A Freedmen Absolute Response to Critics and Chiselers + Part I

Dicitur Pars Unus

I was assisted in writing this Part One by a grand bottle of Cerretalto Brunello di Montalcino 2013. This shit is $235 dollars a hit Man. Whew! From Tuscany Italy. Powerful structure, concentration, and complexity. An Eastern Edge Brunello with multi-layered tannins. Spice, cherries, blackberries, tobacco, oak. A fitting wine to start the first section of this. Strong fruity nose. Luxurious finish.

Cerretalto Brunello di Montalcino

“Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand.

It never did and it never will.”

Frederick Douglass

The Truth about the pre-schism #ADOS Leadership and Their Politics

The founders of the #ADOS political project, commenters Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore had a long-standing and clear history of engagement with and embodying themselves in – left-wing political ideology. Carnell was the creator and star of the weekly Breaking Brown political show on YouTube. She served as a Congressional aide in Washington D.C., first to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and later to former Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR). Antonio Moore is a graduate of UCLA, and the Loyola Law School. Moore is a practicing Los Angeles-based attorney who hosts a weekly YouTube program, Tonetalks. He was a producer of the Emmy nominated documentary, “Crack In The System”, a documentary detailing the ravages of mass incarceration, the Iran-Contra scandal, and the resulting crack cocaine epidemic that swept across America.

The epidemic and its pathologies continue.

The Year Of The Flood. Throughout 2020, the pre-schism anti-#ADOS defamation against this political project has significantly increased as we (as of this writing) move towards the 2020 Presidential election. Pure Reparationists are looked upon as if declaring a distinct identity is itself a betrayal. This so-called “betrayal” is a mystery to me. Whom have we “betrayed?” And when a “betrayal” happens – there is some kind of benefit that we can sometimes quantify for the “betrayer.”

What might that “benefit” be?

The #ADOS political project is accused by certain Pan Africans of dividing ourselves from other Africans of the Diaspora because we assert that the enslavement that happened IN THE UNITED STATES, the post-enslavement oppression of our ancestors that happened IN THE UNITED STATES was especially unique, and in all ways apart from any other group. And so, this demands an approach to advocacy for redress that is grounded in the specificity of our ancestors particular experience IN THE UNITED STATES. Alone.

The Pure Reparationist movement that works to center empowerment for Native Black American victims of the slave trade IN THE UNITED STATES is being called anti-immigrant, fascist, and nativist. Fine. I must accept the label “nativist” on MY enlightened second thought. Why? Because the word “nativist” means to support certain policies of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants. OK? I could accept that label intelligently, as a matter of survival. Why? Because some Black Diasporan immigrants, along with the assistance of disingenuous Pan-Africans, are doing just the opposite to American descendants of chattel slavery. We also have too many Black immigrants that enthusiastically side with white supremacy. Do you understand?

At the same time – these accusations lack nuance and are far from the truth. The #ADOS political project was accused of being a propaganda campaign. Deceiving Native Black Americans through the use of selective African American history, then manipulating them with dishonest intent. OK. I am trying my sincere best to get a “dishonest intent” out of trying to put money, set-asides, and protections into the historically and currently deprived pockets of thirty-six million American descendants of chattel slavery type folks. “Dishonest Intent? Where?”

Money. Set-Asides. Protections. Listen.

How do you work that shit? The #ADOS political project was also being accused of being “linked to right-wing media, and white supremacists that have a history of attempting to cause divisions in the Black community.” It seems to me that the Pan-Africans themselves are doing a better job of division-making than any white supremacists could. All you have to do is observe. Complete Bullshit. When white supremacists come on the scene, they have a tendency to cause Black folks to unify as a matter of survival. Not the other way around. The white supremacists are there to kill us. And we know it. You understand? And of course, these are lies, and are examples of attacking the Pure Reparations political project using rumor and manufactured suspicion versus facts and data.

This unintelligent manipulation of rhetorical tools and open nonsense are not substitutes for legitimacy and fact-checking. Subsequent articles, videos, and blogs repeating disproven or unproven lies that cite these unsubstantiated accusations does not make the motherfucking untrue true – motherfuckers. Evidence-free editorializing cannot replace honest research and material fact. Empiricism seems to be an intentional elusiveness with some people. And then we have that bitch-assed NAARC (National African American Reparations Commission) and N’COBRA (National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America) that are attempting to turn a domestic reparations demand into an international one for their own political, cultural, and self-enrichment purposes. Why?

What is their trajectory and conclusion?

There are a million questions.

To be sure – other African Diasporans across the planet certainly have experienced extreme levels and long durations of harm that demand redress. But those arguments must be taken up with the sovereign nations responsible for those offenses, and not piggybacked onto a specific American descendants of chattel slavery claim made in – and specific to a 1776 established America. A claim rightly focused on those Native Black Americans that were systematically slave traded, involuntarily relocated, and finally – constitutionally birthrighted. HERE. Those Black people that possess the ineradicable stamp of a pre-Twentieth Century American enslavement lineage. In Name. In Birth Certificates. In Death Certificates. In a Thousand Billion Atrocious Recollections from 1619 till George Floyd.

If you don’t have that – change the subject.

Do you Understand?

The #ADOS political project and movement was philosophically in solidarity with the efforts of other African Diasporans and organizations in the universal but rightly disaggregated demand for reparations, such as the CARICOM (the Caribbean Reparations Commission) project. However – if CARICOM extracts justice from their former settler colony oppressors, ADOS type people would not receive one fucking dime from their particular claim. The Caribbeans are busy on Their reparations business for Them. Not for the Diaspora. CARICOM itself has made that clear to all American and other possibly thirsty Niggers internationally that think they might want to holla:

“The CARICOM Reparations Commission is a regional body created to Establish the moral, ethical, and legal case for the payment of Reparations by the Governments of all the former colonial powers and the relevant institutions of those countries, to the nations and people of the Caribbean Community for the Crimes against Humanity of Native Genocide, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and a racialized system of chattel Slavery.”

That is from the CARICOM mission statement. Notice that the motherfucker says: “… the nations and people of the Caribbean Community…” Meaning – not YOU Native Black Americans. OK? “Not You American Niggers. Are We Clear? Want a coconut?” Now, with that specific Diasporan understanding of geographical, historical, lineage-based, and organizational jurisdiction, clearly spelled out by the Diaspora themselves. Imported Black Americans would not, and should not be the recipients of OUR correct, disaggregated, and specific demand. Here In America.

Who And What Is The Pre-Schism ADOS?

There is a problematic twist regarding racism that assumes “all Black people are the same.” However, I assert that no motherfuckers out there actually believe that to be true. Diasporan immigrants certainly don’t believe that to be true (except when they are applying for Native Black American-targeted benefits, scholarships, and other set-asides). Outside of that, every native-born African I know that is honest, will let you know real quick that we ain’t the same. And those that identify as “Pan-African” privately and between each other, don’t believe that to be true either, because those motherfuckers KNOW it isn’t. For me, “Pan-Africanism” is a job for AFRICANS. Accomplish that – then holla. And “flat-Black” is flat Out.

The #ADOS political project and its activists have dealt with criticism for supposedly being “divisive” – for saying that we are different from other groups “of color.” We ARE different, and this “different” reality requires a particularly different and specifically placed remedy.

This is clarity – not divisiveness at work.

As the founders of the #ADOS political project have pointed out, if honest effort is made to locate and analyze the data, that pursuit reveals that American descendants of chattel slavery – a unique Black American ethnic entity, is at the bottom of every fucking socioeconomic indicator regardless of the American city. And that “bottom” clearly does Not include Black Diasporan immigrants. You can find them primarily in upper middle class urban neighborhoods and similarly situated white suburbs. Understand – in the eyes of white folks, they are not “niggers.” And they know they are not “niggers.” And will tell you so.

So, in the midst of these ongoing slanders and absolute lies about the #ADOS political project, the energy that motivated this movement centers around the median wealth of Native Black Americans falling to Zero Dollars by the year 2053.

A policy-guided socioeconomic cratering that has surely been accelerated in the midst of a global pandemic. The effects of climate change advancing for the worse. And massive overall economic and business losses. This reality is amplified to crystal-clearness when understanding that solidarity with other “people of color” ends where our specific redress begins.

What the Pre-Schism #ADOS Political Movement Represented

The #ADOS political project was not just a reparations movement, but it was a clarifier and explainer of the need for reparations explained through the economic lens of historic income inequality and wealth calcification. It must be understood that as white Americans are inheriting and sustaining exponentialized wealth, American descendants of chattel slavery are inheriting the exponentialized poverty of accrued disadvantage and bottom caste existence. There. American done intentionality and American directed specificity.

What the #ADOS political project was doing, through the political education of its co-founders, was to use the inequality and stratification work of economists such as Thomas Piketty, Thomas Shapiro, and Dr. William A. Darity Jr. (the co-founders have since unjustifiably disavowed Dr. Darity) to demonstrate that wealth comes through inheritance and not labor. No amount of “hard work” or “doing for self” will allow for the closing of the racial wealth gap. No amount of “affirmative action” bullshit will close that gap either. That’s for white women anyway.

And “Affirmative Action” is NOT compensatory.

To be clear, the #ADOS political project was not anti-Black business. The pre-schism #ADOS upheld and encouraged Black business and entrepreneurship. Business, trade, and multi-layered economic activity is a deep part of Black culture. However, “do-for-selfism” alone on the macro-scale is not the solution to closing the wealth gap, nor will that erase an historically forced accrued disadvantage, the continued lack of access to capital, and the lack of equal protection under the law. Take a good look people. That is the motherfucking evidence. Take a good look.

Please reference the Tulsa Oklahoma and Rosewood Florida (and other) economic-based pogroms, and the financial gutting of the Freedman’s Saving and Trust Company as concrete, historic examples. Note: As a point supporting the argument regarding accrued disadvantage – please take notice that most economic-based pogroms against Native Black Americans took place in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Real Fucking Close. This is not ancient history.

This data-driven argument disproves the wishful thinking activities of do-for-selfism as the total solution for Black economic liberation (again – this is not an anti-business statement). Using Dr. Darity’s and others’ research, the co-founder’s political and socioeconomic education (at the time) showed that actual Native Black American disadvantage is not the result of any cultural, aspirational, or determinational deficit. Understand?

Therefore, this is not a collective problem that can be fixed through the effort or agency of one person nor any particular enterprising group. That “bottom caste” disadvantage is at every demonstrable economic level. To take an extreme example: look at the lists of international and domestic billionaires. Billionaires. Even at that exalted level, have you noticed that on every single rich list, every billionaire of any African [Black] extraction domestically and internationally is on the bottom?


What’s Missing?

It ain’t like we ain’t been around.

In the social and mainstream media-spheres, a great deal of disinformation and misinformation has been generated and dispersed about the #ADOS political project. A general pre-schism Adosian response would be: “would not a so-called right-wing movement by default embrace bootstrap conservatism?”

Think People.

Such an ideology was in direct opposition to the #ADOS political project’s determination for transformative policy through reparations philosophy – and that would be the biggest of “big government.” Correct? But allow me to conversely TAKE a conservative position: “would not a so-called right-wing movement by default embrace an operational policy of redress for assets and resources unjustly and unconstitutionally appropriated from any American?” That’s conservatism too.


A Speed Bump Regarding Mass Incarceration

Ouch. The #ADOS political project showed that mass incarceration is clearly an intentional destabilizing and disruptive social engineering tool to maintain Native Black Americans as a bottom caste. We have mass incarceration, particularly the imprisonment of Black men, to put it bluntly – is a form of racist-white supremacist intentioned social collapse. Erasure. One sentence at a time. One person at a time. Prison. Accused. Circumscribed. Closed.

Reparationist Clarity

The #ADOS political project had provided clarity through carving out our ancestors’ specific oppression as American chattel and descendants thereof and calculated our contribution, summing-up with an astronomically correct number as far as the debt owed. This summation comes not just on us reflecting on our status as formerly enslaved people, but as a people who literally built the richest country to ever exist on this planet. This was done through the legalized theft of labor, theft of intellect, theft of business ideas, theft of creativity, theft of familial well-being, theft of property, theft of inventions, theft of sex, theft of sanity, theft of health, theft of self-development, and theft of bodies.

The continued – to this very day, of plunder, marginalization, repurposing, redirecting, and remodeling of everything Black.

And preaching non-violence will get a nigger assassinated. Be Nice.

Simply put – lineage matters. Through the use of finely-vetted data, The #ADOS political project upended any argument that white poverty(!?) is as problematic as Black poverty. While a class of poor white Americans does exist(!?).

Ahh NO. Please – spare me with that shit.

The definition of a real fuck-up is when you run-up on a motherfucker that is white and poor IN America. White and poor? How in the fuck does that happen?

Sounds like something you have to work at.

He Is white. He Is superior. His word Is respected and final. His visage unlocks all doors. His authority Is absolute and far-reaching. His being Is unimpeachable. His whiteness Is automatically and completely infused with every legal and extralegal protection At Birth on this planet. His entity Is the ultimate recipient and retainer of accrued and unlimited advantage. His fair appearance Is unquestionably the ideal form. The owner And Taker of everything. Everything.

Caucasionality Is – As It Is.

All non-white beings must defer to His wise judgement and infinite knowledge.

Everything In America. Every broadcast. Every lynching. Every advertisement. Every hamburger. Every headache. Every pair of dirty drawers. And every white person In America reminds us of THIS – just by existing. White equals sovereign, unimpeded – power, decision, entrance, knowledge, and control. Understand? So there is absolutely no excuse for white poverty. OR for white individuals that are presently poor to remain that way. Don’t Explain anything else to me about it.

No Fucking Excuse.

But American descendants of chattel slavery as a collective group are economically flat primarily through the enforced force of bottomlessly evil government policy, the inescapable continuousness of the philosophy and implementation of racism-white supremacy, and a generally cooperating white society that generally benefits from this bullshit worldwide. See? The poverty of white Americans and Black Americans is not of the same way – or of the same basis. The two in no fucking way compare. Their respective paths out of poverty will not and cannot be the same.

Total. Separate. Unrelated.

That’s why I never understood how and why white people have blues bands.

We doing Tea or Coffee?


The #ADOS political project was frequently criticized by some of the more vocal attackers as a group of arrogant neophytes, acting as if we’ve invented reparations advocacy. Are we? Anyone with good sense can know that is not true, nor has that ever been claimed by the pre-schism #ADOS. We could have taken responsibility and be accused of BETTER reparations advocacy. And Better reparations education. We could have definitely done that.

Can We? When it comes to the legitimized question of reparations for the Native Black American. Anything else? There is nothing else to be discussed. Nothing else to be discussed. And miss me with that “Black and Brown” bullshit. The American descendants of chattel slavery are the builders, engineers, and cultural makers of these United States. Right Here. But we the descendants are continuously operating in a hostile environment. That environment is racism-white supremacy.

Had enough? Or are you still good enough to move on to Part II?

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