. The movers of the #ADOS movement asserted that the public discord, misinformation and attacks against the #ADOS political project is far less about what is being said but who are the ones saying it. Some intellectual honesty about the fear and enmity that those [NAARC and N’COBRA] have about the #ADOS political project would at least get us all a step closer to substantive and productive discussion.

#ADOS critics, particularly through “cultural storytellers” such as lying-assed J.A.M. Aiwuyor and hastily assembled “narrative machines(s)” such as the NBCI Trust(?), mischaracterizes Antonio Moore as a conservative pundit via attempts to manufacture a nefarious link between the #ADOS political project and conservative outlet Newsmax. These links can be assumed as truth when motherfuckers only listen to nefarious sources like Aiwuyor and the NBCI Trust and don’t take the time to do their own research and read for themselves.

In each Newsmax article, Moore (to be fair from a free speech standpoint) champions justice for American Freedmen type people. Moore also publishes in progressive media as well. But that’s not the point. Any person that does any kind of political advocacy is supposed to publish in and appear on all open and accommodating political platforms, be they conservative OR progressive. So that their political standpoint can be communicated to everyone with concurring, neutral, AND opposing political viewpoints. That generates healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) discussion, opinion, and reconsideration.

Political arguments are useless if they are not aired, considered, and debated in concurring, neutral, and opposing venues. Aiwuyor can’t be serious. Anyone that thinks otherwise does not understand politics.

No political advocate of whatever political ilk should be confined to speak or publish on his or her political positions within concurring echo chambers. How do you change any political mindset if you speak only with or to folks that agree with you? How can you effectively do any politics?

Politics is opposition, concurrence, and transformation.

Moore co-authored a paper with noted economists Dr. William A. Darity Jr. and Darrick Hamilton. Understand that it is the content – not the platform. The political orientation(s) of the publisher(s) of some of Moore’s articles are less important than the content of the articles themselves and the article(s) philosophical direction. If an article by Moore is published in a conservative-leaning media platform – that is in line with our interests. If his work is published in a left-leaning or heavily leftist platform – that is also in line with our interests.

The #ADOS political project push for reparations and the acceptance of a Black agenda was agenda-driven, not party driven. Co-founder Antonio Moore provided an alternative point of view around a critical pre-schism #ADOS issue with a conservative audience. Making demands for justice on a conservative website does not equate to supporting conservative values. That only equates to a conservative audience being made aware of our existence and position. Who thinks this way? What this reveals is that Antonio Moore’s political message was consistent regardless of venue or audience. I consider this practice a wise transmission of education and alternative political thought.

It is curious that the #ADOS movement was bitterly criticized over not what an organization actually is, but a strawman construction of what critics and chiselers says it is. This particularly shows itself over the issue of immigration. There is a special dishonesty in these deranged and ongoing efforts to present the “ugliest possible interpretation(s)” of American Freedmen responses to the socioeconomic and political abuses heaped upon our lives, and the truths of our collective experience. This is especially seen in the ham-handed attempts to malign co-founder Yvette Carnell’s political intent (at that time), and to then indict hundreds of thousands of Native Black Americans by extension. The maligning folks that do this propaganda are full of shit. We should not abide this kind of open bad faith.

Carnell accepted no salary as a board member of PFIR other than travel expenses.

Nefarious connections?

Much smoke has been made about the ominous “connection” between Yvette Carnell and the late John Tanton by way of “Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR),” a subsidiary of the “Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).” This problematic argument scapegoats Yvette Carnell as some “Manchurian Candidate” for right-winged and/or white-supremacist skullduggery, despite the fact that she is a Howard University graduate of political science, the same degree from the same institution as the (as of this writing) Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. She [Carnell] served as a Congressional aide, first to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and later to former Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR), and then worked for the Democratic National Committee.

Again – Carnell served as a board member for PFIR. Again – she did not receive any salary while serving on the board. Aiwuyor, and those that ideologically and financially support her, would have you believe a lot of shit, including that the #ADOS movement endorsed eugenics and racism-white supremacy because of this specious “connection.” Using Aiwuyor’s logic:

Yvette Carnell + FAIR/PFIR & John Tanton (deceased) + Eugenics = #ADOS.

Ironically, the same degrees of separation exist between Aiwuyor’s coalition partners and the villainous Tanton network. Reaching. Dr. Claud Anderson, author of “PowerNomics” and a known advocate of socioeconomic and political power for Black Americans, is supported by members of NAARC and N’COBRA.

At the same time, Dr. Anderson does not share NAARC and N’COBRA’s universalist reparations philosophy, and he is not “attached” to these organizations. Dr. Anderson willingly speaks to anybody that listens. Aiwuyor makes no secret about her working relationship with NAARC members.

In a 2006 video, Dr. Anderson spoke at a politics and policy education event hosted by “Choose Black America” – another subsidiary of FAIR. In the press conference at that event, Dr. Anderson spoke of the negative impact of immigrants on the labor prospects of Native Black Americans. Dr. Anderson also addressed the watering down of affirmative action and how it violated the original intent of the Executive Order for Native Black American access in education and employment.

Using Aiwuyor’s specious deductions made about Carnell and applying them to a kindred spirit in the fight for reparations. Then:

Dr. Claud Anderson + FAIR & Choose Black America + John Tanton (alive in 2008) + Eugenics = NAARC & N’COBRA.

Throughout Aiwuyor’s “Understanding ADOS” misinformational screed, the sources Aiwuyor cited as fact, Farah Stockman of The New York Times investigated and found every one of those sources not to be credible. ABC News came to the same conclusion. There is no “there” there. Amazing. For the sake of a thought experiment however, if we would allow that there is a right-wing connection to the #ADOS political project – then using her uniquely lazy method of sleuthing, we must also accept that the same connection exists with N’COBRA, NAARC, and perhaps Aiwuyor herself. After all – F.A.I.R. is FAIR.

Even the dumbest motherfuckers can see the absolute unseriousness and absurdity of Aiwuyor’s bullshit. Really Motherfucker? OK – roll this up and smoke it Nigger: the #ADOS movement had no connection or affiliation with such organizations. Take the time to do the research motherfuckers.

So then: we who are American Freedmen and of the pre-schism #ADOS project reject Aiwuyor’s problematic, and sloppily malformed observations and analysis. Legitimate concerns about the impacts of undocumented (and documented) labor upon the lives of foundational American citizens who have been forced into an intentionally perpetual bottom-caste status is in no way a support and endorsement of racism-white supremacy. How did you get There? If anything, the #ADOS enterprise was a political exploration of racism-white supremacy and how to relieve its negative impacts on the sons and daughters of the American enslaved.

Others have spotted the problems of this misrepresentation. And had the honesty to tell the truth. In a 2019 article, blogger Michael Graham of Actify Press and Reset Race noted:

“There have been rumors that #ADOS is funded by a right-wing billionaire. There are no outward signs of big-money investment. This trafficking in rumor and conjecture has become a Russiagate-style attack campaign. No one has produced concrete evidence to support the claims. No emails, no meeting transcripts or minutes, no proof of money changing hands. Nothing. What’s worse, no one is demanding definitive evidence of this type.”

OH REALLY??? So where is Aiwuyor getting her bullshit from?

The Pan-African Congress North American Delegation’s position of Adosian “false narratives” may work for them (and their fucked-up agenda), but that shit does not define reality motherfuckers. They are over-concerned with drowning out and censoring a Pure Reparationist message via chaos versus uplifting theirs. Their message is about eating fu-fu from a distance, wearing pseudo-African costumes, and preaching about a Diasporan unity that does not exist.

Now these Pan-African motherfuckers have had several complete decades to get their shit out there and convince American niggers in the millions to cape for this shit. Now Hear This – Pan-Africanism does not resonate with the majority of Black Americans. And Pan-Africanism has certainly done nothing to close the racial wealth gap between white and Native Black American households. Nothing.

Understand This. The way NAARC and N’COBRA want to shape and dispense reparations, when reparations are accomplished. They will make absolutely sure that number one – American Freedmen ain’t gonna get shit. And number two – that there will be no closing of the racial wealth gap for Native Black Americans.

The Pan-Africans will make sure of that.

OK – if you have made it this far. You might as well top this shit off by getting through The Terminus (conclusion). And my wine is almost gone.

So move on to the Terminus and do this right.

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