A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers + Part III

Dicitur Pars Tribus

I was assisted in writing this Part Three by a sweet bottle of Stag’s Leap – “The Investor” Red 2015. A grand Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, Merlot, and Malbec blend. Fruity nose. Full structure. Blackberry, vanilla, spice, licorice, plums. Balanced acidity. Moderate tannins. Bold finish.

The Investor Red

“We are of the opinion that the free colored people generally mean to live in America, and not in Africa; and to appropriate a large sum for our removal, would merely be a waste of the public money. We do not mean to go to Liberia. Our minds are made up to live here if we can, or die here if we must; so every attempt to remove us will be, as it ought to be, labor lost. Here we are, and here we shall remain. While our brethren are in bondage on these shores, it is idle to think of inducing any considerable number of the free colored people to quit this [repatriate] for a foreign land.”

Frederick Douglass

Let us focus here on the importance of specificity

We cannot ignore 244 years of American history, with 89 of those years of America being an established republic. Our ancestors that built the enduring wealth of this nation and then continued to be generationally re-enslaved through the capricious but specific application of unconstitutional laws, and ongoing domestic terrorism that disavowed any pretext to equal protection. All of this shit for the purpose of maintaining bottom-caste status for the so-called Freedmen and their descendants.

Who was afflicted matters. The #ADOS political project was far less interested in centering the reparations movement around the #ADOS leadership than we were in ensuring that the focus of recompense and healing are targeted towards the descendants of the casualties of enslavement Here, domestic terrorism Here, economic marginalization Here, and generational reinventions of enslavement to keep the American descendants of chattel slavery a bottom caste in America.

Here In America.

The #ADOS political project rightly believed that HR40 – Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, as currently constituted, has problematic and what are feared to be fatal legislative flaws that many believe will diminish (maybe kill) the possibility of achieving Native Black American reparations. #ADOS was in alignment (they no longer are) with the constructive suggestions that Dr. William A. Darity Jr., the Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy in the Sanford School at Duke University and a professor of African and African American Studies, and Economics, and the Director of the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity. Those primary suggestions are:

  • That commissioners be selected by Congress.
  • That commissioners be expert in fields directly relevant to reparations.
  • The proposal be equipped to eliminate the racial wealth gap.
  • That the recipients be Black American descendants of United States slavery exclusively, a lineage-based standard – as opposed to a “race-based” one.

The window for redress starts with the nation’s Declaration of Independence in 1776. This establishes the “legal entity” standard. The commission should have a paid professional staff, but the commissioners themselves should not receive Senior Executive Service (SES) salaries (that can be in excess of $200K per annum) for this work, although reasonable expense costs should be met.

Despite my concerns for HR40 as currently constituted and the #ADOS political project’s demand for critical revision, it was our [Reparationist] increased support and advocacy for proper House legislation that has worked as a catalyst to increase the number of sponsors. NAARC and N’COBRA had little to do with this.

Black American Purity Tests?

Let us deal with three fucked-up accusations:

  • Accusation One: #ADOS believes that Black immigrants are taking the resources of the Black American population and that the Native Black American community should be distinctly recognized to differentiate between ourselves and Black immigrants in policy decisions.
  • Accusation Two: #ADOS leaders and membership believe that Affirmative Action should be a “streamlined” program only for those that can prove their family was enslaved in America. Under their proposed Affirmative Action policy, the Black immigrant population, which also experiences racism and systematic oppression, would be excluded from Affirmative Action programs. #ADOS leadership has no plan for how exactly this type of exclusionary illogical practice is supposed to be implemented, beyond their demand for Black people across America to suddenly produce slave papers to validate their Black identity. “Slave papers?” OK.
  • Accusation Three: Increased hostility towards Black immigrants will only lead to increased hostility towards the overall Black community. Just last year, Peter Sean Brown – a Black American man, even after several attempts to prove his identity, was wrongly detained by ICE and almost deported to Jamaica. Brown stated after the incident, “I would never have expected in a million years that this would happen, and I can tell you it’s not a good feeling. And with policies like this in order and people implementing them like that, it was only going to continue… There has to be a stop at some point before it becomes all of us.”

Before I dive into the rest of this accusatory nonsense – I am going to reflect for a moment on this Peter Sean Brown bullshit. Yes, so I understand that between the Monroe County (Florida) Sheriff, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this brother was (anecdotally) fucked over. Yes he was. And we know that ICE can be a bunch of cold, brutal, authoritarian type motherfuckers in enforcing deportation policy, to be sure.

Was the treatment of Mr. Brown egregious? Yes. But this was egregious treatment within the context of being an American citizen. This was not treatment egregious at all to any foreign-assed motherfucker that is intentionally overstaying his visa, OR crossing the motherfucking border of the United States illegally. OK? I hope y’all understand what I mean. Motherfuckers committing immigration-type crimes (like visa overstays and unauthorized border crossings) have got coming to them whatever the law has got for them to get. Point Fucking Blank.

Ass-whuppings might occur. OK?

We cannot allow what happened to Mr. Brown to be presented as if that is the rule. OK motherfuckers? And Yes – Mr. Brown is entitled to some kind of monetary settlement from the government. And I hope he gets it. But I am not going to allow myself to be emotionally snowed-over by some Rodney King-esque “can’t we all just get along?” type nonsense coming out of a motherfucker’s mouth, just because in this case – the sonofabitch happens to be a nigger that was victimized by ICE malfeasance. Fuck That. And fuck anybody that suggests I should be. I have always admired the way Russia and China handle motherfuckers that illegally cross their borders when caught. Yep. We could learn something from them.

The fact that Mr. Brown allowed something as unenlightened as: “I would never have expected in a million years that this would happen, and I can tell you it’s not a good feeling. And with policies like this in order and people implementing them like that, it was only going to continue… There has to be a stop at some point before it becomes all of us.” to fly out of his motherfucking mouth with no useful understanding of immigration policy – no understanding of the geo-political implications of any immigration arrest – no understanding that he shouldn’t be guided by Al Sharpton – and no understanding that too many immigrants here, both legal and illegal, Black and brown, eventually register with racism-white supremacy to politically, economically, and socially undermine Native Black Americans. And – the consistently undermined includes him.

“Nigger – did you have your identification on you?”

Just a question. If he had his identification on him (if no ID was the catalyst) – maybe that would have stopped this shit before it happened. I only ask this question because in our [Black] community HERE IN CHICAGO we have a lot of over-40-year-old type adult motherfuckers still sagging their pants like fourteen-year-olds, rocking new Jordans like sixteen-year-olds, and routinely hitting the streets with no ID on their persons like they are still in kindergarten. Grown-assed motherfuckers. So I wonder if this guy is of the same ilk. ICE knows perfectly well how to find certain niggers and look-up verifying shit, and they have the data-based, cloud-connected means to instantaneously differentiate any and all home-grown niggers from foreign-grown niggers WITH ID. Believe Me.

His hole-in-the-head commentary shows that he needs to shut the fuck up and allow his lawyers to get on with the nuanced task of securing a settlement for him. Enjoy the cash motherfucker. Please…

The plural of anecdote is not data. The #ADOS political project was a data-driven, agenda-motivated group. Always data.

Proof Of Documentation?

Ding – Ding – Ding!!! Framing is everything. A sonofabitch framing criteria for eligibility for an American reparations claim as “slavery papers” is problematic. Profoundly Disturbing. And just plain offensive to the struggle and suffering of our ancestors. Ultimately, it is not a position that was endorsed by #ADOS (although another organization that was not of the #ADOS political project strangely does), and the disingenuous characterization of the #ADOS political project creating this frame is a Pan-African lie. I find it especially strange to link this filthy term “slavery papers” to a sense of shame or sinister intent, as if the physical documentation of one’s ancestors’ pain as something that should be left alone. How did you – wait, “slavery papers” motherfuckers?


Since when did birth and death certificates become “slavery papers?” Huh? I think NAARC and N’COBRA probably retain a special committee or think tank whose only mission is to come up with stupid shit like this. A “Stupid Shit Committee.”

The #ADOS political project at the time I was involved supported the criteria offered by Duke University professor and economist Dr. William A. Darity Jr. requiring proof of only one ancestor whom was enslaved in the United States, along with having described yourself as Black, African American, Negro, or Colored on government documentation for at least twelve [12] years before any reparations distribution. Reasonable. There has been a boom of genealogical research over the last two decades, with the efforts of Antoinette Harrell (genealogist and historian) being the most notable.

It is especially off-putting to reference American ancestral documents as “slavery papers.” It is a contemptible dismissal. But I’m glad the Pan-Africans said it.

This term reveals the depraved, entitled, filthy-minded lens through which some Diasporans and many Pan-Africans look at Native Black Americans when they assert themselves in ways that don’t fit their agendas. Make no mistake: the accrued disadvantage and stigma of being a descendant of enslaved people in and of the United States is already here, embedded, and a concrete part of the lived experiences of Native Black American citizens. Pretending that the unearthing of these proof documents somehow adds stigma reveals a treacherous spirit on top of an ignorance that this obvious stigma was already there. Incredible.

One of the more persistent asks that I receive about the American Reparationist claim is, “what about Black immigrants to the United States?” Ahh… “What about em?” The operative word here is immigrants, a voluntary migration to the United States. Before 1965, Black immigrants made up less than one percent of the total Black population in America. With most Black immigrants, the few that were here across generations, some have intermarried with Native Black Americans, making their progeny eligible for reparations. Immigrants that would definitely be excluded would be recent arrivals who, according to the statistics, came to the United States from 1965 to 1980 then going forward.

I ask, how does a person of any color or origin become eligible for redress for harms their ancestors were not here for? I would like that process to be explained. For Black Americans who have migrated to America post-1965, the Freedmen’s Black Agenda can address them and their issues within proper context.

There is no doubt that to be Black in America is to experience anti-Black discrimination. That said, there is nothing unreasonable about the American Freedmen’s demand to the United States to settle-up its centuries-old invoice. American Freedmen will not allow Pan-African confusion between the demands to repair double-digit generations of a people who have endured targeted oppression, discrimination, and atrocity, versus people who elected to come to the United States of their own accord in the last thirty years? And may have experienced some anecdotal racial incidents in a country that is known internationally to be a racist shithole? Plane tickets are always available if things get too hot here. It’s called “repatriation.” Native Black Americans don’t have that option. Nearly Half, or forty-five percent of Black immigrants came to the United States after 2000.

So – how does reparations Here happen for them?

Still Today. Ninety percent of Black Americans are American descendants of chattel slavery [ADOCS] in lineage. And that lineage identification ain’t hard to trace AT ALL. Any living American descendant of chattel slavery type person that has a living grandparent that was born in the 1940’s or 1950’s can in many cases talk about their direct relationship about THEIR great-grandparent that was born in slavery. A straight fucking line from then till now.

Most of the Black people that were alive during the Great Depression (1929 – 1933) – understood that their living grandparents at the time, were born into slavery.

I would ask the readers of this post to observe and note the window-dressed landscape created by racism-white supremacy that influences the popular culture that is fundamentally generated by American descendants of chattel slavery, and note the overrepresentation in public-facing positions (media, institutional authorities, politics, entertainment) of Black people that are not American Freedmen. Like Joy Reid’s ass (of MSNBC). But somehow “speak” for us. Like Joy Reid’s ass. Barack Obama is not one of us. Eric Holder is not one of us. Kamala Harris is not one of us. Colin Powell is not one of us. This is unacceptable bullshit.

Most Black people in this nation are American descendants of chattel slavery – and would be eligible to receive reparations. This clear eligibility does not need to be complicated by Pan-African nonsense. No need to add any unneeded complications like anecdotal racial dust-ups between Black immigrants and racism-white supremacy to justify the payment of reparations to those that are not historically or geographically eligible. Reparations purposed to recompense a four-hundred-year wealth transfer and proper judgements to settle certain isolated race-based incidents involving Black immigrants in America are two different things. Two Things. Just as occasional, specific, isolated incidents of overt anti-Semitism does not automatically make all Jews eligible for Holocaust reparations.

As any Jewish person can tell you.

N’COBRA “Bashing” and Refusals of Partnership

No one person, no organization, and no movement is above examination and criticism. The core of pre-schism #ADOS political ideology was an assertion of our foundational American-ness, the demand for the completion of our American super-citizenship. “Super-Citizenship?” Yes – Native Black Americans are Constitutional Super-Citizens (established via the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments – along with the Civil Rights Acts of 1866, 1964, and 1968) and more of us American Freedmen type folks are waking up to that fact. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed this metaphorically in his “I Have A Dream” speech in which he mentioned “signing a promissory note.” And the country having “defaulted” on that note. And our country not “honoring this sacred obligation.”

This waking-up represents a threat to partisans of N’COBRA and many of those who identify as Pan-Africans in America. Aiwuyor seems to perceive this distinction as a personal attack, but how can one expect two groups that are ideologically opposed to work together? But Aiwuyor is delusional anyway.

The #ADOS political project – moving forward with this justice claim, seeks reparations specificity for Native Black Americans, while N’COBRA has a global orientation and focus. With their for real focus – Caribbeans and Africans take precedence over Native Black Americans, and the #ADOS political project resisted that strategy. That precedence means that they want American reparations to go into the pockets and accounts of Africans and Caribbeans. Check this: with no reparations benefits for Native Black Americans. That’s what they want.

Even Dr. Umar Johnson said recently (and I’m paraphrasing) that “reparations don’t belong to you – that money belongs to the brothers and sisters of the Diaspora.” And: “That you [Native Black Americans] should get your reparations from the music industry.” There is your general Pan-African mindset. I ask: “What does belong to us Dr. Johnson? Aren’t we Black too?” The founders of the #ADOS political project and a number of #ADOS partisans defending themselves against unprovoked slander were misrepresented. And I assert again that HR40 trended upward directly only because of pre-schism #ADOS activism and advocacy.

That data is easy to find.

Did I mention that NAARC and N’COBRA have an official policy of non-engagement with Darity-based reparationists? How do you dialogue with that?

Here’s Seven More Motherfucking Accusations:

Accusation ONE: That #ADOS “attacks” Black historians, scholars, and leaders via “swarming.”

The #ADOS political movement had been forced to deal with unasked-for declarations full of misrepresentations and dishonest readings, and when #ADOS partisans reacted to such vitriol with correction and defense of proper Adosian ideals, they were framed as “attacks” and “swarms.”

As a cohort of wealthless people in what is the richest nation in human history, aggravated by the realty that my ancestors, dragged to this nation in the hulls of slave ships against their wills to toil with centuries of stolen labor and their very bodies used and traded as American capital – All American Freedmen reserve the right to implement every legal tool at their disposal to gain leverage for the advocacy of our people’s self-interests. “Swarms?” “Attacks?”

About time Black people united on something.

In a political environment where Citizens United v. FEC has allowed the dark and institutionalized money of the uber-wealthy to matter more than the votes of the individual citizens of our so-called representative republic, private and public people mobilization matters more now than ever. American Freedmen will not be shamed into not pursuing the self-interests of our people. Point Blank and Done.

The #ADOS political project was a collection of overwhelmingly poor and working poor American citizens. That #ADOS and those who had allied with it in support of this righteous justice claim, using nonviolent, yet confrontational tools at our disposal to build consensus, educate the public, and ultimately press Congress and the President of the United States about the debt owed to Native Black Americans. And to accomplish the payment of that debt. Understand – that American descendants of chattel slavery is a distinct group, going beyond “race,” (although “race” was used as the tool to enslave and marginalize us) as a group of aggrieved Americans who have a justice claim that durably remains unaddressed.

Accusation TWO: Ahh… #ADOS leaders seek to limit Black immigrants from obtaining U.S. visas, similar to the policies advocated by white supremacists that are attempting to stop the “browning of America” by decreasing Black and Brown immigrant entry to the U.S.

The pre-schism #ADOS founders’ focus on immigration policy did not come out of a desire to “keep America white.” This is a disingenuous, libelous charge. I assert that a demand for reparations strikes a death blow to white supremacy as it has manifested through American chattel slavery and its ensuing mechanisms to keep American descendants of chattel slavery as a bottom caste. American Freedmen will stay focused on immigration policy.

American descendants of chattel slavery reserve the right to work, speak anywhere, and join the boards of whomever we please. Sitting on the board of PFIR (Progressives For Immigration Reform) is no different than someone working for Media Matters, Daily Kos, or Planned Parenthood. Pure Reparationists will not allow themselves to be bullied into conformity with any American political party through its appointed functionaries. Our interests are focused on the collective self-interests of our ethnic group that takes a step towards making our people whole through a closing of the racial wealth gap.

Reparationists do wish to limit H1-B visas, and for those jobs that are targeted by those visas to be made available first to American descendants of chattel slavery that are so qualified. As gulfs remain in the numbers of qualified Americans, particularly American Freedmen to fill these positions, then our national resources should be invested in the education and training of Native Black Americans to narrow those gaps. We will continue to push for H1-B limits.

The most affected countries regarding H1-B visas would be India and China. Others that would be affected are Black immigrants that come from the African and Caribbean elite. These are higher-paying white-collar positions. Why would American Freedmen advocate for Black immigrant elites to gain high-paying American positions (and in some cases, be shamed by this class of Black people for being unmotivated and lazy) and not the poor and working-class Native Black Americans whom have suffered over four-hundred years of oppression?

Following those affected countries are Mexico, South Korea, Great Britain, France, the Philippines and Taiwan. Nigeria barely makes the top 25 nations of visa recipients, and the number of Afro-Latinx people from South American nations receiving visas are negligible. So then, how is the limiting of H1-B visas an anti-Black policy? Limiting H1-B visas is a pro-Black policy for American Freedmen.

SO – is the Aiwuyor accusation advocating on behalf of elite Asians or Native Black Americans? Also, H1-B visas are for workers with advanced education and education and training – and not for the poor and working class. Which class of people? Which group of people are being advocated for? The elite from other countries, or the bottom caste in this country? For whom is Aiwuyor herself really advocating for? Is anyone paying her? Just asking.

Accusation THREE: Those #ADOS leaders do not believe that Black Americans can or should have any connection with Africa. They tell their followers to trace their lineage to America only and to stop acknowledging Africa as the home of our ancestors.

We are centuries removed from Africa. It has been said: “…you can’t unring that bell.” Motherfuckers – American descendants of chattel slavery are not a fucking “lost tribe.” Get off that shit. Every nigger in this bitch Knows where we ultimately came from. That’s from Africa motherfucker – not New Guinea. “Is that Right? What the fuck are you talking about? We were Sold from Africa by Africans.” That is the disconnected connection motherfuckers. Is that right? That is the goddamned complication. See? Once you Sell some motherfuckers – those SOLD motherfuckers don’t have to acknowledge any more shit than that. The fuck are you talking about? You can Take that stupid game back to Africa. Kiss my Ass.


And I assert that the framing of the recent disaggregation of our distinct lineage within the Diaspora as American descendants of chattel slavery being done as some nefarious attempt at separation is intentional Pan-African mischaracterization. We don’t want or need Pan-African ethnic micromanagement. We demand to be given the same respect for our lineage and our right to define it as others do from other African and/or Caribbean nations. Moreover, the Pure Reparations political project supports their specific efforts for reparations from the settler colonies and original marauding countries that aggrieved them with multigenerational harm.

Those Americans of African descent who seek to have connection with African nations, should lobby African leaders and have your fu-fu with them – instead of punching down on a bottom caste of American citizens. And when are the Pan-Africans that talk all this shit repatriating their damned selves to Africa? When?

Fuck You.

Accusation FOUR: Those #ADOS leaders have stated that Pan-Africanism is dead and that African Americans are more closely connected genetically to white Americans than other people of African descent.

The #ADOS political project was not the only entity acknowledging this position. We only saw Pan-Africans wearing kufis, pouring libations, and talking shit. Folks do read. Many more than a few examples of this position exist from writers from African nations and publications who also agree. Does Pan-Africanism, as a serious political movement, have momentum in the United states? Ahh… Clearly No. Does Pan Africanism address the economic and political needs and concerns of American Freedmen citizens in a specific and operational way?


Pan-Africanism as an ideology for operational unity, possesses multiple difficult layers. If Pan-Africanism is examined as a geopolitical unification strategy among sovereign African and Black-led Diasporan nations – do you see that unification happening? No? Well – if it is not dead, it has been comatose for decades. In the daily mind of the typical Native Black American – it is dead. Pan-Africanism as an academic and theoretical platform has had a greater level of success, relatively speaking. And this – only between scholars and Pan African enthusiasts. Even with this, the theoretical and ideological offerings from academia do not often reach and materially affect the everyday lives of Black people throughout the world.

Is Pan-Africanism apparent as an operational ideology amongst Africans of the Diaspora, whether as individuals or organizations? Doesn’t look like it. There are clusters here and there of Diasporan Black people, small NGO’s, and organizations throughout the Diaspora that adhere to its principles. Certain Black and/or African history book communities in the United States would be one example. But it is not a dominant position amongst the totality of Black people around the world. I will not go so far as to say the American Freedmen community does not say that Pan-Africanism does not have merit, but it is not a primary driver or influence. And yes – we are very, very, closely connected genetically to white Americans.

That is just the way it is.

Accusation FIVE: The #ADOS leadership and members use radicalization tactics like “othering” by demonizing and blaming Black immigrant communities for a lack of resources and jobs. They twist facts to fit their narrative and limit successful dialogue with others by telling members to “stay on code.”

The #ADOS political project did not “other” – as in marginalizing Black immigrants with malice. Let me be clear about what the #ADOS political project worked to do within the discussion of Black immigrants: we are problematizing a long-held but dishonestly used narrative of Black immigrant rags-to-riches stories that are frequently used to criticize Native Black American communities for government-enacted socio-economic collapse. But the #ADOS political project did point out that United States corporations show preference in the job market for – and are less harsh with Black immigrants once their lineage is known.

Moreover, the issues are with America and its immigration policy. Not Black immigrants. From Europeans who migrated to this land to become slave owners, to the Irish who became white, to the Asians who are provisionally white, to the Hispanics whom are on a path to whiteness, and is predicted to be the group which helps to maintain an American white majority. And to maintain the relevance and power of the Democratic Party. Do you speak Spanish?

References to “stay on code” tends to be language from those that profess to align with “Foundational Black Americans (#FBA),” Tariq Nasheed’s social media cultural campaign. Yes – you have seen me use the terminology “Foundational Black Americans” as a descriptive terminology, and not in political association with Tariq Nasheed at this time. I may also occasionally use the term “on code” in its naked, literal sense. I will continue to use the English language.

Accusation SIX: The #ADOS movement is suspected to be supported by a strategic propaganda campaign propped up by a large number of anonymous online accounts that are likely paid trolls – pretending to be Black Americans that agree with their movement in order to increase the appearance of their popularity and gain more followers.

According to Aiwuyor, “The #ADOS movement is suspected…” – Of what?

Based on what? Where is the evidence? Of what? “Likely paid trolls” where? Why? And who is “suspecting?” Who is “paying?” Accusations are thrown around with no evidence or backing. No proof required. It is the new “Red Scare.” A “Black Scare?” OK. Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler (American entrepreneur, filmmaker, and digital scholar) collected data on nearly 1000 Twitter accounts with the identifier #ADOS in their bios. His research shows no bot-like activity. Ziegler is highly proficient in the tech space and has created tech startups and created bots, and therefore understands how much of this works. But does Aiwuyor understand?

I would suggest to all accusers to produce an IT forensic data report prepared by industry-respected digital sleuths to substantiate these claims, or stop making them. It remains outrageous to me that the foes of the #ADOS political project marginalize human beings as paid trolls because they do not agree with the agenda or the goals of a Pure Reparationist political movement. Y’all need to stop making Pan-Africans look stupid.

Accusation SEVEN: It is suspected that the #ADOS movement is being elevated on digital media platforms by an election interference and disinformation campaign. The suspicions are based on reports that similar tactics were used during the 2016 elections to stoke racial tensions.

Much has been made of an ominous Senate report regarding the Internet Research Agency (IRA) that warns of Russian interference in previous and upcoming presidential elections. Using “Understanding ADOS,” Aiwuyor attempts to place culpability onto the #ADOS political project when reality reveals the report ties to Russia’s cyber-campaigns using Black Lives Matter, Pan-Africanism, and even intersectional feminism as vectors of voter manipulation and misinformation, even going as far as to mimic the behavior of Black Lives Matter pages and logos.

They be busy.

Let us deal in facts Please. Now – the #ADOS political project did not become the large online presence it was until the U.S. presidential primaries, specifically when Kamala Harris announced in January of 2019. That is outside the scope of the U.S. Senate report that documents Russian activity from 2015 to 2017. Check. How is the #ADOS political project, which was a largely 2019 phenomenon being tied to Russian activity from two years before? Oh – there was no mention of reparations or of a pre-schism #ADOS. Nothing to find.

Also, hashtags such as:

  • #blacklivesmatter
  • #BLM
  • #blackgirlmagic
  • #africanempowerment
  • #blacknationalism
  • #blackownedbusiness
  • #staywoke
  • and #panafricanism

were used by IRA accounts called “panafricanroots” and “blackmatterus.” The largest IRA Instagram account was “blackstagram” with over 300,000 followers. Again, no #ADOS anything there.

The “New Knowledge” curated Senate report’s YouTube analysis found that Black Lives Matter and police brutality were vector points and trigger issues for election disinformation. Aiwuyor’s attack piece praises Black Lives Matter. To put it clean and direct – Black Lives Matter is named in the SSCI (U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) Research Summary Report and the #ADOS political project was not. Check. “Reparations” is not mentioned. Given the Senate report’s own words, it appears more likely than not that our detractors from Black Lives Matter and Pan-Africanist circles are the ones under Russian influence. Not American Freedmen. Vodka Anyone?

#ADOS political project detractors are betting on you being overwhelmed with their anti-Reparationist polemics and others not fact-checking for themselves.

Time to move on to Part IV.

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